Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quick Post-Carmel Apple Cider......Yummm!

Okay, so, I had ONE of these drinks last year, at Starbucks,,,,,,and probably thought about it more than one should before I bought my Second  one there, This year,,,,,and then, a Third. The drink they make tasted like a bit of Heaven, a BIT of Fall, Sweet-yes. But with a Tang, or Bite, from the Cider, if you will. A Bit of Dessert AND Drink,,,,,all rolled into ONE!

And, if you could SMELL things on the Internet, lemme tell you, it would make you close your eyes, take a deep breath and anticipate the delightful configuration that awaits you.........It's THAT Good, Okay???
So, I played around and made my own........You may play a bit too with local items and proportions.........

But Look for:

The Freshest Apple Cider Available in your area........or CIDER (not Apple Juice from the Store)

Mulling Spices, Mine are  from "Bellewood Acres"
from Lynden Washington
( I really like these because they use GREAT Ingredients,,,,,and Nothing extra.....)

Carmel Sauce (I used Torani, which make all the flavors that can be added to Espresso Drinks these days-available in the Coffee Isle) But any Good Carmel Sauce (like from the Ice Cream Area of your Store)  would work.

SO,,,,,,,,Easy Peasy!

Heat Cider and add Mulling Spice. (In saucepan or Microwave.) After Spices have Mulled for a bit, re-heat  or heat up to drinking temp and add appx. a teaspoon  (to taste) of Carmel Sauce.......

That's it!

If you don't love this, let me know! You can make it a cup at a time or in a large batch for the Holidays by Mulling the Cider and adding the Carmel ( Or, providing it for folks to add.) 
My New Fav! I hope you TRY and Enjoy!

Hugs, Love and a Bus,

(Packing Tomorrow! Ackkkk!)


  1. Hi Shelly, yum yum, that sounds so good!!!I may just have to try and make some myself!
    Your going to Silver Bella? Oh I'm so green!
    Best of luck at your show.I know you'll do great!

    Thanks so much hun for posting about my giveaway and best of luck!
    hugs Lynn

  2. I am drooling - will you make one for me my friend?


  3. Oh that sounds wonderful - wish I had a cup right now. Have a great trip!


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