Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Bit & Bobs" In a Buxton and the "Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Well, yesterday? I declared TODAY "National 'Shell.' clean up your Studio Day." And it was quite the memorable event! Lemme tell you,,,I whipped that baby back into shape! Maybe I'll take pics again soon, it hasn't been this clean and organized since Karen (Valentine) hosted her "Where Bloggers Create Event." I'm lovin' it! It was SO fun to add all the little goodies from Silver Bella,,,,,,it's feeling more and more like my own little nest!

And, if you're like me, YOU have some of your Favorite little gems.....things you hoard, collect, cherish and wait for the right minute to use them. They're your prized little goodies and, although you DO and WILL use them,,,,,they're just a BIT more special than the rest.

So? At Silver Bella, I saw a couple of gals with Vintage Jewelry boxes the held their prized possessions to craft with. My newfound creative friend Tabitha, for example, pulled out an old jewelry case full of goodies for one of our shared classes.  So, Today, while cleaning up the Cra** stuff in my studio I created a "Bits and Bobs" Case....Using my Mom's old Buxton Jewelry box.......

Special Buttons, Cameos, Rhinestones, Crystals, Frozen Charolettes, Pearls, etc, etc. It's like a Mini-treasure chest of my favorite things! And for me, most meaningful, because this vintage jewelry case was my Mom's. It was a Christmas gift from one of my Brothers....I LOVE the fact, that now that she's gone, it's now full of some of my favorite Goodies...........Thanks Tabitha and the other "Bellas" for this idea!

And, while running up and down the stairs to the Studio, I decided it would be a good day to START decorating the tree in my livingroom. It usually takes me several days to get it all decorated.

Honestly? I discovered a couple of years back that I can no longer have a live tree! I love them, but apparently I am allergic. Not so much to the Evergreens themselves, but to the mold/fungus that grows on them..I get horrific headaches. And Hence? I have a fake tree, or trees. I miss the scents, but it was either THAT or the headaches. So a while back, I bought a Good/Fake/Pre-lit tree. 

Only THIS year? I put all the components together to discover half the lights ARE NOT WORKING!!!
Ackkkk!!! (Okay, deep breath Shell, its just a fake tree, and fake lights) BUT it was an EXPENSIVE Fake tree.........(Lord, Give me strength, patience and creativity to get this baby re-lit! Amen!)

Ahem.......may the Joy and the Spirit that is the TRUE meaning of Christmas be Upon YOU.....(and don't let your son pack your tree away next year!) I'll fix it,,,,it'll be FINE!

Love hugs and a Bus to you all! May your lights be bright and Merry!


  1. love love love the idea of your "special" jewelery box! I get the best ideas from you!! can't wait to see pic's of your tree!

  2. You need the light fairies. Where are those @(#&*&$(* fairies when you need them?

  3. Hey Shell . . . we're allergic to the trees too! So sad, but I do sprinkle a few greens on the fireplace and that seems to be okay. Took a long time before we discovered the correlation to the tree--duh!!

    Unfortunately, with those lights, if one bulb goes out, the circuit goes dead. So you need to remove the entire strand (unless you have the patience of Job and test EACH little bulb!). It will come together beautifully, girl!!

    Love you,


  4. I wondered about those pre lit trees.... almost got one this year.

    My box arrived!!!!!! How pretty, thanks so much! And a little hat too?? What a beaut!

  5. Hi Shell, I was wondering how long the lights would last on the prelit trees. I have seen a zapper thing that is suppose to re-set the circuit. I love the idea for the jewelry box. I hope to see you at my party.

  6. I love all the frozen charlottes... where do you find them????

  7. love those darn mini trees since me and my entire family are allergic. i love the fake trees at target, but who doesnt love target!
    thanks for mentioning me in your post your such a doll

  8. I use these jewelry boxes all the time in my craft room for supplies!! It was so great to meet you at Silver Bella ~ I loved your badges and if I can find the post for the giveaway, I am going to enter..lol.

  9. What a fab idea! Look at all that bling! I want to come play in your studio!

    Guess who misses you?


  10. multitasking....creative types are the masters of this...can't wait for my package. Yours will have to wait until I get home next week.


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