Friday, May 28, 2010

Borrowing "Miss Pearl" and Happy Memorial Day!

Okay,So...... you meet some friends through blogging,,,,and you get to know them really well. It's kind of weird because you feel like you were meant to be close, despite the distance, the age, the interests. But, You get attached. You KNOW that at some point you are going to meet these women, men, because well, they've just become a part of your everyday life!

So today,,,,I'm borrowing a photo from Maggie,,,,,I don't think she'll mind, on several counts!

This is "Miss Pearl." And although Maggie is basically a Southern Belle, sometimes "Miss Pearl" just comes out instead,,,,when she has "had enough."

Okay,,,,,,I've HAD enough!!! The aforementioned Maggie is still SUPPOSED to be resting in bed,,,she has two broken vertabrae,,,,,but apparently she isn't FULLY following docs orders. This has been going on for several weeks! Ackkk! But when she does post, it's hysterical so it's hard to tell her to REST. (She's got a fun giveaway that is posted on my sidebar, so just go over and "click" to enter......)

And now, our mutual "connection" and my Bestest Blog friend  from Coastal Sisters, Lulu, has "snuck" out of bed and emailed to let me know she has pneumonia in BOTH Lungs!

On top of that, it is SO wet and SO rainy here for May that I think my Golden Retriever Kodi is suffering from SAD. (If you're not from a rainy, gloomy place that is Seasonal Affective Disorder.) Maggie's selling her home in Texas,,,,,,and I'm tempted if THIS keeps up!

And, I need to call my dear friend Laura and find out how Bella,,,the aforementioned dog is doing,,,,,I don't know if I have it in me!

They just showed a piece on our local "KING 5 NEWS" of Brad who owns a Hardware store here in town and how he is selling out of Tarps,,,,for Campers in the area.

I am SO headed to the tanning booth on Monday,,and Maybe I'll see if Kelli has a  doggie booth for Kodi too! Hope you have a great weekend Near or Far!

I am also thinking about our Veterans and those that have served their Country. Thankfully, I lost no loved ones to wars. My Dad served (WWII) my brother...10 years older than me, served (Viet Nam) and my son Andrew served as a Marine, two tours in Iraq.....I strongly believe that we need to honor all those that have served, in spite of our political convictions....for they served for ALL of us!!

Have a great weekend with friend and family, wherever you are, and whatever the weather! "Miss Pearl" and I are going to have a soak in the tub,,,,not together,,,,that would just be weird!



  1. Ha! You are too funny! Hope you have a lovely weekend as well

    Come over to the Forest and join my giveaway!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and The Pixies!

  2. Oh my gosh - you are in deep dispair - must send you some sunshine right away! Have you seen Noah and his ark - if not then I think it will all be OK for you - just hang on a bit longer!


  3. You make me laugh on a dreary, rainy Seattle day. ;-)

  4. Hey Shelly, we've had a long wet spring here too, Just this week have we had our warm weather. We went from 60's to 80's, and not much in between. Hope your weather turns out nice for a while to get you "pumped up"!!! Always so glad to hear from you!

  5. Hi Shell!

    LuLu has pneumonia? What is it with all us sick bloggers??? Maybe we all caught the same computer virus? ;-)

    (that was bad, feel free to groan. LOUDLY)

    hey, send some rain down this way, we'll take it!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. I thought I loved the rain, but we have had it
    this year. Down here in Ridgefield, WA the
    grass it so high and so green, but like a
    swamp. So cold too. There is a sun up there
    somewhere I hope. Maybe once Rose Festival ends
    we'll see a change. We can dream anyway.

  7. LOL, Miss Pearl has spoken! No, I didn't sneak out of the bed, I just leaned over, grabbed my laptop off the floor and waaaaa laaa, instant access to my BFF!! *snort*

    OMG, I am SO much better today I am actually in the den this morning sitting with Pappa Kellogg. He's doing a puzzle and I am catching up on Blog visits! He goes home on Thursday morning :)

    I am SO glad to be up and around since the last 5 days I have felt like I was in the armpit of America!

    I love you to pieces!!


    p.s. You know Maggie and I are not going to do what we are told♥


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