Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silver Bella Part 1

Okay, so, honestly?  I've gotta say,,I went into this whole  Silver Bella Event, rather blindly. Other than knowing that Lulu was going to be there, and that I liked creating and crafting, it sounded like FUN, I didn't know MUCH! I didn't participate in the pre-event Online Chats, I didn't "do"  the Swaps, I didn't know ANY thing about the other ladies, other than a bit about Karla Nathan, because I'd visited her blog and ordered a few things from her....So everything,,everyone, was new and NEWS to me.

But, truly? I cannot remember the last time I had this much FUN for so many Days! But MORE importantly how I met so many wonderful, creative people during the Silver Bella Events,,and I simply cannot begin to tell you how kind, appreciative and polite the people in Omaha were........

 So, that said, my bags are  now unpacked and I uploaded all my images. ( I know, your saying, "Shell, can't you just insert everyone ELSE's photos because we KNOW all about your..... ahem, photo 'skills'.)

Today, I'm just going to post pics of some of the most amazing, creative, lovely, funny, beautiful inside and out women (and one great Gentlemen) you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Lulu (Rt) and Jessi behind the lens

First,,,,,There is Lulu!  Ackkkk! Her flight arrived 30 minutes after mine last Wednesday at the Omaha Airport! After TWO years of blogging, emails and phone calls, we finally met face to face! And what a beautiful face, and more importantly, the woman inside! I've got to tell you that everyone I met just LOVED her, and I was SO proud to be her dear friend and roomie! I can't imagine ANYONE I would have wanted to be with, meet, stay with, create with more!

I KNEW she was a character, had the biggest heart ever, but she truly IS, one in a Million! We had SO much fun together, laughing, sharing, exploring and stealing covers (the hotel messed up and we ended up with one King instead of two beds!)

The next morning, Thursday, Lulu had us all hooked up with her delightful, energetic and beautiful Silver Bella "Big Sister", Jessi (aka ScrappyJessi) ,along with Kim Caldwell and Cheryl Stoneham.....we headed to "Hannah's Treasures" in Iowa to endulge in Vintage and Antique Wallpapers! I cannot WAIT to get the box I had shipped and share those images! (Okay, Shut up, you know I'll TRY!)

Lulu with her Wallpaper Loot!

Great Wallpapered Boxes for Sale at Hannah's

The Fabulous , gorgeous,Jessi, (front and center) Delightful Cheryl and Multi-talented Kim Caldwell in the Background

After we left Hannah's Treasures, Jessi took the lot of us to Walnut, Iowa. This town was SO Stinkin' Cute! I darn near wanted to adopt a couple of the Shop Owners!

We did a bit of Antique Shopping (Wowza, the prices were GREAT)

I also met Kana Conger the FIRST nite Lulu and I arrived in Omaha. We all attended an after hours event at Second Chance Antiques,,,just blocks from the Hotel. I swear, between her and Lulu, I had a bit of a drawl by the end of my stay......Kana is Uber talented and one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, let alone craft with!

Roxie, Jessi and Robin.

Okay, Shut UP! Are you Stinkin' Kidding ME? Lulu already knew a bit about these two delightful sisters. I had OH, SO much fun getting to know the both of them! The 3 of us had dinner one night,,,,,Too Fun~ (Message here, Just for them: Are you "Vacillating about the 9 oz Sirloin and the Prime Rib Sandwich,,,,or are you just having "Deja" Vu?) I'm SO glad to have met them both, and I know,,,even given the distance, we'll stay in touch and see each other again soon!

Kim Hanauer and Moi

I also met and bonded with the A-mazing, Super talented and most loving of women you would ever have the pleasure to meet.....Kim Hanauer....... from "Old Hickory" Tennesee. Don't you just LOVE that?
Old Hickory??? I just KNOW that I will always love and honor our newfound friendship and am SO happy to have her in my life now!

Jenny Doh and Kim Caldwell

I also got to know the "Famous" Jenny Doh. Again, I'll reiterate here, going into this Show, I didn't have a list of "Who's Who." I met Jenny when she was getting off the Hotel Shuttle and didn't have a clue.  ("She's and Editor, She's a Publisher, She's the guest Speaker for the Closing Ceremony.  Oooooh Ahhh!")

Jenny sat by me at the last Class Section of our Event. I gave her supplies and lent her my tools. Her project turned out gorgeous! I hate her....LOL, no I don't.

Later that evening she gave the closing Speech. And although I crafted with her that afternoon, I didn't really KNOW anything about her.  Truly? Her speech at dinner touched my heart. I laughed, I cried, I SO enjoyed what she had to say and allowed me to learn a bit more about the woman behind the image. I walked up to her after the closing and told her how meaningful her speech was to me, and how I thought it would mean SO much to so many that weren't at the event. I'm sure that she would have posted it on her blog anyway, but I told her I thought it was important to do so......

After all the activities were done, several of us congregated in the Hotel Bar, Jenny included. And she and I had the most wonderful talk. I told her, I didn't KNOW "WHO" she was or who she was "supposed" to be.....And, I told her I didn't care WHO someone was..it's all about integrity, character, values, humor.....

And, well,,,,I'll just say,,,,That pretty much sums up the women I met in this Event. Jenny was a spokesperson in SO many ways, for us all! And,,,,,I'd also like to say, that THAT is WHY I love SO many of YOU and why I follow your blogs, have a vested interest in your lives, your crafts, your families, your homes.

I simply do NOT care,,,,,whether you are Rich and Famous,,,,,,any more than it mattered to me in meeting all these newfound friends....I love YOU for YOU!

Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek~

I hope that in posting these newfound friends, if you've known me personally, or through blogging  for a while,  how much all of YOU that I've known and grown to love and care about- near and far mean the World to me! You ALL enrich my life! Whether we've met yet or hope to in the future, this venue, this "Blogland," if you will, is amazing! Take advantage of it, to the best of your abilities.......

Part Deux of Silver Bella to Follow..........


  1. What a wonderful recap Shell, I really hope to make it to SB next year!!!


  2. Dear Shell - You always have such wonderful posts - they are all about friends and the way that women bond - this is one of the best. I love that you LOVE people - no wonder you are loved back by so many of us. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to meet you someday. Whenever I just need to "feel the love" - I come here to visit your blog~~


  3. Ah Shell it sounds like you had a really wonderful time and I'm so glad for you. Big hugs!

  4. Thank you for the sweet things you said about me. You make me want to cry!

    I had the most fun with you and I am so blessed that you are my wonderful friend and I love you so much! I can't wait for us to travel again!


  5. Looks like it was a WONDERFUL event!! I hope to go sometime. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Shell,
    I can't believe I missed you. I introduced myself to LuLu the first night and had several talks with Kim Hanauer. I am so sorry I didn't meet you in person but we will make up for that. Your feelings are so much like mine. This was my second year and I had a simply lovely time. I can't wait to go back!!! Please take any pictures you want. If you credit me, maybe I will meet new people and I love that!!!
    I am so glad you stopped by and next year I will spend some time with both you and Lulu. She was magnificent!
    Big hugs,

  7. oh Shelly the love and friendship you all shared sounds amazing! What an opportunity of a lifetime!

  8. Wasn't it the best?? I really enjoyed this post, it is what SilverBella is about!!! I'm glad to hear you loved it there too.


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