Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking for a "Roomie" and Traveling Companion for Farm Chicks!

Okay, So? My Sister-in-law, fellow Junkster/Antiquer roomate Mary, has a GF, High School Re-union the SAME weekend as Farm Chick's over in Spokane. So? "I've got nothing!" No "roomie," no Junkin'/Shopping friend to attend the show with, this year!

I've  have Many friends that will be awesome Vendors,,,,,,,,,But I will not be attending as a Vendor! So? If you need a "Roomie, Car mate, I'm your gal! ......No  Fun to do alone! Although at ANY rate, I still may do it alone becacuse I LOVE this Venue, and have "Chatted it up enough to my blog  friend Lynn Stevens in Idaho to get HER to attend...........

So, I want to BE there,,,,,,,,and I don't have a "roomie. Let me know, if you'd like to take part in this wonderful Event. It truly is Life Changing...........So speak NOW,,,,,,,or forever hold your peace! LOL
(PS,,,,,I Snore,,,,,,,,,,and I need Coffee BAD first thing in the morning),,,so think this Through!"

Hugs,love and apologizing already for any Snoring or need for Coffee!


  1. Wish I could come and be your roomie, Shell. I snore, too and love my coffee. I would just love to meet Lynn, too. What a great gal! You guys have loads of fun.

  2. I don't snore, but I love coffee and if there weren't thousands of miles in the way, I'd be there in a second. Maybe one year I can do this!


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