Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Black and White and Pink all Over?

What's Black and White and Pink all Over?

JANA'S  Birthday Party Today!

Our theme for the Guest Of Honor was
"Coco Chanel"
Everyone wore their best pearls, Black and White and Pink!

The always Chic Sandi, and Amy in the background (Jana's Baby sister) straightening things a bit!

Gifts Galore! Where's the Birthday Girl???

Here She is! Oooh La La!
How cute is she in her ruffles and pearls?

And look at the lovely lunch that Clarice provided for us all! Fantastic fruit salad (yumm, this was better than it looked even!) Tossed Greens and Chicken Salad Pita's! I'm tellin' ya!

Okay,,,,,,,Bring on the Gifts!
Kay decorated her package with the cutest black rose she MADE....and pearls to boot!

(As the Celebration progressed, Jana is wearing MORE and MORE flowers! I wish I would have taken a pic at the end of our gathering,,,,She was TRULY adorned in them!!)
But look what was inside this beautiful package!!!!

This book from Kay is Gorgeous! Great images!

Gorgeous planter full of Blooms from Luanne! We're going to turn Jana into a gardener yet!
(God Bless Dean for watering the plants.)
Luanne gave her a cute little wire garden bench too, but my camera had other plans, apparently.

Sandi gave Jana this darling bag embellished with,,,,of COURSE-Pearls! If you look through the mesh bag carefully, you can see the gorgeous fabric flower Sandi made, complete with a Lilly of the Valley Pin-Jana's Fav flowers.

I know what your saying,,who needs MEN when you have friends/coworkers that know what you like!

Case in Point,,,,,,look what  ELSE was IN that darling bag!

Gourmet Chocolates from a new Chocolatier in Leavenworth!
I don't see any sharing going on here!

And, I'm telling you, I think there is something in the water, because EVERYONE at Joyworks has been  getting crafty! Kay, making her darling flowers, Jill, making her fun pillows and now these BAGS (She'll have some at the show THIS Saturday for sale!) Luanne making darling garden things....You'd best come on Saturday to see what's up!

I made Jana this little "Chanel" purse.....okay, I bought it at BIG LOTS  but, embellished it with  a little black tulle, ribbons and a Brass Button.
I filled it with some little goodies and  also gave her one of my new wreaths.

Fun, fun gift from Penny too,,,,,,a darling display box full of crystals, embellishments, and goodies!
And,,,,,,,the cutest G-Darn tin of flowers and other goodies from our dear Rita, who wasn't able to make it today! And,,,,,I am SO buying a really good camera one of these days! Right after I buy a new lawn mower...Dang, the mundane and necessary AGAIN takes priority!

So the Finale?

Dessert from our Fabulous Jill!
Raspberry Cheesecake mini-cakes!

Happy Birthday Jana Girl! Hope you enjoyed your Soiree!
(Coco had nothing on you! You are amazing!)



  1. wow, I am breathless. What great friends! and What a show! pant pant

  2. I'm a Lucky Girl!
    I loved my Chanel party and all my great gifts!!
    Thank you so much!!

  3. How pretty! I love the colors used in the theme of the party! Great gifts she got, too.

  4. What a FABULOUS party, Shelly! Everyone is so BEAUTIFUL! The buffet looked amazing ... all the gifts wrapped so deliciously! Those cheese cake mini-cakes look divine!!! :)

    Oh how I miss Leavenworth! What a delightful town it is! One feels as though they has stepped far away into the Alps for a mini respite when visiting this quaint villa.

    Should you ever make your way over to Colfax again ... let me know, my home is always open to you! :))) Blessed day to you, my friend!

  5. I meant to tell you I'm thrilled that you put my banner up as a favorite! Haven't figured out how to make a button yet! Jennifer jennsthreegraces!

  6. she told me about all this.. She is a lucky girl! She deserves it. I loved what u guys did.. I want a party like that.!lol..


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