Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza Tomorrow!!! Ackkk!

For those of you that have followed my blog for a while, you KNOW that we have great Birthday Celebrations at Joyworks with our co-workers. It is ALWAYS a fun event, just us gals, some themed event. BUT,,,,BUT,,,,,,,when one of us has a "Monumental" birthday,,,,,,it truly becomes an all out Extravaganza!

Tomorrow,,,,we're having a PARTY for Amy's 40th!!!  She's the "baby" of our Group and Clarice's, my bosses youngest. I've been working on a little craft project for her,,,,Here is a Tease,,,,,,but I'll post more after the Event tomorrow!

Do you ever notice that making SMALL things takes just as long,,,if not longer than Larger things??? I did, on This one!!
You are just going to have to check back after our Soiree' Tomorrow night and see the rest of the pics! Ackkkkk! Cannot wait!

Hugs and Love!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheater Cheater! Mad Hat Eater!!

Ackk! I had EVERY  intention in the world of participating in the Mad Hatter Event this week! I really had fun Creating my "Alice" stuff earlier this year, which I sold to Art and Soul Gallery.

I got tied up working on a couple of Wedding Cake Toppers and some Birthday crafting! I SO promise I'll do better NEXT time!!! Here's a review of the Gallery Stuff.....


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are you KIDDING ME? Waaay too cute!! (Scroll down to previous for "Where Bloggers" Event/Post) But LOOK!

OH MY STARS! I darn near died and went to HEAVEN yesterday! Thank heavens Jana had her camera at JOYWORKS! Are you ready for this???

  You are going to be SO JEALOUS!!!!

I am in LOVE!!  This is baby Grace,,,,,she's from The Funny Farm in Monroe- a quick car ride away for me! Yipppeee!!

 I got to "ROO" sit for about 30 minutes while here human "Mamma" shopped in our store!!

What a special Gift! Dangit,,,,I've got to go up to Monroe and see her and the rest of the gang!
Check out:
for Info

And her "Mamma" well, she loves "Bling" too,,,,,Animals and Bling my kinda Gal!!!
Hugs and "Pets,"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ready or Not, Here's Where Shell Creates,,,,,,

HI! If you're here for the first time as part of Karen's HUGE Blog event, "Where Blogger's Create," Welcome to my little corner of Blogland! If you're a follower or read now and then, thanks for stopping by!

Shew! It's far from perfect and I am NO photographer,,,,Next year, can I get Jenn (My Three Graces) or Anne (Fiona and Twig) to do my pics,,,,pretty please, with sugar on top???

So here we go,,,,old house/old basement and photography be darned!!! (I am So going to buy a Good Camera this Year!)

I primarily "DO" mixed media crafting,,,,,,,,involving papers goods,,,,,,But I've been a seamstress since I was 15,,,,,,,,creating clothing/costumes and more. I kind of "shelved" it all when I became a mother ,,,,,,,after of Course, creating the "ultimate Boy's nursey" and then,,,,,while working in buying/mgt at Nordstrom, I had my second............Creativity KIND of took a DIVE,,,,,,,,,,,for Years........

The "Boys"/Guys are gone now and I truly enjoy creating and making "Girly" based things,,,,,BUT,,,,,,,,,I draw a fine line in the sand between feminine and "over the top Cutsie.".....Tis moi.
I love Glitter, embellishments, a "bit of pink," etc.

So,,,this is my current studio,,,always, always under constructions and new additions........

Welcome to the "Bungalow Bling Studio!"
Please wipe your feet and shake off your clothing on the way OUT,,,"We are not responsible for any glittery situations that will most undoubtably occur!"

Since I do a lot of different types of Crafting, including Mixed Media, I have TONS of supplies.This is my Millenery Desk. I converted an old closet door for this "Desk" and just added a fun Burlap Runner. "This old basement has a huge bulkhead on the southside,,,,,,so its a holding area for lots of goodies.

This old "Saggy Baggy" Wicker Trunk? Holds great sentiment to me. It came over from Germany with my Mother and Grandparents in 1929.

I bought this fun old industrial cabinet from my friend Annie a while back, great for holding Small vintage flower stems!

 That's Marla on top of the Millenery case, one of my Muse,,,,or is it Muses?
At any rate, Marla is sporting a crown I made last summer that,,,,well, didn't turn out QUITE like I planned it, but I loved the bright colors and the  Message on the Napkin I used from Curly Girl, "I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could Save the World."

"Crepe Cubby"
Ever since I was a kid I have absolutely LOVED Crepe Paper! The colors, the textures, the crispness. Maybe that is why I love to use it so much in crafting. Crowns, garlands, Holiday items- Love it!

I also have a "cubby" filled with all sorts of Vintage novelty items-nope, no rubber noses or whopee cushions,,,,,,,,But plenty. Wedding doves, clowns, parasols, baskets, mini bottle brush trees, spiders,you name it! I use these items on Cake Toppers and themed boxes as well as Holiday ornaments and keepsakes..........

The "Paper Wall" or West wall, I wallpapered earlier this year with pages of an old Fairy tale book, "The Blue Fairy." Apparently they are a bit less "sugar coated" than more modern versions. I absolutely LOVED the graphic images in this book and thought they would be great inspiration in my Studio! Not a short task, but a FUN one! Upon completion, I wondered whether the Vintage book I'd torn apart might be worth a bit of money! Oops! But I love reading short clips of the stories and looking at all the fun images! Good inspiration in a Art Studio, at any rate!

This is my "Paper Station." I found this old cabinet last year, right before Karen's event. I love it,,,,,all these skinny little drawers pull out and down at an angle to hold seasonal/themed/specialty papers, such as German Dresden, Sheet Music, etc.  I found the fun old Artist Box and use it to hold business cards, cards from friends and gift cards and tags...

The "North Wall." Tres' Chic!

This is by far my "fanciest" work area, on the North Wall. My sewing machine would generally be parked there in the middle, but I figured I'd leave it out of the photo for now. Lots of fun pieces here, and memories and LOVE attached to a lot of them! The "PARIS" Banner is from my friend Lulu of Coastal Sisters. In the background is a photo from friend Rhonda Addison, which I just love!  The vintage feather boa in the back ground was a gift from a Senior at the Chamber this year....And the dress form I bought recently at Farm Chicks and the little Cherub lamp on the left  (and below) was a Funky Junk Find.

One of my $7 cherub  lamps and a FREE shade!

Loving my new handmade dress form from Farm Chicks!

Some of my other "Mannies." My Big tough former Marine son said he didn't think he'd like to be in my studio at night,,,,,,they're just a bit creepy!
Another shot of a "cubby" in my Studio......Oh! If these old cases could TALK! The case on the top is from my Mom's old typewritter,,,,,,,,she loved to write and taught Typing, shorthand and filing when I was growing up. The 3rd case down is the suitcase she packed when she left the family Farm in Eastern Washington, at 18,to go to the University of Washington.
The one on the Bottom? It was my Dad's. I don't think he had it when he left home, he was too poor, but he may have used it in his 22 years in the Navy......

And,,,,,,,as we come full circle in my Studio,,,,,THIS is my workbench, which I use the most! All,my important tools are here....Glue gun, paintbrushes, various scissors, paints, GLITTER! (Didn't I mention to check for Glitter on your way out???)

(Closeup of workbench and lampshade I'm going to "rip apart" next and redo next to match the other one!)

And Finally, this is one of my favorite things in my Studio, I call it my "Momento Gate."  Things that make me SMILE,,,from friends Old and New-Near and Far......It sits right next to my workbench and always makes me happy!

Well, that's it, thanks for stopping by and visiting my humble little studio here at "Bungalow Bling."
I hope you had FUN and have fun visiting all the other sites, as I know I will!
Grab the lovely Button Karen made me if you'd like, or Follow my glittery (and often times humorous)adventures!!

I'll be hosting the "First Annual  Crafts Gone Wrong and Hoarders Event" in August on Friday the 13th,,,,,,,,,,Stay tuned ONLY if you can laugh about yourself and  the sordid Details!

Okay,,,,,,,,Update,,,,,and those of you that have already posted WILL be  automatically entered ........Since several Blogger Friends have commented about Their "Giveaway" in conjunction with this Event,,,,,,,,,I've decided to give something away too...........Just leave a Comment and you are eligible to win a CUSTOM Cupcake Topper............You can chose colors,,,,,theme/event! Just leave a comment on this Event Post to be eligible.........Good Luck and have Fun!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting Nightmare! "Where Bloggers Create" Disaster Part Duex

Okay,,,,,,,,you think trying to get the basement Studio in "This Old House" shouldn't be that hard, right?
Well,,,,,think again! I've got "Waynes Coating, wainscotting" what ever the heck you want to call it "down there." And God Bless my Step Dad,,,,,,,truly, he made a REALLY nice "playroom" for the boys when they were little-- a couple of DECADES ago,,,and that is the last time this G-Darn room was updated or painted....

(Ugly Paint Job Photo from the Web")

Only the wainscotting is "Faux", a nice way of saying FAKE! I know he did it on a nickel and dime budget for me, as a single Mom, so the kids would just have a place to CUT Loose,,,,,and not destroy the rest of the house. God Bless "Grandpa Bob." Truly,,,,,he was the BEST! He could take a Nickel and stretch it around the Block!

But,,,,,truly? Have you ever tried to PAINT fake paneling? Well,,,,,,I HAVE. NOW! Two coats of KILS primer,,,,,,,and TWO coats of interior eggshell Latex......and you can STILL see "daylight" through the paints!

Oh and did I mention my oldest son's experimentation with Tie Dye? Well,,,,,lemme share that his younger brother was intreged and got into the whole MESS,,,,,and NOW  2O some years later, a latent Paint Brush takes ONE little SPECK of Tie Dye and turns a wall/cabinet PINK! My only solace was when said Son was helping and he complained, I mentioned that HE was the one that got into the G-Darn Stuff!

Fake panelling and "cubbies" aside,,,,,,I still have a #$%#$%#$%!!! of stuff to make look CUTE and organized. I love Karen,,,,,,and admire Jo Packham so,,,,,,,,,but I'm pulling my creative hair OUT!

"One More Day"-Singing the song from Les Mis......I can at LEAST get a few laughs from my photos if I don't kick it into high gear!

And,,,,,,as promised? Seriously I'm going to Host a "Crafts gone Bad" and "Hoarders Event" soon! I think we ALL need a laugh after the stress/challenge!!!

I hope you are ALL in better Creative/organizational space than I AM! then again,,,,,,,,I may rotate between loathing and loving you if your are! Even now, I'm learning my Strengths,,,,,AND weaknessess!  God Bless friends that understand and Make UP  for the differences!! 

"See you soon"
Hugs and Love, always and regardless!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Still painting the Studio......

I had a "helper" for a couple of hours today,,,,till son Andrew threw up his hands and said,,,,"There is TOO much @#$$#$@!! in here to move, let alone PAINT!"

Okay,,,it wasn't quite THIS BAD,,,,,,(image of "Mel's office from the Web")

But,,,I'm a saver,,,,okay may a hoarder,,,,,but only Ribbons, okay and Glitter,,,,,,and well, ummm, Flowers and Millenery.......and then there was the vintage suitcase I found in the "Studio" closet that had pics of my High School Boyfriend........And stationery so old I added it to a box of "vintage" papers....Man, I'm getting OLD!!!

So,,,when the 'free help' left-HEY, I took him out and bought him a "killer" breakfast first!, I managed to work for a few more hours by myself. Old house,,,,lots of cubbies and cabinets built into the room,,,,so it's not just like painting 4 walls!!! I may yell "Uncle" by Friday and plead my case for Karen's "Where Bloggers Create" event!!! Yeah,,,I'm more likely to show up on the "Hoarders" Show...........

Jana commented this weekend while we were working at Joyworks, when I told her what I was up to,,, "Maybe you'll WIN and Jo Packham will use your Studio in her book or magazine."  Oh my Lord Jana, you know me better than THAT!!! I just want it presentable and I will cheer and applaud those that truly ARE "print worthy!"

Hmmmmmmm, Lookin' at "Mel's" wall color  in the photo above though, and that IS one of my Favs! GAME ON!

If I don't get it done,,,,,,,I'll just steal photos of Lulus  fabulous Studio! HA!!!

Hugs and Love,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird, it's a Plane,,,,,,NO, its........

These guys were in my back yard about 5 minutes ago. It's not an uncommon site to see Balloons, parachuters and small planes from my yard,,,,,,,,,

But LOOK at that SKY! We'll be pushing 80 today apparently,,,,,what a concept! I guess it was nice here last Saturday while I was at Farm Chicks,,,,,,,but I missed THAT day and the rain has continued!

So, being Western Washington, you can be assured that today they'll be Ballooning, parachuting, beaching, gardening, BBQ's and oh yeah, flip flops and SUNBURNS!!!

I doubt we'll be super busy at Joyworks today,,,,unless their coming in to buy Summer Clothes and Shoes,,,,,oh yeah, and the Sunglasses we are so famous for "consuming" in Washington,,,,,,probably because it's been so long since we've worn them,,,,,,,,,they're LOST!

Enjoy your day whatever you do and wheverer you are!!
(Hummin' "Blue Skies")

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not your average Blogger and her Giveaway....

Giveaway and an Interview.......
Have you had the pleasure yet of visiting Debra at Common Ground? I've got to say, she is one of the sweetest, most creative bloggers I've had the pleasure to "meet." In "Blogland", of course.

Debra is celebrating her 1 year Anniversary! But all you have to do is look at her "Followers" list and understand that this is no ordinary Blog and no ordinary Lady. After  her first year she has over 500 followers!

I check her blog posts regularly. It's SO fun to see what she is up to. And,,,,,I'll say, IF you leave a comment on Debra's blog she will most assuredly "hop" over and see what you are up to and leave a comment on YOURS! She takes the time to get to know folks. I love that about her,,,,,,,

So yep,,I love a good giveaway as much as the next,,but I LOVE getting to actually KNOW the bloggers a bit more! Thanks Debra,,,,,for great posts, great decorating ideas and finds and great/thoughtful comments! Happy One Year!

Stop by Debra's blog and Follow, if you don't! You'll be delighted to see/read her posts! Her giveaway is a wonderful new book, "The French Inspired Home" by Carolyn Westbrook.
But regardless of winning, this is a GREAT blog to follow!!

( I had a totally productive or nonproductive day, depending upon how you look at it! I caught up with my Best Blogger friend Lulu of Coastal Sisters, whose been "out" for weeks recovering from Pneumonia. Had a Birthday lunch and Cupcakes with my Best Local Friend, Dear Laura and spent time with her beloved Bella dog-who is doing well after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.....and I headed to the Snohomish Farmer's Market for fresh yummy produce and bread). Back to painting the Studio tomorrow,,,,,,,,I have a helper at least for tomorrow! Son Andrew is done with  College Finals and is my "honey-do" guy tomorrow!)

Now, go visit Debra's Blog if you haven't yet!
Giveaway ends June 30th,,,,,,but you'll be happy just following her blog!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm Chicks Final Post

I know your saying Shell, there is more to life than FARM CHICKS,,,,and YOU ARE RIGHT! Inspired by Karen's upcoming "Where Blogger's Create Event" I'm Painting and working on the Studio...But a girls got to come up for AIR!! So,,,final Farm Chickies!!So do a little Jig and kick up your knickers!

Showin' her knickers here is the Cute and Creative Lisa
A Thing for Roses

OOOh,,,,More Millenery,,,,$15 Bucks! Thanks Lisa!~

Lisa and Isabel from Maison Douce were right next to each other,,,,both booths were wonderful! Isabel's got a great post up about the event,,,,stop on over!

This Gorgeous Booth was from "Blue Canoe, Reloaded"  from CA,,,,Their stuff was fantastic!!Most gone by Sunday morning when we swung back through! No Website, but hope to see them at future shows!

Sis in law Mary bought one of their great bottles........

Dress form I bought from Sharon Cusic
She doesn't do Web,
Only Shows!

I was going to buy a big one on a stand I saw, but I really loved these and she does such an awesome job!
I can always find a machine made one,,,,,
Thought this was Special

(The Rhinestone earclip and rhinestone trim I bought from aforementioned Jenifer Osner)
Sharon makes these dress forms in the old Parisienne school of thought,,they used to be made custom for clients by dressmakers so could do fittings without the person there...This one is a BIT smaller than me! HA!

Here's the Wonderful Booth From Deb Kennedy of Retreat,,,,,,,

Oh My Stars! I thought I included Deb in Yesterdays Post!!! Her booth AND blogs are always amazing!
She and Hubby Bob Create wonderful "altered furniture and decor........
Stop by her blog and see her Farm Chick Post!

A few other "finds,,,,doll head/vintage hat and hatbox and this little chalkware lady

Most of these little "ditties were tucked into a grab bag from the two characters below!

The fun and creative Gals from "Poor Pitiful Pam"

These two had a HUGE booth at the very Front of the  Show Entrance,,,,,,,,,All white and creamy/dreamy!
The bodice of their heavenly "dress" between them is actually made out of cupcake liners! Too cute!
I managed to snag  and convince them for a photo op ONLY because they were "goofin" off around the Corner with my friend Deb Bock!

I snagged this nice couple, Cheryl and Bill from  Country Nester's on Sunday morning when I was picking up the item below..........
 "You want to take our pic TODAY?"
They sold most of the items in their booth, including my FAVORITE FIND of the Show
This Cabinet,,,,,,,,Perfect for Millenery!

Love it! The Glass front tucks up inside and the two shelves tip gently out and the bottom two drawers are full of little "cubbies." There's a metal plaque on the top but I can't read what it WAS
Any Ideas??

Really Cute booth from "Vintage Charm"
Lovin' that Petticoat Chandelier!

Vintage Charm Booth -Cowgirl Chic!

 One last little box of Goodies, complete with "FRIEND" Dresden/Sticker

Well, that's IT,,,,,,,Finis'

You'd best be SCOOTIN' to Spokane NEXT Year,,,,,,,but bring good MAPS!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chicks Fun!

WOW! First of all, waving to all those who I swapped cards with from Florida and Southern California and Oregon!!! You gals came a LONG way for this show, and I thought a 5 hour drive was far! Which for the rest of you should be an indicator of how HUGE this event was! Hi to all you terrific Vendors that found your way here and made this show SO Special!

So,,,,that said,
Sister-in Law-Mary, just aimed her Prius back towards Port Angeles after our 3 Day adventure. We had a ball! Too fun! Thought I'd share a bit about our trip!

We left for Spokane Friday Morning hoping to leave at least a BIT of our torrentially plagued West side of the Mountains. If you're not from around here, USUALLY even if it's raining in the Seattle Area you get East of the Cascade Mountains and you actually SEE Summer in June! Unfortunately, the "East Siders" were experiencing a similiar malady on Friday.

Upon Arrival (in the pouring Rain) before heading to our Hotel, we decided to explore Downtown Spokane a bit!

Okay, let's just say, Driving in Spokane can be a real adventure! They've got more one way streets than I think I've ever seen in my life! "You can't Get  there from here!"

We did  eventually find a GREAT lighting store Revival Lighting in Spokane, complete with TONS of vintage and Antique fixtures and Chandeliers. I'm actuallly a "Certified Lighting Specialist" so I really enjoyed their gorgeous store!

After trying to check in to the WRONG Quality Inn (with a very handsome silver haired manager who asked us to come back THERE next year) we finally checked in! Thanks to my friend Timi from Come Junk With Us  we managed to get a lovely room somewhat last minute!
Thanks Timi!
But before "lights out" for Mary and I, we had a quick girls visit from my friends and "Shoppers Extrodinaire" Stephanie and Suzanne, also of Snohomish. They were on a "whirlwind" trip-THEY hit the antique stores in Spokane on Friday and were headed for a QUICK morning trip through Farm Chicks venue,,,wowza, they shop fast!!

Saturday- The Opening of the Show
We got an early start  at the Hotel and had breakfast with some of "Timi's" Junker Group, Including Julie of Glitter and Ivy. Julie has a Darling Shop in Monroe, Washington featuring Christopher Radko,,,,which she ships all over the world. Julie is having a "Ladies Night " Wednesday June 9th from 6:00pm-9:00, so if you are local stop by for goodies and giveaways,She's a dear!

I should have taken a pic of the line going into the Show Saturday morning, it was UNREAL! I'll post some links on my sidebar that you may want to check out for more pics and show happenings! Serena of Farm Chicks Fame and said Event, actually handed out our tickets and cloth shopping bags as we stood in line.

I also chatted a bit with Dixie and Linda from Funky Junk Sisters as we were waiting to get in. They started a video tape of me and the camera died,,,,,oh DARN! I may NOT be on screen! (That could be a VERY good thing!) But they are so much fun!!!

Two VERY Talented Ladies!
My Dear Friend Deb Bock (rt) Garden Party
with Sweet Kris from Today's Country Store

Once inside, First stop was to Garden Party, my dear friend and neighbor Deb Bock. Her booth, as usual was darling!

Okay,,,and Shut UP! Ackkkk!! My next stop and major Shopping Spree was with Jennifer Osner of Antique Textiles. Jennifer brings all her scrumptous goodies up from San Francisco!

Jennifer Osner, Antique Textiles

****Oh MY STARS! Shell has DIED and gone to Heaven!!!****

To say that I wanted err-ah, no, coveted EVERTHING in her booth is an understatement! I think we may become VERY good long distance friends!

Uh-oh! She takes Checks!

Ummm, I stocked up a BIT!

Then I gravitated ( levitated? ) towards her lace and trims,,,,,,( I Swear I did not drool!)

"Project Runway Lace"

This Yummy Lace trim caught my eye and Jennifer Came over and said some of it was used in a Project Runway Dress.......well, of COURSE it WAS!

I managed to walk away without the whole booth,,,,,,but oh my!

DO YOU See this woman in the aqua in the background? I know, hard to see isn't she?
THAT would be my dear sister in law Mary,,,,,,aka Shopaholic,,,,,,,aka MIA~~~ Accck!!
I "lost her on Saturday." Cell phone? Nahhh! Meet at Noon by the "Milk Truck? Naaah! Lunch with Jana, Sandy and Jill from Joyworks? Naaah! Shoot, I barely saw her the whole day!

But, as luck would have it, while walking around looking for her I walked by the "Where Women Create" table and none other than Jo Packham was there, waiting to sign books/quarterlies. And, there was no one in line at that moment! I got to chat a bit with her and she signed the current quarterly for me. I told her I'd see her in NOVEMBER in Nebraska for Silver Bella-and I asked her, "Now WHY is it in Nebraska again?"

Latest Quarterly, Fun Piece of my Blogger Friend Karen Valentine Inside! Oh My Karen, you ARE famous now, can I say "I knew you when??" Congrats Sweetie, great "spread."

I'm sure Jo signs this way frequently, but I enjoyed meeting her!

I also had a fun visit with Krys Kirkpatrick (Bunnies By the Bay) who has a newer line of fun Products called "Hutch." I've always loved the "Bunnies" line and this new line is quite a switch, but I love it! I "do" Small stuff, but Come ON! I'm thinkin' she works under a friggen microscope!

Her new "Hutch" division is located next to Bunnies by the Bay in La Conner, WA. I HAD to buy these darling Chicks she made!

Okay Lulu, Pink or Blue???

Here's Krys, New Grandma!
(He's darlin')

Jay, Mary Larsen and Timi

Here is a pic of Timi and her awesome helper hubby Jay. "Sandwiched in between is the awesome Mary Larsen, who of COURSE had an awesome couple of booths! You ROCK MARY!!! (Did that chandelier sell or are we negotiating when you get back??) 

SO MUCH MORE to Share, and tell,,,,,but I'll save it for tomorrow's post!

Hugs and Love,

(I'll be posting other blog and web links on my sidebar if you want to see/visit them and get their take/info.)