Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Put a Fork in Me-I'm Done!" (Last of the Valentine's and on to Spring!)

From the looks of the National weather maps on the new this morning,,,,,it looks like MOST of us are having some GREAT weather! Well, at least great weather in terms of it being February! And today, in the Seattle area, was no exception!

I had a GREAT walk with my friend Kelly and our Fur-babies just before sitting down to post! It was still just a BIT light out and we were gifted with fantastic scattered Pink and Gold clouds to the West.

Today, I finished the last of my Valentine "stuff" for this year. It truly is a holiday that I love,,,The pinks, the romance, the bits of lace, flowers ..........

(Vintage Sheet Music and Crepe paper)

This one, Machine sewn ,,,with hand made paper flowers (more sheet music and unbleached coffee filters.) Layers of "creamy goodness."

Tomorrow though? I'm starting "SPRING!" Flowers/Birds, Butterflies and heading towards  (ackk!) thoughts of Easter.......

But NOT starting "Spring" until we have a Birthday Gathering for my Boss Clarice tomorrow! I'll "fire up" my camera tonight and take a few photos of our festivities!

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do!

Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek that I HOPE is filled with Promise!

(And again, I am sending out Prayers for SO many friends and families right now, near and far dealing with illnesses,,,,,,, primarily Cancers. Although my little 92yo Helen is dealing with loss of sight and the frustration of MORE dependence.)

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  1. Hi Shell-
    Love this little Valentine! Your crafting never stops girlfriend!

    Yes- incredible weather here too- was wearing shorts and flip flops 2 days ago---!


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