Friday, December 30, 2011

Okay,,,,,,Where is it? Dyin' to see it!

Okay, So? This is like the WORST TEASE EVER! No,,,,not for You guys, but for Me!

Accccccck! I'm IN here,,,,,,Somewhere

My Sister in Law Mary called me Thursday evening to say I'd been Published in Romantic Country.......She had her (subscription) copy in her hot little hands in HER home,,,,,Like a Bazillion Miles away, over on the Penninsula (Vampire Country).  You CAN "get there from here, but it's a half a day's drive away.......

Okay, SO? I kind of knew it MIGHT happen, I'd had several Emails back and forth with the Publisher,,,,Submitted Photos,,,, but figured I wouldn't believe it, till I saw it in Print, or at least got a confirmation from the Editor, Mary........(And, No My Sister in Law is NOT the Editor-New York City and Port Angeles are WORLDS apart!)

So Okay Today? Well, actually just minutes ago, I log on and There on my Blog List is my dear friend Anne Lorys from Fiona and Twig  ??? And Annies Posted:
A:) She's in it too with some awesome Mannie Photos
B:) She's got a throat infection and "Mr. Twig" picked up not only her MEDS, but the LATEST copy already, of Romantic Country ON THE MAGAZINE STAND!!!

Not on the Stands yet in Washington State! Ackkk! But at LEAST I could copy the Cover Image from Annie's Blog and post! And here is the Other A-mazing and exciting part!

Okay, if you've been a long time follower, reader, OR just Check out the Blogs I follow,,,,,,You'll see my Workplace,,,okay, really? My "Second Home" and my "Extended Family" and you KNOW about Joyworks! Jana, My Bosses daughter (friend and co-worker) started the Joyworks Blog about "our" store several months before I ever started blogging. In fact, she inspired me to create my own Blog.

(Quick Sidebar here and if you STILL don't have your OWN blog, consider THIS! I used to post the WORST Photos,,sometimes they'd even go "on" Sideways" and I'd ask my "followers" to turn the heads or use their imaginations......LOL. It took me a while to learn better editing and I STILL learn Camera skills and other features from blog friends!......So YOU can do it too!)

Well, this Fall, Jana got an email First ,from Mary at Romantic Country........and when she told me "We" the store, might get published, we screeched and did a "high five"laughed and smiled! Then, a couple of weeks later, I got an email from Mary. It seemed TOO Good to be true that there was the potential that we'd both be published. And frankly, I think we held our collective breaths after submitting images and Emails, to see, Who/What would get Published.

Long story short,,,,,,,,as previously mentioned, I got published,,,,,,and Joyworks did too! Ackkk!
I just Can't WAIT to see it in Print! Darn it Annie, (Ms. Fiona) I'd fly down to Texas tomorrow and pick one off YOUR newstand if I didn't have to work! But I cannot think of ANYONE I'd rather be "in Print with" than you, my Joywork family and oh Yeah! I just LOVE "Castle's in the Air!"  Whom apparently I "Share" a page with! My NEXT dream, would to be to hold a Class there!

Have a GOOD Weekend All,,,,,,And the Happiest of New Years!

Love, Hugs and an OH so Grateful "Bus" on the Cheek to all of YOU and Yours!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wishing You All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I Hope you're all winding down and getting ready to just Enjoy your Christmas! My house is as decorated as it's going to get this year....Trust me,,,,,,if I'd had that week I "lost" there would be more,,,,,but I'm enjoying my decor this year......a bit different.....and in MANY ways,,,a BIT more Special! (See if you notice a trend of sorts....)
Glimpses of My Mantle.....Lots of Vintage,,,,,,Houses, Deer, Etc........You might notice the color scheme is somewhat Non-traditional........lots of Pastels......Pinks/Peaches/Aquas..........This pair of Deer was a gift from my Friend Sherry at the Ruffles and Rust Show,,,,,She just "thought they looked like something I'd like....She didn't even KNOW that I've collected Deer for years!

I bought this fun, Vintage Christmas Candelabra from Deb Bock,  of "Garden Party" Fame several years ago.....Love it!
(Sorry,,,,,,the bulbs and overhead light are a bit bright~)
And the swagged Vintage Garland on my mirror? From Mary (from Annies on First)

And my fun tree/fairy? from Linda Morrison from "Luluz" fame,,,,,(embellished a bit by my co-worker Sandi....)
Part of my "Joyworks" Party Prize! Thanks Linda and Sandi....Love it!
Overall view of my Tree.......
Lots of "Old lady Pink" aka Coral....Turquoise/Creme/Gold and Silver.......And Tons of Vintage......
This little Angel is from my Childhood. I LOVE her So! Maybe the FIRST of my vast Angel and Cherub Collection. My Mom and I used to go to Fredrick and Nelson's (aka Marshall Field's) every Holiday season when I was growing up and pick up a few Special ornaments from Germany......or in THIS case, (Circa 1960's....from Japan)

Treetop "Pixie" purchased from Debi Burton at Second Saturdayz Vintage Market Venue.

Okay, so as this whole pastel pallette came to mind this year, I had NO idea what I'd TOP my tree with.......And THEN? I found this whimsical/vintage Pixie from my friend Debi Burton.......Too perfect!

If you look a bit off to the right of my "Heralding Angel", you see the wonderful ornament My blog Friend Lynn Stevens  from Trash to Treasure Art sent me! It's perfect on this tree of Angels, birds and Pastels! Thanks again Lynn!

I leave a few "Bits and Bobs" on my Dining room Chandelier all year long.......But I added a bit more "Bling" for the Holidays.........This Chandelier was a great find, several years ago, when I was in a Thrift Shop in France........I paid $37 Euro for it,,,,,Well, then some Shipping, and okay, shades,,,,,and re-wiring for US currents..........But I've loved it since the day I bought it~ Perfect size for my little dining area!

And finally,,,,,,,,,here's a Glorius Silver Plate Tray I bought at Annies! (Annies on First, Snohomish, WA)
Ummm,,, It's a bit Full of Silver Balls, Chains and the likes and will be my dining room centerpiece this year.

Well, this "holiday tour" is a BIT brief this year! Chalk it up to one week this month, down for the count sick and a couple of Shows besides!! But it was fun to switch up/out my decor with some new colors! And, even MORE fun in review to see all the "Contributions" from Friends.

Again, I can NOT emphasize enough, how important my Friends are to me with my Family being SO small and scattered! I wish you ALL the Best this Christmas and look forward to the New Year ahead, with all of you in my life!

May God Bless, may you find your OWN True meaning of Christmas!

Hugs of gratitude, prayers of Healing, Love to All!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Traditions and Recipes!

We've all got em! Those family traditions that get carried out Year in and Year out.........They can be Spritually guided..... (Midnight Mass, Christmas Morning Service), Nostalgically guided,,,,,,,a Movie, a Song, a repetitive or expected gift..........

Here's a couple of Mine. I'd LOVE to hear what YOU'VE Got!

One ongoing tradition in my household, although my "boys" are now 26 and 30 ,,,,,,,is the annual "Pez" dispenser.

(Image, courtesy of Ebay)

My Boys,,,,or now young Men, get a Pez dispenser from "mom"me/ every year............And we also have an annual tradition of making/decorating Sugar Cookies. Then, at the main Christmas meal, there are my long standing, expected  Holiday Potatoes. I think the rest of the Activities could fall by the wayside,,,,,,but I'd best prepare (or in recent years get HELP learning and preparing) My Potatoes.  They get devoured during a Holiday meal (Both Easter AND Christmas) but almost as importantly sent "off" do be eaten later..........
So,,,,,,,first off,,,,,here's my Recipe............I hope you Enjoy or save it for an upcoming Fete!

I shared it this eve with my friend Maggie of "Just Between You and Me" fame.......and it kind of created this Avalanche of Menues/ and Traditions.............So, here ya go! If it keeps my "boys" coming home for Holidays, then I guess it's worthy of being shared!

"Shell's 'Family' Holiday Potatoes"

2pkgs "Country Style" Hashbrowns,,,,,(Not the Shredded for mine, but the Cubed.)
One Large or 2 smaller Onions/diced
About 4-5 large  Fresh cloves of Garlic/Minced
2 Pints of Sour Creme ( I usually do ONE Reg and the Second "Light" HA! Not fat free though---never never,,,,,,this is Holiday "eats" remember?)

Parsely,,,,about 2 Tablespoons Fresh (preferred) or Dried.
 1 1/2 tsp Course Ground Sea Salt,,,,and 1 teaspoon Fresh ground Pepper.

Enough Shredded Cheddar Cheese to liberally Cover the Top of dish/dishe(s).

In a Medium sized bowl, mix diced onions/sour creme/herbs and spices.Set aside.

Allow Hashbrowns to thaw. Then Throw in a LARGE Mixing bowl, add the sour creme mixture above.

Mix by Hand (brrrrrrrr, but works) or with a large heavy Spoon completely.

Firmly Press mixture into a Greased/buttered Baking dish,,,,,,Usually about a 15x10,,,or you can use a couple of them. (Potato Mixture should be about 3 inches thick, per baking dish and then cover each dish liberally with grated Cheddar Cheese.) I usually have to make a few smaller ones and send home with my boys. Again, I stress, each Potatoe Mixture/dish, needs to be covered liberally with grated Cheese.........

Bake in a 350 degree oven for appx 20-30 Minutes. When Cheese STARTS to brown,,,,,Create a "Tent" ^ of Foil......(Pitched above Cheese so it doesn't Stick) and cook for another 30 minutes)

Again, this is GREAT with Ham! Or a Beef Roast! And great to make ahead!

For a couple of  years, I put up a stocking for my Husband Karl, who ironically was a Pilot, and yet died in a Car Accident on his way HOME from Flying. He was a a GREAT Step dad to my boys,,,,,,,but we'd all write messages when they were little,,,about what they'd like to "say" and put them in "Karls" stocking. " I miss your hugs," I miss doing "loopedy loops in the plane" and not letting mom know." They were funny/endearing and "from the heart messages" to their step dad.

I'm thinkin' Maybe this year,,,,,,although she's been "gone" now for several, it would be fun,,,,,,,and yes, maybe even Funny now,,,,to Put up a stocking for my Mom,,,,,,and have the Boys write a message. They both LOVED their Grandma So,,,,,,,Let's Share an Antic, a laugh, a smile and remember!

Okay,,,,Put a fork in ME,,,,,I'm Done! But I'd SO love to hear YOUR traditions/your Meals/Desserts, Movies/ Music,,,,,,,,The Traditional and the "Not so Much!" Pls Share with the "rest" of us!

Come ON! I KNOW you've got some Great Dishes/Pics and Traditions to Share!

Hugs, and Big  Festive Loves!

(I love that this can be prepared a day ahead of time, in fact I think it's better that way,,cover in Plastic Wrap and/or Tin Foil) and store in the Fridge.)

Bake at 350 Uncovered for appx 30 minutes-or until Cheese just Starts to brown,,,,then cover the top with a Tin Foil Tent ^ and continue baking for appx 30 Minutes.

(Image from Ebay)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy Day! And some January Events........

"Happy White Trash Christmas!"
(Feel Free to grab this image and Share........I created this "Tree" a couple of years ago  as a Joke .)

I finally felt like "going out today",,,,,,,and one thing lead to another. I went here/ended up there/ talked to her/ bought from Them/Swapped with her,,,,,Ended up finally buying dog toys and treats at the Local Co-op and came home and booked TWO events for January  on and into my brand Spankin' new " Tracktor Calendar from the Co-op.....Okay,,,Where are the Studly Farmer dudes that drive the Tractors? I just had to ask.......But I digress.....Here's what I penned in for 2012!..........

First off,,,,,If you are Local, contact me ASAP, if you'd like to take part in this Event. I've talked about it for a couple of years, and finally having it "going!" It's a "Bring your un-used Christmas Stuff" and Swap it for something else,,,,Party. I'm having it here in Snohomish at Collector's Choice restraunt, ........January 18th, from 6:00pm-8:00pm. If you are Local,,,,,you bring the Christmas "Cast-offs"---Colors you don't use, the Snowmen that don't fit your Theme,,,,,,,etc and we'll do a "swap" game and go home with something else.

If you're NOT local, feel free to Steal this idea ........If you don't have a "Local Group" perhaps you can do it through your Blog friends! I'd love to hear what you come up with! Have Fun with it!


And,,,,,,I'll be instructing a Valentine  Themed Class, in Snohomish on January 25th from 5:00-7:00. The class will be open to Adults and Children over 5 years of age. All supplies will be included,age appropriate, and a list of "optional supplies" will be provided. There will also be Vintage Papers/Materials available from me, and NEW products for purchase from Scrapville.

This Class is limited to 25, adults and/or Children. Cost per adult is $20. Children and Teens $10.  There will be basic instructions and techniques for Children,,,,and advanced techniques for Teens and Adults. (Including "Sewing Paper," Fringing, Paper flowers, etc.) We'll also enjoy Cupcakes and Tea!

I KNOW this is early,,,,,,We've all got a week till Christmas.....But I had to book these Events Early, to save the dates!

Hope you're enjoying decorating/wrapping and finding special gifts for those you love! I had fun buying the Doggies some special toys today! Shhhhhh! They don't get them until Christmas!

On Monday, I'm sending out some packages and cards, long overdue. I had the BEST of intentions, and then I got Sick, so,,,,,they may be a BIT late. That doesn't mean I love you less,,,,it just means I've been ill, and trying to play Catch up! Hoping they're just as fun after Christmas,,,,,,,,it just extends the Holidays a Bit more!

Love,,,,,,a Somewhat healthy "Bus" now! (Shewwww!)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Friends are the Family we Choose!"

Honestly? This is a tough time of year for me,,,,because my  bio family has become SO Small,,,,,,,and always scattered! My Folks are gone, I have ONE Auntie left, and truly? At times it is hard to talk to her, because she's the "last one" and was my Mom's Sis,,,,,and I miss my Mom hurts!

I don't know WHO stated, "Friends are the Family that we Choose",,,But it Truly resonates with me deeply. I have always been blessed to have friends from different "walks of life," different places,,,,but never more so than when I started to Blog and make friends! If you've been blogging for a while,,,,,the same addage holds true,,,,,,You don't Always get to talk/write or check up on your blog friends,,,,,But you are "There" for them emotionally and in turn, they are "There" for you!

I have a major list,,,,,,as long as my arm of Blogger friends that I have come to know and love. And This year? Many of them are dealing with major issues....Loss, grief, health issues themselves or those of spouses. Economic issues (I've had some of my own) and business decisions. .......These are tough times for many.

Today,,,and truly this is Small "Potatoes" in the scheme of things, but I have felt like "Doggy Do-do" for about 4 days with this headcold/flu? .....And Then? I got a little package from my Blog friend "Lynn Stevens.".....No, SHE is not "Small Potatoes!" Lynn is the "Bestest!"  (Nationally Published for her Cards/Tags and Paper crafts!
And Lynn,,,,,God Bless her, sent me a package that she Knew I would love!  A couple of her handcrafted treasures,,,and then some "Crafty items" ( She knows me well) to use in my Own projects!

Love This!

And This! Gorgeous ! this will get a special "Home!"

Supplies! Too fun! This is part of I LOVE about Lynn, She always sends me her creations and then, Sends me "goodies" to create more of my own!

including these............Love you And Thanks Lynn!

Happy "Extended Family" during this Holiday Season! I cannot Imagine my life without all of you!

Hugs/Love and a Still drippy "bus"

PS.........I cannot begin to say how much my life has Changed by getting to know some of you! I don't want to sound like an Awards Ceremony, but truly, I cannot imagine my life without Lulu, Lynn, Annie,Suz, Deb, Debra, Kris, Lisa, Vicki,Connie, Rosemarie, Amy, Elizabeth, and truly the list goes ON,,,,,,and ON!

I'll take some solace in knowing that the Majority of my blog friends can't complete a whole list either! But we ALL consider you part of our families. Worry when you're sick, when your famliy is suffering.

I hope you ALL have a GREAT holiday,,,,,whatever you do, and with whomever you spend it with! It may not be the "traditional" family around the tree on Christmas morning......I can tell you MINE won't be! But I'm wishing you a NEW tradition, a New Gratitude,,,,,,,and moments to remember ........

Hugs, Blessings and Prayers for the Holiday and New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Whimsical Whites,,,,,an Intro

As previously Mentioned, I "did" my first Second Saturdayz Show in Seattle on Saturday. I'd done shows with a FEW of the Vendors, but there were new Vendors (to me) that were Fantastic!

Yesterday, among sneezing/dripping and posting, I visited my Second Saturdayz booth neighbors blog from "Whimsical Whites."

 These two Sisters at Whimsical Whites.. put the "A" in amazing! They're booth, which they "do" at the Second Saturdayz  Event, every month was amazing this weekend,,,,,Truly? I wanted ALL their Stuff! Kathy and Kris have quite the "eyes." And not only do they "do Whimsey, Vintage and extrodinairy Antiques,,,,They "do" flowers!  Shut UP! And,,,,,,,,Drumroll here,,,,,They have a Shop in Kent, WA! I've yet to visit, but if you check out their Blog,,,,You'll get a "Taste!"

Kathy and Kris don't "do' Facebook.  (As a woman that doesn't have a Cellphone I can  SO relate to this concept.) But they DO have a Blog,,,,And when I checked it out yesterday,,,,,They had 12 Followers! 12? Ackkkkkk! You need to SEE their Stuff, their creative Talents,,,,,the arrangements,,,,,and You NEED to Follow their Creative Site!

I'm a firm believer in, "Something's Happen for a reason!" Well, I'd say, I was meant to meet Kathy and Kris,,,,see how talented they are and Share it! Follow their blog and see what fabulous things they're up to!

Hugs, Love and a insightful "Bus".....although keep your distance still, because I'm a drippy Wheezy blog friend!

(Check out and become a follower!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Okay,,,,,4,Count 'em 4 Posts today,,,and I swear no more,,,,But....

I tried to find a way to Edit the last post,,,because the posting method/options changed on my account.....So,,,Make SURE ,,,IF you have time, to visit ALL 3 posts from Today.....Trust me, you'll love the images from Second Saturdayz and You don't want to miss Either of the 2 Joyworks posts....I've never had SO much to post in SO few days, but want to make sure you take a "peek" at all 3 posts!

As my friend Deb Bock would say,,,,,"I'm just Sayin'!"

Hugs and Love,,,Shell
And NO, no more posts today LOL!
(Sniff/hack/cough/and an "Ahhhhhhhhhchooooooooo!")

Final Post.....A few More Joyworks Christmas Party photos

So, Every year, at our Christmas Party, we play "The Dice Game." We all bring a present, and once they've been opened, we set a timer, pass the dice around,,,,,,and if you get "doubles" you can "steal/switch" gifts. Sometimes we are "naughty" and sometimes we are "nice." Until the timer goes off, you don't know what you're going to end up with!

This embossed sweatshirt has gone around for years. If you get it, you embellish a bit more and someone gets it the next year! Sandi got it this year,,,,,,from Jana, but she also got a lovely mirror, I KNOW she was dyin' for!

Rita got the "Grand Prize" of sorts from Clarice! Two Days and an Ovenite Stay for two at the Beach house! Score!

Jana kept My little "Beachy" Snowman......
(and a little bit of "Somethin' somethin")

Then we all got our fun "Goodie Bags" from Clarice,,,,,She thinks up the most creative "themes" each year........of course this year,,,,,it was "Just Beachy!"

Our Creative leader, Clarice and daughter Amy........

And finally, Jana opening a hostess gift,,,,,,
Truly the 3 of them made it an extrodinary Celebration! One I'm sure none of us will forget!

We DID Miss "Our Kay" though! She was too sick to attend. And you KNOW we're sick IF we miss the Joyworks extravaganza! So Sorry Kay! Get Better!

SHEW! It was a BUSY 3 days.....Hence, the 3 posts! Thanks to all the folks at Second Saturdayz for such an amazing Event! Thanks to the Joyworks Gals for all their hard work and creativity! Okay,,,,I think I'll go grab a Kleenex!............

"Germ free "Virtual Hugs" and "Buses!"
Stay healthy!

Joyworks Christmas Party

Clarice, Jana and Amy out-did themselves decorating the Beach Cabin for our Joyworks Christmas Party last evening!  Enjoy these images....................
This "Chippy old White" coffee table was part of our group Gift to Clarice for the beach house.......
Our Dining table was Delightful!

Gorgeous Mantle!
Every Window had a vignette...........
Then there were the Packages..........(Amy's cute Bag, a Snowman made out of Sand dollars)
There was "JOY" Everywhere!
Oh, yeah.........And Comfort!
(Well, maybe other than my "Sneezy, drippy" self! )
No detail was too small,,,,,look at this fun little feather tree,,,,,Clarice created beach glass ornies!

Fun old Mason Jars,,,,loaded with beachy goodness!
Fun handmade ornaments on the tree!
driftwood and shell tree...........

We even had these delicious little "palette cleansers" (lemony sorbet) before the main course of Chicken Lasagna........Too fun!

After we'd stuffed our faces,,,,,,it was time for Gifts, and Games and Merriment, Oh MY!
Fun Packages to choose from,,,,,and Great Gifts to "Steal" from one another.......

Apparently, this Post isn't going to allow me to post any more images,,,,,,,so I guess, this will be a 3-Post Day! ............Back in a couple with the Last Installment of "What Shell Did over her Weekend,,,,,,and maybe WHY she ended up getting the Headcold from "H,,E -Double Hockey Sticks"
But the fun continues,so,,,,,one more post!

Second Saturdayz and the Joyworks Party

Well, it's a good day to sit and upload Pictures, I am a sneezy wheezy/drippy Mess! But enough that, Here's some Pics .......

Loved this Booth!

Ormorlulu,,,,,,,always makes a BIG splash! (Fantastic Debi and Jim!)

One of John Bob's Fantastic Wreaths!

Dyan's Yummy Goodness~

Met my nice "Booth Neighbors" from Whimiscal Whites,,,,,,,,,I wanted it ALL!

Fun Paper Crafts!

(This was my first time doing this Venue, I was not familiar with all the Vendors, so, please feel free to leave a link or comment if you know who the Vendor is..............)

And here's a few images from my little Booth! Again, the day went way too fast, I wish I would have taken more images!

My little Silver Tree........
A few images from My booth,,,,,,But I got BUSY FAST Saturday! So fun to see so many Friends, "Repeat Buyers" and Customers from Joyworks!

Some Fun familiar Faces!

Cherub and Angel Vignette..........(You know how I like to put Hats on things!)

The whole Show was a "Joy."

Bits and Bobs..........

Moss Wreaths........

Again, Too FUN! Deb and Linda put on an Awesome Event! I look forward to doing another Show with them Soon!

Okay,,,,,now I'm going to grab a new Tissue, throw on yet ANOTHER layer of Clothing and then I'll post the Joyworks Party Pics!)

(You SO do NOT want me to Hug you right NOW!)
Air Kiss!