Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day, Back in the Saddle....and "Under Construction"

I cannot forget to THANK and remember all of our past and present members of the Armed Forces today!
Including my son, Andrew. Thank you to all of you AND your families, the sacrifices you have all made to make this the BEST Country in the World! God Bless you!

Wowza, Quite the Bug we "passed around!" I'm starting to feel "Human" again, but I did NOT intend on spending 5 days, basically sleeping! Still got a bit of a "Hack" but hoping it Clears up by this Weekend, and the Farm Chicks extravaganza!

My blog is getting revamped by my son's friend Frank, so,,,some of the linky's  on my sidebar aren't working yet! (I've got to figure out how he want's me to transfer the G-Darn Pics!)

I got a FEW packages out last week before I got sick, but if I still owe you one, it's in the works, truly!

I don't think I'll be posting before I leave for Spokane, but if you need to get a hold of me, leave me an email or a Facebook message!  Have a GREAT week and Stay healthy! Hope to catch up soon and have lots of fun pics from Farm Chicks Extravaganza!

Hugs, Love and a "Busy" Bus!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Did NOT Do the Ugly Cry........Until and I don't wanna be Sick!

So This Morning?  I woke up with " an Elephant on My Chest!" You know, that tight feeling in your Chest, that "all over ache" and thought, Whadda??? As I mentioned two days ago, on Monday,,,,I just read and relaxed. I remember telling my son  Sean on Monday, that I was exhausted, and  thought maybe I was "fighting something".....and Yesterday, I felt FINE! Got tons done,,,,ready to hit the ground running this morning........And then the Elephant was sitting there,,,,,when I woke up! Ackk!

Kodi sat "Guard" over me Today,,,,,,, which was really cute,,,,he KNEW his Mom wasn't feeling well.......or maybe he was just hoping I'd give him a Peanut butter Pretzel or two!

This afternoon, I watched Oprah's last show. Loved it! Maybe it's because we've about the same age and we've kind of developed the same mindset. Of course I don't have a talk show and our situations are extremely different....,,,,But I really identified with a lot of her closing statements about pursuing what you love,,,praising  and listening to others, allowing God to work through YOU,,,,,to make life better. I shed a few tears, but managed NOT to do the "Ugly Cry" because well, my chest feels all tight and I just thought it would make everything feek worse......

Then I watched Brian Williams,,,,,On NBC talk about the tornado victims. It hit home with me this week when my/our dear friend Debra of Common Ground fame talked about being SO close to the path of destruction, for sure. And tonight Brian interviewed a young woman that was protected by her husband when the storm passed. Her name is Bethany....She survived, he covered her body with his. In the process, gave up his own life. So? I did the Ugly cry,,,,for her and all the others that lost loved ones, their homes, their communities.

All I could think of, was Bethany's jouney ahead, and what I personally have learned from death and tragedy. We do not KNOW WHY, at least in our lifetimes, why such things can happen.We wish we could do ANYTHING to change these circumstances. To remove pain/suffering from the world. But they DO happen for a reason.....And what we CAN learn from them....what we experience when we go through these losses, horrendous happenings, is the catalyst for Changing the World.........

Most of us have done the "I Wish" thing. No- not the "I wish I was richer/taller/skinnier  BUT, we've also done the "I wish I'd had more time with my  Husband (car accident),Friend (Lou Gehrig's)/my young neighbor( unknown), my co-worker (Cancer)/my Uncle ( heart attack)/my mother.... Those losses, whether through a death of even a simple change of environments, impact us. These people, these circumstances helped to shape who we have become. Some of these "people" wishes are small....the teacher that moved away....the boss that we respected and got a promotion and moved on......And some,,,,were HUGE! Major Changes. And often, Major Losses.

Maybe Oprah's closing messages made me more philisophical.....Maybe its Tornadoes in  Blog neighbor's back yards,,,or maybe it's being under the weather....Whatever the reason, I think it's a good time to be reflective..

I'm appreciative-  Divorce/widowhood/loss of close friends/two tours of Iraq metaphorically with my son, "loss of a Grandchild" and more-they were/ARE Hell,,,,,for any of us. But I'd like to think they made me stronger.....more appreciative, more reflective. And, I guess I'd tell you also that I used to get "Mad as Hell" when people told me HOW Strong I was.  Well, yes, and no. In some ways, I'd give ANYTHING, to NOT be Strong! To have life just go along evenly, contentedly and steady. But I'd like to think that all the adversity DID help me to be a better person. More understanding. More compassionate.So? This Morning? I woke up with an Elephant on my Chest. I'd like to think it's a compassionate Elephant.......

 And I'd also say, Compassion is  part of what makes me do the TYPE of art I do today.....Whimsey/Color/Fun! Because, yes, life CAN be hard! I create things that make ME happy,,,,,and hopefully others too! 

Case in point: I sold a Birthday hat to a Grandma this weekend at Joyworks for her grandaughter's 1st Birthday! She was SO excited,,,,,,,,,and I got all excited TOO, just knowing I was going to be a little part of this "Landmark" event! In my own little "Crafty" way, I took part in a Major family celebration! Wowza!

As Oprah stated,,,,,our contributions may be SMALL,,,,,,but they still mean a LOT, to someone. To ONE Grandma, or One family, to one neighbor, to one friend. Making a difference in the world. My birthday hats, or crowns, or wands, or wedding cake toppers aren't going to Change the World,,,,,But they come from my heart, my experiences, my passion and hopefully,,,,,,they make a little memory in someone's life.

I wish that for ALL of you,,,,,,Big or Small. Make a difference in someone's life. Through your compassion, your listening, your caring, your creativity.

And now,,,,,I'm getting off my soap box,,,,,,,or maybe my "Cough Drop" Box........and wishing you all the BEST! (Now where did I put the Elephant???)

Hugs, love and sorry If I got a bit "deep" Bus!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holly Kitty's New Digs,,,,,,and Spring Cleaning!

Holly in a Box...........

This was kind of like I felt yesterday............I stayed on the couch,,,,,in my "jammies" to an embarrasing hour, when I decided I should throw some "real Clothes" on ,,,,,just in Case!

Two Shows a week apart, custom orders, "junk" trips, gardening, Spring cleaning/Gardening- I KNOW it all sounds like FUN,,,,,,but a lot of it was hard work,,,,,and so I stayed home for, a day, on the couch, with a book on my "Kindle".......I was so engrossed, I didn't even call Lulu! (Bad Friend!)

Catching "UP" on some packages/orders/ and items for a couple stores today! IF I owe you a package or a Custom order, ,,,,it'll go out soon! I promise!  I have Not committed to any shows until the Fall. I'll be doing a couple of Classes this summer.....but the Kids AND adults will be doing the Crafting~! More details on that soon,,,,,working on the Venue(s)! Excited to  be planning them,,,,at a local Venue, with my Artist Friend Jodi....... IF  you are local, and you'd like to attend or have any class preferences, let me know! We're going to do Adult AND Kid's classes!

Hope you're all well, whether your curled up in a "box," reading, crafting, gardening, OR if you're in a Flood or Tornado zone,,,,,,Just staying SAFE!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday's Antique Street Faire,,,Here in Snohomish

Well, we crossed our Fingers, and crossed our Toes,,,,and the threat of Rain made everyone hold their collective breath! It sprinkled a BIT in the morning,,,,BUT Rain or Shine,,,,,,Snohomish's (That IS pronounced "Snow" "Home" "ISH" for my friend Suz,,,,and the rest of you that may be curious).

The crowds were a bit lighter this year,,as the last Two year's offered almost record breaking Sun and heat....But we perservered........

Some Joyworks Photos...which although Jana had a more "Sunny Event" in mind offered a Wide variety of vintage and Antique goodies.......a few photos.....

Our theme was, "Put a Bird on it." But our Venues were very eclectic... a bit of this Fun,,,,,,a bit of THAT vintage....You name it......that's primarily because we ALL contributed items to the booth.......

Lots of My hand-crafted Bird Stuffs..........I did pretty well!
Some of Jana's fun artwork here too!

Dolls/baskets Crowns,,,,you name it!

Great Vintage Goodies!

Fantastic Italian Chandy.........
Gnomes and Mushrooms, too Cute!
Vintage Puzzles,,,,,,I SO loved these,,,,,and I think it must be somethin' from my Childhood.....I HAD to have one!........

A bit of This and a bit more of that........"Reinvented."

Just "Beachy." We really had and ecclectic booth this year.........IF it didn't sell,,,,,,,,because of the Rain......Check out Joyworks for some of the FUN, Vintage, Antique and Handmade items......

A few photos of the "Nest and Garden" Booth. My friends Kim and Tom's booth,,,,,,,,and her MOM - my darling Co-worker-Luanne, with Hubby Ron!.
Sat was Ron's Birthday!

(Ron, Left, Luanne,,,,,my dear Joyworks Co-worker, her Daughter Kim of "Nest and Garden" Fame,,,,and the awesome TOM....her hubbs!) I'm honored to call them Friends and glad to have them in my life!
Oh,,,,,and By the Way,,,,,Happy Cake Day Ron!

Kim's booth was Hopping! Lots of Spring and Garden goodies,,,,,,check out THIS Bathtub,,,,,you KNOW you want it! (Everyone else did too!) WTG Tom! Great Idea!

Too Stinkin' Cute......a Porcelain Aqua tub,,,,,,turned Shelf! Lovin' this!

Bed Spring Bonanza,,,,,,,"Nest and Garden"

There were TONS of other fun booths! I'm sorry I don't have more photos to share! If I see/ find other of my vendor or blogfriends photos/links,,,,I'll add or share soon!

Hope you ALL had a great weekend! I've got TWO busy weeks ahead, finishing up orders,,,,,working on some class schedules (Ackkkkkkk! More on THIS Soon!) and then heading off to Farm Chicks.....

Hugs, Love and a Busy and Creative Bus to all!

(PS........Suz,,,,,,,,if you read the WHOLE blog you'll learn how to pronounce Snohomish! LOVE YOU! And Lulu,,,,,I Will call tomorrow.......Where did my Morning GO???)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Washington State in "Overdrive",,,Cramming it all in and,,,,,Junkin'! Ackkk!

Okay,,,,,so I'm going to set the pace her for a minute, for those of you that DO NOT live in Washington State....well at LEAST not on the West Coast. We LIVE for SUN! We get kinda crazy when that yellow "Orb" show's itself, here in Western Washington.....And Truly? No more CRAZY than THIS year!
We've set RAIN records-this coming from one of the wettest places on the whole Planet to begin with!  (High five here to all my fellow residence that endured it!)

SO? We have had THREE days in a ROW of Sun,,,,,,,and trust me, we're all doin' the "Happy Dance."
And,,,,,okay, also? We get a bit goofy WHEN the sun comes out! Oh my,,,,I truly need to take pics of some of the character's that come out of the woodwork!

Today? Hit 70 or so....and we're all wearing Flip Flops, Hitting the Garden Centers, and Oh JOY, Oh Joy!
Can you EVEN STAND IT?  SHUT UP! Garage and Estate Sales!!! So WHERE was Shell today? Well, whever I could be, and thank you Lord that I didn't get a ticket or cause and accident for "pulling a "U eey" or braking for a SIGN! Some finds in a minute,,,,,,but I digress..........

Trisha's Great Dining Table for us "Swap Gals!" Gorgeous,,,,,,,,,

Last nite? One of the pretty night's I've seen in a long time,,,,,,I took part with my "Junkin' Buds" in one of our Swap Parties! Are you kidding me? Trisha Love, a friend of mine invited the Regular "Junk Swap" group out to Monroe,,,,,,,to one of the most GORGEOUS Nurseries and Gift Shops I've ever seen! Pine Creek Nursery is Worth a Journey from well, anywhere........And Our junk swap was a Blast........And well, "Shell's Camera died after the First Picture!!!!!" Sorry!  I'll try and Link to her pictures soon! But I think a Good time was had by ALL! And so the "Junkin," for me at least continued Today!

This morning, I hit the Sales EARLY.......Here is a QUICK and limited Sample of what I found, Too fun!
I scored BIG time,,,,,I'll show you a couple of other pieces soon.......

Vintage Ceiling Fixture,,,,I'm thinking I'll invert it and turn it into an Outdoor Chanelier..........

"Tassel and 'Pom*Pom' Maker'"s kits.........Well, you never know!
These Vintage kits were still in their packagings......Could be Fun!

Vintage Christmas Elves........almost Free! Too cute!

Free Vintage Tea Cups,,,,,,,,and some fun Vintage Pics........10 Cents for all of those!

I got a few other goodies as well......But when I was getting ready to post this, I got a call from my BFF, Laura. Her Sweet Dog, Bella Passed away today at 14. 

 I MET Laura, because of the infamous Bella,,,,,,who used to meander between Laura's home..... and her, then business,,,,,,,"The Belle Chapel." 

The Belle Chapel is the result of Laura's labor and love to preserve and restore an  old Methodist Church,,,,,a mere half block from my home. Restore it, she did,,,,,and it has served as a Venue for many events! She's since sold the Chapel, but it will always hold a Special place in my heart,,,,,,,,for SO many reasons! That would be a post ALL of it's own,,,,,,and then some!

Hugs to Laura,,,,,,,,,,,I KNOW there is a "doggie" heaven! And "Bella Dog"-smart, proprieter that SHE is, will be right there on the Steps to welcome us ALL! I'll miss you sweet dog!"Thanks for being a BIG part in helping to make YOUR best friend become Mine, too!

Hope you had a GREAT week,,,,,,,and IF you are LOCAL be sure and some see us tomorrow on 1st Street......for the 3rd Annual Antiques Street Faire, that my Dear Friend Annie Started.........Ackkkkkkkk, It's going to be Fantabulous!

Joyworks will have a GREAT booth! Come down and See us all!......And I promise to "skip out" for a short time and take some pics of tomorrow's Event!  (Hi Clarice! If you're reading THIS, I promise to work extra hard if you let me slip out at some point, take some pictures and maybe spend a few Bucks!)

Hugs, Love and a "Junkin' Bus on the Cheek!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden "Zen" and Ribbons..........

Most Everyone is familiar with the term, "Runner's High." I've actually experienced it, but it's been,,,,,,Ahem, several decades. It's this Euphoric state when all the Neurons and adrenaline take "flight", if you will, and you get this rush of  Endorphins.......... and life never felt better!

But, you know? I think this happens to Gardener's too! You're "One with a plant/flower/tree," feeling the accomplishment of pulling a weed, planting a fledgling seed, or simply, smelling the earth.

My lovely old "Double" Lilac Tree,,,,,,about 90 years old.......

I shed a few tears tonight....Wowza. I ache all over, I broke a blood vessel on my knuckle when my finger connected with two planters., I pinched the pad below my index finger with the shears and it bled on some of the Lilac's I cut today,,,,,,,,But I found a JOY and peace working in my yard today, I have not had in the last couple of years. ...Today, was Euphoric.......emotional and wonderful!

Promise of Sun,,,,,,Some New babies.......

I've MISSED this! After my mom died,  a couple of years ago, I  got "help" for the yard. I had Mowers and dear friends that were professional Gardener's and Landscapers......I was just  too overwhelmed to get "out there!"

So NOW? I'm doing it all myself,,,okay a little help from the neighbor boy on keeping up the FRONT lawn.....How did I Not do it? How did I not plant/weed/dig/mulch/water?

The last two days,,,I'm sure ALL of us Washingtonian's treasured. We've had not ONE, but TWO days to work in the yard. And, I feel like a piece of me has come BACK. I'm planting/weeding/creating "comfort" zones" once again in my yard..........I've got my Garden "Zen Back.!"

More old/Heirloom Lilacs........

There aren't enough Counselor's Psychiatrist's, or Grief Counselor's to put this feeling of Well Being in place!
But, I guess, you need to be ready...........And thank you Lord! This is the best therapy I've had in a long time!  I hope YOU find solace/peace/ creativity and growth in your OWN Gardening!!!

I had a major "Ribbon Score" today also. Not under the best circumstances.......So, I'll have to donate products/crafts/ whatever to a Charity or two......Great Stock for ME.......But hearts were broken, businesses dissolved........Truly, I'll do something for other's as a result of my Windfall.........

 Vintage, Wired and Fabric Ribbons.........a "Score," and yet not.........I'll share the proceeds from these.............

Enjoy the rest of your week! Tomorrow, I'll hit the Garden again,, and " Garden SWAP Party with friends tomorrow night!!! Too fun~ a "Girls Nite" with a Garden Swap theme!"

Hugs love and a "Mossy Bus"-because we've had SO much Rain this year!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pick it Day! Sun/Gardening/Crafting and Finds!

I was trying to think of a way to sum up today,,it was a BUSY one! Busy OUTSIDE, because Ackkk! The Sun was finally Out! But, it was STill Chilly this morning. So, I worked on some "Stuff" for a while,,,,while waiting for Mother Nature to warm AND oh my Stars, Dry things up a little..........

I made a few more "Bird Pics" and some hanging ones as well,,,,and got to thinkin' -You wouldn't have to shove them into a plant/arrangement IF they had a Base.....Hmmm..

So after it warmed up a bit I headed down to Joyworks with TADA! A Bouquet of Lilacs from my Super OLD "Double Lilac" Tree........Sorry,,,,No pics, my camera went to sleep when I was trying to load them, but will take some tomorrow!!!!!

So, I took the "Bird Pics I made yesterday into the Store and decided they needed little "stand alone" Bases.....and we came up with these........

Jana and I decided it might be kind of fun to use spools of thread for the bases,,,,,,so they could stand alone! Love it!

If the spools were empty, I added some Seam Tape/Binding..........and glued a couple spools together.......

I think the "combo" is nice........ 

I raided MY old (ahem, by now Vintage) thread stash and found several old fun wooden thread spools,,,,,and I had a few left from my Mom's sewing stuff too........but I also hit one of the Antique Stores,,,down on 1st street and got an inexpensive Mason Jar full of these babies.........Took me all of 5 minutes......Park my car,,,One shop, NOPE! Stopped in next door at Victorian Village and got what I needed.......Headed for the Cash register,,,,,but WAIT! Look what I found........

"Pixie Puppets???"

FUN! Still in their packaging,,,,,,"a plethora of Pics"......Vintage, of course!

Bunnies, Santas, Witches, "Abe's", Monkeys/Clowns/Dogs, You name it! How fun are THESE????? They will be UBER fun to top Birthday hats and the likes...........Score BABY!

Pickin' Weeds, Makin' "Bird Pics, and scoring these Vintage Gems!.......What do YOU like best? Take "Your Pick~"

More Sun,,,,,I'm hoping, Crafting and Gardening tomorrow! Hope the start of your week is going well~~~

Hugs, Love and a "Cotton Pickin' Bus!"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Funky Bird Pics.....and do you Ever?

So today? I was about to deliver a Fun flower pot? With a plant to my BF, Laura, for her Birthday? I'd found a great POT and fun little Nest at Joyworks for her, and I  figured I'd find a plant or Flower for her that she could keep either at home or in her office,,,,,,,and then, thought...."it needs a bird, too!" So,,,,,of COURSE, even though I had tons of laundry/household chores  and grocery shopping to do- I pulled out supplies to make a bird,,,,,,and well, one thing lead to another,,,,,,and another,,,,,,,,,

Do You EVER start with One intent,,,,,,,,and end up somewhere entirely different? My dishes are not done,,,,(in this old house there is NO dishwasher), my laundry isn't done,,and it still looks like the Fairies had a party in my livingroom!) ........... I DID get the grocery shopping done and put away....amidst the Chaos.......I need a House husband.....LOL! Okay, NOT! 

So,,,,,Here are my "Bird Pics." You could add them to anything you're inclined to..........

Here's part of the "Flock.".........

On a Springy/ adjustable wire.........You can add them to anything you'd like........

Both New and Vintage Materials.............

Another "Birds Eye View" of Several............

I made a "Base" for Display out of  the fun Teal Moss I bought on Saturday from the Gal's at Grandiflora! Too fun!

I'll have some of these at the Antique Market here in Saturday...Weather permitting! Say a Prayer, do a "anti-rain" dance that once again (the last two years have been Gorgeous) we have good weather!

Hugs, Love and a "Birdie" Bus!

(PS,,,,,,,as I've formerly mentioned, my BF Laura doesn't Blog,,,,,,she doesn't do crafts/art, we're different as night and day in many ways,,,,,,,but we both love animals, volunteer and promote our community, share our love of family......We support each other in spite of our differences.....and I couldn't love her more.)  Friends come in ALL shapes/sizes and circumstance,,,,,,,,,They're the BEST!  You, my blog friends, are too!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Second Saturdayz Snohomish Visit.......Friends/Finds and Fantastic Vendors

It was SO FUN to have all the Seattle Vendors for Second Saturdayz visit us here in Snohomish Today! Tons of new Vendors/Great Stuff to be had in the newly remodeled Building on 2nd Street! Oh Shoot, I should have taken some pics of the OUTSIDE of the Venue,,,,,,But here's the Entry.....Deb and Linda's Cute Vignettes........Stop it!  do You want it ALL???????

Entrance to the Event............

Joyworks contributed this Cute Mannie and Signage!............(Do I work with the most creative women on the planet, OR WHAT?)

Lots of FUN THINGS at this Venue and the prices were Gggggggggreeeeeat! Oh yeah, that's a TIGER not a Bear! ......But how cute is THIS????

Bear on a Bike..............

My friend Jodi all "Shiney" and ready at the crack of Dawn! How cute is SHE? And look at her goodies............

More of her Artwork and booth! She'll be on hand NEXT weekend at the Antique Street Fair Gig here in Snohomish!!! (I'll post all the info soon!But mark your Calendar for NEXT Saturday, here in Snohomish!)

Kim and Tom,,,,,Okay? How cute are THEY? Here, in their "Nest and Garden" Booth extrodinaire........
(Kim and I shared a booth back in Feb. at the "Ruffles and Rust" Event.....Too fun! )They'll have a booth also NEXT weekend at Annie's Street Market!

More of Linda (Luluz) and Deb's (Garden Party) great Stuff!

Okay,,,,,,,,,Shut UP! Some of Deb's Cute Flower "Vases!" $10 Bucks! Stop it!!!! Too cute,,,,,(She sent me home with one tonight and my whole house smells divine!!!) She's the BEST!

My Friend Debi Burton,,,,,of "Ormolulu Fame." Her Spaces and products are always "Top of the Line!" And,,,,,,although she's a friend, I also hate her, because she ALWAYS takes the BEST Photos! Ackkk!
Pretty Lady! I hope you did well today!! You ROCK!

Fun altered Garden Umbrella........I LOVE THIS!

On to my some of my Fav's.............

Grandiflora  (from Lynden)  had the "Best in Show" in my humble opinion.......I loved, LOVED, LOVED the colors! I don't know, maybe it's because I too have felt "Sun deprived" But I am SO all over their LOOK!
A bit "Granny Chic" a bit of Whimsey, a bit of Flora, fantastic Photo Images ,,,,,Toss in the Vintage touches and Voila'! Grandiflora!
They ROCK!!

Are you Kidding ME? Okay, SO? If this little Vignette is NOT a "Flea Market Finds" or Romantic Country Cover,,,,I simply don't know what IS! Too  Stinkin' cute!

Someone said, " I belonged in the Grandiflora Booth" because of my colors.....I can't say there is a place I'd rather BE! (Me and Trish..........happy to be here!)

And Last here,,,,,,but certainly NOT least...My wonderful Friend Deb Bock of Garden Party and Second Saturdayz Fame.....My Former Co-worker/promoter/florist/wedding planner and one of the "Bestest People" you could ever meet! Shown here, with my friend Tamara, who is, "Wonder Woman!" She's got a Van load and THEN some of kids, juggles her fantastic Antique and Junk booths as well as creating some of the BEST simple and innovative pieces! (I'm still thinkin' about THAT cute little yellow table!)

I had a BALL these last two days, meeting and getting to know some of the Vendors for this event! Deb's partner in this Venue, Linda........and her darling dog.  What a lovely group of Vendors.........If you are listening,,,,,,,or read this, I So enjoyed meeting you all!

And,,,,as a LONG time Snohomish Gal? I have to say "Thank you" to All the Shoppers and friends that turned out! Wowza! I know I was "out front" and a lot of people thought I was either the "Ticket Police" or the "Info lady"  LOL But I LOVED welcoming All the shoppers to this fun and exclusive event! I had fun talking with our Mayor, Karen, our City Planner, Deb,  and numerous others that were just plain curious about the Event,,,,,,and Venue! Thanks to my BFF ,Laura who helped make it ALL happen and Scott the building ownera, his cute Mom whom also stopped by to take a peak! (She told me I could call her Mom or Grandma.....I may take her up on THAT!)

Okay,,,,I'm dog tired, as I'm sure Many of you ARE or will be after this fun event!

Hugs/Love/Prayers and a Bus go out to all of you tonite!

(PS.......I Simply cannot close this post without sending out Prayers and Strength requests for my Friend Jodene, suffering from Lymphoma...Her dear Husband Tom and all the family and co-workers at "Tom Walker's Hair Salon. I Simply LOVE you ALL,,,,,,you are my "extended family" I hurt, because you all hurt! )

Friday, May 13, 2011

Second Saturdayz is going to be Awesome Tomorrow! Stop by!

Today, I set up my little space at Second Saturdayz, this month, here in SNOHOMISH! If you're relatively close, you simply MUST stop in! I think there are about 50 or so Vendors,,,many of which are here for the first time,,,, from Seattle or further South,,,,

The Vendors and Stuff is to Die For! Ackkkk!!  Now, because people were still setting up and because we're all in our "comfy clothes" and often,,,,,ahem,,,,, sans Makeup, you only get a peak at MY space. I'll try and run around tomorrow and take pics of some of the other AWESOME spaces and Vendors........

My space is tiny,,,,but at the Front door, Big fun! After you buy your ticket(s), I'm right there! I think maybe Deb put me there for a "Meet and Greet" -I  know a handfull or so locals! HA!
(Marla, my muse above sportin' a Vintage Chapeau....)

As mentioned, my space is TINY......Just a couple of tables as this was somewhat last minute for me.......90% Handcrafted stuff.....and it's ALL for sale,,,,well other than Marla and my Shoe Rack.........

Shoe Rack full of Vintage Papers.......

Little Bird Charms...........When I have time, I want to make more of these........

"Ribbon Earrings and Tons of old Vintage Jewelry Boxes.....with a Tin or two thrown in.......

Ribbon Pins and a few more Hair Clips.......Can you believe (well I Can) I got out tonite without taking a single picture of the Ribbon necklaces I'm selling! Ackkk!  Well, you can always get the idea from my previous post and Jana's Birthday necklace......Oh my stars! LOL One of my biggest items!

Ooh La la Box.......

Vintage Wallpaper Boxes........

Crystal "Tassels" fashioned with Italian Medal Flowers and leaves, a  Crystal and some ribbon........

As mentioned, I did NO antiques to speak of for this show. Only a handful of Vintage items as displays or additions.......Quite different from my last couple of shows and I feel like my Ego/Creative abilities are a lot more "out there." Fun and Scarey all at the same time! Especially since I did a lot of "Jewelry"-which is different than my normal "Whimsey's!"

Again, hope you can stop by, it's going to be a GREAT Show! Deb and Linda have done a fantastic Job, the re-vamped building looks GREAT!

Hugs, Love and a Nervous and excited "Bus!"

(Waves going out to Lisa of "A Thing for Roses" from Oregon that stopped in to say "Hi" and Melaine from My Sweet Savannah! )