Friday, February 10, 2012

A "Sweet" Event! Don't Miss Second Saturdayz tomorrow!

I set up my "Mini booth" today at the Fantabulous Second Saturdayz Vintage/ Antique/Junkin'/Artisan Extravaganza being held tomorrow at Warren G Magnuson Park (Formerly the Sand Point Naval Station on Lake Washington.) I LOVE this Venue!
The Vendors are GREAT-Some of the Best in Washington-I'm honored to be a LITTLE part of this! ,,,,,,,Please join us if you are local between 8:00am and 3:00pm! (Don't forget, the first 20 earlybirds get a special gift bag!) Special Love and hugs to friends that will be standing in that anticipatory line! We will NOT dissapoint! (You're gonna LOVE this show!)

A quick pic of my booth,,,,,more of the Show tomorrow!

I packed my whole "mini booth" into my 2-door Ford Focus. THAT was a 1st! Previous Shows, my son and I have switched vehicles,,,,,,to a 4x4 Nissan,,,,,OR loaded into "friends" trucks!! I'm going to have to purchase some sort of larger "Rig" for Shows

Every Show I "DO", I learn a BIT more,,,,,,and hope,to do the next one better in some respect! This extrodinary group of Vendors at this event, inspire me, more, every time! I count myself Lucky to be in their Company!,,,,, Join us!

Hope that you ALL have a Great Weekend, and if you are local, I'd love to see you at "Second Saturdayz!"

Hugs, love and a "learned and appreciative"  BUS on the Cheek!


  1. Too jealous that I'm not closer because I would BE THERE. Instead, I'm sending a friend - at least I'm hoping she can make it to the show.
    SuZeQ ~

  2. I wish I was 3,000 miles closer. You know I'd be there!


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