Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fire in the House,,,,,Well Not So Much...Did you KNOW?

Okay,,,so no pics of my "So Called"  Fire today......How weird is This?

So, this morning?  I put one of those low-cal Turkey Breakfasts into the microwave,,,,it had come in a 4 pack. So, while it was cooking, I went to put the rest of the box back in the Freezer. And I proceeded to panic and freak out! My freezer was GLOWING.......I saw RED!

With adrenaline infused panic, I managed to yank the fridge away from the wall, because I couldn't reach the plug-in. And electricity be darned,,,,,,I unplugged the "Beast." With wobbling fingers and arms I managed to pick up the Phone and call 911 to declare that I thought, "My Fridge was on Fire!" Some electric Snafoo......Some disaster in the making! My CUTE little old house! HURRY!

Oh my Lordy! This old house,,,,,with it's old bones and all my CR**~,,,,,err, ummm, Craft, Stuff! And,,,Oh My Stars,,,,the Dog hair hidden behind the fridge when I moved it,,,,what would our courageous Fire Crew think when they saw it???? I started tidying up,,,,,all the while shaking and waiting for the Fire team to arrive.

And arrive they did. They looked like they belonged in Jr High. Well....at least to ME! They were sweet and polite and OH so helpful and congratulating me for getting the "Firey Beast unplugged." No fumes, no smoke,,,,,Just Shell saying the thing looked like it was burning up when she opened the freezer door!

They assesed the Fridge. Checked the wires,,,,and as a "Test," they plugged it back in and the darn thing was Burning Bright Red again,,,,,inside the Freezer. They too, thought it was a disaster waiting to happen!

So,,,,again, "Fire" prevented.......Shell needed a new fridge. Great,,,,,,NOT! So,,,,I went to the local appliance recycling Center and started looking for a fridge, because
 A) They would pick up the old one immediately,
and B) deliver a "new" to me fridge.
That was where the technician told me AND showed me what I saw was NORMAL. Huh?

Now you have to understand that I've lived in this old house for YEARS. As appliances have "died" in the past, it was and issue, because IF you have an old house, you KNOW nothing is standard size. The Tubs, The Stoves, the Sinks,,,,,,and yes, even the place where you put the new Fridge.

So, for YEARS,,,,,,I had an old Fridge that just did it job,,,,,until it breathed it last breath. And No, it wasn't self defrosting,,,,,,no ice maker,,,yadda, yadda. It just kept stuff cold. And when it died, a few years back and I got a SELF defrosting unit that acutally FIT under the old cabinets,,well, Thank you Lord.

Fire diverted, replacement diverted, and I guess tomorrow I should call the local Fire House and have them tell the young guys that came by that what we all saw, was Normal!  (The good news is that the furball that was underneath the Fridge is NOW,,,,,Gone!)

And,,,,in the future, I'll tell you How much I love these old, original  Kitchen cabinets and the lack of a Dishwaher......other than Moi...And why, previous fantasies about Fireman are totally down the drain,,,,,,,they were younger than my Sons!

Hugs, Love and a Bug,,,,,,and a shout out to the Guy at the appliance store who saved me several $$$$!!


  1. OMG, Shell . . .so glad it wasn't serious!! You make it sound so funny but, no doubt, you were pretty shook up. Take care, my friend!!



  2. So glad you are safe!!! Pop in and say hello sometime!!

  3. So why in the world is it glowing red? I know he said it was normal but what is making it glow???

  4. oh MY, you sure do tell a good tale! I know it wasn't funny, but with all the YOUNG firemen and hairballs and what the heck burring freezer-inside???? what???? it sounds like your freezer was possessed! what do you have living in there? anyway glad the whole outcome turned out so positive! hey, enjoy the rain? NOT liking it much over here, tired of the soggy sog sog everywhere.

  5. Hooray for old houses and quirky shaped spaces and doors! I would never live in a newhouse, even though there is always another surprise waiting for you. Thank God for the honest technician!!!
    Hugs and a BUS,

  6. I feel the same way about my cottage. I'm with Whimsey Creations, Why red???


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