Monday, May 3, 2010

One more round of Tussie Mussies and some thoughts on the weather......

I had a custom request for a Tussie Mussie for my friend Dana, so today I finished 3 and have ONE more to finish. I'll let HER choose one, and the rest will go to one of the shows coming up!  I won't post any more of these after this, but these TOO were fun to make and if you ever want a custom one, just contact me.

Dana supplied me with the paper and some of the ribbon she liked (all from Joyworks) I LOVE the colors in this paper and it has a great heavier weight. (The ones I did on Friday were also from the same company that is from Joyworks as well.)

                                                                       (Close up)
For some reason, the darker pink ribbon I used on this one appears to be a bluer toned pink than it actually is, probably my camera OR my editing!

I'm lovin' these colors, too fun to work with!

Close up of above
Definitely my Editing! This Rosette of crepe paper actually looks BLACK here, but it's made of Dark Olive Vintage Crepe Paper! However, the Rick Rackey Velvet Ribbon IS the right shade and the same color on the "Tussie" shown above!

Lots of "light" Chocolate Brown crepe on this one.

Close up
Well, this one seems a BIT closer! I'm thinking it's all this dark and stormy weather we're having here today!

The power went out for a couple seconds, it's been SUPER Windy! The last of my Lilac Blossoms are blowing around like purple SNOW!

Other than that, I'm "brewing up" a few supplies! Coffee staining paper, Tags, some cardstock. My kitchen and my Craft studio smell like Starbucks! (Although I buy from a local roaster)
Too funny, my dishdrainer is full of ribbons, fabric, and tags.
Good thing I live alone!

Our weather in Washington State, as of late, has been, well less than Spring like as I recently mentioned. Storms last night and today were gusty, rainy and cold. But hey, I live in the "Evergreen State," named very appropriately, because YES it IS EVER GREEN,,,,and the most beautiful place in the world on a sunny day.

My heart goes out to all those in the south faced with Flooding, and with the pending damage from the Oil Spill. I cannot even imagine. Counting my blessings and saying a prayer for ALL in distress!
The flesh, the feathered, the flora, the fauna



  1. your tussies are so pretty. I love those colors as well. And I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your very sweet comment on my blog post about my dad. You are very kind, I feel sad that you can empathize and sorry to hear that you lost your mother. Coping is a long journey. Best wishes to you and I must say you have a gorgeous looking blog. Hope you have a great day!
    Vintiquites Workshop

  2. Cutest ones yet- love the colors of these!
    We have been covered up with rain last few days - lots of flooding here. A big fat mess. Hate that part - but I really did enjoy our rainy Sunday - got so much done here in the Sacred Yarn Room. (Knitting you know what!) LOL!!


  3. Shelly, these are too YUMMY!

    P.S. did you stop by to pick up your surprise yet????

  4. Shelly honey you are just the sweetest girlfriend. I loved the comments you left for me about my fall. I am slowly recovering hopefully it will not take as long as they say.
    Yes we are a lot a like...just wish we lived closer to enjoy each others company..hahaha
    These tussies are really pretty how you find the time to do so much amazes me.
    Take care


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