Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maureen-Millenery, Lace and Stories Galore.........

Just prior to leaving for Silver Bella in Omaha, I was out buying a few things I needed for the event,,,,,,when I inadvertantly came across an Antique store, "Bayview Antiques" in Everett, Washington. I posted pics a while ago about the great hats and a vintage bride and groom wedding topper,,,,,,which were ALL "up my alley" for creating new, custom Wedding cake toppers and some of my other crafts...........

Well, one friend, one thing, led to another and I found out that she, Maureen, the Booth Vendor, lived close to ME, here in Snohomish. I set up a time to meet with her, Bless her, in her home two days after going to Silver Bella.

Okay,,,,,,,So, Maureen? is my NEW Best Friend. Or at least one of them. She's been collecting Vintage and Antique Millenery, lace, trims for like, Forever. And She invited me into her home and let me SHOP! Let me tell you, I could have spent a bazillion dollars, and all her treasures were fantastic! Lets just say that in the weeks and months ahead, we're gonna BOND, even more! She is a delight........We spent 3 hours together,,,,where did the time GO?

Here's some of my treasures!

Closeup of these Vintage Tulips........I think these are going to end up on one of my upcoming Corset Projects,,,,,,,,,,Gorgeous!

Piles of vintage nylon Laces.........

I SO have this whole Corset thingy on the Brain. I am So excited to get working on them! Layers of Lace, Ribbons and lace flowers,,,,,,,,Too fun! This pic is Horrid,,,I know, but Maureen had tons of old Nylon Ruffled lace,,,,,,that will be GREAT for the Corset embellishements I have in mind...........

And. last, but certainly NOT least,,,,,,and Karla, (if you read this), you are going to be GREEN with envy!
Old, Vintage Hats, with TONS of goodies~ The MOST expensive was $10 Bucks! Ackkkkkkk!!!

Bad Photo,,,,,,,Great hats!

Thanks Maureen, for sharing your "Stashes" with me! Trust me GF, you and I will become GREAT friends!

(Working on some headbands, hairclips and the likes with Vintage trims for Tom Walkers Salon-their open house........And "Stinkin' Badges,,,,,,,as requested)

I hope my wallpaper comes tomorrow,,,,,,,,,Several More "Bella" Photos to follow!

Hugs, love and a "Bus!"


  1. Sounds like you had a great time all away around!! Great stuff!

  2. What a haul, Shelly. Karla should be green with envy! Those look like wonderful hats. And all that lace...and meeting your new best friend! Wow! You scored!

  3. Hey Sweet Shelly!!
    Missing you... I`m so glad you got that neckalace! You will always be a Queen! (the crown). Loved getting to know you, it seems as if we`ve been friends forever. You know I`m turning green seeing those hats! Sigh... I`m sure you`ll make something beautiful with them.
    I`m vending tomorrow at a Creative Cottage. I`ll finally get to take a breath after Sat! Stay in touch-
    Love ya gal!

  4. shell,
    i so need to go out there and go shopping with you! look at all the awesome stuff


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