Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Pining it All Down"

Still Crafting for Farm Chicks....have the glue gun burns to prove it! Ackk!
Some of the pins I've been working on.....
Bits of Vintage ribbon, lace  buttons and millenery
Handmade flowers, feathers, tulle.....

I've also made about 30 hair clips and a few more headbands.......

Did I mention my nails are "toast" ? Ah, the Glam!

I had this idea that most of these could be displayed in a Vintage suitcase I have,,,,Clipped to the pockets/top with clothespins,,,,,,Ackkk! Clothespins. Hardware Store.......

Mantra: "I will not see anyone I know, I will not see anyone I know (adorned in Sweats, unkempt hair sans Make-up and Flip Flops I've had since I went to Europe ....WHEN???"

"Hi Shell (smile)." Rita,,,,from Joyworks. Busted! But, she's a dear and I knew Rita would understand a "Crafting Emergency!"

Here's the old family suitcase, stuffed full of, well, STUFF!

Almost Ready to Go!!

Hope you had a good Tuesday! (I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that it felt like a Monday!) I think I'm calling tomorrow "Weddy or Not Wednesday" Because if it doesn't get done tomorrow,,,,,,,it's not happening!!

Hugs and love,


  1. What a fabulous collection Shell - you have been so busy! Had to laugh about the glue burns - that is some! Best of luck to you with your sale of these beautiful items - I am betting there will be a mad rush to purchase them. They look so lovely all together - LOVE the display - love that suitcase!


  2. OH MY GOODNESS! You have been a busy little bee! Shell, everything looks wonderful and I know your trinkets will be a big hit!

    I am so much better today. Pappa goes back to Florida morning bright and early so I can get back to some normalcy here...yippee skippie!!

    I love you!!!

  3. Hey Shelly,
    They all look so pretty.Love the old suitcase! I bet your getting excited for the show! and just think if its raining outside think how many more will be inside to shop! Be sure and fill us all in when you get back.
    Thanks for your sweet words on my bird!
    hugs Lynn
    P.s. Its still raining here too. ugh....

  4. Shelly, the case looks wonderful! You have indeed been busy! Don't you just loath hot glue burns!? Yikes, they sting!

    I sure hope the weather is better for your arrival... other wise you will need a boat and flippers to get around in ... looking forward to hearing how you did over here. I wish you the very best! :)))

  5. Oh, busy, busy indeed! So I'm not the only one that dang hot glue seems to find every time.

    Your story about your house in the movie was so much fun. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. YOu have been a busy girl, I hope you are super successful at the show. Wish I could be there but I promised my niece I would come and visit her this weekend without looking at the date - can't go back now. Have a blast!


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