Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are you KIDDING ME? Waaay too cute!! (Scroll down to previous for "Where Bloggers" Event/Post) But LOOK!

OH MY STARS! I darn near died and went to HEAVEN yesterday! Thank heavens Jana had her camera at JOYWORKS! Are you ready for this???

  You are going to be SO JEALOUS!!!!

I am in LOVE!!  This is baby Grace,,,,,she's from The Funny Farm in Monroe- a quick car ride away for me! Yipppeee!!

 I got to "ROO" sit for about 30 minutes while here human "Mamma" shopped in our store!!

What a special Gift! Dangit,,,,I've got to go up to Monroe and see her and the rest of the gang!
Check out:
for Info

And her "Mamma" well, she loves "Bling" too,,,,,Animals and Bling my kinda Gal!!!
Hugs and "Pets,"


  1. She is the cutest!!!!! xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  2. Now when you woke up that morning did you ever predict anything like that would happen? It was so much fun visiting with you at Farm Chicks. Hey...I have a giveaway too...first ever. Come over and check it out.

  3. She is such a doll! Would she like to live with a bunch of cats? :)

    You are a lucky duck!
    Lisa of Salvage Studio

  4. Joyworks( My FAVE store, I shopped there LONG before they expanded) AND a cute baby!! You're right, I'm jealous!!!

  5. I am in love with her also - I would just love to hold her just like the way I hold our tiny little babes!


  6. OH my gosh! Hoho!! What a cutie pie!!! That little nose... AW!!!!!!! So sweet- if you go back to the farm, please oh please take more pics!!

  7. Dang it, I just love babies! ;) I can't get over how stinkin' cute she is!

  8. oh my gosh! cuter than cute!!!!!never seen one in person!

  9. Ohhhh- you are SO right!!! I am JEALOUS!!!!! Awwwwwwwww!!!! What a cutie!!! You're so lucky you got to Joey-sit! :)

  10. Squeeeeeeeeeee! I am so jealous! What a sweet face that furbaby has! Now you can be a Joey Nanna!


  11. Oooooo, I how adorable!!! Isn't that just the sweetest little face!!! I am MOST envious of your sitting adventure!!! I would have found a VERY deep pocket of my own and hopped right out of there!!! TOO PRECIOUS!!! :)))

  12. no. way.
    how INCREDIBLY cute!!! I can't even imagine holding one!!! thank goodness for those who carry cameras!

  13. OMG! Too cute! I have to reread this in the morning. I just took y contacts out and I can't see! AHHH!!!!
    I'll be back!
    A kangaroo . . . wow!
    :)Karen - Some days are diamonds

  14. OK, now that life looks normal again . . . I can't believe you got to ROO sit! I didn't even know there were kangaroos in the US except in zoos! I need to go check out her site!
    Thanks for sharing! Love this!

  15. Now I have seen everything! I should of known it would be on your site that I would of seen it all. hahaha
    I had to get my glasses on to make sure what I was reading and seeing. How cute is this post.
    Shell I love your post too before this. What great pictures of where you do all your art creations. Love the tour.
    You have redone your site again since I have been here. I don't remember your shells with the followers on it and your other shell tags. Girl I have been trying for months to figure out how to do some cute tags and connect them to the page but no luck for this dummy.
    So appreciate your get well wishes. I am sorry to hear about all your dreary weather. Girl it is so hot I fried my dogs breakfast on the sidewalk this morning. lol
    Love you and miss you

  16. Oh Shell! What a sweet little one. You lucky girl! Thanks for getting a picture to share with us.

  17. Oh my gosh... way cute.... love fur babies!!!! YOu are one lucky gal!

  18. Oh..what an adorable ROO! How fun that you got to "roo sit". I'll go check out the link.

    And absolutely...furbabies and bling definitely go together in my world! ♥

    Thanks for sharing this sweet thing,
    Stephanie ♥

  19. I LOVE the name of your blog, and I so enjoyed poking through your treasure-filled studio! Somehow we always manage to find room for more stuff, don't we? LOL

    And, yes...I am so jealous of your visit with the little roo! All babies are beautiful, but most of us only dream we'll ever get a chance to cuddle with a kangaroo baby. What a lovely memory to snuggle into your heart.

    I'l love if you get a chance to check out my little studio. And I will see you on the weekend for the Mad Tea Party!


  20. too too cute! But I bet that gets to be one BIG baby! Looks like fun!

  21. OMG tooo cute! I love your studio, the flower holder and paper station are pure genius! thank you for visiting my blog! Transfer sheets is a nother genius idea!

  22. Oh my gosh!!!! I'm totally jealous! What a sweet, precious little baby! How fun that must have been!

  23. omg how cute is that, i am soooo jealous would babysit with that baby roo any day. your studio is great , oh to organize all that, yikes. hugs JoAnn

  24. Just darling; but where oh where is your Mad Tea Party? Wah!


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