Sunday, March 6, 2011

A LONG week and a lovely Ending!


Oh, I could spend hours and pages about the importance and support of friends!  My week started out tough,,,Still feeling crummy  and a pending funeral on Tuesday for my friend Jana.  I have just got to say to all of you that phoned me, emailed me, "Facebooked" me and the like.....I So appreciated your thoughts and comfort.

By Wednesday, I'd finally managed to pull myself together and attend my friend Luanne's and co-worker at Joyworks,,,,ahem 70th Birthday! We had an awesome evening/party at Clarice's lovely home!

Sorry, no pics from moi, I finally connected with my friend Gail this week and purchased a Canon Camera from her with "All the Bells and Whistles...." I'm still learning!  (She and I were going to connect earlier, but Gail Fell in the ice and Snow and broke her Wrist! Which required surgery and multiple PINS! OUch!!! (I hope you heal FAST Gail!)

(Vintage Wallpaper from  the dear Isabelle  made into a crown)

Thanks SO much for the HUGS and support from my Joyworks friends,,,Calls from Deb and Debi, Calls from my BF Laura who doesn't Blog OR facebook,,,, Blog Comments and Emails from SO many of you! (Lulu, Kim, Lisa,etc.) Cupcakes and Hugs from  Linda Queen Yesterday ( You are as SWEET as the Cupcakes my friend, it meant a LOT! The cupcakes were divine, but your thoughts and deed meant the World!) and  today? a Visit and flowers from my dear friend Dana today......who has been sick too!

Life can be TOUGH! We all know it,,,,but it's great to know that friends care!

I know I HURT when "Ya'll hurt."  but also I know I smile, and laugh, when you all are happy!

Bare with me in the next week or so, as I work out my insight on the new camera,,,,and uploading!
I'm excited and yes, a bit intimidatd to have a camera that is capable to do SO much and  we all KNOW that "Shell is Photograhically Challenged!"

Big Ole' Hug and a Bus to you all! Your'e the BESTEST!!

Hope you all have an Awesome start to a new week! Hope to catch up a bit,,,,,Promise~~~


  1. Shelley,
    I am so sorry this has been a rough time. It just breaks my heart to think of you sad but I do know you also laugh and smile and are happy again. I need to write you. I have a concern (my problem, not yours) that I want you to know about.

    Could you send me your email address?


  2. Glad you made it through the week Shell and hope this week is much better for you. Thinking of you always. Hugs!

  3. so pretty!
    lovely post!
    Happy week,

  4. That is what we are here lift each other up in time of need my lovely friend!

    I will call you this week so we can catch up!


  5. Good talkin' to you this mornin' darlin'!!! Have fun at that *silver celebration* . . . remember, "nautical"!

    xoxo Debi

  6. Honey I feel terrible not knowing about your loss. I am truly very sorry.
    Wish I were there to help you at this time.
    It makes me sad knowing your sad. I love you sweet friend and a big warm hug


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