Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patty's Day at Western Washington University,,,aka Andrew's College Graduation!

Congratulations Andrew! You're the BEST and We're ALL so Proud of you!
You didn't take the Easy Path.......
You were "offered" Monies after High School Graduation to attend ANYcollege from Family.
But YOU chose your OWN Path!
You Joined the Marines. Served your Country.
Spent TWO tours  in the Marines,,,,,,,,during the War in Iraq.
I couldn't have been MORE proud or MORE scared for you!

But Today? TRULY was YOUR Day!
Look at what you've done, look at HOW far you've come!
We,,,,,,,your friends and family and when it comes down to it, EVEN the President of your University is busting in pride for your endeavors and acheivements!
May your future be Brite my your endeavors and dreams be fulfilled!
You,,,my dear son, are the "BEST of the BEST!"

I hope you're all having a Great St. Patrick's Day, Being Half Irish, I'm feeling particularly lucky today! My son Andrew graduated from Western Washington University this morning! And, Andrew and his "guests" were invited to a breakfast sponsored by the University President, Bruce Shepard, prior to the Ceremony.

Andrew and his GF the President's Breakfast!

I had pictured some big  old Cafeteria with Hundreds of Students and families, loading plates of scrambled eggs and muffins onto metal trays...and I kept thinking,beforehand, "Why are they going to hold this "feeding frenzy" for the Masses???

Andrew, Moi and Sean, my oldest.......

Andy and Sean's Dad Kevin, and Their Step Mom Jean......

But? As it turned out, this was an "exclusive breakfast." There were only 50 of us.....
FOUR Students  whom ALL were acknowledged  in the Welcome by the President Shepard.......the Graduating Class Speaker, and  the Three Graduating Veterans-including TADA!  my Andrew.

The rest  of us were either familes of Those 4 Students- (Boy did This Mom's Chest filled with PRIDE when the President called his name) the Honorary Doctorate Degree recipient, Author and Pulitzer Prize winner, Timothy Egan...and extended members of the "Haggen" Families'  (Big time local Grocers Chain) who were recieving a "President's Award" at the Ceremony for Altruism........

Our "Breakfast Host,  later on, during the actual Ceremony......Bruce Shepard, at the Podium.......

So,,,,then there was US! Wow! I'm SO proud of Andy for first of all, his service to his Country in the Marines......Two Tours of duty during the Iraq War......His HARD work, both holding down jobs,and  helping other Veterans find THEIR educational paths......And getting his degree in RECORD time! ( No quarter breaks)

Okay,,,,,I'm doing the "Ugly Cry" while finishing the post.......At least I didn't do it earlier today!

Thanks for Sharing this extrodinary Day with me, simply by reading my post! Truly, I am So proud of him! (More pic's for Family and Friends soon!) Put a fork in me,,,,,;I'm done! After all, I "did" two tours of Iraq, too,,,,,,emotionally,,I worked his buttinski off in school,,,,,,,,So, I guess "I" graduated today too! ........Off to find the Kleenex!

Hugs and love,


  1. Shell,
    This is the best news. What a terrific (and handsome) young Irish lad you have for a son. He has really done you proud.
    I am in the midst of thanking people, Shell, and wanted to give you an enormous thanks for the deeply caring support you gave me this year. I am so grateful and always knew that you really understood what was going on. Cancer sucks but I sure got to see what true friendship means. I miss Jud but I am so glad that he is not suffering. He had a month of hellish misery and a year that he felt quite good and was a terrific time for the two of us. I send you love and a huge bus of thanks on the cheek!

  2. Hi Shell,

    Congratulations to you and your family. Not only is he SMART, he is HANDSOME!!! as well.

    The Best,
    Kathy and Kris

  3. Now this was a good day my friend.

    Biggest Hug,

  4. OMGoodness! I don't think I could stop the ugly cry!! Congratulations Andrew and you too! Yes, you lived this too. I'm sorry I have not been a very good blogging friend. I'm glad I came back to such happy news!! I can see that smile on your face, maybe I will see it at Farm Chicks!!


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