Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chicks Fun!

WOW! First of all, waving to all those who I swapped cards with from Florida and Southern California and Oregon!!! You gals came a LONG way for this show, and I thought a 5 hour drive was far! Which for the rest of you should be an indicator of how HUGE this event was! Hi to all you terrific Vendors that found your way here and made this show SO Special!

So,,,,that said,
Sister-in Law-Mary, just aimed her Prius back towards Port Angeles after our 3 Day adventure. We had a ball! Too fun! Thought I'd share a bit about our trip!

We left for Spokane Friday Morning hoping to leave at least a BIT of our torrentially plagued West side of the Mountains. If you're not from around here, USUALLY even if it's raining in the Seattle Area you get East of the Cascade Mountains and you actually SEE Summer in June! Unfortunately, the "East Siders" were experiencing a similiar malady on Friday.

Upon Arrival (in the pouring Rain) before heading to our Hotel, we decided to explore Downtown Spokane a bit!

Okay, let's just say, Driving in Spokane can be a real adventure! They've got more one way streets than I think I've ever seen in my life! "You can't Get  there from here!"

We did  eventually find a GREAT lighting store Revival Lighting in Spokane, complete with TONS of vintage and Antique fixtures and Chandeliers. I'm actuallly a "Certified Lighting Specialist" so I really enjoyed their gorgeous store!

After trying to check in to the WRONG Quality Inn (with a very handsome silver haired manager who asked us to come back THERE next year) we finally checked in! Thanks to my friend Timi from Come Junk With Us  we managed to get a lovely room somewhat last minute!
Thanks Timi!
But before "lights out" for Mary and I, we had a quick girls visit from my friends and "Shoppers Extrodinaire" Stephanie and Suzanne, also of Snohomish. They were on a "whirlwind" trip-THEY hit the antique stores in Spokane on Friday and were headed for a QUICK morning trip through Farm Chicks venue,,,wowza, they shop fast!!

Saturday- The Opening of the Show
We got an early start  at the Hotel and had breakfast with some of "Timi's" Junker Group, Including Julie of Glitter and Ivy. Julie has a Darling Shop in Monroe, Washington featuring Christopher Radko,,,,which she ships all over the world. Julie is having a "Ladies Night " Wednesday June 9th from 6:00pm-9:00, so if you are local stop by for goodies and giveaways,She's a dear!

I should have taken a pic of the line going into the Show Saturday morning, it was UNREAL! I'll post some links on my sidebar that you may want to check out for more pics and show happenings! Serena of Farm Chicks Fame and said Event, actually handed out our tickets and cloth shopping bags as we stood in line.

I also chatted a bit with Dixie and Linda from Funky Junk Sisters as we were waiting to get in. They started a video tape of me and the camera died,,,,,oh DARN! I may NOT be on screen! (That could be a VERY good thing!) But they are so much fun!!!

Two VERY Talented Ladies!
My Dear Friend Deb Bock (rt) Garden Party
with Sweet Kris from Today's Country Store

Once inside, First stop was to Garden Party, my dear friend and neighbor Deb Bock. Her booth, as usual was darling!

Okay,,,and Shut UP! Ackkkk!! My next stop and major Shopping Spree was with Jennifer Osner of Antique Textiles. Jennifer brings all her scrumptous goodies up from San Francisco!

Jennifer Osner, Antique Textiles

****Oh MY STARS! Shell has DIED and gone to Heaven!!!****

To say that I wanted err-ah, no, coveted EVERTHING in her booth is an understatement! I think we may become VERY good long distance friends!

Uh-oh! She takes Checks!

Ummm, I stocked up a BIT!

Then I gravitated ( levitated? ) towards her lace and trims,,,,,,( I Swear I did not drool!)

"Project Runway Lace"

This Yummy Lace trim caught my eye and Jennifer Came over and said some of it was used in a Project Runway Dress.......well, of COURSE it WAS!

I managed to walk away without the whole booth,,,,,,but oh my!

DO YOU See this woman in the aqua in the background? I know, hard to see isn't she?
THAT would be my dear sister in law Mary,,,,,,aka Shopaholic,,,,,,,aka MIA~~~ Accck!!
I "lost her on Saturday." Cell phone? Nahhh! Meet at Noon by the "Milk Truck? Naaah! Lunch with Jana, Sandy and Jill from Joyworks? Naaah! Shoot, I barely saw her the whole day!

But, as luck would have it, while walking around looking for her I walked by the "Where Women Create" table and none other than Jo Packham was there, waiting to sign books/quarterlies. And, there was no one in line at that moment! I got to chat a bit with her and she signed the current quarterly for me. I told her I'd see her in NOVEMBER in Nebraska for Silver Bella-and I asked her, "Now WHY is it in Nebraska again?"

Latest Quarterly, Fun Piece of my Blogger Friend Karen Valentine Inside! Oh My Karen, you ARE famous now, can I say "I knew you when??" Congrats Sweetie, great "spread."

I'm sure Jo signs this way frequently, but I enjoyed meeting her!

I also had a fun visit with Krys Kirkpatrick (Bunnies By the Bay) who has a newer line of fun Products called "Hutch." I've always loved the "Bunnies" line and this new line is quite a switch, but I love it! I "do" Small stuff, but Come ON! I'm thinkin' she works under a friggen microscope!

Her new "Hutch" division is located next to Bunnies by the Bay in La Conner, WA. I HAD to buy these darling Chicks she made!

Okay Lulu, Pink or Blue???

Here's Krys, New Grandma!
(He's darlin')

Jay, Mary Larsen and Timi

Here is a pic of Timi and her awesome helper hubby Jay. "Sandwiched in between is the awesome Mary Larsen, who of COURSE had an awesome couple of booths! You ROCK MARY!!! (Did that chandelier sell or are we negotiating when you get back??) 

SO MUCH MORE to Share, and tell,,,,,but I'll save it for tomorrow's post!

Hugs and Love,

(I'll be posting other blog and web links on my sidebar if you want to see/visit them and get their take/info.)


  1. I am drooling over all this pictures! how fabulous! Those chicks are the sweetest things I have ever seen. I think my favorite one is the blue one.

    I wish I could have been there with you. After the end of the year, I will be able to travel more!

    I am so much better. We have lots to catch up on so give me a ringy dingy this week when you have time.


  2. WOW - it looks and sounds like you had an incredible time at Farm Chicks. Did you see my friends Linda and Grace there? LOL! They loved it, too...
    Oh my... vintage millinery flowers, stamens, etc. - and you said you left some behind???
    Love the chicks you bought, also. Very sweet!

  3. Nice!! Looks like I missed a great show... I can't wait to go to one sometime... :)

  4. Wow Shelly. That looks like a fab-u-lous show,
    so many goodies. don't know how anyone could walk away without an arm full of treasures! Good thing I could't go! LOL

  5. Love you was so fun wasn't it??? I'm in recuperation mode;) so we'll have a Farm Chicks follow up lunch soon!

  6. It looks like you had such a great time!!! I could not leave without spending my whole checking account on those millinery flowers!! lol :) And how fun to meet Jo Packham! Isn't she just the most fabulous, down to earth celeb?!

  7. Oh you sweet thing you! We had a BLAST chatting with you... Darn camera. Looks like you found lots of goodies and had a great time. We loved everything about FC's this year. Serena has done an awesome job! Talk to you soon! xoxo
    Dixie & Linda


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