Friday, November 19, 2010

Dears, Deliveries and Deadlines!

Shew! This has been a busy and yet FUN week! This morning, I was wide awake at 5:30 and got up and grabbed my glue gun,,,,and started making Headbands, hairclips and ponytail embellishments......My stylist, and Salon manager for Tom Walker's Hair Salon is having a Holiday Open House and "Hair Extravaganza" (my expression, not theirs) on December 7th and Ericka asked me to make  some goodies for their event........

Just an example of a few,,,,,,,,,I have tons more for the Event........Headbands, clips, elastics, with Vintage bits and pieces........

Then, I took a "Clue" from some hat headbands we had from Midwest that we were selling  in Joyworks and a cute top hat that Amy Powers wore in Omaha at Silver Bella and Came up with these..........

Fushia and Gold,,,,,,,Leopard, Creme and Gold.........Should I put "Happy New Years" "Paper Ribbon"  Banners on these, or leave as is??? Let me know what YOU think!.......

Vintage Pink Velvet and Gold.....(Yeah, I know, you can ALMOST tell from my photos!)

After Crafting for a bit, I cleaned up (okay, am I the ONLY one that stays in her "jammies" during a crafting Chaos Session???)  Changed my clothes, threw my "face on" and fixed my hair and headed off to lunch with my BF, Laura- again, NOT a blogger, NOT a Crafter,,,,she wears a suit, either Black, Navy or Grey. And, truly? I love her to pieces! I think at times, our friendship keeps ME grounded,,,and I in return, give HER a bit of Whimsey. We went to the newly relocated "Collectors Choice" here in town  for lunch, and then.........

She headed to Seattle for a Real Estate appointment and I headed to Kim and Luanne's Holiday Open House of "Nest and Garden!" Too Cute!

They have this older cabin/house on their property and created the CUTEST vignettes with wonderful crafts!

Kim and Luanne aka......"Nest and Garden" Too cute!

Kim altered this mirror with Sheet Music,,,,which I just Loved! And I saw it done with Wallpaper from the Gal I purchased wallpaper in Iowa.......I want to try this technique! Too fun!

(Jana, my dear friend and Co-worker came through  their open house earlier and apparently took a LOT of photos,,,,,,,,suffice it to say, you'll be able to view them on the JOYWORKS  Blog Her pics will be a LOT better than mine!)

After Crafting, Lunching, and Visiting with Luanne and Kim at the open house, I came home and my Wallpaper had arrived from Iowa! Stop it! Ackkkkkkk!    Here, in closing, are a few images.......

I think I'm going to use a couple chunks of this one in my French Cabinet.........I'll keep you posted on that!

I absolutely fell in love with this Vintage French themed paper......It's actually more Celadon Green background........Gorgeous! Let me know if you'd like a scene/panel or two.........

How pretty is THIS? Love it! I bought other stuff,,,,,,,but I'll leave it at give you a taste!

Shew...Busy, fun and craft filled Friday! I'm sure we're going to be "Hopping" at Joyworks this weekend! Have a GREAT weekend! Oh My Stars!! Is Thanksgiving REALLY this next week?

Hugs, Love and a "Big Ole" Bus on the Cheek to "Ya'll!" (in honor of the Southern Congregation!)


  1. Shell-
    You put the "B" in busy girl my friend! Your latest headbands are priceless - I hope you did well at the holiday open house.

    Love seeing the photos of the beautiful gift shop - such fun to browse around there. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with friends - and did some great shopping!

    Yes - Thanksgiving is upon us! I agree - how can that be!!! (I sent you a lovely Ecard - I hope you got it!)


  2. Shelly, Those hats are just precious! maybe have some banners available just in case someone wants to add one. You just never know what they may have in store for one. What a busy day you had. I have to confess I wore my jammies and crafted all day, Playing catch up you know!
    Best of luck at the sale. I know your do great!

  3. I'll be playing catchup in my studio today as well but I'm already dressed. A little too cool for jammies out there LOL LOVE those headband hats. OMG think what you could do for Halloween next year? I don't think they need any paper ribbon - I immediately thought New Year's Eve when I saw the one with the animal print. Great job!

  4. Hi Shell, I am in love with those adorable top hats!! These are just the cutest things.
    I am anxious to see how you use the it!

  5. I am picking my chin up off the have outdone yourself again! Those wee hats are ADORABLE!!! That pink and gold is my fave! You are just so STINKIN' TALENTED!

    I miss you!


  6. p.s. I have serious wallpaper envy. Tee hee!


  7. My goodness, woman, how do you keep track of it all? OK, those little headband "hats" are waaaaaayyyy too cute. I CANNOT imagine the work that you must put into those babies! They're precious, Glad you made it home in one piece,
    hugs and love,

  8. Sweet Shelly,
    Thank you sooooo much for the badge!! I love it! I will definitely wear it.
    Now, I want that PINK tophat and I want it now!! If you didn`t sell it I would love to buy it! Let me know.
    Talent is your middle name.

    Big Hugs,
    Kim :0)

  9. Loving those top hat bands...too cute! Looking forward to seeing your wallpapered cabinet!

  10. I love those little hair things you got going there --I love wearing hats, hairbands, etc. Got it from my mom who now wears a crystal headband every day(She's 78)! Wish I lived closer so I can make art with you in my jammies too. Yes, I often create in my jammies - day or night! And I Am thinking you got some wonderful wall paper girl and it has soooo many possibilities.Later...Lori B from Chapel Hill

  11. Oh my gosh you are a busy girl. I have been working on things for Finders Keepers in Marysville....will have it set up before friday. I was going to post pictures but my camera went dead! Silver Bella looks like a blast!


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