Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a Wonderful Valentine's Day,,,,,,"Whimsical Whites" and Hangin' with Deb!

While my pictures from today's Adventure were loading,,,,I really tried to look back for a more FUN and memorable Valentine's day. Hmm, Some flowers from the "Ex's? A bit of Jewelry, perhaps? A romantic dinner out? Yeah,,,not so much! Truly? I think Today was the BEST Valentine's day I've ever had! "Girl time!"  Not that I wouldn't want to have a little company of the Male persuasion too, but come ON! A day with a good friend cannot be beat,,,,,,,and we, Deb Bock and I,  headed out to the MOST spectacular, enchanted store.....Whimsical Whites,,,,,,,,http://www.whimsicalwhites.com/ where, truly, Kathy and Kris highten your senses with Romance, Whimsey, Floral arrangements to die for, and other Vintage and Antique delights!!

Floral cart when you first walk in............Full of Valentine goodness today!

Gorgeous French Madonna Statuary,,,,,,,,,, (drooling here!)

They put the "Love" in Loveseats for Valentines day!

Gorgeous French Wedding Domes and Wedding "Chairs".......
<sigh> Perhaps one day, I'll own one of these!

Fresh flowers tucked everywhere........

Kathy and Kris- Shortly after we arrived..."Would you like some Tea?" " Cake or Cookies?"

We opted for the  Tea and cookies.......

Are you even Kidding me? This is their Norm!,,,,,Shut UP! They do this for All their Customers, everyday!

.........Deb and I were escorted into their "Tea Room" Where we were treated with a "cuppa" Tea....(The Blend I had was called "Paris",,,,,and I think the BEST tea I've ever had ....and these treats? Amazing, delicious and gorgeous, to boot! 
Antique Doll head......

I TRULY had to reign myself in......There were SO many treasures I wanted to take home.......Like this embellished Doll head........
Fresh Rose Display...........Lovely!

Vintage Ribbons/Millenery,,,,,,,,Oh my Stars, I wanted it ALL! (Just leave me here and I would die a happy woman!)

Before we left? I saw this embroidered towel hanging next to their front desk. I didn't see any OTHER "NFS" items,,,,,Not for Sale,,,,,,But Kathy & Kris didn't mind me taking a photo,,,,and I'm posting it on my sidebar as soon as I'm done with this post! I LOVE this!

For that is TRULY what I aspire to be!

Here's a quick glimpse at my "Whimsical White's" Finds!
Chalkboard Picture Frame, Fun Ceramic Wall Pocket, Vintage lace/leaves and flowers, Vintage Ephemera and,,,,Oh my Stars! The "gifted" Annick Doutal Gardenia Fragrance and Lotion!

 Truly? I could have Mortgaged my home or sold my Soul, for all their Vintage Goodness!,,,,,,Loved it all,,,,,,,and the Best?
Was feeling part of their world, their store, their "vintage" family!Thank you Kathy and Kris, for making it a memorable Valentine's day,,,,,and creating SUCH a beautiful store for us all!

Deb and I stopped by to visit her daughter at work and leave her a "Valentine." Then,,,,,,,,on the way home we stopped for a late Lunch at Molbak's in Woodinville.

Okay,,,,,,,,,,This pizza was HEAVENLY! Salmon/Pesto and Feta!
Cooked outdoors on their Firewood oven.........
Simply? TO.........DIE...........For!

Truly? I cannot remember a better Valentine's day! If you've got a Hubby, a sweetie, then I truly wish you the BESTEST! As a Romantic, I cannot imagine anything better than to have a great partner! As a "single" I've got to say that sometimes ,,,,or more often than NOT we get the best Love/understanding from Friends!

I hope,,,,,YOU enjoyed your day Half as much as I did! I truly cannot remember a BETTER Valentines Day, than this one, spent with Friends!

Hugs,,,,,to YOU,,,,,your loved one's- whether they be Human , Furry OR Feathered!.........Love to YOU and those you love,,,,,,And an Encompassing "Bus" on the Cheek for Compassion and Remembrance!


  1. Looks like so much fun, glad you girlies had a great day!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with me! As a single, I can't say I didn't have a few minutes of longing today -- I did -- but am so grateful for all my friends! Hugs and happiness, sweet friend.

  3. Aww I am so happy you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. It sounds like one that we all would love.
    What a neat place to visit. You always find the best places. I wish I had the knack you do for great finds.
    Just came by to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day.
    Love ya

  4. You won! It was such a fun day wasn't it? I'm glad we ditched all the "stuff" that needed tending! You're a sweet friend.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Deb ;)

  5. I am so glad you had such a fun day. I had a good one, too. Didn't get out of my pajamas and stayed in bed with Jud all day while my baby brother took care of everything we needed. This could be easily misinterpreted :-)
    Big hugs and a sugary bus on the cheek,

  6. I had a good day considereing go to the Dr. I got a box of chocolates, red roses, a card and 10, count them, 10 Paydayz and to top that we went out for dinner.
    Sounds like you had a fun day too. I must make a trip to Whimsical Whites soon.


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