Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Custom Birthday Hats, and Mini Flags........

As most of you know,,,,,,I'm all over the board,,,,,or a BIT ADD with my crafting! Working on some paper Crafts for a friend/merchant,,,,,,Excited and feeling like "My Plate Runneth Over" at the moment doing all the Volunteering for the Easter Parade........

Vintage Wallpaper Hat...........

.and Please OH Please, if you can "Hear me now" tell me how to set up "pages" on my blog.....Like a page of Cake Toppers, A page of Birthday hats, a page of ...well, YOU get the idea. How do I layer my Blog? Ackk!  (And, NO, I've never been particularly good at READING instructions so you if can tell me in 200 words or less, I'd be overjoyed!)

Making more "Mini" Flags........

Super Busy Times! Stay tuned for some changes and exciting updates! Have a GREAT week!

Hugs, Love and a "Celebrational" Bus!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fire in the House,,,,,Well Not So Much...Did you KNOW?

Okay,,,so no pics of my "So Called"  Fire today......How weird is This?

So, this morning?  I put one of those low-cal Turkey Breakfasts into the microwave,,,,it had come in a 4 pack. So, while it was cooking, I went to put the rest of the box back in the Freezer. And I proceeded to panic and freak out! My freezer was GLOWING.......I saw RED!

With adrenaline infused panic, I managed to yank the fridge away from the wall, because I couldn't reach the plug-in. And electricity be darned,,,,,,I unplugged the "Beast." With wobbling fingers and arms I managed to pick up the Phone and call 911 to declare that I thought, "My Fridge was on Fire!" Some electric Snafoo......Some disaster in the making! My CUTE little old house! HURRY!

Oh my Lordy! This old house,,,,,with it's old bones and all my CR**~,,,,,err, ummm, Craft, Stuff! And,,,Oh My Stars,,,,the Dog hair hidden behind the fridge when I moved it,,,,what would our courageous Fire Crew think when they saw it???? I started tidying up,,,,,all the while shaking and waiting for the Fire team to arrive.

And arrive they did. They looked like they belonged in Jr High. least to ME! They were sweet and polite and OH so helpful and congratulating me for getting the "Firey Beast unplugged." No fumes, no smoke,,,,,Just Shell saying the thing looked like it was burning up when she opened the freezer door!

They assesed the Fridge. Checked the wires,,,,and as a "Test," they plugged it back in and the darn thing was Burning Bright Red again,,,,,inside the Freezer. They too, thought it was a disaster waiting to happen!

So,,,,again, "Fire" prevented.......Shell needed a new fridge. Great,,,,,,NOT! So,,,,I went to the local appliance recycling Center and started looking for a fridge, because
 A) They would pick up the old one immediately,
and B) deliver a "new" to me fridge.
That was where the technician told me AND showed me what I saw was NORMAL. Huh?

Now you have to understand that I've lived in this old house for YEARS. As appliances have "died" in the past, it was and issue, because IF you have an old house, you KNOW nothing is standard size. The Tubs, The Stoves, the Sinks,,,,,,and yes, even the place where you put the new Fridge.

So, for YEARS,,,,,,I had an old Fridge that just did it job,,,,,until it breathed it last breath. And No, it wasn't self defrosting,,,,,,no ice maker,,,yadda, yadda. It just kept stuff cold. And when it died, a few years back and I got a SELF defrosting unit that acutally FIT under the old cabinets,,well, Thank you Lord.

Fire diverted, replacement diverted, and I guess tomorrow I should call the local Fire House and have them tell the young guys that came by that what we all saw, was Normal!  (The good news is that the furball that was underneath the Fridge is NOW,,,,,Gone!)

And,,,,in the future, I'll tell you How much I love these old, original  Kitchen cabinets and the lack of a Dishwaher......other than Moi...And why, previous fantasies about Fireman are totally down the drain,,,,,,,they were younger than my Sons!

Hugs, Love and a Bug,,,,,,and a shout out to the Guy at the appliance store who saved me several $$$$!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bella's Benefit, Pending Photo Shoot and Community.........

(Dear Jana and daughter Bella at last Year's Bonnet making Session)

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!

Spent a BIT of time with those you love or held  those you care for 
just a little bit Closer to you!

 It's the little things,
 the time spent making cookies, planting a flower, (or in Bella's case,which always made me smile-catching a Bug!) Any Bug!
sharing a moment, that TRULY matters...........

Saying "Thank You," "Good Job"
"I'm So Proud of YOU"

Yesterday, was important to me on various levels. It was my oldest Son Sean's,  30th birthday. A Milestone? You bet! ,,,,,,and I am SO proud of HIM! He has come SO far!

It was important too, because our wonderful, loving community had a fundraiser at Collector's Choice for our Dear Bella.  And,,,,,,we will NEVER forget the impact that her vibrant, beautiful, loving mother, Jana had on so many lives in this Community. Which was well represented last night. The turnout was amazing. The Food was great, the Music was awesome. And sweet little Bella even got on Stage and sang to us all............Not a dry eye in Snohomish. 

Bella's Auntie Chris is going to take Bella for a Photoshoot soon. I hope to be on hand and help the "girls with their Pink boots, ruffled  white skirts and rural images at "The Fancy Farmgirls" site with Tiffany (Kirchner-Dixon) behind the lens.  

Jana was "There" last night, I'm sure. And she'd be the First to tell you to "Give those you love a little more praise, a little more time, a laugh, a smile and a "squeeeze!"

Busy week ahead for me, but I'm always looking for time to tell a family member, friend, co-worker or a "fur baby" how important and special they are!

Have a GREAT week,,,,,,and in Jana and Bella's honor,,,,,,take a bit of extra time to show how much you care, do or say the little things that really DO mean a LOT!

Hugs and a Bus to all of YOU,,,,,,you REALLY DO mean a lot to ME!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Official! "Second Saturdayz" Market is Coming to Snohomish in May!

"Revamped, Renewed, and Ready for the Second Saturdayz Crew to Visit Snohomish!"

Okay, Shut UP! Second Saturdayz is Coming to Snohomish in MAY!!!!!

I've known it was "in the Works" for a while. Some of my BFF's working together to make it happen!  But I kept it under my hat until "all the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed!" And I'm So, So excited that at LEAST for the Month of May, the Normally scheduled " Second Saturdayz Event"-generally held at Sand Point in Seattle ,,,,,,,,is going to be held,,,,,,,,,,,,tada! Here in Snohomish!

The Building scheduled for a "Year Round Farmers Market" here in Snohomish fit the Bill! It's been re-vamped/restored,,,,,and, I think will prove a GREAT Venue for the Second Saturdayz team. (Not to mention, providing additional traffic for Seattle/King County Shoppers to explore Shops/Eateries and other Venues on 1st Street here in Snohomish!

Contact Deb Bock @ for further details/info!

Congrats to the Second Saturdayz Team! Exciting to have you all coming to town! We are all SO excited to have all of you here in May! Welcome! And who knows? Perhaps this will lead to further Venues in our little Town!

Hugs, Love and a Bus to all the new Vendors/booths and a Special Hug out to Deb......for getting it "all" put together!!!
 (And, of course always, hugs love and a "Bus" to my Blog friends! Happy Thursday!......Is it "Idol Time" Yet? I've gotta go!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"In the Pink!" Hair that is.......and My Elizabeth Taylor Connection..tee-hee...

Too fun! I got my "Hairdid" today! I'm lovin' the Fushia! ........I even match my Shower Curtain!

Strollin' through my usual Grocery store this afternoon, I got lots of comments! Hey, this gal may have Two Chins now, but she's not going to settle lightly into Middle age! (If you'd seen me today, after "getting Pinked"  you might have noticed a slight jump in my step!) I'm liking this!

Not quite done though,,,,headed tomorrow to  see Tim at Aphroditie's Salon for a bit of "Bling" as well.........Life is short!

I thought it somewhat ironic that Today, of all days, I had scheduled to "Go Pink."  The Bios this morning of Liz Taylor's life and her attitude of not really caring what other people thought of her, just doing her "own thing" struck a cord. I kind of felt like my "Pink rebellion" was my own little tribute to her. But it also reminded me of a great man I dated years ago..............

This is fun to recall and share! I briefly dated a man  back in the early 90's, that was THE Best Man at Elizabeth Taylor 1st Wedding,,,,,to Nicky Hilton. This morning's news reminded me of the gentleman, bazillionaire, encouraging, unpretentious and extremely handsome man (He looked a LOT like Robert Mitchum- cleft in the chin and all). Leon went to school with the Hilton brothers. As far as I know he Never married,,,,and I met him when he was about 60----yep, a couple of decades older than Moi at the time.
But again, I reiterate, he was a gentlemen, and while he was building Highways, bridges and Dams across the US?? He'd encourage me, at the time in my little advertising business in my partner's basement. 

So hats off today! And my pink hair swinging in the Sunshine......(for we had some once again today here!)
Smiles for Liz,,,and my former Beau, Leon.

(Someday I'll have to tell you all about "Paddie," the little Italian Private Eye who introduced me to Leon. Think "Pirate Shirting"-crisp white cotton with HUGE billowing sleeves and long buttoned cuffs extending to nearly the elbow. Think gesticulating hands and arms,,,,,a head of wiry, curly grey hair. Think a Fine Chianti.  He is/was a Mystery novel waiting to happen.)

Great Day,,,,,Pink hair,,,,,,memories of a former "Beau," Liz Taylor,  eccentric "Paddie" and Sunshine! It doesn't get much better than THAT!

Enjoy your Week!
Hugs, Love and a Couple Degrees of Separation Bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring! (Crafting, Easter Parade and the Pending PINK Hair!)

Hints of Spring and Warmer Days ahead! (Latest Bird Cage)

Wowza! What a pleasant surprise today! I ran around working on my Chamber of Commerce Annual  Activity....(Snohomish's Annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest) and it was actually DRY........and it's sunny right now! (Quick, mark it on your Calendar! Not the Parade,,,,,,although you Could because it's April 23rd,,,but I'm talkin' about a Sunny afternoon!)

Son Andrew stopped by today-he's on Spring Break from Western University and Sean started a new Job today! The boys are good,,,,,,Mom is good!  Ughhh, Sean will be 30 on Sunday,,,,,is that even possible???
I don't FEEL old enough to have a 30 year old, well, at least MOST days anyway!

We'll be headed to a Benefit for Bella's Educational Fund at Collector's Choice for Dinner on Sunday. John is Donating half the price of Dinner towards her educational fund. Nice! A worthy cause and a great place to have a Birthday dinner.

This time of year, hitting up the locals for prizes and donations for the Parade is both tiring and rewarding. As the Economy is still suffering, I'm always SO delighted and appreciative of the "Mom and Pop" businesses that donate. It warms my heart that even during hard times they make sure our local kids and families have a nice time! The prizes may be smaller, but I think they're even MORE meaningful because they DO come from merchants that take an interest in their little community!

Happy Spring,,,,,and I hope you have a great week! Well, and then again, I MAY stop by and post my "new DO" tomorrow.......I'm "going PINK!" Ackkk,,,,I'm having my Hair stylist Erica give me some PINK in my hair tomorrow!  And then I'm probably going to see my OTHER hair stylist friend , Tim, and get some pink "Hair Bling" again.....those weavy tinsely thingy's. I had silver ones once before,,,,and loved them!
Well, other than when people assumed they WERE tinsel tangled in my hair and attempted to or offered to pull them OUT! Ackk! Maybe I'm taking the fashion risk because I'm SOON to be the mother of a 30 Year old! Shoot, at the same age? My mother took to wearing Wigs,,,,which was kind of fashionable back in the late 60's/early 70's. She'd leave for work, either for the County Courthouse or her Job in Real Estate,,,,,,and I never KNEW what her "Do" was going to be on any given day,,,,,let alone what COLOR!   Mom always the Trendsetter!

As Sean generally would say, "Freak what you feel." Well, right up until I told him his mother was getting PINK in her "Hair Did." (Hairdo). And THEN he said,,,,,"When I was growing up you never let ME Dye MY hair!" Yeah, well, we're BOTH grown ups now....and if you want pink hair too,,,,go for it!

Hugs, Love and a "Blossoming Springtime Bus,"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Yard Eggs" Part Deux.......Ebay Wars......


Chick Egg

Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend! We actually had a relatively DRY and SUN Filled Day in well as many of our Washingtonian friends! This afternoon? We had the door open for a couple of hours at Joyworks! What a concept!~ I actually saw ONE woman in flip-flops! And another in Shorts,,okay, maybe they were Capri's, but still! We're welcoming all the Sun (or lack of Rain) we can get!

So,,,,,I'm working on Easter? Parade/Bonnet Contest that I do each year for the Chamber? And last year adding a Bonnet Making Session for Seniors and the kids (Boys' and Girls Club") And well, yep,,,,I'm gathering supplies (donations for THAT) Hats/Ribbons/Flowers/Easter stuff) That class will be on the 8th of April (would have been my Mom's the Boy's and Girls Club) Contact me for donations/crafts!

In the meantime,,,,,as well as being super busy with THAT.....I'm still gathering supplies/ Crafts for Easter myself! And,,,,,,,I bought a Dozen "Yard Eggs",,,,,at least to START with on Ebay. A reminder of "Yard Egg" crafts.............

(Again, Before my new Camera,,,,but you get the gist)

These are all examples of  Plastic "Yard Eggs" that I modified. And I did several more....which have sold.

So? I bought a whole lot of them on Ebay tonight.......and may be getting more. My thought was EITHER having a "Stash," that I can continue to craft with myself,,,, OR Giving a Class/workshop on how to modify/embellish your own!  It could be an Online Class,,or a local one.  I'd just like some thoughts and feedback....

I have a local Venue that I could utilize for a class...AND this may be a venue to offer other local crafters to do the same in the near future..... And/Or I can create a tutorial/ provide a "Kit" for a DIY kinda thing.

Picking Brains (yours included) let me KNOW what you think!

I hope you are having a GREAT weekend---Spring arrives tomorrow, I believe! And none too soon! Please OH Please give me your thoughts and feedback.....for this may be the first of Many Workshops locally...........

Hugs, Love you to pieces and a BIG old Bus on the Cheek!

(Don't forget the BIG MOON tonight!!!!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy "Silver" Birthday Sandi! (Aka.... another Fab Joyworks Party!)

Today? At Joyworks? We celebrated our Dear Sandi's Birthday! I know, you're thinking, "You girls have MORE parties!" And well, yeah, we DO,,,,but there are 10 of us and well, whaddya gonna DO?

                  Left toRight---Rita, Sandi,,,,,the "Birthday Girl (aka as Miss Photogenic) and Jana in background)

Sandi recently told us all, that she was nixing the Cherries she'd been collecting and decorating with for years,,,,,,and was Now,,,,, collecting Vintage silver pieces,,,,well, You don't need to say anything more to a Joyworks co-worker and "Ta-da!" You are going to get silver,,,,,,,Oh, and  a bit of PINK!

Great Lunch, all served on Silver Trays, Tea from Luanne in her Mother's gorgeous Tea Set,,,,,and Clarice's Homer Laughlin Ivory and Silver Plates! 

(Jill and Sandi)

After our fabulous lunch, Sandi opened her goodies......."Silver Boxes" from Nordstom for a  MAJOR shopping Spree and gifts of  Vintage Silver too. This cute Silver Butter Dish from Penny!

Sandi got Tons of Flowers,,,,,,,,Tulips, English Daisies and here are a few early Plum Blossoms from my tree,,,,,,,,I cut them yesterday while they were still a "bit shy." The heat in the house helped them open for Todays event...........Sandi also got tons of other flowers, and forgive me. I'm STILL learning the new camera, so there are images I THOUGHT I took, but apparently I only got as far as the "Preview" stage........Hey, I'm learning!

My bag of goodies for Sandi.....Vintage Silver stuff.

After her gifts,,,,,,Dessert, Duh! Jill made a wonderful Cake !

Yummy Cake from Jill,,,,,,,,Raspberries/Lemon Zest, and Almond.........To die for!

Make a Wish Sandi! We all hope you have a Happy, Healthy and FUN year ahead!!!

Great Afternoon,,,,,,,,,,Once again, I count my blessings to be working and be friends with SO many great woman!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" to all of THEM, as always AND to all of YOU!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vintage Image "Eggs", a few more Birthday Hats and thoughts on Japan!

I recently purchased some Vintage Easter Cards and had fun today working with a couple of images (AND utilizing my New Camera!)

Fun Vintage Chick,,,,,added to an "Egg." Love this one!

Vintage Cross Graphic,,,,,added to another egg...........

I'll have other cards/images for sale on the "Cheep" errr "Cheap at Joyworks. I love these old images!

Finished a few more Bday hats today as welll.........Here's one more,,,,,

(Available at Joyworks,,,,,,,I've just got this "Thing" for Pink, Green and Creme!  Hope it makes Some little girl Smile! )

I'm thinkin' we're going to have another BUSY weekend at Joyworks! We've got a Bazillion new things in the Shop and, as of late, everyone has a SERIOUS case of Spring Fever! New Clothes, new Flowers, new Urns,,,,new Birds,,,,,Great Easter Goodies and More!  If you need a Spring "Fix," in spite of the Weather....Stop on by!

Special Hugs and thoughts going out to  my BBFF- Lulu and the Gals in CA at Kim's Moulin Rouge Event ! I SO wish I was going to be there with you all! I hope it's fantastic,,,,and you'd best ALL take a boatload of pics!!!!

And, In closing,  Yes, we had Tsunami warnings today in Washington. But, we're all Okay! Like the rest of you, my heart and my prayers go out to all of those in Japan. AND, let it be a reminder to all of us IN Washington, that we too, could have the "big ONE" at any time. We'd best be prepared and help those affected by THIS horrific event, for we may be asking for THEIR help in the future!  Okay,,,,,where is my "earthquake kit?"

Have a Great weekend! Hugs love and a "Bus!"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wowza! Where has this week GONE? And Getting to Know my "New" Camera!

After having the "Crud," and Crying my Eyes out over the loss of my dear Friend, I 've started settling back IN to the tasks and goals at hand:

Thoughts turning toward Spring,,,,,,,and New Beginnings...................

Primrose from Clarice,,,, FIRST Image from "New to Me" Canon Camera!
(more images below,,,,,I'll be Darned!)

TO Do/Work on List:
Catch up around the HOUSE!
Catch up at work,,,,,(We were Hopping last weekend!) Lots of new goodies at Joyworks!
Catching up on my computer stuff (Blogs/Email/Facebook) Sorry I'm tardy!
Catching up on Craft projects and orders........(Box  of hats, etc, ready to mail tomorrow for New York Cupcakes)
(Suz,,,you were going to email me so I need info on your Easter (Yard) Egg.)
Catch up with Jill on Atlanta  visitation plans-(On Hold till I find out about dog/house sitter....both sons plans are up in the air,,,,,Ack!)

Trying to learn NEW camera's software,,,,,Please Hold your Breath and say a prayer, it is Finally SUPPOSED to be loading as we speak,,,,Well as I type! In the meantime? While I'm waiting.....(oh please, oh please let me have images from the new Camera uploading!)  STOP IT,,,,,,,and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR,,,,,,,,they Finally UPLOADED!!! Ackkkk!   (See added pics! SCORE!)

AND, I simply HAVE HAVE HAVE to tell you all,,,,,or "Ya'll" (God Bless my Southern Blog friends!) about the books I got "Sucked into" reading this past week. Ask yourself THIS:
Do you love Antiquing/Junking/ Yard and Estate Sales/ Auctions?
Do you Love a Good Mystery?
Do you appreciate humor and well appropriated Antics?
Then you simply MUST read the "Barbara Allan" Books! 
Too fun and a GREAT escape! This mother/daughter team will delight you,,,,right down to their "Tips" at the end of each Chapter on Antiques, Auctions, Rummage Sales and the Likes.....
Start with: "Antiques Roadkill" I'll give you a Money back guarantee! If you don't love it, I'll buy it from you!!!

Said Images: Tada!
Birthday hats and "Mini Flags,,,,,for New York Cupcake and Joyworks,,,,in No particular order, but Ladies and Gentlemen,,,,,My New Camera is awesome!

"Wish" Hat for Lisa,,,,,,,hope you Enjoy!

Vintage Wallpaper hat,,,,,,,,,,,,

I made some BOY hats too......for both Shops! And a few "Mini" Flags........

"Dream, Make a Wish, Happy Birthday" Little "flags for Cakes and cupcakes!

I've missed being in touch with SO many of you for SO long! I'm HOPING to catch up in the next couple of Days! Thanks again, for your patience, compassion, and support!

Hugs, love and a BIG old Glittered "Bus" on the Cheek!

(PS Gail,,,,,if you read this I HOPE your Wrist is Better! Thinking about YOU and Lovin' "my" new camera! Thanks and Hugs!)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A LONG week and a lovely Ending!


Oh, I could spend hours and pages about the importance and support of friends!  My week started out tough,,,Still feeling crummy  and a pending funeral on Tuesday for my friend Jana.  I have just got to say to all of you that phoned me, emailed me, "Facebooked" me and the like.....I So appreciated your thoughts and comfort.

By Wednesday, I'd finally managed to pull myself together and attend my friend Luanne's and co-worker at Joyworks,,,,ahem 70th Birthday! We had an awesome evening/party at Clarice's lovely home!

Sorry, no pics from moi, I finally connected with my friend Gail this week and purchased a Canon Camera from her with "All the Bells and Whistles...." I'm still learning!  (She and I were going to connect earlier, but Gail Fell in the ice and Snow and broke her Wrist! Which required surgery and multiple PINS! OUch!!! (I hope you heal FAST Gail!)

(Vintage Wallpaper from  the dear Isabelle  made into a crown)

Thanks SO much for the HUGS and support from my Joyworks friends,,,Calls from Deb and Debi, Calls from my BF Laura who doesn't Blog OR facebook,,,, Blog Comments and Emails from SO many of you! (Lulu, Kim, Lisa,etc.) Cupcakes and Hugs from  Linda Queen Yesterday ( You are as SWEET as the Cupcakes my friend, it meant a LOT! The cupcakes were divine, but your thoughts and deed meant the World!) and  today? a Visit and flowers from my dear friend Dana today......who has been sick too!

Life can be TOUGH! We all know it,,,,but it's great to know that friends care!

I know I HURT when "Ya'll hurt."  but also I know I smile, and laugh, when you all are happy!

Bare with me in the next week or so, as I work out my insight on the new camera,,,,and uploading!
I'm excited and yes, a bit intimidatd to have a camera that is capable to do SO much and  we all KNOW that "Shell is Photograhically Challenged!"

Big Ole' Hug and a Bus to you all! Your'e the BESTEST!!

Hope you all have an Awesome start to a new week! Hope to catch up a bit,,,,,Promise~~~