Friday, August 31, 2012

"Pixies and Pumkins" Friday Finds

How's your week going? It sure seemed to go FAST!! Feels like Fall here now. I heard my first Canadian geese flying overhead last night. Wow!!

So,,,,,It's Friday? And you all pretty much KNOW what Shell does on a Friday this time of year!!! So here's some of my finds and a couple more lace Pumpkins,,,,,,

Acck! I found some great stuff today, including these Pixies and doll heads. I actually already HAVE one of these pixies in "Old Lady Pink." Fun to find these girls today and thought they looked kinda cute wrapped around the pumpkins that I haven't finished yet. Some fun old Doll heads, a sewing basket and a bit of "Bling."

Love the Austrian Crystals and always Vintage pearls.......

Normally, I rely on the "Junk Fairies" to guide me in the right direction when I'm out looking for Estate/Garage sales,,,but today maybe it was the "Junk Pixies" because when I was JUST ready to head home around 3, I got that "Nudge" that I was supposed to go to ONE more sale........And I found all of THIS

I know I get a bit nutty about this kind of thing, BUT Look at all this Vintage goodness! Ballerina's, Bunnies, Spun Cotton doll heads, etc. Look at those little Christmas "tinies" in the bottom right hand corner...I've never seen any vintage embellishments THIS small!! All this stuff will be great for future projects. Thank you Junkin' Pixies!!!

Also found this Pink satin box, and old powder jar, vintage cards and some "Vintage" notions! Too Funny,,,,The flower appliques are from "House of Fabrics" where I worked when I was 17 and 18,,my first job. Yeah, I KNOW I'm Vintage too! HA!

And then.......

An old green suitcase, small illuminaire "Noel Candles," Some fun old Dominoes, birds and several old Classic Vinyl Records.

TIP: And finally, something I've learned? Give me a Garage/Patio sale in a Mobile Home Park over a fancy new home any day of the week! Those Seniors have a lot of Vintage goodness tucked under their carport!

Glass bead garlands, Crochet hangers and a fun embroidered Apron. Oh and some fun glass bottles I found when I left at the crack of black!

I ran into a couple of friends while out and about today! I'd been planning on going Junking w/ Deb Bock today and she's been having some health issues. Missed you today Deb!! Get Better!

Back to Joyworks tomorrow. We have TONS of new stuff in, so Stop by if you're local and see what's new for Fall!! Two Weeks until Island Chicks up in Anacortes, Can't wait!! Enjoy your weekend whatever you do!

Hugs, Love and a "Pixie" Bus!!!

(Linking to Debra's Event at Common Ground

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lacey Creations..........

Happy Wednesday! Wow, is it really Wednesday already? I've been alternating between Cleaning/purging and organizing and Making a few things.......

If you know me at all, you know I love ALL things Lacy and creamy and Vintage,,,So I've started a few simple creamy scarves, with soft, distressed tulle (the softest I've ever found/seen) and Vintage laces..........

These will wrap around your neck a couple of times and look great with just about anything you're wearing. Also fun with jewelry layered over the top for that "Boho" look. Or,,,,,as My friend/coworker Penny does,,,this type of scarf looks great wrapped around a lamp shade or in one of your home decor vignettes. I'll be making more in the next day or two, some with a pop of color!!

And well, as some well known artist once told me,,,take the Materials you have at hand and use them in differnt ways,,,,,,So?

Lace and tulle white Pumpkin! I think it may still need a distressed creme tag, or something,,,,,Let me know what you think! (I don't really DO the typical Halloween stuff. I Love the creme and the Black, but I could live without the Orange or Scarey!) I had fun layering this one in lace and I have several other "Pumpkins" painted Vintage White, ready to be embellished or glittered!!

Also worked on some "Hat Stands" and started playing with my Hops, I made ONE wreath and then figured I needed different wires. I'll share the wreaths soon,,,,,I forgot to eat and my blood sugar went a bit Nuts, I think.

Hope your week is going well! Trying to get back to Blogging AND visiting/commenting on others! It's been a busy time of year!!

Hugs, Love and a "Lacey" Bus!!


If you read my last post, Please truly THINK about doing some Tags for a Swap for the Holidays! They don't have to be "Over the Top," more just a reflection of who YOU are! You can put your dog on it, a recipe, a snipped of ribbons you like.
Think about it, every year we get Christmas cards that are for the most part impersonal. You can get a WHOLE Box of Tags at the Office Supply store and with a few minutes make it something special...... (More on this soon! I think I know JUST the Gal that can help me show what you can do/make!!) Think about it!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Congrats, Thank yous and whaddya think about a TAG Swap??

I picked up the latest copy of Ki's "Flea Market Finds" today. Just out on the shelves.
I LOVE this Magazine and it is one of the FEW I buy these days. There is so MUCH Washington State "goodness" in this magazine, including my new friend Celeste Shaw, whom I met during this years, "Farm Chicks" event in Spokane at her Celebratory dinner for many of us Vendors and Junkers. Her fabulous Eatery "Chaps" just outside of Spokane is a MUST visit....and the pics of her fantabulous HOME in Flea Market finds are amazing!

Also in this issue is a recommendation for SNOHOMISH for Junk and Antique finds!!! That's right you heard it here folks...And the recommendation? From one of my "Bestest's," Deb Bock of Garden Party fame.

(Deb and I here, junkin a couple of weeks ago

I called Deb and told her she was quoted in the Magazine and she said, "That's Great!" And when I told her WHO was mentioned she added ,,,,,,"I mentioned Joyworks Too!" Well, We weren't mentioned. Edited out, BUT those of you that KNOW Joyworks, and follow our blog know who and WHAT we are all about! We might not be "Junk/Antique worthy" But we're STILL the best shop in town for all you other shopping! Deb's review mentioned "Annies on First, Faded Elegance, Snohomish Bakery and Ruffles and Rust Square." are blessed to have a lot of great shops, eateries and eclectic Vendors!

Ki also Mentioned, "Carol Hicks Bolton's" Marvelous Shop in Texas and my dear friend Anne Lory's-Whom I have come to know and Love in so many ways in recent years! (YGG!)
Pick up your OWN copy of Flea Market Finds latest issue Soon!!!

And then? Today? I got a package from my dear Blog friend Debra Oliver of Common Ground. I think Most of you know Debra in one blog respect or another!!! She sent me a gorgeous "Thank YOU" gift!

Love this, put it on after I got it,,,,,and she also sent me this wonderful Tag,,,,which got me to Thinking!!!! Let's make some TAGS!!!And ,Share/Swap'!

Gorgeous tag from Debra.........

I want to do a "Tag Swap" with Blog friends for the Holidays! How FUN would THAT be? I've got ATC and cards from many talented friends, but I'd LOvE to have a BUNCH of altered Tags from friends!! Let me know what you think, let's see what we can plan with all of our Blog Friends!!

Happy Monday!! Hugs, love and "Tag You" in a Bus! Lets do this, whaddya think?

Happy Monday! Hope your week is starting off right!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy week!! (And quick Mary Update)

I've been Hopping! Hope to get back to creating and blogging more next week! Busy time of year for a lot of us!

IF you have any insight/knowledge on drying all these hops, let me know!! Have a great weekend!

(I had a long chat the other nite with my dear Sister in Law, Mary and she is doing Well! No treatments for now, and she'll go back to get Checked again for Cancers in October. Holding my Breath!)

Hugs,Love and a "Hoppin, Grateful" Bus to you all!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cowgirl UP! (Friday Junk finds) and Washington HEAT!!!!

Well, I guess the last couple of days I DID kind of "Cowgirl UP!" It's been SO HOT here in Washington State,,,,,we've been breaking records. But a "Junkers" gotta DO what a Junker does,,and a Gal with a glitter stash can only wait SO Long!!

I got up REALLY early this morning and managed to get out Junkin' early,,,,Here are SOME of my finds,,,,there's more stuff outside, like ladders, shutters and doors, but it's too hot for THIS cowgirl to go out there and take pics!!

Found some great boots, belts, this great Pink Cowboy hat and a book of Vintage "Country"Sheet Music, some old spurs and a couple of old Suitcases,,,,,,,,and a bit more..........

Great Black Boots and an old silver belt...

Some well loved but still cute and sturdy pink ladies boots and LOOK at the cute hot pink little ones!! I'm all over these vintage trophies right now,,,,,this Hot pink bowing trophy was a freebie....

Found a creme vintage slip today and a BIT of Vintage lace,,,,,but most of this lace is from my friend Linda Queen, who dropped it off for me at Joyworks last week,,,,,Thanks again Linda! So fun when a friend cleans out their "Stash" and they think of you!!!

Fun little "Greige" side table and a chippy green mirror.......

Fun little Craft Bits and Japanese porcelain pieces,,,,,I see a little Bluebird in here that has my friend SUZ name all over it...

And,,,,,,because I TRIED to post last nite and the Internet wasn't cooperating, Here's the Letters and Hallowween stuff I finished yesterday........

Looks like a word puzzle here, with a bunch of little witch hats.......I just got too warm to do much more,,,,,,But the letters spell "Bling" for my Island Chicks booth nexxt month.......

A few more witch hats.....

I made several more, but this post is long enough! Need to go out and water! Have a GREAT weekend, stay Cool!!

Hugs and love and a "Cowgirl" Bus on the Cheek!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today was "For the Birds!" Heat and Projects

This morning? I got up just at Sunrise and was sitting on my back porch with a cup of Coffee when I saw these "things" flying around...At first I thought it was BATS because we get those little insect lovers around here but on further inspection, it was Birds of some sort. I have NEVER seen so many aggressive little buggers flitting through the sky and apparently feasting nicely on some sort of insects! Maybe it's our recent heat wave,,,,but fun to watch them dip and dive!!

So today I finished some Paper Birds...........

I don't generally use a lot of NEW papers,,but the Cremes and Black Cardstocks with a bit of Crepe and some German Dresden for "eyes" was fun to put together........

I made a whole "Flock!"

Also started some witches hats which along with my remaining letter "G" in the "Bling" didn't get Glittered.......I'm "Schmitzen" as my son Andrew would say and perspiration and Glitter are NOT so much Fun!!!

But this is all trivial as folks all over the Country suffer from drought and fires and days and days of Heat! Enough already!

If you've followed the News, there are several severe fires in Washington State right now. They are all, as us "Locals" refer to it, "East of the Mountains." Washington State is split darn near down the Middle by the Cascades. The weather on "This side" of the Mountains is remarkably different year round than the East Side. They get more Cold, More Snow, More Heat,,and alas, more fires! I hope you'll take a moment to keep all of those Farmers, Ranchers, their Family and Animals both domestic AND livestock in your thoughts and Prayers!

We're going to be heating up a bit more here on "This side of the Mountains," okay, heating up a LOT!! Most of us don't have AC at home, but at least it cools down here at night!

This morning? Right before I got out of bed, I was thinking, "I'd like to meet a Nice Man with Lake, River, or Beach Property for my dogs." Then I simplified by saying, "I'd like a man with a nice body of Water," My tastes and requirements have certainly Changed at this stage of my life!!!

Stay Cool, Stay Safe,
Appreciate the little things like a run through the sprinkler or a visit somewhere with AC!!!"

(I know Blogging has slowed down as of late,,weather, Pinterest, Facebook? But pls leave a comment if you can,,,,,I'm starting to feel like I need to change my toothpaste or deodorant!)

Hugs, Love and a "Sticky" Bus!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Give me a "B!" OOps!!!

We recently got some great HUGE letters made out of Natural Paper Mache' at Joyworks , they are about 12" tall, and I thought they'd be fun to Embellish and put in my booth at Island Chicks next month. . When I started taking these photos a few minute ago, I realized I haven't yet finished my "G!" The "BLING" needs more Bling! So here's the "B" and I'll share the rest tomorrow or Thursday..... So? Give me a "B!"

I was thinking Harlequin, but I found this great distressed Creme and Black Polka Dot,,, and, with some Gold Edging........Fun to make!

Got a few Hats done......

More Dots,,,,,,,this paper from Midori.......

More dots with some Crepe medallions and stars............

And Then I got started on some Birds,,,,,,,this Crow ended up on a Hat......

And started some other Birds...........

I'll probably STAY busy in the Studio the next couple of days,,,,we're due for Record Temps here too in Washington State! I know many of you have been dealing with this heat for MONTHS,,,,we're just really getting it as of late in Washington.

Lots of Fires and home losses for our neighbors in Eastern Washington! My heart goes out to all of them and their pets and crops.

I hope you're safe, wherever you are!

Hugs, Love and a "Warm" Bus!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Day with Dear Deb and Friday Finds!! (And a Mary Update,,see my PS)

I could look at this picture and say,,"Oh my, I have 3 Chins!!" Well maybe I do, and I should probably work on it more,,,,But look at who I'm with! My Sweet, dear talented friend Deb Bock,,,And look at the VIEW! And look at that SUN! (Trust me, we don't take that Sun for granted around these parts!)Deb's having the busiest time of her year with Weddings,,,,and also working at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe after their move to their fabulous new location and preparing for their Grand opening!

And I don't mean to ......

But we found some fun stuff today,,,,,and had the best of laughs! I always love it when I can spend time with Deb! And today we had the whole day! And between the two of us, we got some awesome stuff!!

My first find were these great "Vocab" Cards.......Love these!

I found a couple of great suitcases,,,,,,and NO, they don't even smell like "Grandma's Basement!"

A perfect condition "tooled leather" purse......

This awesome Tin,,,,,which is also "tooled" or looks like leather over a metal tin,,,I've never seen one like it...Made in Chicago and in great shape!

Some Turquoise hot pads,,,,with creme and gold threads,,,,great shape! 25 cents

Some fun little Whimsical finds that were "Free" with some of my other purchaces......

(A bunch of Vintage Spun Cotton and wooden doll heads....Love these)
and these cute TINY Christmas Candlesticks

Also got a fun old Columbia Record Case (you can see it behind a couple images) a great little side table, and a few other things. ..

All in all, I feel.....

To get to spend a wonderful day with a dear friend! (Thanks Deb!) It was a day I really needed to get away!If you've never checked out Debs beautiful Blog,,,make sure you hop on over to Deb's blog and you can check out M&M Antiques in Monroe, Washington on Facebook!! (The link for Debs blog doesn't seem to be posting and you REALLY should check out this talented Gal, You can find her on The Blogs I follow on my sidebar!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Wow this week went fast!

I'll be back in Joyworks tomorrow,,,,we've got TONS of new stuff, so stop in if you're in the area!!

Hugs, Love and a "Sunny Bus!"

(Right AFTER I posted this, I had a long Convo with my Dear Sister in law Mary. She's doing well! As well as anyone can expect after having part of the spine removed and replaced. After having a KIDNEY removed,,,,,,riddled with Cancer. She's doing Good,,,,so far,,no more Cancer at this point,,,,no further treatments, pain is managed and the drugs are now minimal. She "sounds" like my "Old" Mary. I'm trying to go see her on Wed or Thursday and share books, and laughs and just MAYBE, PLAN on her coming to see my Show at Island Chicks Next month. Please OH Please Dear Lord. If Only for a few hours,,,,,,Let us have some "Normal" Junkin' Show time together!! I miss that SO! I will NEVER, EVER assume that someone I LOVE or care about is going to BE THERE!!) Please keep her in your thoughts and Prayers,,,,,and that we get this Time together and a bit of normalcy!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thing are "Hopping" and a Bit of ADD......Okay a LOT of ADD

I don't know if I'm the only one that ever experiences this......For me, it's prior to a big Show,,,,,but I suppose it could apply to "re-doing" a Room, throwing a party, whatever.... You go into that "Panic/excitement mode" where you run around with your head cut off trying to think about all you WANT to do, all that you SHOULD do.

Christmas would be a good example if you don't "do" Shows. I need something for THIS, something for her, a bit of this, a bit of THAT! And my ADD brain goes a bit NUTS!!

So,,,,I'm "Hopin"

(My Hops are "Hopin" too! Hopefully they'll be ready to Dry and Harvest for the Island Chicks Show!!)

Hope your week is going Well!

Hugs love and a "ADD" Bus on the Cheek!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Ahhhhhhhh August- Friday Junk Finds!

With the Warmer weather here FINALLY in Washington, The Garage sales are in Full swing! I need more Cra*,,,,,,err stuff, like a whole in the head, and this morning, I thinkin', okay,,,,,,just a couple stops. Yeah right!!

So here's MOST of my Friday finds,,,,(Nothing I bought today cost more than 5 Bucks!)

Here's part of my "Haul" today!........

Fun old Suitcase, jewelry box that this photo doesn't do justice and and old tin.....

Fun Vintage Hat and Necklace......Earrings to match too!

The pastel pair match the necklace above,,,,,and I LOVED the Fushia ones,,,they were kinda spendy! $5 Bucks!

Fun Knitting book,,,,Circa 1966, it was a Quarter.......

Dont you love the Cover??? And here's an inside Fashion Page,,,,,,,,

Too fun! I may have to send or at least SHARE the patterns with Vicki Boster of "2 Bags Full" Fame,,,,,,,Knitter and Nester Queen!

Little Angels,,,,truthfully? I picked up these from my Friend Linda today that went to Portland Expo....

How cute are THEY for Christmas projects??? Love the colors!!

Found this "Marie" cup and saucer, English China w// 22k gold. Not really my colors,,,,okay not at all, so If you like it, Pay the 2 Bucks I spent on it and Shipping and it's yours!!

Ballerinas in the original package, english tea tin,,,,,,,

Tiny Vintage bottles,,,,,,each one unique. "Never judge a garage sale by it's cover, you never know what you're going to find!" 50 each,,,,,,the photo is pretty good, but these are awesome!

Old Western Buckles,,,,,,

Little Vintage Gift Wrap "How to",,,,,,Free

Electric Teapot (Grandma said it works) a Buck,,,,,,and why I had to have this trophy, I'm not sure,,,,maybe the turquoise crown????

And finally,,,,,,,Shew! I know I bought a lot of Cra*,,,,,,stuff! Some lovely Vintage linens, fabric, embroidery and a darling little baby dress.......

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week doing whatever you love to do! I'll be workin' in Joyworks this weekend,,,,and if it's 80+ degrees, we'll probably be pricing Christmas!!! Customers always look at us like we have two heads, pricing Christmas in the Summer, but it's gotta get done!!

Stop in and say hi if you're shopping during the 85+ days! And bring me a Non-fat iced latte while you're at it!!You can try on our new cozy sweaters/wool coats and fuzzy scarves! HA (AC in the Clothing room)

Have a great weekend!!
Hugs, Love and an "Cool" Bus on the Cheek!