Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini Wreaths for Christmas....

Hope you all had a GREAT Thursday! It was gorgeous here (still) in Washington State!

I made a couple of these mini wreaths for the Ruffles and Rust Event......and sold them all. So, today, I thought I'd make a few more.......Easy Peasy! And fun to use bits of "This and That!"

They're about 5-6" in diameter.......

Hot Pink/Silver and Lime Green      Red/Creme/Lime and a touch of Gold......

Greens and Creme.......

Etc., Etc.........

If you'd like to make some of your own, leave a comment or email me, Too fun to make! They'd be fun on a tree or on a package! 

Have a GREAT Friday!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"


  1. SO cute!! You have been very busy, and so much exciting stuff going on. I am thrilled you liked your package! Thanks so much for the sweet post. I hope it is okay if I "borrow" your pic, as I FORGOT to take pics of what I made! (If not let me know, I will credit you of course!)

  2. Love the wreath. I would love to know the how you made them. I think this would be fun for my teens.

  3. Such Sweet Vintage Wreaths ~ Great Creation....

  4. I would love to make some of your little wreaths. Especially the silver and white one. I hope I can come up with the supplies. I would really be grateful if you could send me the instructions. Thanks in advance.

  5. Shell, these are just so sweet! you have some of the best ideas. I can just see them setting on top of some little cherub statues heads. I'm going to have to try your yummy cider drink, sounds sooooo delish!!
    love ya, dear,

  6. Hey! Found you off of Common Ground VIF, I clicked on the link because the mini-wreaths looked like bracelets (at 3:30am they did, lol). Those are such a nifty idea, and would be awesome to make as an accent or ornament!


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