Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feathers & Flowers-Finished some hairclips today

Ugh,,,sinus headache! Maybe I inhaled a feather  or two today???? Made some whimsical Hairclips today for a couple of upcoming shows.....Then again, I don't think you'd have to put them in your hair, they could be used to embelish.........

Headache, headache go away,,,,,come again another day! Ackkk!

Neutrals clips,,Feathers, Vintage and handmade flowers, bits of lace/pearls

Pastel clips...............

Feather "flowers"
I think these might have been the most fun to make,,,,,,,,

Time to catch up on some posts!


  1. love the feathers... I have a bunch of old feathers and didn't really know what to do with them. hmmm but methinks I'm too old to wear them on MY head, You have a knack for design, I'll say!

  2. Love the neutrals. You make some great stuff!

  3. These are lovely! Looks like you had some great millinery leaves and flowers at your disposal when creating them, too! SWEET!


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