Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birds and Headband Hunts!

I woke up at some ungodly hour this morning,,,,pre 5:00  AM with my mind swimming and thoughts of projects TO DO and decided to just "go with it." Fed the felines and hounds while navigating the kitchen sink and coffee pot. When they were satiated, I sat on the back porch drinking my "drug of choice." The birds were greeting the day in a chorus of songs, but I heard a "new" song in my huge old lilac bush.

 I looked up and saw the most magnificent birds I've ever seen outside of a cage or some warm, tropical region. There were a pair of birds I've never seen in this area. And, trust me, I've seen alot! We get the rare large white owl sightings, some gorgeous hummingbirds, the noisy but stunning blue jays,,majestic Bald Eagles, hawks and I've even had a Falcon in my sideyard scoping out the birds/nests in my nearby Pyramadalis hedge, BUT these two were spectacular! Red/orange heads that melted into bright yellow with bits of white and black in their masks. And my G-Darn Camera was dead! Oh sure! The "posed" repeatedly, like stars and starletts on the red carpet awaiting their due....and ALL I could do was admire!

So, I just sat there and watched them in all there glory-wondering how they truly COULD survive in this lush, but yet all GREEN environment! I mean, that Red/Orange and bright yellow stuck out like a sore thumb! I just sipped my coffee and watched and truly said "thank you" to these gorgeous creatures, for making my morning! The were AWEsome!

I looked online to try and find their likeness,,,and somewhere in this cluttered old house I have a book on Birds of North America,,,,I'm on a quest to find out who or what they were!

My MAIN "Quest" today sent me in search of more satin headbands to embellish. I did several last week and have been searching for more that were relatively inexpensive. I shopped/hunted/searched for most of the day! Ackk! Found some that will work today, and, in some other colors which will be fun to work with -browns/greens/red and creme.,,,still waiting to hit the "Mother Lode!" I contacted one supplier and they are back ordered till the end of June, not much help if you have shows in the next couple of WEEKS! Any suggestions on suppliers, comment or email, thanks!

I seem to have a "thing" about headwear as of late. Lots of hats/mini crowns and headbands! And, few odds and ends to finish up for Deb's (GardenParty)  booth at Sand Point on Saturday!

Soooooooo.   Back to "Shell's Little Sweat Shop." That would be moi, I figure I make less per hour than a lot of laborers in 3rd world countries,,,and I'm SURE I'm not alone! But I love it!

Happy Crafting/hunting and "bird watching!"

Hugs and love,


  1. your birds sound like western tanagers. one of my favorites!

  2. Mari,,,,
    I'm going to check them out right now! Thanks! I'll get back to you or post if that's the case!

    Big hugs and thanks,

  3. Your little "sweatshop" comment made me laugh out loud! You know - as a crafter - we can never ever make what our crafts are worth - and the reality of it is that we do actually get paid about what workers make in third world countries! But we do it for the love right---!

    Your creations are just beautiful. That headband is stunning!



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