Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not "Egg"actly the Day I had planned!

So,,I've got Good News, and I've got bad news. Whaddya want to hear first??? Okay, so the Good News? I went grocery shopping this afternoon..(I felt and looked like "doggie-do"-that's part of the bad news,,,,but anyway.....) Wednesday is "Senior Discount Day"--I know you are thinking "Shell, you're MUCH too young for the Senior Discount"-and yet, alas they give it if you are 55 or over. Tis moi-just a smidgeon over 55.  But I didn't get my 7% Discount-because the Checker thought I was TOO YOUNG!!!

(Frankly, I don't know whether I really went to the Customer Service Counter afterward for my $3 somethin' dollar discount, OR to tell the Gal behind the counter that I didn't look old enough for the discount! I'm just sayin.')

Which brings me to the BAD news-well not THAT BAD, but .....Day Two of Stiff Neck from "HE-double hockey sticks"! I'm still hurting and between my NECK and the Snow,,which for the most part was nothing, BUT enough to prevent me from trying to take the elderly "little Helen" out and about.

So? I worked on some eggs, again,,,,

9" inch Yellow and White Crepe Egg, ,,,
Handmade "Daffs/ Vintage trims and Millenery

Hope your week is going well and that you are SAFE and WARM! Special thoughts and Prayers to those in the Midwest, with all the weather issues there!

Hugs, Love and a "Chickie" Bus on the Cheek! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"How do you like YOUR Eggs?"

I woke up in the middle of the night with one of "those" pains in the neck! Managed to function today in spite of it,,,,owww! I was relatively fine till I tried to take a quick car ride,,,,,again "owww! I get this every once in a while but have been blessed to not have "it" for a while! Tomorrow is the "make it or break it day" ,,,,if I'm not better, I'll head to the massage therapist! Ackk! Hope you've had a good day, I DID manage to work on a bit more Easter..........

Pale Blue  Large Crepe Egg.....

This egg, is about 9" long. It's an old Plastic/Poly "Yard Egg" Covered in Crepe from Joyworks,,,,embellished with Vintage laces and French fabric Flowers, with just a "blush" of peach.....
I'm working on a few other versions, which I'll share soon!

Somehow? Last nite I managed to "Post" without trying to! Apparently,  I was in "Blogland," when my doggie walking buddy Kelly stopped by-my doggies were SO excited and dancing around and it appears that I- inadvertently,,,while looking at a post from my Blog friend Joanne,,,,,,,pushed the "send" or "post" button!
HA! Maybe it was my "Golden" fur baby that send out a post,,,,,,I wouldn't put much past the "Code" Man! I'll delete the weird post,,,,but just wanted to give a "heads up!"

Have a great week, "WE" in Western Washington may be getting a bit of Snow in the next "24" or so,,,,,,,Hope not! Tomorrow is my "Helen" day! Can't very well take a 92yo out and about in the snow and ice!

Hugs and love,,,,,,and a warm Bus on the Cheek!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's New, Chickee Poo? (Or how I spent my Friday Afternoon)

I started a bit of Easter stuff yesterday afternoon.......

Vintage Nut Cups,,,,,,,Fun to work with!

Love these spring Colors!

I have a couple of these Vintage Umbrella's too,,,,

 This "Chickee" even has a bonnet, ready for the Easter Parade.......

I hope you have a great weekend, I'm off to Joyworks soon,,,,,we've got tons of new Goodies for Spring, even if it's a bit cold and soggy out!

Hugs, Love and a Chickie Bus!

PS......Special Love and Prayers going out to Suz (Katsui Jewelry) and Her Family,,,,,,Their beloved Jud passed away yesteday.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Daffy" about Crepe,,,,,,Papers, that is!

The days ARE getting longer,,,,,,and today? I saw my First tree of the season, laden with promising pink blossoms. But? If you follow the National weather, we're still getting "soaked" here,,,,,,and maybe, accck! Snow here this weekend!

We're all dying for SPRING-I'm sure!! Longer days, working in our gardens and the "hint" of Garage Sales and "Junkin'" to come! So,,,,,,I started making my OWN SPRING,,,,,,(No, not my own "Personal Summer", I think i'm almost DONE with "that!") I'm talking flowers........of the Paper variety, and in this case, Crepe........

Ahem,,,,,(Image Courtesy of  dear friend and co-worker, Jana at Joyworks flowers included in her Blogpost for our Shop yesterday,,,,,I'm just sayin'!
Kidding of course- but there's that whole Glue gun burns and arthiritic wrist thingy- so no problem that you didn't mention my contributions.......
(I have to give her a hard time,  LOL, because when I dropped off a few more today, she mentioned it!)

But truly? I'm a "Paper Queen." I love working with anything paper,,,,,,and when we got these new "Crafty supplies" in, I had fun using them!

Bundles of Crepe available at Joyworks,,,,,,,,,the "heavy duty stuff!"

Today, after Dealing with some major issues with my elderly friend Helen, and an Easter Parade meeting, I worked on a few more for the store.......

(Daffs and Roses)

The Daffodils are really fun to make and are a combo of the Creme Joyworks Crepe, a bit of "Off the Roll" Cheapy Yellow Stuff that you can by anywhere, and a BIT of Vintage lightweight Dark Green.

If you want templates for either the Daffodils, or the Roses, Email me  ( and I'll give you my "Snail" mail Addy,,,,,,, to send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope.) I'll send you the instructions and templates...... (Of course you can feel free to "tip" or send me a surprise with your envelope!,,,,,,,And the "tip should not so much be, "Plant your bulbs in the fall!" I'm just sayin'!)

I hope your week has gone well! And that your Weekend looks GREAT! (.....Please no Snow, please no Snow!) If you're "semi-local"-please come visit us at Joyworks and the other great shops-take a "Staycation"! (Despite what the Media portrays  (local AND National) at times,,,,,,,Our Shops never flood! Yes, the River may flood, but it doesn't affect the businesses on 1st Street! 

Thinkin' Spring! I'm sure you are too!
Hugs and love Always, A bouquet of "Promise and Goodness and a Big old "Bus" on the Cheek!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flowers, Flooding and a Fun Project!

Okay, today, It rained Buckets! If you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, or under some OTHER Rain Shadow,,,,,,you simply cannot KNOW how much Rain can fall in 24 hours! I settled in, worked on some projects,,,,including some crepe flowers for Joyworks,,,,,,which I'll share in the next day or two........

And I worked on "Her." Jana gave me this Vintage French Doll,,,,,I've been wanting one for quite a while, and just couldn't part with the monies Vendors wanted,,,,,,And Jana's was "nekkid." So,,,,,I thought about what I was going to make for her to wear,,,,,,and THEN,,,,,,,I remembered this dress I'd bought.......

From an Estate Sale I'd attended two Summers ago,,,,,,handmade, beautiful. I just gave it a "nip" and a "tuck" here and there and it fit her perfectly!

I bought this dress for $6.00. All handmade and embellished with lace and pearl trims. While I altered it onto the Doll, I thought of the dress designer-no longer with us. I thought of ALL the labor that she put into this ONE piece, only to be sold for 6 bucks. Truly? When I found it, I felt blessed to own a bit of her craftmanship, a bit of her legacy, a bit of her heart. And I'm loving it on this doll.

I know for the most part, I  personally work for "3rd" world County wages for my "stuff." And I KNOW I'm not alone! Support the Artists that you love,,,,,or they may just vanish,,,,,and you'll be stuck with stuff from Big Box Stores......I'm just sayin'!

Now,,,,,this newly "gowned" lady needs a NAME! Any suggestions? Let me know! Have a great week!

Hugs love and a nostalgic and appreciative "bus"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

NOT! "By the Hair of my 'Chinny, Chin, Chin" and a Very Serious Note.....

Moi @ Whimsical Whites, Valentine's Day

Okay,,,,,,,So First, Really? My Chin? Or should I say "Chin's?"  The Pointy one I got from my Oma, on the Dutch side,,,,The double one underneath? Well, that's pretty much my OWN spin on things,,,,okay, maybe my mom's influence, a bit too. And don't even get me started on Chin hairs! (Hey, girlfriend,  you KNOW you've got 'em if you're <ahem> of a certain age!)

And Where, pray tell, did that expression come from? "By the Hair of my 'Chinny Chin, Chin'"? As far as I can recall, it had something to do with the "Three Little Pigs." Correct me if I'm wrong. Please.

But this evening was more about a road HOG than a Pig,,,,,,,,Texting and driving and Shell nearly lost the pointed, double and at time's whisker laden Chin all in one fell swoop!

Clarice, Penny and I locked up Joyworks after work this evening and after a brief Convo after closing, we headed to our cars,,,,,,,Theirs- on the "Northside" of Joyworks and Second Street, me, across the street on the Southside.

It was Still light out.
The speed limit in Historic downtown is 20 or 25mph.
I was halfway through the crosswalk when a car turned left on to 2nd and started heading towards me-in the Middle of the flippen crosswalk.
Thank God- for that "little voice"."She is not going to stop.....She is not going to stop."
 That "Voice" just told me."
I literally pushed myself off the hood of her car and ran back towards Joyworks.

A couple on the corner, headed into a restaurant, saw the whole thing......She was Texting!
She wasn't even looking at the road!

Well, after the adrenalin had somewhat subsided and I had said some not so pretty things,  I headed to the grocery store before going home. I saw a long time friend in the Produce Section and she was talking on her Cell,,,,,making gestures at me and big circles with her arm, basically indicating,,,,," Yadda, yadda, yadda." We never shared a word. Then, I saw a mother and son that had walked in just before me and the son was texting away and she was off and running,,,,,,and I "interrupted" him to mention to "mom" that the car's lights were on.

I think I'm getting old! Well, not so old that I cannot still jump away from a moving vehicle. But "old" in the sense where- I still like to see people interact face to face and in the moment. Old enough to yell and shake my fist and yes, even cuss, when someone darn near runs me down in a crosswalk in broad daylight. Old enough to tell my sons and their dates/companions/friends that I will NOT present them with a meal-either homemade or while dining out- unless they shut off their mobile devices.

Well, as you now know, "My Chinny, Chin, Chin" is just fine. Both of them,,,,,hairs and all. I'll get to attend my son Andrew's College graduation from WWU in a couple of weeks, thank you very much!

But Please,,,,not only because I had a close call, but because your kids could too,,,on either end of the scenario, DON'T TEXT and DRIVE!  And quite frankly? Because many of the friends I KNOW and love talk on their cell phones too while driving......STOP! I love you ALL TOO Much to lose you,,,,,,,

read on.........

But after today's experience, I'm going to share a life changer for me, briefly- again.

My husband Karl died in 1994 on the way (driving) home from and aerial photography shoot. He was both a Pilot and a photographer...he'd just gotten through with the flying AND a photo shoot.

Karl died  as the result of a  CAR accident on the way home. He had called me on the way home on his cell phone.....saying he was running late, and frankly I/we never learned if he was ON the cell phone with me when the accident occurred. The records were not as specific then as they are now.

Cell calls? Texts? Do NOT mix with driving. IT CAN WAIT!

Okay I'm off my Soapbox,,,,but Please think about it! Don't let Electronic devices run/ruin YOUR lives, or your kids.

Hugs, Love to you all,,,,,,,,and put the G-Darn Phones away! " Live in the moment" Bus on the Cheek- "Chins" and all!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking for a "Roomie" and Traveling Companion for Farm Chicks!

Okay, So? My Sister-in-law, fellow Junkster/Antiquer roomate Mary, has a GF, High School Re-union the SAME weekend as Farm Chick's over in Spokane. So? "I've got nothing!" No "roomie," no Junkin'/Shopping friend to attend the show with, this year!

I've  have Many friends that will be awesome Vendors,,,,,,,,,But I will not be attending as a Vendor! So? If you need a "Roomie, Car mate, I'm your gal! ......No  Fun to do alone! Although at ANY rate, I still may do it alone becacuse I LOVE this Venue, and have "Chatted it up enough to my blog  friend Lynn Stevens in Idaho to get HER to attend...........

So, I want to BE there,,,,,,,,and I don't have a "roomie. Let me know, if you'd like to take part in this wonderful Event. It truly is Life Changing...........So speak NOW,,,,,,,or forever hold your peace! LOL
(PS,,,,,I Snore,,,,,,,,,,and I need Coffee BAD first thing in the morning),,,so think this Through!"

Hugs,love and apologizing already for any Snoring or need for Coffee!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a Wonderful Valentine's Day,,,,,,"Whimsical Whites" and Hangin' with Deb!

While my pictures from today's Adventure were loading,,,,I really tried to look back for a more FUN and memorable Valentine's day. Hmm, Some flowers from the "Ex's? A bit of Jewelry, perhaps? A romantic dinner out? Yeah,,,not so much! Truly? I think Today was the BEST Valentine's day I've ever had! "Girl time!"  Not that I wouldn't want to have a little company of the Male persuasion too, but come ON! A day with a good friend cannot be beat,,,,,,,and we, Deb Bock and I,  headed out to the MOST spectacular, enchanted store.....Whimsical Whites,,,,,,,, where, truly, Kathy and Kris highten your senses with Romance, Whimsey, Floral arrangements to die for, and other Vintage and Antique delights!!

Floral cart when you first walk in............Full of Valentine goodness today!

Gorgeous French Madonna Statuary,,,,,,,,,, (drooling here!)

They put the "Love" in Loveseats for Valentines day!

Gorgeous French Wedding Domes and Wedding "Chairs".......
<sigh> Perhaps one day, I'll own one of these!

Fresh flowers tucked everywhere........

Kathy and Kris- Shortly after we arrived..."Would you like some Tea?" " Cake or Cookies?"

We opted for the  Tea and cookies.......

Are you even Kidding me? This is their Norm!,,,,,Shut UP! They do this for All their Customers, everyday!

.........Deb and I were escorted into their "Tea Room" Where we were treated with a "cuppa" Tea....(The Blend I had was called "Paris",,,,,and I think the BEST tea I've ever had ....and these treats? Amazing, delicious and gorgeous, to boot! 
Antique Doll head......

I TRULY had to reign myself in......There were SO many treasures I wanted to take home.......Like this embellished Doll head........
Fresh Rose Display...........Lovely!

Vintage Ribbons/Millenery,,,,,,,,Oh my Stars, I wanted it ALL! (Just leave me here and I would die a happy woman!)

Before we left? I saw this embroidered towel hanging next to their front desk. I didn't see any OTHER "NFS" items,,,,,Not for Sale,,,,,,But Kathy & Kris didn't mind me taking a photo,,,,and I'm posting it on my sidebar as soon as I'm done with this post! I LOVE this!

For that is TRULY what I aspire to be!

Here's a quick glimpse at my "Whimsical White's" Finds!
Chalkboard Picture Frame, Fun Ceramic Wall Pocket, Vintage lace/leaves and flowers, Vintage Ephemera and,,,,Oh my Stars! The "gifted" Annick Doutal Gardenia Fragrance and Lotion!

 Truly? I could have Mortgaged my home or sold my Soul, for all their Vintage Goodness!,,,,,,Loved it all,,,,,,,and the Best?
Was feeling part of their world, their store, their "vintage" family!Thank you Kathy and Kris, for making it a memorable Valentine's day,,,,,and creating SUCH a beautiful store for us all!

Deb and I stopped by to visit her daughter at work and leave her a "Valentine." Then,,,,,,,,on the way home we stopped for a late Lunch at Molbak's in Woodinville.

Okay,,,,,,,,,,This pizza was HEAVENLY! Salmon/Pesto and Feta!
Cooked outdoors on their Firewood oven.........
Simply? TO.........DIE...........For!

Truly? I cannot remember a better Valentine's day! If you've got a Hubby, a sweetie, then I truly wish you the BESTEST! As a Romantic, I cannot imagine anything better than to have a great partner! As a "single" I've got to say that sometimes ,,,,or more often than NOT we get the best Love/understanding from Friends!

I hope,,,,,YOU enjoyed your day Half as much as I did! I truly cannot remember a BETTER Valentines Day, than this one, spent with Friends!

Hugs,,,,,to YOU,,,,,your loved one's- whether they be Human , Furry OR Feathered!.........Love to YOU and those you love,,,,,,And an Encompassing "Bus" on the Cheek for Compassion and Remembrance!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Greatest Love Story I know............

This weekend, a Blog friend of mine posted the question, "What is the Greatest Love Story"you've ever heard? I didn't hesitate, but unfortunately my computer did,,,,,,it actually shut down, while I was trying to post back to her......And then?  I had a Show,,,,,and work,,,,,,,so I just decided tonite? I'd give you a glimpse of the "Greatest Love Story" I know of. My Grandparents.

My Grandmother was Dutch. Emma Johanna, Jacoba, Krannenburg. She came from an Aristocratic family-Scholars, dignitaries, some of whom were considered "wealthy," and prominent in the Dutch culture. They were Merchants, Scientists and risk takers. They bought goods in South America and sold them in Europe.
One of My Great Grandfather's ships (bound for Europe) sank. Leaving him poor and destitute. He ended his own life. My Grandmother,,,,,,,in her teens, was sent off to assist her Uncle and his family.

My Oma-Emma,,,,,my grandmother was sent off to care for her Uncle's Children. She travelled with them to South America, Africa, the Dutch Indies,,,,,and once again back to Holland. I'll have to share her adventure's at another time,,,,,for this is about  her Romance and love.

She was with Family on the Rhine,,,,,,at a popular yachting spot....visiting a Resort called "Der Schwann" (The Swan) when she met with my Grandfather, a German, no less, for the first time. I wish I KNEW what transpired between the two of them,But I CAN say,  eventually, she left her Dutch family and married this "little German."

(During their Courtship and the first years of their marriage, my Grandfather purchased "Meissen" China for my Grandmother,,,,,,,,,,,,piece by piece) You might notice the "Swans" neck" on this teapot...........symbolic of their meeting, at "Der Schwann.")

My Grandfather was Always a Romantic, yet practical and survivalist.. A survivor of WWI.  He went through the Trenches, returned home,-assessed the political and financial "temper",,,, prior to WWII and after he'd met and fell in love with my Dutch Grandmother,,,,,,,So? In his 40's......He moved his family  (and his  beloved "Em") out of European conflict,,,,And, Eventually around 1928 (See the timeline here) to start again, in  the US,,,,,,,,Washington State.

To say that they left EVERYTHING behind, is inconceivable. Their family's, their culture, their history,,,,,,,,and yes, their  Monies. My Grandparents married "Late" ,,,,,well at least by American Standards. But they thrived together for over 50 years. They re-established themselves in a new Country.....they established their immigrant children in American Schools. My Grandfather grew grapes, for wine,,,,,although the Prohibition prohibited that............

Their Farmhouse, in the meager parts of Washington, allowed their children a NEW life, an opportunity for their Children and Grandchildren. I will Never forget them. The opportunities they created for their family by leaving Europe,,,,,,after literally Centuries of Culture and History,,,,,,,to provide a NEW life for their offspring.

This, truly is a love story I will cherish for the rest of my days. I only hope that I've shared it sufficiently with my OWN children. And, also, in sharing with you all, that you'll get a glimpse of the compassion/history and knowledge of my family.

I'll never look at a Swan without emotion. Whether it is priceless Meissen China from my "Oma" or a Swan I pick up at a Flea Market..............

Love and Hugs, and a Romantic/nostalgic BUS!

(Have a GREAT Valentines Day! I'll be spending it with girl friends...........You TOO can be romantic  without a partner!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"222!" Otherwise known as "the Second Saturdayz" of the Second Month-Too fun!

Just got home from working at Joyworks and thought I'd finish the post I started LAST nite! After getting home from the Second Saturdayz show, had a Dog walk with my friend Kelly,,,ate dinner and promptly fell asleep before the Final Answer on Jeopardy! Thought I'd share a FEW Photos and Friends....( I thought I took more pics,,,hmmmmm.)

We had a FUN show, Everyone's booths looks great! But I wished we'd been a BIT busier. The month? The Garden Show? But the customer's we had seemed to be having a great time and finding some awesome goodies!

Anyway, in no particular order here are a FEW and I mean FEW of my favorite Vendors and a glimpse at their Booths! ( I took more photos on Friday when we set up,,,,hmmm, not sure WHERE they went!)I'm starting out with and image from one of my recent Fav's,,,,,,the gal's at Whimsical Whites.....
Gorgeous Fresh flower Bouquets,,,,,,,,,,,amidst their Vintage Goodness!
Also available in their Store, Whimsical Whites in Kent!
(My friend Deb Bock and I are headed their way on Tuesday. Can't wait to see their Store!)

My friend Tamara Montoya's first 2nd Saturdayz event in Seattle,,,,,,although she's an Old Pro.......Well not Old, she's much younger than me,,,but she's been doing Shows for a while ....She put the "A" in Amazing,,,,,,she does all THIS and has a family large enough for their own Football, Baseball, okay, at least Basketball team!,,,,,In other words, a Ton of kids! Look for Tamara at Farm Chicks in Spokane this June, and other NW shows this year! (Don't you LOVE that Card Index Box?) She also has a great space at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe, Washington.

Another of my "Fav" new people! Elizabeth from "Fussbuckets" Fame!
She makes the most amazing jewelry and little soldered "sweeties" with mini vignettes inside!
Check out her Stuff,,,you will simple LOVE IT!

A quick glimpse of some her work,,,,,,See the "Shell" necklace with the pearl?  I have one similar that I bought from her last Summer.......Love it!

Linda Morrison, One of the Show's Promoter's and our Hostess, put together this "Parasol" of Honeycomb and Whimsey,,,,,,,I Loved it! Linda always seems to have a "surprise" up her sleeve, and she really made us all feel welcome and helped the event run smoothly!

I have to say, that I missed my "Deb" girl though! She was noticeably absent this Event, taking,,,,,,a "Junking Hiatis." Deservedly so, she has been SO busy as of late. But I Did have to call her and tell her I missed hearing her distinctive laughter resonating through the building!

Dyan,,,,,,one of my "Drug Dealer's of Choice" -The said "Drugs"- being Lucious Ribbons/trimms, laces and the likes- was absent from her booth when I took these two photos.....Do you LOVE that Velvet and Ribbon Cake? Gorgeous!

And this whimsical little wire "Dress form."
Dyan is at MOST second Saturdayz shows and "does' Farm Chicks every year, where I always "score" a Big Hit shortly after I walk through the shows doors!

Here's my "Booth mate", Anne Dunn of "Chickie Poo."
She and I shared a Half booth space at this event. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see just a "hint" of my dress form behind her. So, she faced one aisle, while I faced another.

When Anne was setting up her booth,,,,,,,I noticed the Colorway........Pinks? Check! Aquas? Check and lots of creamy vintage goodness! Whimsey,,,,yep. I think I have a "girl crush!"

Her jewelry is darling and we're thinking about doing a Show or two, together. I think it might be a great combo.

I already posted this pic on Friday,,,,,,,,,again, I DID take more, but somehow my camera didn't upload them........
Part of my booth.............
One more image.........

Again, we had a Fun event, always great to see "Regulars" and meet new friends/customers! I can't commit to this Venue on a Monthly basis because of my schedule at Joyworks, but I plan on participating often in the year ahead! I love the Vendors, the Venue,,,,,,,and there is just "something" untangible about this event, that makes me happy!

I hope you'll check out the few links provided and get to know these Vendors if you're not already familiar with them.  I hope you had a good Weekend too! Now, I'm off to walk the "hounds" and settle into the "Grammies!" Anyone want to give me a Wake up call at 9:00pm Pac Time, if I should ummmm, Doze off?

Hugs, Love and a Warm Fuzzy "Bus"!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A "Sweet" Event! Don't Miss Second Saturdayz tomorrow!

I set up my "Mini booth" today at the Fantabulous Second Saturdayz Vintage/ Antique/Junkin'/Artisan Extravaganza being held tomorrow at Warren G Magnuson Park (Formerly the Sand Point Naval Station on Lake Washington.) I LOVE this Venue!
The Vendors are GREAT-Some of the Best in Washington-I'm honored to be a LITTLE part of this! ,,,,,,,Please join us if you are local between 8:00am and 3:00pm! (Don't forget, the first 20 earlybirds get a special gift bag!) Special Love and hugs to friends that will be standing in that anticipatory line! We will NOT dissapoint! (You're gonna LOVE this show!)

A quick pic of my booth,,,,,more of the Show tomorrow!

I packed my whole "mini booth" into my 2-door Ford Focus. THAT was a 1st! Previous Shows, my son and I have switched vehicles,,,,,,to a 4x4 Nissan,,,,,OR loaded into "friends" trucks!! I'm going to have to purchase some sort of larger "Rig" for Shows

Every Show I "DO", I learn a BIT more,,,,,,and hope,to do the next one better in some respect! This extrodinary group of Vendors at this event, inspire me, more, every time! I count myself Lucky to be in their Company!,,,,, Join us!

Hope that you ALL have a Great Weekend, and if you are local, I'd love to see you at "Second Saturdayz!"

Hugs, love and a "learned and appreciative"  BUS on the Cheek!

Monday, February 6, 2012

What a GREAT Teaser! Gorgeous Day ,,,Perfect for starting a few Spring Things!

I got up before Sunrise, but it looked to be a gorgeous day! And I wasn't disappointed,,,,,,,60' Somethin' in February??? Wowza!  And the skies were blue and clear!

So,,,I did a bit of this, a bit of that,,,,,and spent some time working on a few "Spring-like items." If you've stopped in lately, you know I've been making wreaths out of Natural toned moss,,,,,so today, was a great day-with all the birds chirping and "flitting" here and there, to make some Nests!

Neutrals, with hints of pink and Green..........

These are not as elaborate or multi-textured as my friend Vicki's-which are sensational,,,,,,but it was fun to work with the different textures,,,,,,,

Hints of Aqua in this one........

I enjoyed adding a "titsch" of feathers,,,,,here and there......
(Boss Clarice at Joyworks introduced me to that word,,,,,,,and sometimes it's just "Right!")
Kind of like a "Smidgeon," only Better!
"A titsch of cinnamon, a titsch or ribbon."

One more nest today,,,,,,,with "golden eggs."

And last week, I swore NO MORE Valentines,,,,,,,,but I already had this heart shaped wreath ready,,,,,,so? It was fun to add some "Spring" to it! I figured, even though it's heart shaped, it'll work for any Season!

Flowers, Eggs, Mushrooms-Pinks/Aqua a feather tucked here and there.......

These items are coming with me to the Second Saturdayz show this coming weekend
(See sidebar for Seattle Show info).

I'm also re-thinking Etsy. I did it for a while,,,,and then got "busy." And now I'm thinking Maybe I should post stuff for sale again........if you have any input one way or another, let me know! Here or Via email.......

Sidebar: My little Helen (92yo) had laser eye surgery today,,,,,,,I hope you'll keep her in your thoughts and prayers as her eyesight has affected EVERY aspect of her life,,,,,physically AND emotionally! Let's hope today will make enough of a difference that she can remain in her OWN little home,,,,,with her fur-baby, "Mikey," her Pom.....Give her a BIT more of her independence back!

Hope your week is starting of GREAT! Mine has!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" on the Cheek- filled with the promises of Spring and new beginnings!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Gorgeous Day! Can't think of any other way to end it,,,,other than to share a Friend!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you KNOW, it doesn't get much prettier than today! Truly,,,,,there are NO Bluer skies than in Seattle, when the air is Crisp, and the sun is out! You just have to live here,or visit here to see it! We were SUPER busy at Joyworks today,,,with "day tripper's"-Folks (okay, mostly groups of gals) from the likes of Olympia, Snoqualmie, etc.) We heard lots of -"What a GREAT shop, fabulous clothes,,,,this is Too Cute." All from "first timer's who came to spend the day in Snohomish.

So? I came home and after feeding my "mini zoo" I logged on and noticed that one of my long time blog friends Lisa, is not only Celebrating 3 years blogging, but also having a fun Valentine Giveaway.

(This was the image posted on my blog as a New Follower to my blog that brought Lisa to my attention,,,,,,how could it NOT?)

Yeah, I could just post it on my Sidebar with a linky, or at this point in my post, I could just incorporate it into my post,,,,,,,,BUT- I want to tell you a BIT about Lisa and her blog first.

I've known Lisa for a couple of years now in "Blogland." One of the things I truly love about her blog, is that she too, is "all over the board." One day, she'll post a great recipe, another day she'll post about family life-say a Wedding in the works, other day's she'll have a home decor update--- and other posts a Cartoon or Quote, with a fun  or meaningful insight. Lisa's blog is REAL, heartfelt, open and ernest. She's not trying to impress anyone with anything. I LOVE THAT! And,,,,,the reason I posted this, is that I think you will too!

So yes, Go over to her blog, Say "Hi." Introduce yourself  if you Don't know her, and read a few blog posts. I think you'll love her,,,and want to  keep tabs on what she's up to. I'd think you too would want to "follow." And I don't think you'd leave your "blog friendship" in better hands,,,,,or with a better heart! Ever!
That's just what I know  in MY heart, and love about her.
Heart Banner, part of her Giveaway......

Click on the link above to Visit Lisa's Blog.

Love you Lisa Girl and Happy Anniversary! I'm SO glad I've gotten to know you in these past few years!

I hope you have a GREAT Sunday,,,,,whether you're watching the "Super Bowl," Spending time with loved ones, reading a great READ, shopping, decorating or relaxing.

Hugs, Love and a Grin- filled "Bus" on the Cheek!
Loving my Blog and "Junkin" friends!

Friday, February 3, 2012

"Sweet Birthday" Today for Clarice......and "Paper Roses"

Today? We celebrated our awesome boss, Clarice's Birthday at Joyworks!  We haven't ALL been together since December as we all work different days,,,,,,so it was "Catch up" time too. Suffice it to say, I spent more time "gabbing" and listening, than I did taking serious photos!

(Sandi, Clarice and Jana,,,,,,,dishing up the Sweet Stuff!)

We had a decadent brunch of pastries, fruit, juice and coffee.........Yummy!

Lots of Spring Colors and we had a GORGEOUS Sunny (albeit Chilly) Day!

Several of us are Gardeners, so we're looking for hints of Spring!
Luanne potted up this lovely mix of early blossoms for Clarice.........

Too Pretty!

Penny girl always say's she isn't Creative! HA! (You should see her home, it is Magazine worthy!)
And she put this little number together,,,,,,,How CUTE!

Make a Wish,,,,,,,for Spring! And blow out the Candles........

After the Party? I came home and started working on some Paper flowers..............Sheet Music "Tulips" here..........

"Paper Roses"...........French/English dictionary pages..........
I made a whole "Bouquet" but my Camera got "tired!"

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do, we've got Ton's of new Home Decor and clothes in Joyworks,,,,,,,Hope you'll stop by!

Hugs, Love, Prayers going out to SO many right now and a BIG old sloppy & noisy "Bus on the Cheek!"