Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Great Event today! Snohomish's 2nd Annual Anitques and Arts Faire

Well, the weather couldn't have been any better for Todays Event! Snohomish held it's "2nd" Annual Antiques and Art Faire. First Street was lined with booths and awnings with Crafters, Artisan's, Antiques, Vintage Goods! Too fun!

I was working IN Joyworks today, other than a "early bird" peak and hold session! And later a quick shopping trip through the booths, so I only have pics of the Joyworks booth and ITS wares and happenings.....but our booth was HOPPING!  Here ya go-

First of all, let me tell you I work with the most amazing women on the Planet! So--keep  that in mind when you look at these pics!
Okay, check out the altered (and I must say very CUTE shopping cart) They started shopping LONG before the 10:00am opening

Sandi, (Left) helping out EARLY in the booth.
Look at Jana's cute sign overhead. "Joyworks" written in chalk is hard to read, but how cute is that sign???

Here's a sampling of Jill's cute Burlap Bags and Pillows

Here's some of Rita's Cute "Peat Pots." You might try clicking on the image to enlarge, but she started seedlings in peat pellets embellished with sheet music which she then placed in paper egg cartons,,,,,,,SO CUTE! I may "play" with papers,,,,but Rita has a true gift!

Case in point-Rita, Sandi and Jana created this paper masterpiece for one of our mannequins! I only get credit for naming her--Ima Reader. How cute is she? And she enjoyed the sunshine today!

Here's the sweet Kim! She doesn't work with us at Joyworks, but her wonderful mother Luanne does! Kim created the most lovely "planters" out of old silver urns/vases/mailboxes,,,you name it! Fun stuff and I think she had a BUSY day! (I brought her SPF 50 sunscreen, but I think she STILL got a bit PINK!)

Certainly a "Family Affair"-Clarice's son Lane makes these wonderful enclosures out of old windows. I call them "Garden Niches." Too fun! Wouldn't you just love to have one in your yard? I think Lane's creations
did pretty well today too!

We got these fun new signs in that I'm sure we'll have IN Joyworks for sale! Very fun to commerate Snohomish!

More Goodies for Sale!

Jana made this fun "Chandelier" for the Center of the Booth,,,,too fun!

"That's a Big 10-4, Roger, Over and Out"
The only "non" Joyworks pic I took was of my dear friend Annie of, of course, "Annies" on First."
She initiated this event last year and has worked really hard at making it fun, memorable and profitable for all!

Big Hugs and Thanks for all her hard work! She's the BEST!!!

These doll head prints were darling! One of Jana's many creations!

Some of my goodies! Ribbons, Fairies, Tags........

Ackk........Okay this was a LONG post to do. I had my sister in law here last night visiting LATE  and we were up EARLY! She "Did" Funky Junk" yesterday in Puyallup and then came to stay with me! We had a fun time, but I was tired before I even left the house for work this morning!

So fun to see so many friends and bloggers today! Timi (Come Junk with Me), Melaine, (My Sweet Savannah) and "junking buddies" like Trish, regular customers and the NOT so "regs" but those that plan shopping excursions into Snohomish and Joyworks!

I got a couple of "Fun finds" early at the show today that I will share tomorrow or Monday......AND I have to post a couple of "boxes of LOVE" I got  this week-one from a Giveaway,,,,from Mimi Charmante,,,,,,and the other, a wonderful "Surprise" box  full of goodies, from "A Swap for all Seasons"

Hope you are having a good weekend too!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! I would probably camp out there! ;) What an amazing fair!!! I would be broke if I went there!

    By the way, I gave you an award! come check it out....

  2. Hi Shell, Wow - looks like it was a fabulous day! LOVE Ima Reader and the garden niches from old windows. So creative!

  3. Oh Shell - what wonderful picturres. That looked like it was such a wonderful and fun filled day! Love all the creative talent that was displayed - such to die for creations! I would have loved spending the day there! Can't wait to see the goodies that you will show us that you bought!

    I also had wonderful treasure hunting weekend at the Springfield Ohio flea market - went for the weekend and had a ball!

    Love you Shell~~~


  4. that settles it, I have GOT to get over to Snohomish and visit this shop!!! I'll have to do something really good for DH so he'll drive me!!! and let me SHOP

  5. The Antique Fair was so well done - BRAVO to all the wonderful women who put it together! Great display and those rustic window "Garden Niches" were to die for!
    I had such a great time and my mom & I had fun shopping at JoyWorks - as usual!

  6. Shelly, looked like paradise! Wished I had been there... loved "Ima Reader, she was lovely! And the Garden Niches were awesome ... very enchanting!

    The day reminds me of the Bellevue Arts Fair or Bumbershoot. Oh, how I used to love wondering through all of the wonderful booths, admiring the whimsical and creative pieces so thoughtfully mastered up by talented hands and finding a treasure or two or three to bring home! Happy days they were!:)))

  7. looks like lots of fun, and all i did was work lol. love the booth ,joyworks. hugs JoAnn S


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