Monday, March 28, 2011

Bella's Benefit, Pending Photo Shoot and Community.........

(Dear Jana and daughter Bella at last Year's Bonnet making Session)

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!

Spent a BIT of time with those you love or held  those you care for 
just a little bit Closer to you!

 It's the little things,
 the time spent making cookies, planting a flower, (or in Bella's case,which always made me smile-catching a Bug!) Any Bug!
sharing a moment, that TRULY matters...........

Saying "Thank You," "Good Job"
"I'm So Proud of YOU"

Yesterday, was important to me on various levels. It was my oldest Son Sean's,  30th birthday. A Milestone? You bet! ,,,,,,and I am SO proud of HIM! He has come SO far!

It was important too, because our wonderful, loving community had a fundraiser at Collector's Choice for our Dear Bella.  And,,,,,,we will NEVER forget the impact that her vibrant, beautiful, loving mother, Jana had on so many lives in this Community. Which was well represented last night. The turnout was amazing. The Food was great, the Music was awesome. And sweet little Bella even got on Stage and sang to us all............Not a dry eye in Snohomish. 

Bella's Auntie Chris is going to take Bella for a Photoshoot soon. I hope to be on hand and help the "girls with their Pink boots, ruffled  white skirts and rural images at "The Fancy Farmgirls" site with Tiffany (Kirchner-Dixon) behind the lens.  

Jana was "There" last night, I'm sure. And she'd be the First to tell you to "Give those you love a little more praise, a little more time, a laugh, a smile and a "squeeeze!"

Busy week ahead for me, but I'm always looking for time to tell a family member, friend, co-worker or a "fur baby" how important and special they are!

Have a GREAT week,,,,,,and in Jana and Bella's honor,,,,,,take a bit of extra time to show how much you care, do or say the little things that really DO mean a LOT!

Hugs and a Bus to all of YOU,,,,,,you REALLY DO mean a lot to ME!


  1. Shelly- You are so right, it is very important for us to remember to give our loved ones that extra bit of affection, to enjoy them a little more than we usually do. Poor Bella, I pray for her, the poor dear.... I hope she knows how much she was loved by her mama.

  2. Hey sweet lady! I have been so busy and not been back by your blog since the day I read your post on Janas passing. I spent today with TWO different friends both dying of lung cancer at home with hospice now, and so much realize how precious each moment is!BIG hug to you and that sweet little Bella! So wonderful that Tiffany is going to do a photo shoot with her!


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