Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wrinkled Ladies

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Sunday Funny,,,,thanks Deb for sharing!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Borrowing "Miss Pearl" and Happy Memorial Day!

Okay,So...... you meet some friends through blogging,,,,and you get to know them really well. It's kind of weird because you feel like you were meant to be close, despite the distance, the age, the interests. But, You get attached. You KNOW that at some point you are going to meet these women, men, because well, they've just become a part of your everyday life!

So today,,,,I'm borrowing a photo from Maggie,,,,,I don't think she'll mind, on several counts!

This is "Miss Pearl." And although Maggie is basically a Southern Belle, sometimes "Miss Pearl" just comes out instead,,,,when she has "had enough."

Okay,,,,,,I've HAD enough!!! The aforementioned Maggie is still SUPPOSED to be resting in bed,,,she has two broken vertabrae,,,,,but apparently she isn't FULLY following docs orders. This has been going on for several weeks! Ackkk! But when she does post, it's hysterical so it's hard to tell her to REST. (She's got a fun giveaway that is posted on my sidebar, so just go over and "click" to enter......)

And now, our mutual "connection" and my Bestest Blog friend  from Coastal Sisters, Lulu, has "snuck" out of bed and emailed to let me know she has pneumonia in BOTH Lungs!

On top of that, it is SO wet and SO rainy here for May that I think my Golden Retriever Kodi is suffering from SAD. (If you're not from a rainy, gloomy place that is Seasonal Affective Disorder.) Maggie's selling her home in Texas,,,,,,and I'm tempted if THIS keeps up!

And, I need to call my dear friend Laura and find out how Bella,,,the aforementioned dog is doing,,,,,I don't know if I have it in me!

They just showed a piece on our local "KING 5 NEWS" of Brad who owns a Hardware store here in town and how he is selling out of Tarps,,,,for Campers in the area.

I am SO headed to the tanning booth on Monday,,and Maybe I'll see if Kelli has a  doggie booth for Kodi too! Hope you have a great weekend Near or Far!

I am also thinking about our Veterans and those that have served their Country. Thankfully, I lost no loved ones to wars. My Dad served (WWII) my brother...10 years older than me, served (Viet Nam) and my son Andrew served as a Marine, two tours in Iraq.....I strongly believe that we need to honor all those that have served, in spite of our political convictions....for they served for ALL of us!!

Have a great weekend with friend and family, wherever you are, and whatever the weather! "Miss Pearl" and I are going to have a soak in the tub,,,,not together,,,,that would just be weird!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blooms, Baguettes and Basil,,,,,Snohomish Farmer's Market!

Well, it's apparent, us Washingtonian's aren't letting a chilly spring keep us indoors! I stopped by the Thursday Farmers Market today,,,and it was hopping!

Picked up a bouquet of Pink Peonies,,one of my favorites!

Lots of the "regular" Market Vendors and a few new! I'll try to remember my camera one of these visits. I bought some herb starts for my garden,  fresh mixed greens, and a Baguette from the Snohomish Bakery. Just bringing them in the house was a sensory celebration!

Spring IS here whether our weather is cooperating or not!

Happy Thursday, Hugs,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feathers & Flowers-Finished some hairclips today

Ugh,,,sinus headache! Maybe I inhaled a feather  or two today???? Made some whimsical Hairclips today for a couple of upcoming shows.....Then again, I don't think you'd have to put them in your hair, they could be used to embelish.........

Headache, headache go away,,,,,come again another day! Ackkk!

Neutrals clips,,Feathers, Vintage and handmade flowers, bits of lace/pearls

Pastel clips...............

Feather "flowers"
I think these might have been the most fun to make,,,,,,,,

Time to catch up on some posts!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun time and Fun Finds Pacific Galleries with Penny

Wow! I'm on sensory overload! Penny took me to Pacific Galleries in Seattle today,,,,,and Antique Mall extravaganza just south of the Ball Fields. I'm not sure if I'm REALLY glad she took me, or not,,,,there was Eye Candy EVERYWHERE!!!! Ackkk!

We shopped for 4 hours,,,,and that flew by! I really enjoyed shopping with Penny, we enjoy so many of the same things......."oooooooh look!" "Wow!" "Oh my Lord, that is amazing."

And, Amazingly, I shopped conservatively,,as I would like to have had ONE of Everything! And even more amazingly because I'm not much of a bargain hunter, but everything I found there was ON SALE! And it was only some booths that had sales going on,!

So here's the goodies I found,,,,,and all together it was $70!

These two resin reliefs,appx 18" $14 bucks for the pair! I think I may paint them, not sure yet.

This mannequin head was in GREAT shape! She was $23-half price!

I dont know whether it was because we'd been shopping for 4 hours and I was totally wired/over stimulated visually or needed to eat, but when Penny and I were checking out and I looked at her again I thought,
"She kind of looks like Adam Lambert", which I then shared with Penny and the two people working at the counter. We all had a good laugh and then one of them said, "Well, she kind of looks like Liza Minelli too."
So,,,,,I've dubbed her "Aliza" A for Adam and well, Liza. 

Great Vintage Hat  with tons of fun goodies! $18

Well, you may guess where these little bits and pieces will end up eventually....But it'll have to be a really worthy project to take it apart!

 Guitar Earrings,,,,Italian $10.00

Sorry, this photo is bad,,,I don't think I could photograph them any better because they are resin, so the lights just bounce all over/through. They have gold painted accents and as you can see, aqua, coral, creme and gold flowers incased in the resin........They just made me happy! And would be fun to wear Junking Or,,,,,,,Going to Farm Chicks!

I got coverage at work so I'm headed to Spokane for Farm Chicks a week from Friday! Not sure yet WHO I am going with or where I'm staying,,,but I'll be there! Too fun!

But today? Seriously, I can't wait to go back! Such gorgeous stuff to peruse,,,even though most of it is REALLY high end! And funny thing was, it made me appreciate some of the things I already have even more and mentally thank some of our more local Antique shops where I've found some really awesome things a bit more reasonably-Thanks Annie, Kimberley,etc! But I'm sure I'll be headed back south once in a while too!

And Thanks Penny, my dear, I had Such a great time with you today!

Hugs to all!

Girl Day with Penny!

My friend and co-worker Penny is taking me to Pacific Galleries in Seattle today,,,,uh oh! I just looked at their website......

Photo from their website.........

This could be trouble~


Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Blog under Construction

I know, after reading the header your saying "New Blog? -I can't keep up with all the OTHER blogs!"So it's not like you have to follow it or even check it out,,,but it's kind of  evolved into a "Heady" crafting thing this last year,,,So this one is just Headwear-crowns, birthday hats, headbands,,,etc.....I want to add some fun images of hats and materials I find making some of these "puppies." So,,,It may just be one of those blogs that you don't NEED to follow or visit if you're not "into that kind of thing....

Ah! The Glam, the Romance!

But, ask yourself this and you might understand a bit better as to why I saw a need to create this other entity...Do you have trouble remembering what you made last  month? Let alone last year? I do. This morning I was looking at some pics from over the last year and decided to create a new "little" blog. Partly because sometimes I try some new technique and then FORGET about it,,,,so it's kind of a reference point for me...But if you're into hats, crafting, using and trying different materials,,,,,than you MAY be interested!

It is TRULY still under construction, but if you want to pop over and take a peek, I'd love any ideas you guys have!

And please note: If you have any funny, interesting or great hat/crown photos-(Like your great Aunt Celia in touring car or your kids with hat's made out of newspaper print, or just a lovely crown photo you created or found and want to share, let me know! I'll make sure credit is given!)
And again,,,,this new "baby" has a LONG way to go! But if you'd like pop on over it's"

Hope you had a great weekend! Shell


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers today for Friends old and New

This has been a tough week for some of my friends, they are in my thoughts and Prayers! My BFF Laura has a very sick "Bella" Dog. If it wasn't for Bella I may never have met Laura. I took Bella in as a "supposed stray" back about 13 years ago...Laura and I have been friends ever since.

Laura and I at a friend's Wedding last summer,,,Hot and Bright!

I sat on her kitchen floor last night stroking Bella while Laura prepared some chicken and liver,,No luck. Bell's got a tumor and pneumonia,,,,if they can't get the pneumonia under control, they can't remover the tumor...

And, although neither one of them is in "Blogland" to speak of right now, Thoughts and Prayers going out to Maggie at Just Between Us who had a bad accident and is still down after well over a week and may more than likely be down for several more!!

And, big hugs to  My BestBloggingFriendForever, of Coastal Sisters. LULU!!,,,get over that nasty respitory crud missy!

Now, will the rest of you just stay Healthy, Happy and Safe???? I can only deal with so many friends in distress at one time!!!

Big Hugs to friends Old and New!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

If the Vest Fits.....alteration and embellishing

Yesterday, at Joyworks we got in these darling cotton vests, unfortunately however, I'm not a size 12 anymore-I'm more like a REALLY generous 14 and I'm not even going to say the "six" word.. .
I'd thought about sewing my own similar version,,,,,but egads, I HATE making ruffles! So,,,,,Plan "B" ensued

So, I looked at this darling vest and thought how I might alter it a BIT......
Plenty long (I'm about 5'10...) Didn't involve the waistline,,thank heavens, because I no longer HAVE one!

Fun ruffles on the backside and since I haven't much "junk in my trunk" so I thought it could work there too!
(Pay no attention to the black cat in the upper corner....I'd barely turned this thing over to show you the back and she had to join in on the action.)

So, I added some Cotton lace trim insets into the shoulder seams to give me a little more room through the arms ,,and not one to leave things alone,,,,Some Cremey nylon Ribbon Roses I cut off a Trim and "burned slightly around the edges (they were mounted on nylon tulle)

I made a few cotton lace "rosebuds", added some Cotton lace to the inner edge, added a few ribbons and sewed on a few pearls,,,,,

Finished Product

Wow, what a concept, it actually FITS  now too!!

Happy Friday!
Off to make an emergency Crown~


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Headbands and Hold on to your Hats Ladies!

I had fun making some new embellished headbands today for a Wedding show this weekend and for a couple of Junking events! If you live locally, you'd best hold on to your Headband, Hat or Crown,,,,,we're in for a blustery STORM here in Washington!

Here's today's Headwear,,,and some are over the top! I just had so much fun making them! I think the names I chose suit them!

"Mocha Madness"
Chocolates, Creme and Golds- Vintage Gold and Creme Millenery here.

Well, this name was certainly appropriate this morning,,,,I had to run to the local Latte' Stand for a Triple! No coffee in the house,,,Ackkk!!!

"Fruit Salad"

I bought this Vintage Millenery piece from Mary, Annie's cohort awhile back and didn't know what I'd do with it, but I loved it! I think its fun on this headband with wisps of tulle and scrunched ribbon!

"Pink  Chick"

This was created with a certain friend in mind for a certain "Chick" Event coming up soon...I think it would suit her well,,,I'll wait and see if it's what she had in mind!

"Blushing Babe"

Pink, black and cremes,with vintage flowers and vintage dotted pink tulle!


"Gaga Junkin"

Okay,,,,,,this one certainly takes a  someone with a strong personality or sense of selft, to even THINK about trying it on...
Hey, if you've Got it, Flaunt it! If you DON'T Fake it!
But if I get an email from Lady Gaga,,,look out!

"Junkin' Diva"

Black Rose, Pearls, Vintage Gold Millenery Leaves, 'nuff said!

"Verry Cherry"

Bits of Red, Black, Guinea Feathers,,,,,subtle, but makes a fun "fruity" statement!

"Blue Chick"

Vintage Creme flower, pearls, millenery tulle and powder blue flowers. I recently sold another headband to a friend in these tones with light blonde hair and blue eyes,,,,she was just too cute!

"Envious Chick"

Creme and Minty Green, Vintage  velvet Hydrangeas..Plumage and Tulle..

I also started playing with Tulle, Nylon Ribbon and Fire today! Kay (From Joyworks) inspired me when I saw a flower she'd made for Jana's Birthday Package.....she said she "burned" the edges of the tulle on the black flower she made. I had fun seeing how heat can mold/soften the nylon! I'm going to play a bit more with it and see what kind of flowers I can create........Too fun to try new things!

Hope you had a great day! I was laughing (to myself) today while making these headbands...maybe I worked in a Saloon or Brothel in a former life??? I had So much fun playing with these materials! Hope you enjoy the images,,,,,,,,and I swear, one of these days I'll break down and buy a REAL camera!!!

Hugs and love,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finds Part Deux,,,Have a clue?

I recently spotted this doll at an Antique mall and kicked myself for about a week for not buying her when I first saw her. Fortunately, I went back yesterday and she was STILL there! Anyone have a clue as to her make or age?

I am not a doll collector. I could maybe spot a Madame Alexander Doll and of course Chatty Cathy,,otherwise I'm clueless! I didn't pay much for this one, I just really liked the look of her and she was a STEAL!

Her Face, arms and legs are porcelain and she stands about 2ft tall.

OOps! "Nekkid" pic! She's all hand sewn and I think the base was made recently,,,,pretty clever though, made out of an old coat hanger on a wooden base.

I actually know the woman who was selling her, if I can track her down, maybe she can tell me more! Just curious, I don't think she's worth a lot, I just like her! Interestingly, the woman I bought it from? Her name is Marie........
She's going to need some finery down the road and duh, a crown!

Couple other quick finds from this week

Rhinestone buttons from Saturday's Faire

A vintage Wilton Cake Topper

And I found another fun Bird Vase to add to my collection. Again, I don't know anything about the era of these pieces,,,,,,but I love the colors and textures.......

Here, seen with the rest of my "Flock."

Today is clean and organize the Studio Day,,Ack! And I have a helper that LOVES to organize-Anastasia visiting from DC! 
  Hope you have a great Day!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Gift, Giveaway and Finds!


First of all, I need to thank Linda Smith from ASwapforallSeasons
She sent me a wonderful surprise package! A darling vintage cigar box packed with "Creamy" Vintage goodness!
Look at all these fun treasures! Buttons, darling cotton lace, old photos and flowers, Button Earrings-too cute! Gorgeous Ribbon-wrapped with a fantastic rhinestone buckle, doillies and more! And oh yeah! The cutest package of bird rubber stamps,,,not shown because I tore into them and used them last week!  Thank you SO much Linda for this wonderful gift,,,,,you shouldn't have,,,but I'm glad you did! Check out the fun Swaps Linda hosts! She does a great job!

Then, Mimi Charmante hosted a blog Giveaway that I posted about and frankly, I didn't even think about the giveaway so much as I wanted  you all to see her GORGEOUS Photos from her recent trip to France. And, dog gonnit! I was one of three winners of her "crafting destash!"

Too fun! Ribbons, gorgeous beaded trim, beads, asst. ephemera, a fun stamped "Junk" spoon, flowers music tin,,,,,,and did I mention Ribbons???? Thank you so much! Make sure you check out her blog, it is awesome!!

This weekend, I also got a "Trendy Blog Award" from the sweet Regan  at

Thank you Regan, I'm honored to be on your list, let alone at the top!
So, my top 10,,,,FOR TODAY,,,,because it changes depending on mood, visits, are-
The first 10 on my "Blogs I follow" links!
Accck, I know you say that's cheating,,,but I like to mix things up a bit!
Visit Regan's lovely blog above for her other fav's!

And, here, as promised, are my "finds" this weekend........As previously mentioned, I didn't have much shopping time and missed about a third of the booths,,,,,,but I still think I found some fun stuff,,,,starting with THIS STEAL!!! ACKKK!

Okay,,,,check out this Jar. I put all the glass beads and garlands back in it,,everything was cushioned by the tinsel to the right.......This BABY was $10Bucks,,,,with ALL of the following packed inside it SO TIGHTLY,,,,it was hard to even get it all out! Ackkk!

Small Glass Balls, and Bells! White Deer, which I've been collecting for quite a few years! It was like she packed this jar full of Goodies for me!

Also full of Vintage lights,,,,,,Oh my stars! Lantern bulbs, bubble lights and a couple dozen of those cute hexagon shaped bulbs! I'm tellin' ya!

Reflectors and German Dresden-We're still talking the SAME Jar full!

I paid her "a Buck" for the Vintage Angel light on the right,,but the fun gal on the left was in the JAR!

Vintage plastic Trolls and old Santa Candles,still packed in that magic JAR,,,I know your saying, "Shell, I'm glad you are so excited,,,,but

enough!"But,,,,oh, no! One more bunch! And maybe my Favorites!
Okay,,,,,Shut up! Look at all these vintage pics,,,,many are stamped "Japan." I know you have to be "in" to this little stuff,,,,,,but trust me I am! I feel like I need to go pay her at LEAST 3 times what I paid for this haul!
Again,,,,,,ALL in one little $10 jar! SCORE Baby!!!! I'm telling you, it was like "Mary Poppins" magic bag,,,,,I just kept pulling out one magic surprise after another!

Okay, calming oneself.  Deep breaths.....

I also found some great Vintage Millenery flowers. Which, I probably paid TOO much for! But well,,,,,,,,,
My sis in law found the fun coral berries for me in HER hunt...These flowers will be fun for headbands or a cake topper..... (I kind of bought the pink after talking to my friend Timi, of]
She wants a pink headband for FARM CHICKS in Spokane next month!

Well, this was a TOO long post I think, although I have a few more "treasures to post." But I'll save them for a day or two! Hope you all had a fun weekend! Created something special, found some family or friend time, or got "lucky" finding some goodies!!!

Hugs and "pieces,"

Holly Kitty water Hunter

This is a bit long,,,,but she's very meticulous about her swipes! Like the computer, Holly likes to "help" when I'm brushing my teeth....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Great Event today! Snohomish's 2nd Annual Anitques and Arts Faire

Well, the weather couldn't have been any better for Todays Event! Snohomish held it's "2nd" Annual Antiques and Art Faire. First Street was lined with booths and awnings with Crafters, Artisan's, Antiques, Vintage Goods! Too fun!

I was working IN Joyworks today, other than a "early bird" peak and hold session! And later a quick shopping trip through the booths, so I only have pics of the Joyworks booth and ITS wares and happenings.....but our booth was HOPPING!  Here ya go-

First of all, let me tell you I work with the most amazing women on the Planet! So--keep  that in mind when you look at these pics!
Okay, check out the altered (and I must say very CUTE shopping cart) They started shopping LONG before the 10:00am opening

Sandi, (Left) helping out EARLY in the booth.
Look at Jana's cute sign overhead. "Joyworks" written in chalk is hard to read, but how cute is that sign???

Here's a sampling of Jill's cute Burlap Bags and Pillows

Here's some of Rita's Cute "Peat Pots." You might try clicking on the image to enlarge, but she started seedlings in peat pellets embellished with sheet music which she then placed in paper egg cartons,,,,,,,SO CUTE! I may "play" with papers,,,,but Rita has a true gift!

Case in point-Rita, Sandi and Jana created this paper masterpiece for one of our mannequins! I only get credit for naming her--Ima Reader. How cute is she? And she enjoyed the sunshine today!

Here's the sweet Kim! She doesn't work with us at Joyworks, but her wonderful mother Luanne does! Kim created the most lovely "planters" out of old silver urns/vases/mailboxes,,,you name it! Fun stuff and I think she had a BUSY day! (I brought her SPF 50 sunscreen, but I think she STILL got a bit PINK!)

Certainly a "Family Affair"-Clarice's son Lane makes these wonderful enclosures out of old windows. I call them "Garden Niches." Too fun! Wouldn't you just love to have one in your yard? I think Lane's creations
did pretty well today too!

We got these fun new signs in that I'm sure we'll have IN Joyworks for sale! Very fun to commerate Snohomish!

More Goodies for Sale!

Jana made this fun "Chandelier" for the Center of the Booth,,,,too fun!

"That's a Big 10-4, Roger, Over and Out"
The only "non" Joyworks pic I took was of my dear friend Annie of, of course, "Annies" on First."
She initiated this event last year and has worked really hard at making it fun, memorable and profitable for all!

Big Hugs and Thanks for all her hard work! She's the BEST!!!

These doll head prints were darling! One of Jana's many creations!

Some of my goodies! Ribbons, Fairies, Tags........

Ackk........Okay this was a LONG post to do. I had my sister in law here last night visiting LATE  and we were up EARLY! She "Did" Funky Junk" yesterday in Puyallup and then came to stay with me! We had a fun time, but I was tired before I even left the house for work this morning!

So fun to see so many friends and bloggers today! Timi (Come Junk with Me), Melaine, (My Sweet Savannah) and "junking buddies" like Trish, regular customers and the NOT so "regs" but those that plan shopping excursions into Snohomish and Joyworks!

I got a couple of "Fun finds" early at the show today that I will share tomorrow or Monday......AND I have to post a couple of "boxes of LOVE" I got  this week-one from a Giveaway,,,,from Mimi Charmante,,,,,,and the other, a wonderful "Surprise" box  full of goodies, from "A Swap for all Seasons"

Hope you are having a good weekend too!