Friday, November 5, 2010

A day of Shopping...........and some realizations

So Today? I decided to go Shopping a bit. I wanted to find something outside my current wardrobe to wear to "Silver Bella" next week. (That perfect Garment/Outfit that would make me look 20 pounds lighter and 20 years YOUNGER!) Macy's doesnt' have that! Dangit! What is it with us Women and Body Image??????

Yeah, well this isn't quite MY problem anymore.......but you reach a certain age,,,,,and it makes you wonder......

And, thinking about aging and Body Image, It did, however, make me think back to a statement my Mom made to me, several years back. I've always tried to remember this, because it's not just a statement she provided for ME,,,,,but, I thought, upon her commentary,  for All of us,  Women in General.

Mom Said: "When we're 30, we look back at pictures from our teens and 20's and think, ' I looked pretty GOOD then.' When we are 40 or 50, we look back at pictures from our 30's and think, 'Wow, I wasn't half bad, then.'  She told me, in my 40's, "it's just being comfortable in our own SKINS now,....accepting WHO we are right now. Instead of looking back and thinking "I was Better then."

Oh, the clarity of this picture is Bad.....Moi, back in the 80's.........A Facebook friend of mine sent me this Photo recently when we re-connected. I was THIN then......But my shoulderpads and earrings were waaaaay to big! LOL. I was an Advertising Exec then  near Seattle/Microsoft and dealt with BIG  Fortune 500 clients, BIG monies, Big Paychecks and BIG HAIR!!,,,,but I wouldn't want to go back.....I love my life NOW!

I am Blessed! I get to work part time. Craft and Create most other days now. I find old vintage and cast off things and think, "What can I do with THIS? How can I use THIS?"

 My kids are GROWN (My youngest was just walking when the photo above was taken). But I was also a single mom then, raising two boys on my own, and even though TIMES were good,,,,,,all my paychecks went to raising my two boys, alone, so life wasn't easy.

So Back to the Present? I didn't find the perfect garmet/outfit to wear to Silver Bella. I won't look 20 years younger or 20 pounds Thinner. I'm just gonna be MEWrinkles, Rolls, and all! Love ME, love my face/body/etc. Whatever!

And, I'd like to think that in 10 years, I'll look BACK at my photos and use my Mother's 90 something's Year Old Wisdom and think, "I looked pretty GOOD, then."

Have a GREAT weekend!  I found a GREAT Antique Shop in Everett today on my way home........I'll share my finds, etc. Tomorrow nite!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"

"Accept YOU for YOU! You are an amazing individual with stories and wisdom to share.......My life is richer in knowing YOU and learning all you have learned in your life. " I simply cannot WAIT to hear about your experiences!"


  1. Shelly...Your mother is a truly sage woman. She's so right! I'm sure you'll be beautiful at Silver Bella. Can't wait to see the photos of what you're going to wear!

    Thanks also for sharing The Doobies "What A Fool Believes". Those were the days, weren't they?


  2. Shell - No matter what you wear - you will be the beautiful belle of the ball! Love the story about what you did way back then. I have a very good friend who retired from Microsoft in Seattle way back when - I bet you knew him!


  3. Well, we have discussed this topic a bit, haven't we my dear?! Loving ourselves exactly as we are is so much easier said than done. But it's truly the beauty that springs from inside of us that is the most important kind of loveliness. (Don't you feel sorry for those who don't get that?!) And, hopefully, we grow closer to God, giving us a beauty to look forward to beyond what we could ever comprehend on this sometimes cruel earth.

    Shell, you are a total stunner to me and always will be!! Have tons of fun at Silver Bella . . . and take pictures!!!!

    xoxo Debi

  4. Hi Shell, Great post and so true! My mom once told me her 50's were the best time of her life because she finally accepted who she was. Have fun at Silver Bella!
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. All I can do is giggle. I was just passing by a mirror and thinking, no midnight snack tonight!! Gotta lose 5-10 lbs soon! ;)

    I do that all the time though-- looking at old photos, and think I wish I still looked like taht!... I guess can't worry about how you LOOK, but change how you FEEL. You cant stop aging, even if you run like hell backwards! Good luck, have fun at Silver Bella!

  6. What an inspiring post. If people would spend less time wishing they were something else then they'd have so much more time to just enjoy life.


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