Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Bit & Bobs" In a Buxton and the "Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Well, yesterday? I declared TODAY "National 'Shell.' clean up your Studio Day." And it was quite the memorable event! Lemme tell you,,,I whipped that baby back into shape! Maybe I'll take pics again soon, it hasn't been this clean and organized since Karen (Valentine) hosted her "Where Bloggers Create Event." I'm lovin' it! It was SO fun to add all the little goodies from Silver Bella,,,,,,it's feeling more and more like my own little nest!

And, if you're like me, YOU have some of your Favorite little gems.....things you hoard, collect, cherish and wait for the right minute to use them. They're your prized little goodies and, although you DO and WILL use them,,,,,they're just a BIT more special than the rest.

So? At Silver Bella, I saw a couple of gals with Vintage Jewelry boxes the held their prized possessions to craft with. My newfound creative friend Tabitha, for example, pulled out an old jewelry case full of goodies for one of our shared classes.  So, Today, while cleaning up the Cra** stuff in my studio I created a "Bits and Bobs" Case....Using my Mom's old Buxton Jewelry box.......

Special Buttons, Cameos, Rhinestones, Crystals, Frozen Charolettes, Pearls, etc, etc. It's like a Mini-treasure chest of my favorite things! And for me, most meaningful, because this vintage jewelry case was my Mom's. It was a Christmas gift from one of my Brothers....I LOVE the fact, that now that she's gone, it's now full of some of my favorite Goodies...........Thanks Tabitha and the other "Bellas" for this idea!

And, while running up and down the stairs to the Studio, I decided it would be a good day to START decorating the tree in my livingroom. It usually takes me several days to get it all decorated.

Honestly? I discovered a couple of years back that I can no longer have a live tree! I love them, but apparently I am allergic. Not so much to the Evergreens themselves, but to the mold/fungus that grows on them..I get horrific headaches. And Hence? I have a fake tree, or trees. I miss the scents, but it was either THAT or the headaches. So a while back, I bought a Good/Fake/Pre-lit tree. 

Only THIS year? I put all the components together to discover half the lights ARE NOT WORKING!!!
Ackkkk!!! (Okay, deep breath Shell, its just a fake tree, and fake lights) BUT it was an EXPENSIVE Fake tree.........(Lord, Give me strength, patience and creativity to get this baby re-lit! Amen!)

Ahem.......may the Joy and the Spirit that is the TRUE meaning of Christmas be Upon YOU.....(and don't let your son pack your tree away next year!) I'll fix it,,,,it'll be FINE!

Love hugs and a Bus to you all! May your lights be bright and Merry!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playin' Hookie,,,,and Playing Around.....Bird Ornaments, Etc.

Well, Last nite, I still felt pretty crummy, and I called my dear Friend and Co-worker. Rita who'd volunteered to work for me at Joyworks. Last nite I was tired, had a nasty sinus headache, and quite frankly was waiting for the "other Shoe to drop."  Yesterday, I felt like I had a fever and well,,,,,thought I was going to hit a Wall of sorts today. . .

So now? I feel like I was playing Hookie! It never came back/restarted/got worse! I was a bit tired, but that was it....Zip, Nadda, Nothing! Maybe, staying home and resting DID help, but I feel like I was fakin' it! Only truly Friday, I wasn't! And yesterday, I had a headache and felt congested and ***Ta-DA!*** I feel normal. (Okay, as NORMAL as I ever feel!)

So today? I Crafted and waited for the Congestion to come back, the fatique to set in,,,,ONLY ....Didn't happen! I DID have weird dreams last night and where is that cute "Dennis" Guy that was in my dreams and sweet and  totally understood my crafting Mayhem.....??? I never dream about men anymore,,,let alone  ones that have a NAME!  And, don't get your knickers in a knot, all he did in the dream was kiss me, and I thought he was kinda sweet.....And I woke up and thought, yeah, well, it was all fun and games till my Golden Retriever Kodi was stealin' the covers!  But, if you DO know someone that is a cross between Tom Selleck, Val Kilmer and Bruce Willis and is Single,,,well, hey! Get back to me on that...

So, I literally "pulled" myself out of bed- because the DOGS were laying on my sheets and blankets and got up and started playing with some new stuff........Lulu gave me a BIG ole' Jar of Diamond Dust when we were at Silver Bella......And I kind of tested it on some of the Wallpaper Scraps I'd brought home from Hidden Treasures in Iowa,,,,,,and had fun making a few things.........

I'd won a Bird Stamp in my first Class at Silver Bella.....One stamp for the Bird, a second for the wings.....So, this morning?  I stamped some birds on Ivory Cardstock,,,cut them out and adhered them to the Vintage Wallpapers.....Some of these papers were extremely fragile,,,,but they seemed to "like" the humidity of a bit of Modge Podge when adhered. Coordinating Wings, ,,,,,,,,,a bit of Lulu's Diamond Dust and on some, "Martha's" Gold glitter Edges.......and Voila! Vintage Bird Ornaments........

Close up,,,,,,yeah, Hush, I'm asking Santa for a NEW CAMERA! And I hope his Helpers give lessons!
But you get the Gist.......Ahem, I hope!

A few more of the "Flock."

I also had fun making this "mini" Cake, using some of the Wallpaper I got in Iowa and experimenting with the Diamond Dust,,,,,,,,some of these papers are SO  fragile, it was certainly a challenge, But I simply cannot remember when I didn't love Pinks and Greens,,,,,,and this was just Fun to make!

Pink and Green Box.....

Not sure whether I'm going to keep this one, or sell it. I just had a lot of fun working with the old Wallpaper, adding some Diamond Dust, Trims and Flowers, tulle and trims.......Fun to make~!

Hope you all,,,,,,,Ya'll, had a GREAT Thanksgiving and a GREAT weekend! Check out my sidebar for some Giveaways from some of my DEAREST blogfriends!

Hugs, Love and a BIG old Bus on the Cheek!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanks Lisa! For a little Color on this "Black Friday" and a head Cold! Ackkkkkkk!

So, I woke up "Sneezin' and Wheezin and Just, wouldn't you know it after getting my "Face on" to go to work at Joyworks,,my left eye teared up SO much, my G-Darn Make-up ran down my Cheek! Ahhhhhhhhhh-Choooooo! I didn't feel BAD, but I was sniffly/sneezy/drippy,,,,,,okay, NOT much fun to be around! Dangit! I wanted to be part of our Festive,,Family Nite in Snohomish! Yeah,,,,,I was about as festive as a Cold Remedy Commercial, and came home after a couple of hours!

The GOOD News is, I got a fun parcel from my friend Lisa at a thing for Roses.http://athingforroses.blogspot.com/...

Full of Fun Millenery! Score Baby!  Okay? So, feeling like something you'd track in on your shoe when I came home and opened my package?  I Smiled, BIG time and said "Thank you LISA!" and threw it on a piece of Muslin and took this shot!  The Photo does NOT do it justice!  (Well, DUH! Shell's taking the pic!)

But, Thanks dear Lisa,for making me Smile even though I felt crummy!  It couldn't have arrived on a better- worse (?) Day! And thanks for my Joyworks Co-workers Luanne and Sandi,  that jumped in to work for me the rest of the day and tomorrow! Dangit! I don't WANNA be Sick!

Love to you all, stay healthy.......now where are my new socks and I think I'm finally hungry!

(If you haven't entered yet, check out my last post for my giveaway!)

Shell ( No hugs, kisses or "Buses" on the Cheek,,,,,,I don't wanna spread GERMS! Niters!)

Monday, November 22, 2010

'Snow' time like the present for a GIVEAWAY!....Top Hats, Shopping and Turkey Day Prep

Okay,,I cannot even believe it is Snowing in Washington State, already, in November??? This is unheard of if you live near Seattle, this time of year!

And, Truth be told, I don't even have all the Pumpkins and Gourds off of my sitting porch yet! Ackkk! So, I did the majority of my Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping today,,,who the heck KNOWS if I'll get the final "acoutrements."

So, after grocery shopping, I came home and did what any practical woman would do,,,,I made more headband Top Hats........
Cremes and  Silver AND Golds,,,,,,

Another Neutral.........This one all Gold and Cremes
 So, here's the deal, Check out the Top Hat Headbands and the Badge Ribbons on my Sidebar........Leave a Comment HERE to win a Custom "Hat" or Badge of your choosing. YOU choose YOUR colors,,,,,,Bling-aka Silver OR Gold and I'll create something for you.

Deadline for posts/comments or Entries:  December 10th.

 Leave a Comment on This post-1 chance
Let me know that you Follow my Blog-2 chances (Leave separate comment that you follow also)
Post Giveaway on your Blog Sidebar 3rd Chance........ and let me know that you posted giveaway
Why you want a  Custom Badge or Headband?-4th Chance......or maybe I'll just send you one anyway, because, tis the Season!

Stay warm, stay DRY! Have an Awesome Thanksgiving! I hope you'll take a minute to enter my Giveaway,,,,,I'd LOVE to create something JUST FOR YOU!!

Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek~

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dears, Deliveries and Deadlines!

Shew! This has been a busy and yet FUN week! This morning, I was wide awake at 5:30 and got up and grabbed my glue gun,,,,and started making Headbands, hairclips and ponytail embellishments......My stylist, and Salon manager for Tom Walker's Hair Salon is having a Holiday Open House and "Hair Extravaganza" (my expression, not theirs) on December 7th and Ericka asked me to make  some goodies for their event........

Just an example of a few,,,,,,,,,I have tons more for the Event........Headbands, clips, elastics, with Vintage bits and pieces........

Then, I took a "Clue" from some hat headbands we had from Midwest that we were selling  in Joyworks and a cute top hat that Amy Powers wore in Omaha at Silver Bella and Came up with these..........

Fushia and Gold,,,,,,,Leopard, Creme and Gold.........Should I put "Happy New Years" "Paper Ribbon"  Banners on these, or leave as is??? Let me know what YOU think!.......

Vintage Pink Velvet and Gold.....(Yeah, I know, you can ALMOST tell from my photos!)

After Crafting for a bit, I cleaned up (okay, am I the ONLY one that stays in her "jammies" during a crafting Chaos Session???)  Changed my clothes, threw my "face on" and fixed my hair and headed off to lunch with my BF, Laura- again, NOT a blogger, NOT a Crafter,,,,she wears a suit, either Black, Navy or Grey. And, truly? I love her to pieces! I think at times, our friendship keeps ME grounded,,,and I in return, give HER a bit of Whimsey. We went to the newly relocated "Collectors Choice" here in town  for lunch, and then.........

She headed to Seattle for a Real Estate appointment and I headed to Kim and Luanne's Holiday Open House of "Nest and Garden!" Too Cute!

They have this older cabin/house on their property and created the CUTEST vignettes with wonderful crafts!

Kim and Luanne aka......"Nest and Garden" Too cute!

Kim altered this mirror with Sheet Music,,,,which I just Loved! And I saw it done with Wallpaper from the Gal I purchased wallpaper in Iowa.......I want to try this technique! Too fun!

(Jana, my dear friend and Co-worker came through  their open house earlier and apparently took a LOT of photos,,,,,,,,suffice it to say, you'll be able to view them on the JOYWORKS  Blog
http://joyworks-shopgirl.blogspot.com/ Her pics will be a LOT better than mine!)

After Crafting, Lunching, and Visiting with Luanne and Kim at the open house, I came home and my Wallpaper had arrived from Iowa! Stop it! Ackkkkkkk!    Here, in closing, are a few images.......

I think I'm going to use a couple chunks of this one in my French Cabinet.........I'll keep you posted on that!

I absolutely fell in love with this Vintage French themed paper......It's actually more Celadon Green background........Gorgeous! Let me know if you'd like a scene/panel or two.........

How pretty is THIS? Love it! I bought other stuff,,,,,,,but I'll leave it at this.....it give you a taste!

Shew...Busy, fun and craft filled Friday! I'm sure we're going to be "Hopping" at Joyworks this weekend! Have a GREAT weekend! Oh My Stars!! Is Thanksgiving REALLY this next week?

Hugs, Love and a "Big Ole" Bus on the Cheek to "Ya'll!" (in honor of the Southern Congregation!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maureen-Millenery, Lace and Stories Galore.........

Just prior to leaving for Silver Bella in Omaha, I was out buying a few things I needed for the event,,,,,,when I inadvertantly came across an Antique store, "Bayview Antiques" in Everett, Washington. I posted pics a while ago about the great hats and a vintage bride and groom wedding topper,,,,,,which were ALL "up my alley" for creating new, custom Wedding cake toppers and some of my other crafts...........

Well, one friend, one thing, led to another and I found out that she, Maureen, the Booth Vendor, lived close to ME, here in Snohomish. I set up a time to meet with her, Bless her, in her home two days after going to Silver Bella.

Okay,,,,,,,So, Maureen? is my NEW Best Friend. Or at least one of them. She's been collecting Vintage and Antique Millenery, lace, trims for like, Forever. And She invited me into her home and let me SHOP! Let me tell you, I could have spent a bazillion dollars, and all her treasures were fantastic! Lets just say that in the weeks and months ahead, we're gonna BOND, even more! She is a delight........We spent 3 hours together,,,,where did the time GO?

Here's some of my treasures!

Closeup of these Vintage Tulips........I think these are going to end up on one of my upcoming Corset Projects,,,,,,,,,,Gorgeous!

Piles of vintage nylon Laces.........

I SO have this whole Corset thingy on the Brain. I am So excited to get working on them! Layers of Lace, Ribbons and lace flowers,,,,,,,,Too fun! This pic is Horrid,,,I know, but Maureen had tons of old Nylon Ruffled lace,,,,,,that will be GREAT for the Corset embellishements I have in mind...........

And. last, but certainly NOT least,,,,,,and Karla, (if you read this), you are going to be GREEN with envy!
Old, Vintage Hats, with TONS of goodies~ The MOST expensive was $10 Bucks! Ackkkkkkk!!!

Bad Photo,,,,,,,Great hats!

Thanks Maureen, for sharing your "Stashes" with me! Trust me GF, you and I will become GREAT friends!

(Working on some headbands, hairclips and the likes with Vintage trims for Tom Walkers Salon-their open house........And "Stinkin' Badges,,,,,,,as requested)

I hope my wallpaper comes tomorrow,,,,,,,,,Several More "Bella" Photos to follow!

Hugs, love and a "Bus!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silver Bella Part Deux...........

So tonight? I'm just going to post some Random Images from the Silver Bella, Omaha and Iowa Events.......My photos, a few of Lulus, Karla's Cottage, etc....I'll give credit where credit is due! I hope you enjoy!

(Photo taken by Lulu)
Can't see me but LOOK at this awesome 19th Century Wallpaper I bought! Ackkkkkk! More photos of all the wall papers when I get my shipment!

(Photo by Jessi, aka "ScrappyJessi")
Sweet Jessi's Car when she picked us all  5 of us up to go Wallpaper shopping and Antiquing in Iowa..........Too fun!

Me, Jessi and Lulu
Opening Nite Dinner,,,,,Too fun!

Snow in Omaha Sat Nite! The California Congregation went NUTS!

Kelly Lynn Yeary, One of my Instructors! She's awesome!

I had Kelly Lynn for two Classes, out of the 5 I took!, I just loved her! She's thinking about coming up to Seattle area to teach a class! How fun would THAT BE!

Tabitha, (Left) Super Talented Artist, we shared One class............

Classmates at the "Tannenbaum' Session,,,,,,,lovely

Tablemates and opening  nite Dinner,,,,,,these gals worked FAST!

Christian, the only "Male" Bella,,,was a sweetie and very creative we shared two classes and the Opening nite dinner! He was a fun addition to the group..and great "Eye Candy!"  If memory serves me correct, he's a former model!

Cute pic of Karla Nathan, with all of her Class Creations on Closing Nite............
(Duh! borrowed from HER Blog)
As of Yesterday, Karla has a brand spankin' new Grandaughter! Congrats Karla!

I'll probably post a few more photos in one final Silver Bella Post......Hard to post 5 Days worth of events, creations, lovely Bellas in two posts!

I'm Back in the craft Studio,,,,,and if you care to notice, I posted a couple of custom Badges on my sidebar. If you'd like one of your own,,,,,email me.......

Hopefully my next post will be pics of my Wallpaper Finds in Iowa! Can't wait to show you all what I found!

Love, Hugs and a "Bus" on the Cheek to "Ya'll"!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silver Bella Part 1

Okay, so, honestly?  I've gotta say,,I went into this whole  Silver Bella Event, rather blindly. Other than knowing that Lulu was going to be there, and that I liked creating and crafting, it sounded like FUN, I didn't know MUCH! I didn't participate in the pre-event Online Chats, I didn't "do"  the Swaps, I didn't know ANY thing about the other ladies, other than a bit about Karla Nathan, because I'd visited her blog and ordered a few things from her....So everything,,everyone, was new and NEWS to me.

But, truly? I cannot remember the last time I had this much FUN for so many Days! But MORE importantly how I met so many wonderful, creative people during the Silver Bella Events,,and I simply cannot begin to tell you how kind, appreciative and polite the people in Omaha were........

 So, that said, my bags are  now unpacked and I uploaded all my images. ( I know, your saying, "Shell, can't you just insert everyone ELSE's photos because we KNOW all about your..... ahem, photo 'skills'.)

Today, I'm just going to post pics of some of the most amazing, creative, lovely, funny, beautiful inside and out women (and one great Gentlemen) you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Lulu (Rt) and Jessi behind the lens

First,,,,,There is Lulu!  Ackkkk! Her flight arrived 30 minutes after mine last Wednesday at the Omaha Airport! After TWO years of blogging, emails and phone calls, we finally met face to face! And what a beautiful face, and more importantly, the woman inside! I've got to tell you that everyone I met just LOVED her, and I was SO proud to be her dear friend and roomie! I can't imagine ANYONE I would have wanted to be with, meet, stay with, create with more!

I KNEW she was a character, had the biggest heart ever, but she truly IS, one in a Million! We had SO much fun together, laughing, sharing, exploring and stealing covers (the hotel messed up and we ended up with one King instead of two beds!)

The next morning, Thursday, Lulu had us all hooked up with her delightful, energetic and beautiful Silver Bella "Big Sister", Jessi (aka ScrappyJessi) ,along with Kim Caldwell and Cheryl Stoneham.....we headed to "Hannah's Treasures" in Iowa to endulge in Vintage and Antique Wallpapers! I cannot WAIT to get the box I had shipped and share those images! (Okay, Shut up, you know I'll TRY!)

Lulu with her Wallpaper Loot!

Great Wallpapered Boxes for Sale at Hannah's

The Fabulous , gorgeous,Jessi, (front and center) Delightful Cheryl and Multi-talented Kim Caldwell in the Background

After we left Hannah's Treasures, Jessi took the lot of us to Walnut, Iowa. This town was SO Stinkin' Cute! I darn near wanted to adopt a couple of the Shop Owners!

We did a bit of Antique Shopping (Wowza, the prices were GREAT)

I also met Kana Conger the FIRST nite Lulu and I arrived in Omaha. We all attended an after hours event at Second Chance Antiques,,,just blocks from the Hotel. I swear, between her and Lulu, I had a bit of a drawl by the end of my stay......Kana is Uber talented and one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone craft with!

Roxie, Jessi and Robin.

Okay, Shut UP! Are you Stinkin' Kidding ME? Lulu already knew a bit about these two delightful sisters. I had OH, SO much fun getting to know the both of them! The 3 of us had dinner one night,,,,,Too Fun~ (Message here, Just for them: Are you "Vacillating about the 9 oz Sirloin and the Prime Rib Sandwich,,,,or are you just having "Deja" Vu?) I'm SO glad to have met them both, and I know,,,even given the distance, we'll stay in touch and see each other again soon!

Kim Hanauer and Moi

I also met and bonded with the A-mazing, Super talented and most loving of women you would ever have the pleasure to meet.....Kim Hanauer....... from "Old Hickory" Tennesee. Don't you just LOVE that?
Old Hickory??? I just KNOW that I will always love and honor our newfound friendship and am SO happy to have her in my life now!

Jenny Doh and Kim Caldwell

I also got to know the "Famous" Jenny Doh. Again, I'll reiterate here, going into this Show, I didn't have a list of "Who's Who." I met Jenny when she was getting off the Hotel Shuttle and didn't have a clue.  ("She's and Editor, She's a Publisher, She's the guest Speaker for the Closing Ceremony.  Oooooh Ahhh!")

Jenny sat by me at the last Class Section of our Event. I gave her supplies and lent her my tools. Her project turned out gorgeous! I hate her....LOL, no I don't.

Later that evening she gave the closing Speech. And although I crafted with her that afternoon, I didn't really KNOW anything about her.  Truly? Her speech at dinner touched my heart. I laughed, I cried, I SO enjoyed what she had to say and allowed me to learn a bit more about the woman behind the image. I walked up to her after the closing and told her how meaningful her speech was to me, and how I thought it would mean SO much to so many that weren't at the event. I'm sure that she would have posted it on her blog anyway, but I told her I thought it was important to do so......

After all the activities were done, several of us congregated in the Hotel Bar, Jenny included. And she and I had the most wonderful talk. I told her, I didn't KNOW "WHO" she was or who she was "supposed" to be.....And, I told her I didn't care WHO someone was..it's all about integrity, character, values, humor.....

And, well,,,,I'll just say,,,,That pretty much sums up the women I met in this Event. Jenny was a spokesperson in SO many ways, for us all! And,,,,,I'd also like to say, that THAT is WHY I love SO many of YOU and why I follow your blogs, have a vested interest in your lives, your crafts, your families, your homes.

I simply do NOT care,,,,,whether you are Rich and Famous,,,,,,any more than it mattered to me in meeting all these newfound friends....I love YOU for YOU!

Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek~

I hope that in posting these newfound friends, if you've known me personally, or through blogging  for a while,  how much all of YOU that I've known and grown to love and care about- near and far mean the World to me! You ALL enrich my life! Whether we've met yet or hope to in the future, this venue, this "Blogland," if you will, is amazing! Take advantage of it, to the best of your abilities.......

Part Deux of Silver Bella to Follow..........

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Okay, SHUT UP! Silver Bella was FANTASTIC!!!

Lulu and I are STILL in Omaha Flying out tomorrow, can't wait to share our Fun with "Ya'll!"

Just printing some shipping labels (ummmm it didn't all fit in the suitcases, Go Figure!
Then were shopping a bit!

I'll post more info about the Badges on my sidebar when I get home, but if you "Bella's" or anyone else for that matter, want more info, leave a comment or grab my Email (left)!

Back soon!
Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Silver Bella or Bust!

Okay,,,,I'm Packed, Lulu's Packed and were off  from our different Coasts first thing in the morning to  "meet, finally,  in the middle",,,,,OMAHA at Silver Bella!

Too fun, to finally meet someone you've "known" through Blogland, at last!I've been dying to meet her since we first met!  I wish ALL of our Blog Friends were going to be there!!!!!! (We'll have to work on that!)

We'rearriving a  bit early to explore some of Omaha's Vintage and Antique Shops. (Can't wait to check out the Vintage Wallpaper place! Eeek!)

Hardest thing is leaving my Fur Babies, although my Oldest, Sean will be here to care for them, and  Andrew, my youngest and his roomie will pick up the slack.....I've been known to call home and have whomever "put my dog(s) on the phone! They hear "Blah, blah, blah, walk." Or "Blah blah blah, Shadow."
No matter, makes ME feel better!

Back on Monday~ Ugh,,,,up at 4:00am tomorrow! Wish me Luck!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

(If Lulu decides to bring her laptop, I may send a quick photo or two!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Badges? We don't need no Stinkin' Badges!" Prize Ribbons, Revised

Sorry, that quote comes from some movie from the 80's....and my boys used to repeat it to me all the time! "Badges, We don't need no Stinkin' Badges!" But I was reminded of the Phrase when I created these "Prize Ribbons."

I'm sure you know, as of late, there has been a reappearance and appreciation  and adaptations of and for old Trophies and prize ribbons.Somerset Magazine recently featured an interpretation by Lori Oles........and this is MY spin on them........ a bit more "bling"
 I figured Lulu and I can hang ours outside our  Suite in Omaha, at Silver Bella......Fun to make if you don't take yourself too seriously!

Are you KIDDING ME? You wouldn't believe the list of tools and supplies we need to bring to Omaha,,,,,the rest of the packing is under control. I just need to locate/pack/buy a bazillion things for classes tomorrow! Ugh,,,,Artists.......LOL they are NOT always easy to work with or be around!  (I guess, I too, would fall into that category,,"Love me, Love my Cra**")

Enjoy your Eve..... I think I'll have to do ONE last post tomorrow,,,,just to put this whole baby to BED!

Love, hugs and a Bus to you all!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick Post-Carmel Apple Cider......Yummm!

Okay, so, I had ONE of these drinks last year, at Starbucks,,,,,,and probably thought about it more than one should before I bought my Second  one there, This year,,,,,and then, a Third. The drink they make tasted like a bit of Heaven, a BIT of Fall, Sweet-yes. But with a Tang, or Bite, from the Cider, if you will. A Bit of Dessert AND Drink,,,,,all rolled into ONE!

And, if you could SMELL things on the Internet, lemme tell you, it would make you close your eyes, take a deep breath and anticipate the delightful configuration that awaits you.........It's THAT Good, Okay???
So, I played around and made my own........You may play a bit too with local items and proportions.........

But Look for:

The Freshest Apple Cider Available in your area........or CIDER (not Apple Juice from the Store)

Mulling Spices, Mine are  from "Bellewood Acres"
from Lynden Washington
( I really like these because they use GREAT Ingredients,,,,,and Nothing extra.....)

Carmel Sauce (I used Torani, which make all the flavors that can be added to Espresso Drinks these days-available in the Coffee Isle) But any Good Carmel Sauce (like from the Ice Cream Area of your Store)  would work.

SO,,,,,,,,Easy Peasy!

Heat Cider and add Mulling Spice. (In saucepan or Microwave.) After Spices have Mulled for a bit, re-heat  or heat up to drinking temp and add appx. a teaspoon  (to taste) of Carmel Sauce.......

That's it!

If you don't love this, let me know! You can make it a cup at a time or in a large batch for the Holidays by Mulling the Cider and adding the Carmel ( Or, providing it for folks to add.) 
My New Fav! I hope you TRY and Enjoy!

Hugs, Love and a Bus,

(Packing Tomorrow! Ackkkk!)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yesterday's Fun Finds. new Antique Shop to Visit! And Listening to your heart

So, if You read my blog yesterday, you know I went shopping. And well, there is Shopping and then there is SHOPPING! Honestly? I hit the Mall about 4 times a year, mostly for cosmetics and Shoes...The rest I try and "do" Local! Or hit Garage Sales, or Estate Sales,,,,or buy from Artisans....

So, after I left Michael's for a quick pass through to pick up some "Glitter Glue" for a Silver Bella project, and Borders Books for the Latest Qtrly "Where Women Create." Oh yeah and "the Macy's stop"....I went to a Thrift Store (Women's Auxillary League of Everett) and picked up some GREAT Camisoles!

3 Bucks, 3 Bucks 3 Bucks!  Great Cami's to Alter!

After I'm back from Silver Bella, I plan on altering the heck out of these and turning them into Corsets......Similar to the one I wore at the opening nite of "Ruffles and Rust." I had several requests to BUY the one I wore and I had SO much fun making mine- I KNOW it'll be fun to alter THESE babies!!! So, I'm now on the lookout for older Cami's to play with!

Headed home, I thought I'd stop at one other Antique Mall,,,,,,but when my car was at the Main intersection, I looked WEST instead of East.....And you know when you get that feeling, "this is where I need to GO" and I hit "Right Only" and "Road closed", but I KNEW I had to get to that "Antique Sign!", So, I pulled a "U-eey" in some tire store parking lot because, well,,,,,"That was where I needed to GO!"

And, too, too fun! I found an Antique Mall I'd never come across before,,,,,,,almost down near the Piers in Everett, (which frankly THERE, are not all the Glamourus or inviting......) BUT, I found, "Bayview Antique Mall."

I  just KNEW that it was going to be a GREAT Find! Because,,,,well all my senses were on alert!
I'm going to HAVE to go back soon and if the owner allows me, I'll take some Photos and post, because there were a LOT of treasures at great prices.......But look what I found!

These wonderful Hats were a STEAL! More than likely, I'll say a "thank you" and take them apart bit by bit for Wedding Toppers or Mixed Media Crafts~ Wowza!  You'd be sick if You knew how little I paid for them.......

The same Booth had some GREAT little flower/millenery pics!
Too Fun!

And Lastly, I found an Old Cake Topper....to Add to my Collection or use in a Custom Topper down the road.......

Vintage Topper

Fun Finds, I think! Some days, I've learned of late, whether it is listening to your heart, your soul, you just "hear or see" where you should be going.......what you should be exploring,creating, doing, trying. It's Listening to that inner voice and finding what direction it takes you in. . .

I love learning new things,,,,,whether it's finding a new shop, trying something for the first time in my studio, or reading a new OR  classic book.

Maybe it's recently having had yet another Birthday, maybe it was doing my first show at  Ruffles and Rust, or preparing for Silver Bella....... But I'm more reflective,excited, inspired, accepting and resolved than I've ever been! Life IS Good!

Enjoy Your Sunday, Don't Forget to change your Clocks!

Hugs, love and a Bus!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A day of Shopping...........and some realizations

So Today? I decided to go Shopping a bit. I wanted to find something outside my current wardrobe to wear to "Silver Bella" next week. (That perfect Garment/Outfit that would make me look 20 pounds lighter and 20 years YOUNGER!) Macy's doesnt' have that! Dangit! What is it with us Women and Body Image??????

Yeah, well this isn't quite MY problem anymore.......but you reach a certain age,,,,,and it makes you wonder......

And, thinking about aging and Body Image, It did, however, make me think back to a statement my Mom made to me, several years back. I've always tried to remember this, because it's not just a statement she provided for ME,,,,,but, I thought, upon her commentary,  for All of us,  Women in General.

Mom Said: "When we're 30, we look back at pictures from our teens and 20's and think, ' I looked pretty GOOD then.' When we are 40 or 50, we look back at pictures from our 30's and think, 'Wow, I wasn't half bad, then.'  She told me, in my 40's, "it's just being comfortable in our own SKINS now,....accepting WHO we are right now. Instead of looking back and thinking "I was Better then."

Oh, the clarity of this picture is Bad.....Moi, back in the 80's.........A Facebook friend of mine sent me this Photo recently when we re-connected. I was THIN then......But my shoulderpads and earrings were waaaaay to big! LOL. I was an Advertising Exec then  near Seattle/Microsoft and dealt with BIG  Fortune 500 clients, BIG monies, Big Paychecks and BIG HAIR!!,,,,but I wouldn't want to go back.....I love my life NOW!

I am Blessed! I get to work part time. Craft and Create most other days now. I find old vintage and cast off things and think, "What can I do with THIS? How can I use THIS?"

 My kids are GROWN (My youngest was just walking when the photo above was taken). But I was also a single mom then, raising two boys on my own, and even though TIMES were good,,,,,,all my paychecks went to raising my two boys, alone, so life wasn't easy.

So Back to the Present? I didn't find the perfect garmet/outfit to wear to Silver Bella. I won't look 20 years younger or 20 pounds Thinner. I'm just gonna be MEWrinkles, Rolls, and all! Love ME, love my face/body/etc. Whatever!

And, I'd like to think that in 10 years, I'll look BACK at my photos and use my Mother's 90 something's Year Old Wisdom and think, "I looked pretty GOOD, then."

Have a GREAT weekend!  I found a GREAT Antique Shop in Everett today on my way home........I'll share my finds, etc. Tomorrow nite!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"

"Accept YOU for YOU! You are an amazing individual with stories and wisdom to share.......My life is richer in knowing YOU and learning all you have learned in your life. " I simply cannot WAIT to hear about your experiences!"