Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playin' Hookie,,,,and Playing Around.....Bird Ornaments, Etc.

Well, Last nite, I still felt pretty crummy, and I called my dear Friend and Co-worker. Rita who'd volunteered to work for me at Joyworks. Last nite I was tired, had a nasty sinus headache, and quite frankly was waiting for the "other Shoe to drop."  Yesterday, I felt like I had a fever and well,,,,,thought I was going to hit a Wall of sorts today. . .

So now? I feel like I was playing Hookie! It never came back/restarted/got worse! I was a bit tired, but that was it....Zip, Nadda, Nothing! Maybe, staying home and resting DID help, but I feel like I was fakin' it! Only truly Friday, I wasn't! And yesterday, I had a headache and felt congested and ***Ta-DA!*** I feel normal. (Okay, as NORMAL as I ever feel!)

So today? I Crafted and waited for the Congestion to come back, the fatique to set in,,,,ONLY ....Didn't happen! I DID have weird dreams last night and where is that cute "Dennis" Guy that was in my dreams and sweet and  totally understood my crafting Mayhem.....??? I never dream about men anymore,,,let alone  ones that have a NAME!  And, don't get your knickers in a knot, all he did in the dream was kiss me, and I thought he was kinda sweet.....And I woke up and thought, yeah, well, it was all fun and games till my Golden Retriever Kodi was stealin' the covers!  But, if you DO know someone that is a cross between Tom Selleck, Val Kilmer and Bruce Willis and is Single,,,well, hey! Get back to me on that...

So, I literally "pulled" myself out of bed- because the DOGS were laying on my sheets and blankets and got up and started playing with some new stuff........Lulu gave me a BIG ole' Jar of Diamond Dust when we were at Silver Bella......And I kind of tested it on some of the Wallpaper Scraps I'd brought home from Hidden Treasures in Iowa,,,,,,and had fun making a few things.........

I'd won a Bird Stamp in my first Class at Silver Bella.....One stamp for the Bird, a second for the wings.....So, this morning?  I stamped some birds on Ivory Cardstock,,,cut them out and adhered them to the Vintage Wallpapers.....Some of these papers were extremely fragile,,,,but they seemed to "like" the humidity of a bit of Modge Podge when adhered. Coordinating Wings, ,,,,,,,,,a bit of Lulu's Diamond Dust and on some, "Martha's" Gold glitter Edges.......and Voila! Vintage Bird Ornaments........

Close up,,,,,,yeah, Hush, I'm asking Santa for a NEW CAMERA! And I hope his Helpers give lessons!
But you get the Gist.......Ahem, I hope!

A few more of the "Flock."

I also had fun making this "mini" Cake, using some of the Wallpaper I got in Iowa and experimenting with the Diamond Dust,,,,,,,,some of these papers are SO  fragile, it was certainly a challenge, But I simply cannot remember when I didn't love Pinks and Greens,,,,,,and this was just Fun to make!

Pink and Green Box.....

Not sure whether I'm going to keep this one, or sell it. I just had a lot of fun working with the old Wallpaper, adding some Diamond Dust, Trims and Flowers, tulle and trims.......Fun to make~!

Hope you all,,,,,,,Ya'll, had a GREAT Thanksgiving and a GREAT weekend! Check out my sidebar for some Giveaways from some of my DEAREST blogfriends!

Hugs, Love and a BIG old Bus on the Cheek!


  1. So beautiful. I love your birds!


  2. Shelly, the pink and green box is beautiful!
    carla marie

    ps...and the music on your site was a wonderful surprise

  3. So glad your feeling better! Was Dennis possibly a Dr.? maybe he gave you the kiss of health. LOL, hey if your gonna dream right...

    Your little flock of birds are darling, Hope Santa brings you that camera. I need one so bad too.
    hugs Lynn

  4. Love those birds! How beautiful would a tree be with just nests and all different kinds of wallpaper/glitter birds!!!

  5. soo lovely shelly. you just gave me a creative spark.
    glad to see your icks are no more!

  6. I can tell you are feeling better! must be the glitter! but now I have the cold.... so.. guess I've got to find ME some glitter!

  7. I just found your blog via The Graphics Fairy (yes I do feel a bit like a stalker when I click on a name found in the comments section, but hey, that's how I find like-minded crafters out there in blogging land!) Anyway, glad I clicked a few of your blogs and found this one. I also share my home with furries, only one of them is two-legged and ruled by the four-legged housemates! I will come back and read more when I'm not so tired, but wanted to tell you how much I like those bird ornaments and cake. Good job!

  8. Love those sweet little bird ornaments, Shell!

    And I'm so glad you're feeling better,too. :-)

    Big hugs,

  9. Honey as much as I dearly love you if a Tom, Val or Bruce come my way you know I would love to send them your way but hey I am single too. hahahaha
    Seriously where are all the good ones married I suppose.
    So sorry you have been so sick but sounds like your better. Maybe thats just what you needed was to play hooky. Girl I have been playing it for 7 months and this morning I could not get out of bed. I think it is time for the kids to start looking for that nursing home. My back is as bad as the day I fell.
    Okay now on to your one of a kind birds. I so love them. They are beautiful. I am thrilled that you and LuLu got together and had so much fun. Of course I am a tad jealous.
    I need your input about my next giveaway. What I have in mind is to have a giveaway for a certain amount to the winner to be used only at one of my followers who sells their beautiful things. It would be the winners choice of who they want to buy from. Does that make sense.
    So therefore two people win the vendor and the winner. Right.
    Shell do I go on my site and post for vendors to link up to that giveaway or how would you do it. And don't laugh but I don't know how to do the link up thing. lol
    Anyway get back with me on your thoughts if you have time.
    Oh about Amy Sedaris book..if and when Gretchen gives it back to me it is yours. I might have been to harsh on her but it was a shocker thinking I had bought a craft book. haha
    Love ya to pieces too

  10. Hi Shelly, thanks for visitng my blog. It looks like you had a ball at the silver bella. everything looks great love the birds. I have not been very attentive with blogs as I have trouble sitting, due to two compressed discs and 4 spurs in my spine,ouch. going to go to specialist for shot ouch. lol. i will live tho. glad you are well. hugs JoAnn


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