Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting Nightmare! "Where Bloggers Create" Disaster Part Duex

Okay,,,,,,,,you think trying to get the basement Studio in "This Old House" shouldn't be that hard, right?
Well,,,,,think again! I've got "Waynes Coating, wainscotting" what ever the heck you want to call it "down there." And God Bless my Step Dad,,,,,,,truly, he made a REALLY nice "playroom" for the boys when they were little-- a couple of DECADES ago,,,and that is the last time this G-Darn room was updated or painted....

(Ugly Paint Job Photo from the Web")

Only the wainscotting is "Faux", a nice way of saying FAKE! I know he did it on a nickel and dime budget for me, as a single Mom, so the kids would just have a place to CUT Loose,,,,,and not destroy the rest of the house. God Bless "Grandpa Bob." Truly,,,,,he was the BEST! He could take a Nickel and stretch it around the Block!

But,,,,,truly? Have you ever tried to PAINT fake paneling? Well,,,,,,I HAVE. NOW! Two coats of KILS primer,,,,,,,and TWO coats of interior eggshell Latex......and you can STILL see "daylight" through the paints!

Oh and did I mention my oldest son's experimentation with Tie Dye? Well,,,,,lemme share that his younger brother was intreged and got into the whole MESS,,,,,and NOW  2O some years later, a latent Paint Brush takes ONE little SPECK of Tie Dye and turns a wall/cabinet PINK! My only solace was when said Son was helping and he complained, I mentioned that HE was the one that got into the G-Darn Stuff!

Fake panelling and "cubbies" aside,,,,,,I still have a #$%#$%#$%!!! of stuff to make look CUTE and organized. I love Karen,,,,,,and admire Jo Packham so,,,,,,,,,but I'm pulling my creative hair OUT!

"One More Day"-Singing the song from Les Mis......I can at LEAST get a few laughs from my photos if I don't kick it into high gear!

And,,,,,,as promised? Seriously I'm going to Host a "Crafts gone Bad" and "Hoarders Event" soon! I think we ALL need a laugh after the stress/challenge!!!

I hope you are ALL in better Creative/organizational space than I AM! then again,,,,,,,,I may rotate between loathing and loving you if your are! Even now, I'm learning my Strengths,,,,,AND weaknessess!  God Bless friends that understand and Make UP  for the differences!! 

"See you soon"
Hugs and Love, always and regardless!


  1. ok, Im trying to stop my laugh and show a concerned face, but COME ON you tell a realllllllllly funny story... and its not even a story you are living it!!! Im sorry for that stupid room! but it makes for a great blog post!! (couldn't believe seeing my big blogface up there! haha, thanks for the promotion!)

  2. LOL Lisa! You are a GREAT supporter! NOT!! I'm going to come over to the Pennisula one of these days and open every cabinet and closet you have,,,,,,,,,and then we'll SEE who has the last laugh!!! (Kidding, of course)
    But if I have my "Where Hoarder's Create and "Crafts Gone Bad Event" you'd better come Clean,,,,,,I think it would be hysterical......and only those with a Good sense of humor and humilty would participate! ........I think I'm ON to something!!

    Love you madly,,you funny and slightly demented friend~ LOL


  3. Honey, maybe you just need to pass on the paint and relax. We promise to love you anyway!! Just do close ups, no one will know the difference, and I won't tell!
    love ya,
    p.s. I'm holding back laughter cause you're just so funny!

  4. You are hilarious!!! ;D You have to keep writing! Just collage the walls in sheet music and random book pages n stuff! you could trowel on spackle as well! I'll bring you some coffee n cookies. I'm mucking out my garden room as well...cheers!
    deb ;)

  5. That was toooooooo funny! Thanks for the early morning laugh.

  6. oh Shell! I LOVE it! (BTW, "Buttercup" came on just now and my 4 year old and I started rockin' out!) Well, what a prompt will lead us to! But when it's all over, your studio will be FAB! Can't wait to see what you did - I am also doing the WWC party this weekend . . .
    Thank you too for entering my giveaway (back from vacation) and for the offer of your first born . . . had me laughing, Kristin xo

  7. Shelly .... your are hilarious!!! Hang in there .... in the end, you will have a wonderful place for all of your toys, and a place to crate and dream in! Besides, by the times you start hanging things on the wall, who's gonna notice the faux walls?!!! ~ Just breathe, my friend! All will be well! :))

  8. Just came across your blog. Two words: Oil Based!! I've painted several types of paneling and different woods/vinyl wallpaper and the only thing I have found that works TONS better than primer and latex is...... oil based paints!!! No primer needed in most cases and I can make most colors *including red* work with only two coats! Trust me... OIL BASED PAINT!

  9. OMG a "Crafts gone Bad" and "Hoarders Event" and I've just gotten rid of 40% of my studio 'stuff' that I was hoarding she moaned. Do you really save your crafts gone bad??? LOLOLOL I toss mine in file 13 the minute they go bad LOL Guess I'm going to have to start hoarding again and make one of those safety pin and plastic bead bathroom ladies so I can be in your event! LOLOLOL

  10. Now thats some bright paint! At leasts only faux! LOL. You have me in stitches. Someday you to will look back and laugh!
    I faux for a living so I can relate although I've never used THAT color! LOL

  11. Hi Shell, Can I call you Shell? You are funny, can't wait to see the end results.
    Thanks for becoming a follower. Made my day.
    I'm still counting!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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