Friday, February 25, 2011

My week from He.. Double Hockey Sticks.........But I THINK looking up!

Okay,,,,,So ..... New Pictures? Not So much! Amidst the Show mayhem and frivolities of Ruffles and Rust,,,,, I  managed to drop my Camera and apparently the said "Camera" and the Computer are no longer on Speaking terms!  (Truly, if they would have asked me to Mediate, I would have!)      "AhhhhhhhhhhChoooooooooo!!" Sorry!
(The last group of pics I posted of the Ruffles and Rust event were from a DISC,,,,,which I procured from the Memory Card of my Camera and had made into a disc at Bartell's) And,,,,,,,if you looked at those final pics,,,,,,I never DID figure out how to Edit the Disc photos........

Make a Wish Shell gets her New Camera Soon!
I'm going to buy a camera from my Friend Gail, as soon as she and I can connect....So, stay tuned! HA!

Get out your violins or your "Pitty Pots" Out-as I call them because in addition to Getting Sick ("Oh Give me a break Shell,,,,,,4 out of 5 Washingtonians HAVE "it" or had it.) Losing a dear friend,,,,,,,which is off the Richter Scale for me, and I'm still not totally accepting,  And, yet, I STILL managed to :

A: Walk out to my car for the First time midweek after being Sick and see a "Towing Warning" because my tabs were expired since Jan 1 (Oh Good Shell!) Which I took care of the moment I saw the notice,,,,but STILL, I've lived here forever,,,,,and  Big "Marks/Paint on my Car in front of my Home?

and  then Today?

B: Walked back out to said car today and ran a few errands and managed to LOCK the Keys in the Car!
( I forgot I had AAA so the Tow truck dude gave me TWO receipts and told me to find out if I could get the ahem $94 dollar fee paid.)

Did you EVER want a Re-wind? I mean Truly,,,,could I go BACK to last Saturday and change things? Dropping the camera (small factor in the scheme of things), Be with Jana and Bella when the world turned upside down,  Use the Purell, or get more sleep so I didn't get sick too? Respond to the Dep of licensing on Time or Not lock my Stupid Keys in my Stupid Car.............

Well, I'm just taking a DEEP Breath! Realizing how many friends I have,,,,,,thanks to all of you, my coworkers and neighbors. This Too Shall Pass~!

Loves, Hugs and  Bus to you all. Thanks again! Shell!  and I think you ALL know,,,,,I may be Down,,,,but I'm NOT OUT!!!

Have a good weekend! Love hugs and a Bus to all......and thanks for your thoughts, prayers and wishes!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow, Sore Throat and "A Short History of Private Life" by Bill Bryson

I started getting Sick last nite.....Sore throat the likes I haven't had in ages...My Sis in Law Mary got sick Friday nite, during Ruffles and Rust,,so whether I got the bug from HER or from the Masses...My throat hurts!

And,,It's Snowing! Western Washingtonians go into Panic Mode with Snow........Good Grief, we are Wimps!!!

No pics this post......But I have a BOOK to recommend,,,,,which is my means of escape if  not Crafting, alternative therapy. And with the whole Sore throat and Cold,,,,,,Cuddling up on the Couch seemed warranted today!

Are you Familiar with Bill Bryson?  He was introduced to me by a friend,,,,,and the initial book I read was a Genre SO foreign to me,,,,,I doubted I'd like it. I doubted I'd finish it. I read about his haphazard and reluctand Hike with and old school buddy through the Appelachain Trail........Some Thousands of Miles or ill-prepared, unexpected experiences. I Loved the book.

But NOW? I'm reading his latest. " A Short History of Private Life." A book centered around all and I mean ALL of his knowledge,,,,,,,which is Vast- of Rooms, architectures/ lifestyles of those that would have inhabited a Victorian Parsonage in England............You'll gain a profound insight into inventions---including the Chair, the TABLE as we know it,,,,the various Rooms and how they came to be. Servants daily lives, the preperation and consumption of Foods. The English set the precedence for many of these traditions.....including the Consumptions of Tea and Sugar, as Bryson explains. Structures and origins of the likes of the Eiffel Tower,,,,,,,,and more and more.

This book will blow you away! Pre-conceptions of lifestyles/and for me,,,,,,even things as simple as a "Rush" Torch,,,,,(Did you know that the  Medival Torches described it Novels and Moves Only burned for an average of 20 minutes???) Lots of Trivia and insights on Historical Events, inventions,,,,,as we percieve (d) them and how they actually were!!  I'd highly recommend this book,,,,,,if you're into Antiques, Architecture or Design,,,,,,You'll love it!

(On a personal note, the initial autopsy on Jana was inconclusive. There was no aneruisym (sp) no evidence of head trauma or heart attack. The final results won't come for 5 weeks or more.  Her services, as it stands now, will be at St. John's Episcopal Church  here in Snohomish, on Tuesday.)

New Zealand,,,,,,,,etc. (Probably MORE than you want to know)

I have no word on my Father in Law,, last known as living in Christ Church. Although, my last communication from a neighboring Sheep Rancher, stated,  he, was becoming  delusional (Alzheimers?) and left his  Vast Sheep Ranch????  I may never know what has occurred,  as he broke contact with me and my Husband's children/ his grandkids,  years ago.

I do, however hold an affinity and fondness for Chirst Church, in general. Karl flew there  several consecutive New Zealand Springs to try and  help out during "Lambing" season and reconnect with his Father.Whom had, according to his son, on a Whim of sorts, came home one day from a Successful career as an Engineer at Boing  and told Karl (10) and Wife Lenore,,,,,,,that he was leaving- Wife,and Son,,,,,and moving to New Zealand to raise sheep. And did.

Lenore, having received a Masters in Literature from Purdue,,,,,,carried on. She taught English and continuted to raise Karl- whom she'd had late in life,,for a few years. Sadly, she developed severe and early onset Alzheimers...which lead her to spending the last  years of her life in Nursing homes and my husband Karl, being put in the Foster Care System.

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda......yep, Shell can talk/type. I'll spare you the rest.......but my Karl always said that Christ Church was the most beautiful place on Earth. In spite of "issues with his dad, he always talked about taking me there,,,,,visiting. I have pics of him there,,,,they are gorgeous. It indeed is/was heaven on Earth.  My heart goes out to the people living there!

It's Snowing here still, a bit. Wondering if Weather and my Throat are going to let me attend Luanne's 70'th Birthday Extravaganza tomorrow nite!  I need the laughs and frivolity!

Hugs, Love and a Bus, Always!
(Stay Warm and healthy and SAFE!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruffles and Rust....Part Deux.......Thank you's and a Request if you will....

First of all, thank you to ALL of you for your comments/prayers/phone calls for Bella,,,and the loss of her mother, Jana. I'm going to post Bella's beautiful pic on my Sidebar......and please, oh please, if so inclined, copy and paste it to YOUR blog  sidebar or facebook Page,,,,,for further Prayers and thoughts for her and her Daddy, Bob..

So now, here,,,,,,because I Knew Jana well,,,,,and I know little Bella,,,,,they would BOTH like happy, whimsical things in their lives. Here is Part Two of the Ruffles and Rust Photos/Event!

Random Photos from "Ruffles and Rust Event."

"Maison Duce" Isabelle's Space always one of my Fav's!!!

Just random spaces and Vendors and Forgive me, I would generally do more research and comments..........

Cute Moss Shopping Cart..........

The  Barn House Boys,,,,,,,Kickin' it! Too Fun!

Random Images.......Maybe Amy's???????? Or Isabels????????

Ormalulu' s Booth,,,,,,,,,,,,Gorgeous!!! as always! Love you my Dear Friends!
My "Bestest" Friends- Kell Bell and Debi
How fanastic is her Hat????
Hat Winners= Friday Nite Gala.......

Amy and Wendy.............
Great Event,,,,,,,,,,,,We had a Ball! These images make me smile which I needed a LOT right now!

Please post  my sweet Bella on you Sidebar,,,,,,,,and ask for prayers for Her, her Daddy Bob and Auntie Kris!!!
Love, hugs and a Bus to you all! (My father in law  lives near Christ Church, New Zealand. I have not heard from him,,,,,,,,,please keep him and the residents in your thoughts and  prayers as well............


Monday, February 21, 2011

This is the Hardest Post I think I've ever had to do.........Prayers and Cyber Hugs Please!

If you read my last post, this one was going to be "Part Two" of the Ruffles and Rust Event.....and Yesterday?  I thought, "Shoot, my friend Jana and her Sister Missed it." And Yesterday? For some silly reason, I stopped at an Real Estate Open House closeby and thought, "Jana and Bob would LOVE this house,,,but they'd already moved out of the Historic District and alas, I lost 3 great Neighbors. Jana, Partner Bob, and their daughter, a little bright light on this World,  the ooooooh, so precious Bella.......

Jana and Bella at our Bonnet making Session prior to the Easter Parade Last Year.....

(I need to STOP here and Clarify for the Moment,,,,this is NOT about Jana from Joyworks. She is fine. Lives in Seattle and Married to Dean. It IS Confusing and I'm sure there may be MORE confusion in the future because BOTH "Jana's" shared the last name Johnson for years and lived, worked and grew up in the same area..)

This is the REALLY REALLY hard part,,,,,and my heart is breaking. Sweet, Sweet Bella was with her Mother getting ready for a bath last nite,,,,," And her Mommy fell, and Bella couldn't wake her up." Dad Bob called from work,,,,and Bella answered the phone and told him about Mommy. She's 4. She's 4 years old!

Bob called 911 and the Medics got there first. They worked on Jana,,and talked and played with Bella....They did their best. Jana didn't make it.  She passed away last nite. We still don't know. . .

This is personal, yes. This is horrific, yes. This is a woman that was a Former "Miss Washington", a dedicated and late in life "Surprised" as a "Mommy to Be." My Sweet neighbor, with whom I celebrated hers and Bob's Miracle/Gift- her pregnancy at 43,,,,,,that was Bella.  We ALL laughed and smiled and this beautiful child entered, yes, their lives, but Mine too! What a special Gift! Beautiful, Bright Bella.

And Jana? Well, I cannot remember a more animated, positive, funny and beautiful inside AND out person. Truly, she was a GIFT! One I will always treasure! And oh,,,,,,one I will miss SO!

I'm Sorry, I just could NOT, not,post about this. I wish you ALL could have known her. She would light up your life! As she did mine, always. And that Bella girl? Well,,,,,,I just hope you all pray and surround her mentally with Love and Hugs......She lost her Mommy and the World is never going to be the same.

I know God has a Plan, I tell myself that when there are World Disasters, or when My Husband died  when I was a newlywed. And now, there is a precious 4 years old I LOVE with all my heart that no longer has a Mommy. I'm trying to accept and understand, once again.......

(Bella Girl Last Spring, Making her own Easter Bonnet at my Event)

Please pray for Bella,,,,,She is as beautiful inside and out as her Mommy was. Pray for her Daddy, Bob, and her loving Auntie Kris.

And please? Hug those you love and hold them just a BIT closer, because life IS Short and unknown. And I always try and tell all of YOU how much you mean to me, but I hope you KNOW how special and important you all are! Just go Hug, phone, connect with someone NOW,,,,,,,,because, Jana Would!

I'm a mess, I'm going to miss my friend SO,,,,,,and my heart just aches!
Ohhhhhhhhhh. Big old Sloppy Hugs, and a Bus on the Cheek!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruffles and Rust (Part One)

The "Ruffles and Rust" Event  was TOO MUCH FUN!!! We were "Kickin' it" BIG Time  here in Western Washington!!!!!!!!

Our Booth,,,,,,"Joyworks, with a Twist."

This Show, Jana was busy with "Magic," the Apparel extravaganza in Las Vegas, So Kim Brandt and I hosted the Joyworks booth,,,,,,with OUR creations and "Junk."

Kim and I
(Minutes before the doors opened for the Gala-We're Tired, but Happy! And we've got the whole nite, not to mention the full Day of Friends, Family and Shoppers ahead of us~!)

Random Pics of our booth,,,,,,,,My "Crafty Corner"

We had Tons of Birds, Cages and Color!

I got a custom Request for some of my Bird Cage Creations and Baskets for a shop in Seattle....too fun! I'll keep you posted When and Where they'll be for Sale!

Planters, Vintage Silver, Eggs and Hints of Spring!

Did I mention Birds???? And Books and Sheet Music used in Various Projects.........

Flowers, Crowns, Pots and Baskets..........

This one's a bit Dark,,,,,,,,,,but Kim's Fabulous "Moss Purses" with glorious Early flowering plants!
(Timi liked these so much, they were also featured on the Opening Nite Table!)

Another of Kim's cute "Purses".....

A touch of Easter, "Wishing Wands and old Porcelain.....

Crafting Supplies (available at Joyworks)Glass Glitter, Ribbons, Netting,  Festooning and More!

A bit of this, a bit of THAT...Old , New, Crafted  and Found items......

Fun little Giveaways for Opening Nite,,,,,,,Sweets and Sweet little "booklets" from My Joyworks Coworker Rita!
(Flowers  Donated from My Friend Diane,owner of Garden City Floral, here in Snohomish, for our Cash and Wrap Table,,Oooooh! The fragrance was only surpassed by their beauty!)

I'll have MORE images tomorrow-Other Booths, the Sensational and delightful Hats worn during the Gala.

I think a good time was had by all, it was SO stinkin' fun to catch up with some of my Vendor Friends (Debi, Amy, Tamara, Jodi, et. al ), See old Classmates (Lisa), Old Co-Workers (Linda from Nordstrom a Bazillion years ago)  and ALL the awesome and loved Customers from Joyworks, New Vendors I got to know (ie, Jackie of Island Chicks) .....Well, in general, just a GREAT group of Friends and like minded people!

Make sure you check out my Sidebar, for my Booth-mate Kim and her Mother Luanne's ,"Nest and Garden"  Event at their cute little Cottage on April 30th here in Snohomish....

Okay (Shew!) Put a fork in me I'm done!...And "Shut the Front Door!".....More photos tomorrow,,,,,,,

Hugs, Love and a Big old "Ruffley and Rusty" Bus on the Cheek to ALL!

(PS,,,,,I SO cannot WAIT to catch up on all the Blogs/Emails/Sites now that the Event is over,,,,,,at least till the next one!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Winners and Ruffles and Rust Venue!

Okay, I'm Dog Tired, and Sore,,Getting Ready for the Fantabulous "Ruffles and Rust" Event tomorrow and Sat,,

,so Here's the Winner for OWOW

The winner of the OWOH Custom Giveaway is Thespa of http:''
She'll get to pick a custom handcrafted Item!

And the Winner of my 200th Follower contest is............Wow! She is a lucky Lady! Suz, of Katsui Jewelry!!! I'm having email issues once again with Microsoft,,,,,,,so if you have Suz email/Facebook info, let her know to Contact me! Pls!

Congrats to BOTH! I'm exhausted setting up for Ruffles and Rust,,,,it's going to be Incredible! Stay tuned for pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,or if you are Local? You'll be REALLY sorry if you don't attend.

(This is Shell, on "Auto-Pilot" - I ache, my brain if fried, my feet hurt from being on Cement all day,,,,,but Happy as a Clam!)

Hugs, Love and a Big Old Bus!
(Cannot WAIT to share photos of the booths/events!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day,,,,,,,Make a Wish...

Hi All, Happy Valentine's Day to YOU and yours! Being Single and all, I'll be spending tonight with my Fur Babies.....primarily the dogs-Kodi and Shadow! The two Cats have their own agenda!

I'm pulling out a "Magic Wand"
 I made,,,, feel free to USE IT to create your OWN Valentine Wishes and Dreams.........

Since it's Valentines Day,,,,,feel free to use it for FOUR Wishes!,,,,,,,,Yep! An Extra one!

My Four Wishes at the Moment?

Have  MORE time to catch up with Friends and Family more! (My family is Small, so I count a LOT of you-my Blog friends in there BIG TIME~)

See if my creations are Worth the time it takes to make them......(Will they sell at events, or am I just delusional?) Do I go forward with handmade items,,,,,,,,or let it GO?

Do I get a REAL Job once again in Advertising/Marketing OR continue creating handcrafted items???

Do I invest monies in a venue/event for and/or WITH fellow Crafters/Artists???

Well you can see, I'm kind of up in the Air right now. I DO know I need to move in an artisitic Venue.....
I'm hoping the "right Light" shines on the path I'm supposed to follow!

So,,,,,,,again, I hope YOU Grab the "Magic Wand" And what are YOUR Wishes????
They are endless!!!

 Happy Valentines Day to All of you!Hugs, Love and a "Bus" on the Cheek!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Week until Setup for Ruffles and Rust Event.....a few more Projects....

Oh My Stars! The days are speeding by! I've been working on a few more things for the Ruffle's and Rust Event.......

We recently got this Lady in Joyworks,,,let's see how she looks adorned in some Mini Crowns...........

I also had fun, altering some Crystal pieces with  Vintage and Antique Wallpapers, I purchased back in November while visiting Hidden Treasures  in Iowa, with my Silver Bella Friends...........

And, some fun, altered Eggs,embelished  with Chenille, Sheet Music and Seam Tape!

And My last project? Chenille Lillies....

These were too fun to Make! I have enough of this Vintage Chenille to make a few more....I love this Rose Color,,,with the Celadon Centers in Burlap.........

Hmmmmmmmm, Can you sense a Color theme here for the Event? Lots of Creme, Bits of Black, Spring  Greens  with  Pops of Pastels and Hints of Vibrant Colors! I'm Loving This look! If you're Local, I hope you stop by Next Weekend-----the 18th and 19th.... 
(See my Sidebar for further info and Links )

Hope you are  all having a great week!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

(Don't forget,,,,,,I have TWO giveaways right now! The One World One Heart Event,,,,,and my Own 200th Follower's Blog Giveaway! Scroll Down to Previous Posts  for Details on Both Giveaways!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

"In the Pink"-Happy Birthday Clarice and Where or Where did the DAY GO?

So today? We Joyworks Gals celebrated Clarice's "70" something Birthday! We switched things up a bit and surprised her with a Brunch,,,,,,instead of our usual afternoon  bithday luncheon! (I think she was surprised, when she walked in the door and we were ALL there, singing "Happy Birthday!" )

My fabulous Boss, and Dear Friend Clarice, Love's Pink! So, we had a Pink themed party-Thanks to her youngest, Amy,, Party Planner Extrodinaire,,,Pink Balloons, Pink plates, Darling Pink Napkins and TONS of Pink themed Flowers from us All!!

Accckkkkkkk! Sure, it's the first  bits of February, but the hint of warmer days and thoughts of the approaching  Spring delighted us all!

 Our Dear Kay brought in a Fabulous Breakfast Casserole,,,,,,,To Die For! And Jill, made homemade Cinnamon Rolls that I think were the BEST I've ever tasted! Oh my Stars!!! And,,,I'm not sure WHO brought the fruit salad,,,,,but it was awesome too! Jana brought a "Jug" of Coffee from Starbucks .......Yummy Brunch!

Amy's "extra" touches-.Darling Pink Primrose Napkins/Balloons and of Course, Coordinating "M&M's"- (She picked all the RED ones out of the mix,,,,,LOL)

Clarice got lots of great flowers,,,but this arrangement and container from Penny was Spectaular!!!

Luanne added  the darling Pink Primroses to this "Moss Purse." Too Cute!!!

(Luanne's daughter Kim will have Variations of these "purses" available for sale at our "Ruffles and Rust" Booth on Feb 18th and 19th)

We all chipped in and Got Clarice a "Two Night's Stay at the  Five Star Davenport Hotel in Spokane", to use as she chooses.......She could use it to attend  Farm Chicks,,,,,OR to Visit her Grandson at Gonzaga University! We all hope She has  fun whenever she decides to Visit!

I've just gotta say, Clarice is appx. 20 years my senior. Technically, she COULD be my mother. But I know, that she runs circles around me! Her energy level is amazing and I SO admire that! Even more so, I admire her as a successful business woman, "Boss," friend and confidante.

Happy Birthday Clarice! You truly ARE the best Boss, EVER! But more than that,,,,,,,and I mean SO much more than that,,,,,,,,you've been a dear friend-supportive at the hardest times in my life, , non-judgemental, appreciative and loving-in your own quiet way. Thank you. Just for "Being" you!

After the Brunch party was Over, I spent time with Jana in the Store and Kim, who is doing the whole Ruffles and Rust Event with me this time,,,,,and the afternoon/Day-just slipped away! Kim and I vivited some Antique stores and local booths,,,,,,,,and *poof* the Day was Gone! How did that happen? I guess when you are having fun spending time with people you love and preparing for something you are passionate about,,,,the Day just slips Away!

I hope you had a great week-What\ever you did!! Stay WARM, Dry and look towards the days ahead!!

Hugs, Love, And Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend and wonderful Boss Clarice!
And as always, my Best to all of You!