Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ackkkkk! You need to see and treasure this! Mari from Faded Elegance identified this gorgeous bird!

Thanks Mari! You are awesome! I tried SO hard to find this wonderful bird......Spectacular! And you, my dear, were "Spot ON!"

Indeed, this lovely pair were Western Tanagers, per YOUR insight! Thank you!  Thank you SO much, because they were spectacular, and I felt SO frustrated not to be able to take pics and share,,,,,,,And I just felt SUCH joy for the day and life to just SEE them! They were a sight to behold and cherish!

This is a PERFECT image of what I witnessed this morning over coffee,,,,,,,,All I can say is,
Thank you Lord. for creating such a beautiful creature that I could witness. And Thank YOU so much Mari for giving me the info to find an image of this beautiful creature!



  1. They are very sweet :) What a lovely way to start your day :)

  2. There are so many beautiful blessings to be found every day - even just watching the little birds over a cup of coffee. I love my life and am so grateful for all the beauty around me -

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Shell-

  3. Hi Shell, What a huge blessing to have witness such gorgeous birds! Wow! I've never seen Western Tanagers - they are beautiful! I saw a Scarlet Tanager male once... 30 years ago... for a fleeting few minutes. It still takes my breath away each time I remember. Congratulations on your magic moment - you will remember it for a lifetime!


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