Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Headbands and Hold on to your Hats Ladies!

I had fun making some new embellished headbands today for a Wedding show this weekend and for a couple of Junking events! If you live locally, you'd best hold on to your Headband, Hat or Crown,,,,,we're in for a blustery STORM here in Washington!

Here's today's Headwear,,,and some are over the top! I just had so much fun making them! I think the names I chose suit them!

"Mocha Madness"
Chocolates, Creme and Golds- Vintage Gold and Creme Millenery here.

Well, this name was certainly appropriate this morning,,,,I had to run to the local Latte' Stand for a Triple! No coffee in the house,,,Ackkk!!!

"Fruit Salad"

I bought this Vintage Millenery piece from Mary, Annie's cohort awhile back and didn't know what I'd do with it, but I loved it! I think its fun on this headband with wisps of tulle and scrunched ribbon!

"Pink  Chick"

This was created with a certain friend in mind for a certain "Chick" Event coming up soon...I think it would suit her well,,,I'll wait and see if it's what she had in mind!

"Blushing Babe"

Pink, black and cremes,with vintage flowers and vintage dotted pink tulle!


"Gaga Junkin"

Okay,,,,,,this one certainly takes a  someone with a strong personality or sense of selft, to even THINK about trying it on...
Hey, if you've Got it, Flaunt it! If you DON'T Fake it!
But if I get an email from Lady Gaga,,,look out!

"Junkin' Diva"

Black Rose, Pearls, Vintage Gold Millenery Leaves, 'nuff said!

"Verry Cherry"

Bits of Red, Black, Guinea Feathers,,,,,subtle, but makes a fun "fruity" statement!

"Blue Chick"

Vintage Creme flower, pearls, millenery tulle and powder blue flowers. I recently sold another headband to a friend in these tones with light blonde hair and blue eyes,,,,she was just too cute!

"Envious Chick"

Creme and Minty Green, Vintage  velvet Hydrangeas..Plumage and Tulle..

I also started playing with Tulle, Nylon Ribbon and Fire today! Kay (From Joyworks) inspired me when I saw a flower she'd made for Jana's Birthday Package.....she said she "burned" the edges of the tulle on the black flower she made. I had fun seeing how heat can mold/soften the nylon! I'm going to play a bit more with it and see what kind of flowers I can create........Too fun to try new things!

Hope you had a great day! I was laughing (to myself) today while making these headbands...maybe I worked in a Saloon or Brothel in a former life??? I had So much fun playing with these materials! Hope you enjoy the images,,,,,,,,and I swear, one of these days I'll break down and buy a REAL camera!!!

Hugs and love,


  1. Ca-yoot! Love the Envious Chick & Mocha Madness - my fave colors. FUN!

  2. You have the most original ideas - love these. And yes - I think you could be best friends with Miss Kitty from "Gunsmoke"! I think her girls were seen wearing these a time or two! These are outstanding Miss Shell!


  3. Holy're one creative girlie...great job!

    Warm blessings,

  4. Wow you've been busy! Very creative and cool confections you have there.

  5. My friend Ann and I were invited to an antique dealer's home after we met him at a show in PA. - it seemed he had been hoarded boxes and boxes of French millinery feathers - we drooled when we saw them still in the original boxes and tissue wrap - black, red, vibrant blue - rosettes - you would have had a ball making things from all the goodies we found! Hugs and thanks for being so sweet, Jennifer

  6. I love these!
    I think I would look quite stunning in pink chick!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Those are all fantastic! I am especially partial to "Junkin' Diva" but if you ever make a WSU Coug one...let me know immediately. Missed you at the store today where I picked up the cutest shoes. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog, you made my day. :-)

  8. I'm going to Donate one headband to Timi's Fantabulous Bus Trip to Farm Chicks.....Some "Junkin' Diva will get a bit of "Bling"......


  9. Hi Shelly! Thanks for leaving me a good morning comment! I wish you could have come to funky Junk sisters show too! It was super fun! Thats neat though that you guys are having the antique fair up there I wold love to be able to come to that, so definately they need to get the calendars in sinc! will you be going to FC on the bus with Timi?
    your blog is super!

  10. hi sweetie!
    what wonderful pieces~ my favorite is mocha madness...i think! ;) that may be because i'm holding my cuppa mocha right now!
    have a super weekend!

  11. You are one talented lady. These headbands are so cool! I love your work and your wedding cake toppers are amazing. I have decorated wedding cakes, but these are really wonderful. Would love to have you visit me at my two creative blogs. Come say hi!

  12. Those are stinking CUTE Shelly!!!

  13. I LOVE "very cherry", "blue chick" and "envious chick"! So cute Shelly! I'd love if you sent me one. Surprise me! I'll email you my snail mail address. <3 Thea


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