Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Gorgeous Day! Can't think of any other way to end it,,,,other than to share a Friend!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you KNOW, it doesn't get much prettier than today! Truly,,,,,there are NO Bluer skies than in Seattle, when the air is Crisp, and the sun is out! You just have to live here,or visit here to see it! We were SUPER busy at Joyworks today,,,with "day tripper's"-Folks (okay, mostly groups of gals) from the likes of Olympia, Snoqualmie, etc.) We heard lots of -"What a GREAT shop, fabulous clothes,,,,this is Too Cute." All from "first timer's who came to spend the day in Snohomish.

So? I came home and after feeding my "mini zoo" I logged on and noticed that one of my long time blog friends Lisa, is not only Celebrating 3 years blogging, but also having a fun Valentine Giveaway.

(This was the image posted on my blog as a New Follower to my blog that brought Lisa to my attention,,,,,,how could it NOT?)

Yeah, I could just post it on my Sidebar with a linky, or at this point in my post, I could just incorporate it into my post,,,,,,,,BUT- I want to tell you a BIT about Lisa and her blog first.

I've known Lisa for a couple of years now in "Blogland." One of the things I truly love about her blog, is that she too, is "all over the board." One day, she'll post a great recipe, another day she'll post about family life-say a Wedding in the works, other day's she'll have a home decor update--- and other posts a Cartoon or Quote, with a fun  or meaningful insight. Lisa's blog is REAL, heartfelt, open and ernest. She's not trying to impress anyone with anything. I LOVE THAT! And,,,,,the reason I posted this, is that I think you will too!

So yes, Go over to her blog, Say "Hi." Introduce yourself  if you Don't know her, and read a few blog posts. I think you'll love her,,,and want to  keep tabs on what she's up to. I'd think you too would want to "follow." And I don't think you'd leave your "blog friendship" in better hands,,,,,or with a better heart! Ever!
That's just what I know  in MY heart, and love about her.
Heart Banner, part of her Giveaway......

Click on the link above to Visit Lisa's Blog.

Love you Lisa Girl and Happy Anniversary! I'm SO glad I've gotten to know you in these past few years!

I hope you have a GREAT Sunday,,,,,whether you're watching the "Super Bowl," Spending time with loved ones, reading a great READ, shopping, decorating or relaxing.

Hugs, Love and a Grin- filled "Bus" on the Cheek!
Loving my Blog and "Junkin" friends!


  1. Wow....thanks for all the nice things you said about you too. I've come to know and love the way you are 'real' and share your life with us, the ups and downs. I wish I had your energy"!!! I found out that we are the same age..a couple of weeks apart but you are the energizer bunny who keeps going and going and going.
    you go girl.. And good luck!!!

  2. I love her too. I remember the first time I saw her lit pic on my site for her site. I could not wait to see who she was and fell instantly in love with her site and her.
    Sweet of you honey to do a post about her and the giveaway thanks for the heads up


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