Friday, May 7, 2010

Sand Point Show tomorrow,,,,,,Check it out!

Deb's getting all set up for the show at Sand Point (Seattle) tomorrow! Her 4x4 was all loaded down with "Gardeny" Cuteness when I saw here earlier today and that was for her SECOND trip to her booth~! Ackk!

She's taking some of my "Bling" to sell in her booth as well. So, IF YOU are LOCAL,, head on down to the west side of Lake Washington and take a gander!

I hit the "wall" creatively and physically about 3:00pm today. Everything priced and listed, a couple of fixtures for Deb to use if she wants. Shew!!!

I finished about 6 more headbands this morning for her to take to the show. My "hunting" yesterday resulted in some decent bases to work with.
This one in Ivory and Chocolate

I tried to snag my neighbor, a former "Miss Washington" as a model today, but her darling daughter Bella (3),had a bad cold and was a bit crabby. (She never is, so I knew she wasn't feeling well) So anyway, Tuula, my newest mannequin head filled in.....She works CHEAP and I told her if the headband sales went well we might spring for a wig, or at least some "body" paint for her~!

"Not Too Blue"

I'm hoping these headbands can be worn in a multitude of ways,,,and not taken "too" seriously. This would work with a prom dress OR with a Jean jacket and a skirt! A bit old, a bit new,,,,,a touch of blue!

"Just Peachy"

Vintage flowers, leaves, tulle and pearls.....

Ivory inspiration

Close up

Okay, so this last one MAY be a little dressier,,,,but if you've "got it, flaunt it!" These will be a "steal" at the craft shows, but I'm going to produce some for a "wedding" friend that said will retail  in her shop for DOUBLE! I will take custom orders on these, just let me know what colors you'd like!

These were too fun to make! I kept apologizing to the "heads" when my glue gun got a bit out of line. "Ewww, Sorry, sorry! "

I sent a couple of boxes of headbands, party hats, paper flowers, victorian cones. hand stamped and crimped ribbons and crowns with Deb. I've done other shows with her, hope tomorrow goes well!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all!
And "Happy Sunshine" for those in the PNW,,,,,Lord knows, we need it after all the nasty weather!



  1. There just Gorgeous. I bet there a sell out!

  2. Best of Luck in the show dear - your headbands are out of this world!


  3. I would wear any of these! Especially the last one. Like you said....if you've got it, flaunt it!!

    Happy Mother's Day Sweets!


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