Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wowza! Where has this week GONE? And Getting to Know my "New" Camera!

After having the "Crud," and Crying my Eyes out over the loss of my dear Friend, I 've started settling back IN to the tasks and goals at hand:

Thoughts turning toward Spring,,,,,,,and New Beginnings...................

Primrose from Clarice,,,, FIRST Image from "New to Me" Canon Camera!
(more images below,,,,,I'll be Darned!)

TO Do/Work on List:
Catch up around the HOUSE!
Catch up at work,,,,,(We were Hopping last weekend!) Lots of new goodies at Joyworks!
Catching up on my computer stuff (Blogs/Email/Facebook) Sorry I'm tardy!
Catching up on Craft projects and orders........(Box  of hats, etc, ready to mail tomorrow for New York Cupcakes)
(Suz,,,you were going to email me so I need info on your Easter (Yard) Egg.)
Catch up with Jill on Atlanta  visitation plans-(On Hold till I find out about dog/house sitter....both sons plans are up in the air,,,,,Ack!)

Trying to learn NEW camera's software,,,,,Please Hold your Breath and say a prayer, it is Finally SUPPOSED to be loading as we speak,,,,Well as I type! In the meantime? While I'm waiting.....(oh please, oh please let me have images from the new Camera uploading!)  STOP IT,,,,,,,and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR,,,,,,,,they Finally UPLOADED!!! Ackkkk!   (See added pics! SCORE!)

AND, I simply HAVE HAVE HAVE to tell you all,,,,,or "Ya'll" (God Bless my Southern Blog friends!) about the books I got "Sucked into" reading this past week. Ask yourself THIS:
Do you love Antiquing/Junking/ Yard and Estate Sales/ Auctions?
Do you Love a Good Mystery?
Do you appreciate humor and well appropriated Antics?
Then you simply MUST read the "Barbara Allan" Books! 
Too fun and a GREAT escape! This mother/daughter team will delight you,,,,right down to their "Tips" at the end of each Chapter on Antiques, Auctions, Rummage Sales and the Likes.....
Start with: "Antiques Roadkill" I'll give you a Money back guarantee! If you don't love it, I'll buy it from you!!!

Said Images: Tada!
Birthday hats and "Mini Flags,,,,,for New York Cupcake and Joyworks,,,,in No particular order, but Ladies and Gentlemen,,,,,My New Camera is awesome!

"Wish" Hat for Lisa,,,,,,,hope you Enjoy!

Vintage Wallpaper hat,,,,,,,,,,,,

I made some BOY hats too......for both Shops! And a few "Mini" Flags........

"Dream, Make a Wish, Happy Birthday" Little "flags for Cakes and cupcakes!

I've missed being in touch with SO many of you for SO long! I'm HOPING to catch up in the next couple of Days! Thanks again, for your patience, compassion, and support!

Hugs, love and a BIG old Glittered "Bus" on the Cheek!

(PS Gail,,,,,if you read this I HOPE your Wrist is Better! Thinking about YOU and Lovin' "my" new camera! Thanks and Hugs!)


  1. Hi Shell,
    I thought I had already sent my address...I sent it to the address on the side. Maybe that's not as the right one. That's the one I have been
    Sending big hugs and a bus on the cheek for you!!!

  2. Shell, so glad you're getting back to normal, dear. I know you've had a hard month. Your photos look wonderful, so glad you found a great camera. I'm looking forward to more great shots!!!
    love ya,

  3. Sometimes somethings are just hard to get through...but we do. And we usually learn something along the way and are reminded to treasure the people in our lives. I know you treasured your friend, you wrote a very sweet post and I thank you for the reminder.


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