Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's the "Geek Squad" when you need 'em?

(Vintage Wallpaper Crown)

Well?,,,,,,Wouldn't you know. I'm Busier than EVER and trying to make product, fill orders and get ready for upcoming events,,,,,,and my G-Darn Camera and  editing software are STILL not speaking to each other!....

I DID learn, that if I plug my camera in an upload the pics,,,,I can get to them through "recently downloaded." Only? No Editing Cropping at this point. Well at least I have SOME pics ( Although my stuff is pretty much OAK....One of a Kind, I've learned that I have to keep track of what I've made, so I can at least make something similar)......

So here ya go,,,,,, some other stuff,,,,"Warts and All"........
The flags are in the Background,,,,not sticking out of the Hat,,,,see what I mean??? And the green is more celadon than brite lime.......

So? Without Editing, it's kinda like someone taking YOUR Pic without any makeup on!
HA!  Can you feel my pain?

Almost on target with this one,,,,but again, appears a BIT bright!
(Are you loving this play by play yet, or just sayin', "Shell Figure out what the heck is UP with your software!" ) Hey, at least it's better than when I started my FIRST blog and some of the pics went on Sideways,,,,,and I kindly asked folks to just turn their head,,,,,because I didn't know how to rotate my pics if they posted wrong!
Another party hat........this and the previous two were made by painting old white textured wallpaper. Fun to create your own "Canvas." I  don't know if I'll ever tire of this colorway-Fushia, limes and turquoise,,,,,with bit of creme/silver and old "bit's and bob's."

This doll is from my Junkin'/Antiquing adventures with my friend Debi Burton last week....She's handmade from the 30's or 40's.......I circled a Huge antique mall 3 times,,,,,and decided I HAD to have her! She just kind of "fits" with my stuff.........
One last Party Hat Pic,,,,
Vintage paper/crepe and flowers.....

I'll TRY and take a few more photos..and hope in the meantime that I get one of my son's friends over from the local "Geek Squad" or,,,,,find a Camera/Software Counselor that can get the one talking to the other!

Most of these Hats/Crowns/ and the likes are headed to New York Cupcake! http://newyorkcupcakes.com/ They're getting ready to open their 2nd Shop  this week! Congrats to Lisa and her crew!

I hope you are enjoying your week, breathing a SIGH of relief if your an East Coaster or have family or friend there,  after "Irene"  fizzled out, at LEAST a bit!

Enjoy your week, whatever you are up to!
Hugs, love and a "post 'em anyway" Bus on the Cheek!


Say a little Prayer that the "Geeks" drop by and tell me what the HECK is up with my "dealy-o!"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Computer/Camera Problems

Oh My Stars, I'm having Camera and Computer "conversation problems again,,,and NO I didn't
drop it THIS time, like my previous camera......nor did I submerge it in water or otherwise......
The camera seems to be fine, it's the Canon Software on my computer that doesn't seem to be acknowledging my pics! Ackkkk!

Can you say "Incense and Peppermint?"

(This image is one I edited with my software a while back.....using the "Cartoon" feature....Kind of surreal,,, Like a weird drug "Trip" from the 60's? A bit like I'm feeling, with NO Camera "Chat" with the computer. )

I'll take the Camera memory card in to the local store and see what IT reads on their machine......and In the meantime, call Canon and see what they advise.

I'll be out Junkin' again tomorrow, HOPE to find a way to show photos again soon! (Heavy sigh.)

(If you'd like, you can stop by my friend Debi Burton's Blog http://ormolulu.blogspot.com/,,,and see our Fun outing this week! It was a GREAT Girlfriend's day-She's got quite the "Eye" and we always have fun shopping together-When we get the Chance!,,,,,We stopped in and saw Todd at "Bountiful Home" in Edmondshttp://www.bountifulhomeedmonds.blogspot.com/

Hope you are ALL having a wonderful week, whatever you're up to! Special Hugs and prayers going out to those in the Eastern Coastal Areas and their families,,,,I hope this Hurricane stay's out of your Path's!

Hugs, Love and a slightly  slightly exasperated "Bus" on the Cheek!

(PS,,,,,,I took Little Helen  (91) shopping for Lingerie today,,,,,bless her little heart! I tried to talk her into a leopard print,,,,,,and she just laughed and said, "I wouldn't know what to do with THAT!") I've decided that if I manage to live to be 91,,,,,,I'm going for it!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Fun Junkin' Today! (Friday Finds)

So? I did my usual Friday Junkin' trip,,,,and lemme tell you, there were some "Smokin'" good finds in Snohomish! I'll start with items from the Annual  Community Event that raises money for Women's Education,,I gave them a Bit extra for their cause,,,,,,,,And you'll have to wait till the END of this post to see my Major "Score" today!

 I found a lot of fun goodies there,,,,,Including this Vintage Black Wool Gab Coat w/detachable Mink Collar......( It needed a few repairs in the stiches of the sleeve lining, but I knew I could fix it) Great Coat......3/4 length sleeves.......a trend we've seen a lot again at Joyworks.......knee length......$3.50!
As an animal lover I would never buy anything fur.....Unless it was Vintage........

Other Vintage items I found today for a "song." Mini Light up Santa, flower frog, a Vintage Jewelry box and a cool Wood box,,,,lined in Metal??? Some Vintage French books and Who could resist and Old Woody Woodpecker Puppet for 50 Cents????

I also found these fun fine Cotton Laura Ashley PJ's from the UK.......(I don't usually even LOOK at clothing at Garage sales,,,but the fabric caught my eye.....And they are TOO G-Darn Cute! And,,,,in My size!)

I found these fun vintage chairs yesterday,,,along with the table at the rt. (sorry,,,,I was in the shade and this was the best pic)......all 3 pcs for $15.......I know, SHUT UP! How cute will they be with a lighter coat of paint and new pads???

And,,,,,,don't hate me for this find today.....My Favorite-----

Five,,,,,,count 'em FIVE.....Rattan Pieces......$12 BUCKS AND DELIVERED!  ACCKKK! Can you even stand it??? They're sturdy and in great shape,,,,just aching for a new coat of Paint and some fresh chair pads! I have always loved Rattan...It works with just about any decor. I hosed 'em all down and will get started on them next week. I look forward to showing some before and afters.

My next door neighbor Kristie, has been watching me haul stuff home the last couple of weeks.......And thinks I may be a candidate for "Hoarders." They too, live in an Historic home, but their decor, inside, is pretty modern. But my French Neighbor Cathy, "gets it."

Our "Junkin'," Garage Sale days here in Washington are pretty limited .....Most Sales? Because of the rain we get about 10 months out of the year, take place in July, August and Sept. So? If you live in this area,,,,,you "Junk" and you "Junk" hard for a couple of months! So,,,,I'm going to burst at the seams, if you will, with Treasures, finds and potential Treasures for a month or so,,,,,,,,Especially before the upcoming Ruffles and Rust Event in October!

It was a fun Day,,,,,,and I'm happy with my "Finds." I hope YOU have a great weekend, whatever you do!

Hugs, Love and a Treasure filled "Bus" on the Cheek!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jills Birthday was "Just Beachy!"

Last evening we Celebrated Jill's Birthday, my Joyworks Co-worker? In the BEST of ways.......Out at our Boss Clarice's brand spankin' new Beach house! It was the BEST! Good Friends (co-workers), Good Times, Good Food and TONS of Laughs!....Oh, did I mention PERFECT Weather????

We all headed out to Clarice's new beach Cottage,,,to Celebraate Jill's Birthday ( and unbeknownst to Clarice, give her a little "50th" Gift)  and "see the new digs!" Here's the Birthday Girl Jill, relaxing on the Patio,,,steps from the water's edge with a Pink Lemonade!

Clarice's new place is to DIE for! It's already decorated to the MAX (duh!) after only being in it for a month or so....... But it  feels SO homey and SO relaxing......So Perfect.....

Cute Mantle......

There is something about the sound of the waves, the salt in the air, that just relaxes you......

Kay and Penny
Luanne, Looking Very, "Coastal!"

We also presented a Patio Umbrella to Clarice, for her recent 50th Wedding Anniversay,,that she had had her eye on since she bought the place! Ackkkk! 50 years! You deserve the umbrella and THEN some! And many Congrats for this milestone!

(Guess what's in the Box Clarice!")

And, OH how we laughed last nite! By the time we left, I'm sure I had mascara running down my face and my stomach hurt........Can you say, the BEST co-workers EVER? Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled rotten!

But WAIT! We're not done with the Patio Umbrella yet! "How many Joyworks Gals does it take to screw in an Umbrella?"

Sandi to make sure it's gonna be STRAIGHT,,,,,Jana, getting ready to OPEN,,,,,Kay and Clarice working below.......and the rest of us Laughing or offering advice! The answer being  probably too many!

After WAY too many yummy appetizers, followed by a wonderful Dinner, (Jana made awesome Clam Chowder, we settled into the cute Cottage as it cooled down outside, to give Jill her Birthday goodies......Lots of BEACH inspired gifts.......

GORGEOUS Wildflower Bouquet from Sandi girl,,,,,Those wild Sweetpeas just kept smelling sweeter as the nite wore on!

Former Co-worker Janie - prankster, generous to a fault and dear, (Left) joined us, She lives 2 doors down, or should I say "2 Bulkheads down" from Clarice's new little Cottage.........Kim (ctr) our Newest and dear Joyworks addition,,,,,and  her mom, Luanne.......

I usually craft SOMETHING as part of my Birthday Gift......I used some fun Vintage "Beachy" wallpaper from Jana and "paper" clayed a Vintage Ballerina into a Mermaid to make this LITTLE Box,,,,with Shells, Pearls, etc........I put a gourmet truffle inside of it,,,,,IN the shape of a Fish.......Well, she got a Giftcard too,,,,,but I had to make her Something!

I snuck back outside and took these photos at Sunset.........I'm just going to SHUT UP for a Change and let you see Clarice's Wonderful Panoramic View.......

Directly South ,,,,,,(Early in the Eve you could see Mt Rainier in the Center of her View)

North,,,,,,,the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Baker........

Another Northern Shot.. Cascades still capped in a bit of Snow....

To the West.....The Olympic Mountains in the Distance........if you look closely.......

There is NOTHING prettier than the Pacific Northwest on a clear day. You are surrounded by fantastic views! Thanks Clarice, for sharing your little Corner of Paradise with all of us! It is SO lovely! And we Joyworks gals are SO happy for you and Gordy!

We finished of the evening with a wonderful Cheesecake that Clarice had prepared, that was to DIE for,,,Complete with fresh local Blueberries and Raspberries.

Happy Birthday Jill! I hope you had an extra special nite, I know I did!

I think I've been fortunate in my life, or blessed if you will. Many great experiences and memories. Good friends, good neighbors, good family. But when I reflect on last evening? It was PERFECT!

Hugs and Love to Jill for her Birthday, To Clarice, for having us all out to her wonderful new Beach Cabin and to all of YOU,,,,,,my blogger friends!

Hope you are enjoying Summer, whatever you are doing!
Hugs, Love and a "Beachy Bus!"

If it's Friday,,,,,,,I'll be Junkin'!.........

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More "Cuppycakes," Hats and Crowns........and a Second Shop for NY Cupcakes!

The Cupcakes are Coming! The Cupcakes are Coming!!!!

(one of my latest with Vintage materials)

I met Lisa, the owner of New York Cupcakes about a year and a half ago. She'd come into Joyworks periodically,  and buy things for her New store/shop. Fixtures, stands, aprons and well also, a few of my One of a Kind Birthday Hats for the store she was opening....."New York Cupcakes."

Of course  we ALL live in the greater Seattle area, not New York, and her #1 store is located in the Bellevue/Redmond area....(a couple of miles from Microsoft headquarters), at the Crossroads Mall. But NOW? She's getting ready to open her #2 Store,,,,in the Madison Park Community in Seattle!  I am So happy for her and her staff. They produce the BEST cupcakes, with  only, the finest ingredients, always.

taken from their Website..............

So, Moi?  I'm working like crazy to create some fun Birthday Hats, Crowns and other paper goods for the new location using a a lot of Vintage goodies! Maybe that's part of my "connection" with Lisa.......we both LOVE the Vintage "goodness." Old papers,,,,,,Old flowers, and it just "works" with what She does.

As it stands right NOW, and Lord knows there can be permit or other issues, it looks like they'll have the NEW store open for Business on the 1st of September! 

They "do" Weddings, Corporate Events and tons of Custom orders......Check out their Website for all the info!http://www.newyorkcupcakes.com/ or, if your local, stop by the Bell/Red location or mark your calendar to check out the NEW Shop!

Now?,,,,,I'd best get busy or Drive to Bellevue for a Cupcake!

Hugs, Love and Happy Creating things that you Love, for people you admire!

Friday, August 12, 2011

My New "Housemate!" Junkin', Show and Friends.....

I hit the road pretty early this morning here in little old Snohomish,,,,,and you know what? It already felt like Fall-all Chilly and Foggy (We haven't even had a SUMMER yet,,,,and it's Fall?? It was COLD this morning! I had to turn the heater on,,,,,,IN August? And don't even get me started on the spiders that are already building webs across my walkway! Acckkkk!!!

So? I was doing my normal Friday thing,,,,,looking for Junk and Fabulous finds......I didn't have a "co-pilot",,,or "co-Junker" today,,,,,just me and a bunch of signs. It was a slow start,,,,,,but THEN? I found my new "Housemate!" She's gonna need a name,,,,,,,,

I know, she's kinda Creepy, right? I brought her in the House? Shadow, my Black Lab went on full alert!
She's previously freaked out when she saw wig/mannie heads down in the Studio!

Close up......

I know, right now, she looks a BIT like Dr. Phil on Estrogen, but she's all hand painted and even has eyelashes........She'll be fun in the Studio or at Shows, once she get's a Fashion Makeover! And, well, I got her for $11 Bucks!

And to be honest, Shadow wasn't the only one freaked out by her.....I went to the hardware store to buy some paints after I dropped off all my "Junkin'" loot.....walked back in the front door, saw "her" leaning on the coffee table and my heart skipped a couple of beats!   "Stanger Danger......right here on Avenue B!"

I had a couple of other good scores today, including some fun Vintage Flower Pics........
If anyone has want or need for some Vintage soft Yellow flowers for Crafting, etc, let me know! Hard to tell from the picture....., but this is a Gallon sized zip lock bag.......so there are TONS of them!  Let me know if you want/ need a doz or so,,,,,,I'll give you a great price!

I also found a couple of other fun pieces today, including an Old English Bike w/ a basket,,,,,,that I didn't take a pic of because it's STILL in the back of the Pathfinder until I get one of the boys to help me get it out!

All, in all, it was a FUN and successful day! I also had fun stumbling on a Garage/Antique Sale that my friends Tamara, Carol and Sherry were having a few blocks from my home.......I kind of "Crashed" their sale on my way home  with all my finds......Had to show them the "Mannie." They had a GREAT sale going on....lots of Vintage and Antique goodies and the buyer's were Lovin' it!

They already had their "Ruffle's and Rust"  Event postcards and coupons out, which inspired me to go downtown and Pay Timi for MY Booth! I'll post the Event on my Sidebar!

So,,,,,,,Help me name the "Mannie!" Errr, Housemate! I thought "Cosette," because I finally finished reading "Les Mis" this week,,,,,,,,,,or Autumn,,,,,,,,,because it sure as heck felt that way this morning..........But I'd LOVE your suggestions!! Funny is good,,,,,or something profound............

Back to work at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,I KNOW we have tons of new Merch after driving down 1st street a couple of times this week and seeing all the packing boxes in our window well! Stop by if you're local and see what's NEW!

And, Don't forget to ...........Mark your Calendar for the "Ruffles and Rust Show" at the State fairgrounds in Monroe for October!
Hope to see you there!

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do!
Hugs Love and a "Plaster" Bus on the Cheek~!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snohomish Farmer's Market,,,,,and Junkin' tomorrow!

We are very blessed to have a Farmer's Market here in Snohomish that operates from the 1st Thursday in May into October! No easy feat THIS year for the Produce and Flower Vendors with all the Rain we've had, but they are a Hardy group and today it was Hoppin'!

I love to go and get a few veggies, berries, herbs and don't even get me started on the guy with the Stone Pizza Oven! I hate him! Can you say Pear and Gorganzola Pizza  Slices-with carmelized onions????? What a concoction --sweet and the savory!

I managed to get out today relatively "LIGHT"....a Baguette from the Snoho Bakery, a small eggplant and a few other Veggies,,,,But First? I bought a bouquet of Flowers,,,,,,$5 Bucks! The flower Vendors do a GREAT Job!

Love this Bouquet!
It smells as Heavenly as it looks!

Again, 5 Bucks!

Okay, Shut Up!......When WHO should I run into with her Hubbs, at the first Vegatable Stand I walked into ....Holding the above bouquet?
But my Fun, UBER talented friend Diane of Garden City Floral.......

Apparently the alignment of Stars/Fates and Follies was having a good laugh at my expense!Thank you!
I asked Diane to just find a "Firing Squad" and "do me in" right there!

Honestly? I don't know who is more creative and artistic in their flower arrangements......Diane, of Garden City Floral or my Friend Deb Bock,,,,,,,Of "Garden Party" fame. They both do a lot of weddings and I love their floral creations!

Sometimes it's AWESOME to live in a small town,,,,,,,and well sometimes?- Not so much!

Deb (Garden Party) has a wedding this weekend. She's not only missing her Monthly "Second Saturdayz" Venue in Seattle,,,,,,but were not going to be Junkin' tomorrow!
So? I'm hoping to grab ANOTHER Deb. Deb Pate has a booth at Remember When, here in Snohomish.
Let see what we can find tomorrow!

Happy Junkin' if you're out and about and have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do! ---I'd love it if you link to my Blog about YOUR findings! And,,,,Support your local Farmer's Markets if you can! (Just don't get caught buy flowers by one of your favorite florists!)

Hugs, Love and a Organic "Bus" on the Cheek!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Local Author, Fun Mystery Series if you're a Crafter or live in Snohomish!

I always love a book where there's a woman poking her nose in business that is not her own......Like the Grandmother in Janet Evonovich Books, or the Mother and daughter sleuth team in Barbara Allan's Mysteries. So, it was fun to upload another Mystery that had a GREAT rating on the Amazon list AND was a FREE download on Kindle! Score!

I read the first page or two of Cricket McRae's free download and realized the town was "Cadyville," which WAS the original name for Snohomish! And the, while reading the storyline, it all started to "click." 1st street/Rain/River/Antiques,,,,,,Well, dang if she wasn't writing about Snohomish! The references are vague,,,although the protagonist nearly get run down on "1st and Avenue A"---Which I personally can totally relate to since that is where we Joyworks gals are located and lemme tell you, I've come close to getting "wiped out" Myself in that intersection going or coming from work at Joyworks!

So,,,,,,I finished "Lye in Wait" ( A home Crafting Mystery) and I look forward to reading MORE!

Author, Cricket McRae

And Guess what? The Author, Cricket Mc Rae, who has written several other fun Mysteries in this series, including her latest, "Wined and Died" will BE at Uppercase Books here in Snohomish on August 21st at 2:00PM!  (611 2nd Street, Snohomish WA, @ 2:00PM)

If you're local, and have the chance stop in and meet her at this fun Mystery Event!  If you don't live in the area but want a fun mystery  series, or a GLIMPSE of my little town,,,Snohomish,,,,,aka Cadyville...either download the Freebie for starters, or Pick up one of her books!  If your're a mystery fan, like myself, I promise You'll love these books! And,,,,if you're a crafter/cook, etc., the Author offers all sorts of recipies, and concoctions!  Fun books! And pssssssst, If you read them, I'll tell you all you ever wanted to KNOW about the shops/life in Snohomish! Aka Cadyville!

(This book was a great de-stressor for me the last couple of days...when life give's you Lemons......read a good book!)

Hugs, Love and a "Mysterious" Bus,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prototypes and Puppies........

My Shadow Girl tore a claw last Friday at the Beach, so we took a little trip to the Vet today- a little "Girl Time," if you will. She needed to have her nails "done."....

I had called the clinic on Friday, but they were booked and so I monitored her for fever,  took it easy on the walks and Kodi, my Golden Retreiver? Took private jaunts with my Tenant, &aka "3rd son" Frankie. I  waited, because I love my Vet!
I've been pretty fortunate that all 4 of my critter's have been pretty healthy, but when I do need to take one of them, he's "old school".  A "Dr. Harriet" (All Creatures Great.....) of sorts if you will, right here in little Snohomish!

Shadow in "Possum" attack Mode

How can you NOT love a Vet that gets down on HIS "all fours" and says, "What a NICE dog, What a GOOD dog!" All the while giving her a good scratch!  I'm sure he's happily married and probably 15 years my senior,,,,,but I love this man!

Shadow got her paw tended to and I'm sure the Hot Dog "Bites" that I'll stick her Antibiotics in will be no hardship to get down! So, she and I had a little "girl" time today,,,,,

I came home and worked on a few more Halloween Prototypes......

I don't do a TON of Halloween, but I usually make a bit to sell at Shows or in Joyworks.
Candy cones, Hats, Flags/birds and well DUH,,,,,,A "Fascinator!"
Marla, my muse, was glad to be out of the Closet and Modeling once again!

Sorry, not the best pic!

Honestly? If you've gotten this far in this post, then you probably follow my blog pretty regularly or when you do stop in, take the time to read it. Sure, when we post-- the header goes up, a few pictures follow, some bloggers look and some dear blog friends read on. So that said,,,,,I need some help/some insight.

If you've been following my blog as of late, you know that I spend time with little Helen, 91, my mom's BF. Our interations have increased tremendously since she was hospitalized with a dog bite-getting out of bed in the middle of the night and stepping on her best friend. ...She got an infection.

In the last several weeks, she has quit driving and I take her on her errands. Doc/Pharmacy/Pet store/Bank/Grocery store. And I do NOT mind doing this. She says she doesn't want to be a burden, and I tell he she isn't. BUT......she has taken to calling me 10-12 times a day.

I finally set what I thought were new "boundries" several days ago and told her that I WILL call her at 9:00am every day,,,,AND, on Wednesday's we will do her shopping/errands/appts and have lunch together. I thought if we had a pre-arranged time, it would cut down on the phone calls. I talk to her for a half an hour or so with each call.....And I DO love her and it saddens me that her family doesn't seem to be present. ......
She tells me that if she didn't have ME, she doesn't know how she could go on..........

My phone rings and I cringe, truth be told. I feel Awful now that I don't answer each and every call. I'm going to take her to the senior ctr this week and have lunch with her there in hopes that she expresses ANY interest in returning or meeting people there. I KNOW we need to take care of our elderly. My own mom lived behind me  in the little Cottage that is now a rental and I saw her and talked to her daily.

Truly? I am praying about this, and,,here asking for any insight or guidance from all of you.

I truly DO love her and want to help,,,,But my life is SO disrupted right now-, I don't feel like I have my OWN life anymore.

Comments and suggestions, my dear blog friends??? I'd truly love your help and any insight or words of Wisdsom!

I know I'm not my usual "Cheery," happy go lucky self. My "Plate" is leaden right now!Thanks for any support& Ideas.

Hugs,,,,,,BIG HUGS if you've read thus far, Love,,,,,,,because many of you give me strength and hope and a Big BUS On the Cheek through my tears and frustrations!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fabulous Junk Finds Part Deux

So here's Most of the other Finds from Yesterday's Junkin' .......

More Freebies,,,,(except the pic, which I got junkin w/Deb a couple weeks ago) An Old Artists Easel- I love the fact that it's all covered in various paints...... and little Corner Shelf.... an a little easel,,,

It was also a day of "Purging" for a couple of retired crafter's.....That is to say they're retired, not retired from crafting,,,,but I got TONS of Whimsey and Bob's! 
Lots of fun Kitch to craft with!

One of the bags contained this little Vintage Barbie Valentines, which I guess I'll have to send to  my "Bella" friend, Jessi Nagy,,,,"Queen of all that is Barbie"

 and Finally, some art boards
 at a quarter each,,,,,,,complete with mounting hardware on the backs

They'll be perfect for mounting some Vintage wallpaper scenes I have~

I'd love to see what you find this weekend! I'm off to work at Joyworks to see what's new, stop on by the store, or see what Jana's posted on her Joywork's blog~! http://joyworks-shopgirl.blogspot.com/ 

Have a great weekend~
Hugs, Love and a "Bargain" Bus on the Cheek!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fabulous Junk Finds Today! ,,,,In spite of how my morning started!

GREAT Junkin' finds today, In spite of how it all started out!

I woke up with a stiff neck, and discovered that the Milk in my first cup of coffee had spoiled.....Eww!  A sign of things to come in my Junkin' adventures??
"Estate Sale"-Antiques and Collectibles......Well, sounds good, right? So I headed South,,,to Maltby and lemme tell you this Junker got waaaaaaaay lost! I had the addy, but I couldn't find it and I ended up in some Cul-de-sac  for my first stop, that screamed "KID Clothes and New Junk," but I stopped anyway and ACKKKKKK! And I was truly humbled,,,,,it WAS new stuff but then, there was this FREE Pile? And leaning up against it were these......

Two Vintage Sleds,,,,Free, Ackk! I bought a little somethin' somethin', just so I didn't feel GUILTY loading them into my car! So,,,,,,,the day seemed to be going a bit BETTER!

I finally FOUND the Estate sale,,,,and the driveway alone could have given you a nosebleed and I STILL don't even know where I really was,,,,BUT,,,,,I LOVED this sale and found several great goodies!

A lovely box of old Silver.......5 Bucks.......

Really pretty Pattern,,,,,,,and I was kind of sad that no one in the family wanted it......

Vintage sewing box,,,,,Full of Wooden spools, Scissors, patterns, etc........too, too dear!

Jello Molds,,,,,and Old Chandy, Vintage Garters and

Lace............a Few more finds!

I'll have to share the rest if the photos in the next day or two,,,,Blogger is being UBER slow!

Have a Good Weekend-whatever you do,,,,,,further updates Sat or SUN,,,,My puter is on slow-Mo!

Hugs, Love and a BUS!