Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers today for Friends old and New

This has been a tough week for some of my friends, they are in my thoughts and Prayers! My BFF Laura has a very sick "Bella" Dog. If it wasn't for Bella I may never have met Laura. I took Bella in as a "supposed stray" back about 13 years ago...Laura and I have been friends ever since.

Laura and I at a friend's Wedding last summer,,,Hot and Bright!

I sat on her kitchen floor last night stroking Bella while Laura prepared some chicken and liver,,No luck. Bell's got a tumor and pneumonia,,,,if they can't get the pneumonia under control, they can't remover the tumor...

And, although neither one of them is in "Blogland" to speak of right now, Thoughts and Prayers going out to Maggie at Just Between Us who had a bad accident and is still down after well over a week and may more than likely be down for several more!!

And, big hugs to  My BestBloggingFriendForever, of Coastal Sisters. LULU!!,,,get over that nasty respitory crud missy!

Now, will the rest of you just stay Healthy, Happy and Safe???? I can only deal with so many friends in distress at one time!!!

Big Hugs to friends Old and New!!


  1. Sending love your way and to all of your friends and loved ones. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. Our family of furry-footed ones sends a bundle of hugs and love to you, Laura, and Bella. Oh how my heart aches for them. We wish Bella a speedy recovery with the pneumonia so that they may heal the rest of her.

  3. sending Bella love,hugs and prayers, I hate to see a doggie sick. hugs JoAnn S


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