Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun time and Fun Finds Pacific Galleries with Penny

Wow! I'm on sensory overload! Penny took me to Pacific Galleries in Seattle today,,,,,and Antique Mall extravaganza just south of the Ball Fields. I'm not sure if I'm REALLY glad she took me, or not,,,,there was Eye Candy EVERYWHERE!!!! Ackkk!

We shopped for 4 hours,,,,and that flew by! I really enjoyed shopping with Penny, we enjoy so many of the same things......."oooooooh look!" "Wow!" "Oh my Lord, that is amazing."

And, Amazingly, I shopped conservatively,,as I would like to have had ONE of Everything! And even more amazingly because I'm not much of a bargain hunter, but everything I found there was ON SALE! And it was only some booths that had sales going on,!

So here's the goodies I found,,,,,and all together it was $70!

These two resin reliefs,appx 18" $14 bucks for the pair! I think I may paint them, not sure yet.

This mannequin head was in GREAT shape! She was $23-half price!

I dont know whether it was because we'd been shopping for 4 hours and I was totally wired/over stimulated visually or needed to eat, but when Penny and I were checking out and I looked at her again I thought,
"She kind of looks like Adam Lambert", which I then shared with Penny and the two people working at the counter. We all had a good laugh and then one of them said, "Well, she kind of looks like Liza Minelli too."
So,,,,,I've dubbed her "Aliza" A for Adam and well, Liza. 

Great Vintage Hat  with tons of fun goodies! $18

Well, you may guess where these little bits and pieces will end up eventually....But it'll have to be a really worthy project to take it apart!

 Guitar Earrings,,,,Italian $10.00

Sorry, this photo is bad,,,I don't think I could photograph them any better because they are resin, so the lights just bounce all over/through. They have gold painted accents and as you can see, aqua, coral, creme and gold flowers incased in the resin........They just made me happy! And would be fun to wear Junking Or,,,,,,,Going to Farm Chicks!

I got coverage at work so I'm headed to Spokane for Farm Chicks a week from Friday! Not sure yet WHO I am going with or where I'm staying,,,but I'll be there! Too fun!

But today? Seriously, I can't wait to go back! Such gorgeous stuff to peruse,,,even though most of it is REALLY high end! And funny thing was, it made me appreciate some of the things I already have even more and mentally thank some of our more local Antique shops where I've found some really awesome things a bit more reasonably-Thanks Annie, Kimberley,etc! But I'm sure I'll be headed back south once in a while too!

And Thanks Penny, my dear, I had Such a great time with you today!

Hugs to all!


  1. Love those guitar earrings - and I will be darn - that doll head DOES look just like Adam Lambert - hilarious!!!


  2. I just might have to check out that place as well! Looks great!
    So, I finally looked at your profile pic a little better and realized that you helped me at JoyWorks on Sunday night. I bought that brown ruffled scarf and cute blue flower ring. I used a gift certificate that I had won at one of the shop's events.
    Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't realize it was you, or I would've stayed a few minutes to introduce myself. I'll be at Faded Elegance on Thursday for her craft night event, maybe I'll see you there?

  3. I just emailed you my number. ;-)

  4. a-mazing. Thanks for sharing your fun/wild shopping trip. Almost like i was there.. yeah, almost! ha

  5. Hi Shell . . . thanks for stopping by Ormolulu and commenting (sometimes blogging is lonely). I'll be in Bay 1, #124 & 125--please say hello at Farm Chicks!

    Speaking of Pac Gal, I'm also in "Madison Park 14" there as well. Seattle is expensive to sell in (I live in Bellingham), but the customer base is fantastic and diverse. You can always email me directly if you see something you like!


  6. Sounds like fun. I always like getting new display ideas when shopping and memory jogs about something I may have packed away.

  7. Ok Shell... MUST HAVE DETAILS on what antique place(s) you went to! Is this the big shop that faces the water, under the viaduct??? Look at all of those goodies you found! Wow! LOVE that adorable hat!!


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