Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Daffy" about Crepe,,,,,,Papers, that is!

The days ARE getting longer,,,,,,and today? I saw my First tree of the season, laden with promising pink blossoms. But? If you follow the National weather, we're still getting "soaked" here,,,,,,and maybe, accck! Snow here this weekend!

We're all dying for SPRING-I'm sure!! Longer days, working in our gardens and the "hint" of Garage Sales and "Junkin'" to come! So,,,,,,I started making my OWN SPRING,,,,,,(No, not my own "Personal Summer", I think i'm almost DONE with "that!") I'm talking flowers........of the Paper variety, and in this case, Crepe........

Ahem,,,,,(Image Courtesy of  dear friend and co-worker, Jana at Joyworks flowers included in her Blogpost for our Shop yesterday,,,,,I'm just sayin'!
Kidding of course- but there's that whole Glue gun burns and arthiritic wrist thingy- so no problem that you didn't mention my contributions.......
(I have to give her a hard time,  LOL, because when I dropped off a few more today, she mentioned it!)

But truly? I'm a "Paper Queen." I love working with anything paper,,,,,,and when we got these new "Crafty supplies" in, I had fun using them!

Bundles of Crepe available at Joyworks,,,,,,,,,the "heavy duty stuff!"

Today, after Dealing with some major issues with my elderly friend Helen, and an Easter Parade meeting, I worked on a few more for the store.......

(Daffs and Roses)

The Daffodils are really fun to make and are a combo of the Creme Joyworks Crepe, a bit of "Off the Roll" Cheapy Yellow Stuff that you can by anywhere, and a BIT of Vintage lightweight Dark Green.

If you want templates for either the Daffodils, or the Roses, Email me  ( and I'll give you my "Snail" mail Addy,,,,,,, to send me a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope.) I'll send you the instructions and templates...... (Of course you can feel free to "tip" or send me a surprise with your envelope!,,,,,,,And the "tip should not so much be, "Plant your bulbs in the fall!" I'm just sayin'!)

I hope your week has gone well! And that your Weekend looks GREAT! (.....Please no Snow, please no Snow!) If you're "semi-local"-please come visit us at Joyworks and the other great shops-take a "Staycation"! (Despite what the Media portrays  (local AND National) at times,,,,,,,Our Shops never flood! Yes, the River may flood, but it doesn't affect the businesses on 1st Street! 

Thinkin' Spring! I'm sure you are too!
Hugs and love Always, A bouquet of "Promise and Goodness and a Big old "Bus" on the Cheek!


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  1. Love these shell...I feel a crepe flower crown comin on!



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