Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm Chicks Final Post

I know your saying Shell, there is more to life than FARM CHICKS,,,,and YOU ARE RIGHT! Inspired by Karen's upcoming "Where Blogger's Create Event" I'm Painting and working on the Studio...But a girls got to come up for AIR!! So,,,final Farm Chickies!!So do a little Jig and kick up your knickers!

Showin' her knickers here is the Cute and Creative Lisa
A Thing for Roses

OOOh,,,,More Millenery,,,,$15 Bucks! Thanks Lisa!~

Lisa and Isabel from Maison Douce were right next to each other,,,,both booths were wonderful! Isabel's got a great post up about the event,,,,stop on over! http://isabellang.blogspot.com/

This Gorgeous Booth was from "Blue Canoe, Reloaded"  from CA,,,,Their stuff was fantastic!!Most gone by Sunday morning when we swung back through! No Website, but hope to see them at future shows!

Sis in law Mary bought one of their great bottles........

Dress form I bought from Sharon Cusic
She doesn't do Web,
Only Shows!

I was going to buy a big one on a stand I saw, but I really loved these and she does such an awesome job!
I can always find a machine made one,,,,,
Thought this was Special

(The Rhinestone earclip and rhinestone trim I bought from aforementioned Jenifer Osner)
Sharon makes these dress forms in the old Parisienne school of thought,,they used to be made custom for clients by dressmakers so could do fittings without the person there...This one is a BIT smaller than me! HA!

Here's the Wonderful Booth From Deb Kennedy of Retreat,,,,,,,

Oh My Stars! I thought I included Deb in Yesterdays Post!!! Her booth AND blogs are always amazing!
She and Hubby Bob Create wonderful "altered furniture and decor........
Stop by her blog and see her Farm Chick Post! Retreatdesign.blogspot.com

A few other "finds,,,,doll head/vintage hat and hatbox and this little chalkware lady

Most of these little "ditties were tucked into a grab bag from the two characters below!

The fun and creative Gals from "Poor Pitiful Pam"

These two had a HUGE booth at the very Front of the  Show Entrance,,,,,,,,,All white and creamy/dreamy!
The bodice of their heavenly "dress" between them is actually made out of cupcake liners! Too cute!
I managed to snag  and convince them for a photo op ONLY because they were "goofin" off around the Corner with my friend Deb Bock!

I snagged this nice couple, Cheryl and Bill from  Country Nester's http://countrynesters.com/ on Sunday morning when I was picking up the item below..........
 "You want to take our pic TODAY?"
They sold most of the items in their booth, including my FAVORITE FIND of the Show
This Cabinet,,,,,,,,Perfect for Millenery!

Love it! The Glass front tucks up inside and the two shelves tip gently out and the bottom two drawers are full of little "cubbies." There's a metal plaque on the top but I can't read what it WAS
Any Ideas??

Really Cute booth from "Vintage Charm"
Lovin' that Petticoat Chandelier!

Vintage Charm Booth -Cowgirl Chic!

 One last little box of Goodies, complete with "FRIEND" Dresden/Sticker

Well, that's IT,,,,,,,Finis'

You'd best be SCOOTIN' to Spokane NEXT Year,,,,,,,but bring good MAPS!



  1. I can't WAIT until next year!! Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't go!!

  2. Oh my gosh....now I want to come to your studio and play with all this stuff! You lucky gal!!

    I am saving my pennies for Silver Bella so we can shop!


  3. Shelley, the booth you didn't get a name for was 'Blue Canoe Reloaded' and the VERY sweet dealers are Tim & Lisa. We met them at Remnants of the Past in April, were thrilled to have them across from us at Farm Chicks, and will also be at the Urban Barn show in San Diego in July with us!!! LOVE their style! {they aren't online tho}

  4. Holy cow - this was a wonderful day!! Was this like a giant antique show? What fabulous photos Shell and your purchases - oh my! Love the dress form and the rhinestones!I think I am a bit jealous that you had such a wonderful time! Love hearing about all the fun things you do and seeing your great photos! You always seem to meet the neatest folks! Can't wait to see what you are working on next!



  5. I am exhausted just listening to stories of your trip.. LOVE the pics, love the rhinestone crown, love the petticoat lamp.. oh the ideas! My head is swirling, I can't imagine how you feel!

  6. Hi Shelly, great photos and news from the show. It all looks wonderful and soooo much fun. Love hearing your "view" of it all. Oh, how I'd love to be there someday!

  7. Hi Shell
    Great photos! Its so hard to seee everything and I'm there an extra day!
    I love Blue Canoe - they were my favorite booth.
    Hope to see you next year,

  8. Cute picture of Lisa...!!! Love that little cabinet you got... What a treasure!!!

  9. thanks for all the great pictures... looks like you had a great time. I need to get over there one of these years!!!

  10. Oh, thank you for a glimpse into the fabulousness of Farm Chicks. It looks and sounds like it was enormous fun!

    I have met the couple from Palouse, and been in their shop, Palouse Trading CO.. I found a great vintage plate and post card! They are lovely people!

    Wishing you a splendid day ... I hear it is raining over there once again ... if it is any comfort, today is not great here either! Oh well, that is what blogging is for! :)))

  11. Wow great post Shell...wish I lived close to you.
    Thanks honey for always sending me get well wishes. I honestly am about to go stir crazy or whatever it is you go when cooped up all the time. lol
    I might start some kind of physical therapy soon so myabe that will help me or kill me.
    One or the other..
    Hope your doing well I sure miss coming by here.
    Tell LuLu hello for me
    Didn't you just love her necklace and all my other goodies. We are all so blessed to have each other

  12. LOL sweetie, you didn't have to add me in, but thank you for including me!

    I have good news for you: Lisa and Tim of Blue Canoe Reloaded DO have a BLOG! I just discovered it: http://thebluecanoe.blogspot.com/ and they are adding shots of their booth from the show. YAY!

    Deb @ Retreat

  13. Stop it!!!! I am drooling all over my keyboard. My gosh what fantastic show. So much Eye candy. Yum Yum! Thanks for sharing all your pics. Its nice to see whats out there in the real world!

  14. Shelly,

    Paul & I found your blog and love it. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying the cabinet you purchased from us. We are the Country Nesters not The Palouse Trading Company. Check out our website: www.countynesters.com. It was so nice meeting you and looking forward to seeing you next year at the Farm Chicks Show.

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