Monday, June 14, 2010

Still painting the Studio......

I had a "helper" for a couple of hours today,,,,till son Andrew threw up his hands and said,,,,"There is TOO much @#$$#$@!! in here to move, let alone PAINT!"

Okay,,,it wasn't quite THIS BAD,,,,,,(image of "Mel's office from the Web")

But,,,I'm a saver,,,,okay may a hoarder,,,,,but only Ribbons, okay and Glitter,,,,,,and well, ummm, Flowers and Millenery.......and then there was the vintage suitcase I found in the "Studio" closet that had pics of my High School Boyfriend........And stationery so old I added it to a box of "vintage" papers....Man, I'm getting OLD!!!

So,,,when the 'free help' left-HEY, I took him out and bought him a "killer" breakfast first!, I managed to work for a few more hours by myself. Old house,,,,lots of cubbies and cabinets built into the room,,,,so it's not just like painting 4 walls!!! I may yell "Uncle" by Friday and plead my case for Karen's "Where Bloggers Create" event!!! Yeah,,,I'm more likely to show up on the "Hoarders" Show...........

Jana commented this weekend while we were working at Joyworks, when I told her what I was up to,,, "Maybe you'll WIN and Jo Packham will use your Studio in her book or magazine."  Oh my Lord Jana, you know me better than THAT!!! I just want it presentable and I will cheer and applaud those that truly ARE "print worthy!"

Hmmmmmmm, Lookin' at "Mel's" wall color  in the photo above though, and that IS one of my Favs! GAME ON!

If I don't get it done,,,,,,,I'll just steal photos of Lulus  fabulous Studio! HA!!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Oh Shell - I do so feel your pain! I have worked and worked to try and get ready - to me it is perfect. To anyone else who sees this topsy turvy, way too much stuff, just barely a path to walk around the room - Sacred Yarn Room - they will think I am surely crazy! I am almost ready to cry Uncle and forget the whole thing! So stressed about this! OK - deep breath -

    I am going to go and move some more stuff!


  2. Awww Shell, even if you DO end up Hoarders, I'll totally be there for you, cheering ya on! ;-)


  3. I will watch u on Hoarders. I will support u.. lol.. And as long as there is no dead stuff or old food in the room i will even be there to clean it out.. I want to be famous ya maybe u can make all us helpers crowns too... Just jk... Hope to see the end result... but not on tv... mishelle

  4. OK, after seeing that photo above, I don't feel so bad at the way my spare bedroom looks! HA! I think everyone has one room or area that could be featured on an episode of "Hoarders"! We just don't admit it. HA HA!

  5. I'm laughin' hard because I'm going thru the same thing! Shall we rename it "Where Hoarders Create"? That's more like me. I literally needed industrial trashbags to get me "presentable"!
    Can't wait to see it!

  6. LOL, you crack me up!

    You can borrow my pics anytime!


  7. Good luck, Shell!!! Just think of all the old hidden treasures you'll find while sorting through all your stuff!! That's the best part! (Well, that, and having a nice and tidy freshly painted room!!)

  8. At least your attempting to get your studio more organized. That's better than mine for now. If I were to win that prize of Jo Packums I think I would run away. LOL! Have lots of ideas for my art room, no time or $$$ to do it. Oh bother. God bless. Cathy

  9. You're so funny! That green in Mel's pic looks very close to what I just painted in my studio - Green Tea Latte it was called. Come on girl, you can do it - two and a half days left until you have to post pics LOLOLOL


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