Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cats and Chaos!

Well, as those of you that have pets KNOW, your day can be filled with laughter, tears, messes to clean, and "I should have knowns!" (As in the recent BRIE caper with Kodi, but we'll let that pass.)

This morning, minding MY own business, the dogs created a ruckus that wasn't their usual wrestling sounds as I was perusing the computer. I got up to investigate and once AGAIN Tuxie had "brought me a present."

I walked down the hall to my bedroom to witness two large dogs going crazy, and said cat, trying to perform extreme acrobatics and jumps to reach a bird that was alternating between my 8ft tall bed posts, the curtain rods and light fixture!

Tuxie, my small, but alas, very mighty Huntress

Well, okay, we have a LIVE one! Only problem IS,  I have to get IT out of here with not one, but THREE animals "helping." I threw open my bedroom drapes and windows and ,,,,,,,Thank you! The bird "saw fit" to depart!  Tuxie looked a bit dismayed though.......the dogs thought it was GREAT fun and then settled down for a morning nap! (Ahhh, the dreams!!!!)

Then, after a busy day of Yard work,,,,and oh yeah I bought the G-Darn NEW lawnmower and nearly cried when I couldn't start it MYSELF! I WILL though,,,,,dang it! I SO do not need anyone to DO it for me. But, I digress.......I took a break and logged on and was reading the dear Debra's Post at Common Ground about HER Cats antics,,,,,and was replying when "Suspect #2" decided to once again,,,,,as she routinely does, plant herself between the Keyboard and my Old Monitor.......This is her regular "perch" if I'm online! One musn't forget there is a CAT in their presence while typing! Ackkk!

Holly, taking position as I'm commenting to Debra.........

And, in closing, Kodi, my big Golden Love and Tuxie, the aforementiond huntress just had a conference in the mudroom-apparently Kodi is asking for more "Aviary Entertainment" in the near future...they're negotiating!

It may be MY ZOO,,,,,but I just Live here!

Hugs to all, the furry, the feathered AND the friends!
(Fly little birdies, Fly!)



  1. Hi Shell! I got such a kick out of reading your post - our furry companions make life interesting, don't they? Two dogs is all I can handle... can't imagine throwing a cat in the mix, too! LOL! Tuxie's bed is so adorable! She looks so innocent in that picture...

  2. Hi Shelly, love hearing about "your life with pets"! My favorite thing is getting out of bed in the morning and stepping in a lovely fresh hair ball if you get my drift. Since they are shedding, these seem to be a regular thing...eeeewwwwww! Your kitty is just so cute! I have one that sits on my lap while I'm at the computer and makes "biscuits" constantly, they do keep us entertained!
    Great to hear from you, have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, I love Tuxie in the sink, precious! Indeed, every day life is an amusing one with the antics of furry-footed ones around. But I could never imagine our home without the pitter patter of their footsteps.

    My Chester is like the child I will never have... I cherish his kisses and I am so honored that he needs me as much as I need him! ~ They do love to bring us gifts... I always tell them "thank you for thinking of me" now let lets the little one go, that is if the little one can still do so. They are never too upset about the catch and release, as long as I have given them sufficient kudos for its presence in the first place.

    Wonderful post, Shelly! Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Shell-
    only people that love and own pets - would understand! You should write a book -your pet adventures are so funny!



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