Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last glimpse of Cherubs and Angels.... Easter Parade in the Works!

I always have Cherubs and Angels up during the Chirstmas season, along, of course with all the other things. Then, when I take Christmas down, I pick through my ornaments and save those that are still appropriate for the New Year and Valentine's day.

My header is the last glimpse of my mantel with just, truly a FEW of the angels and cherubs I have. Soon to be replaced by my other major addiction,,,,,Rabbits, Hares, and Easter goodies.

I have started to work on our local Chamber of Commerce Easter Extravaganza! Complete with the State's only Easter Parade, Egg Hunt and Bonnet Contest. This year as co-chair, I'm incorporating an event with our community Senior Center and local kids.

 One week prior to the Parade (held on April 3rd)
We will have a Bonnet MAKING session, March 27th from 10:00am -Noon.  (Seniors, helpers and Kids). So, although I'll hit up  folks from our community if you have disheveled hats (of any sorts) ribbons/silk flowers or Easter related items that you would like to donate to the event,,,,,contact me! I'll pick up the shipping expense if you feel you have anything to donate to a great event! IF you donate, I'll even make sure you get a mention in the local paper!
(I know the Editor well!)

That said, thanks for anything you wish to contribute for the kids and Seniors.......this post is for "blogland" AND members of my community. If you are local, you can just drop any items by Joyworks!

Thanks, for any support!!

PS,,,,,,If you are local, and want to Enter the Bonnet Contest, the prizes are amazing for those of ALL ages!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Computer glitches/ lost emails and the likes!

I had a Contractor working on my garage that stopped by this afternoon and said he couldn't post to my email (?) He got some message that it was full.......I have had problems with Microsoft Mail for quite some time and although I have run virus scans and the likes, I've never figured out WHY I don't get emails or can't send them to some folks .(The ugly Mail Daemon shows up in my mailbox)

I have had comments on my prior posts such as  for "Brag Monday" but no posts on Luanne's party which seems a bit strange! Because I've seen the "Traffic Feed" in my sidebar............. IF you can just say hi or whatever and let me know that my blog is working,OR send me a shout to my email! I'd appreciate it! Not sure if it's my computer, blogland  or AOL,,,,,,,,,,

Any insight or suggestions are welcome,,,,,,,this is a PAIN!!!

Thanks for any hints/patience or replies!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wren day, or "Ren" Day, Luanne's Birthday Celebration extrodinaire!!!

( Luanne, sporting her Wren, aka Ren birthday hat.) She's a trooper because I KNEW/know that my bling was way over the top for her! Luanne doesn't really "roll that way"-She's a gardener, animal lover, and Country girl,,,,,, But, Also, a good sport!

Today at Joyworks we celebrated  the Birthday of our dear Luanne Ren. As an animal lover and gardener, we-my cohorts at Joyworks decided on a "Wren" or Garden theme.. Now,,,if you are new to my blog let me tell you that we have fantastic celebrations with coworkers for Birthdays (And, of course our annual Christmas Gathering is magazine worthy, truly!) I think I work with some of the most creative and artistic women on the planet! We all have our strengths,,,,and weakness and I think, we balance each other out well!
I feel truly blessed to work with such a group of women! If inclined, visit Jana's Joywork Archives to see what's taken place at But here is an overview of today's events! and a taste of prior events,

We often have themed events as a "Joyworks" group of women,,,,,,trust me, we have had some awesome events! Like,,a Bowling party where we headed to a bowling alley all dressed like the 50's,,, or a Barbie Party where everyone of us was dressed like a different Barbie.(Jana was an awesome Paris Barbie!).

 We've had Cat themed parties, red shoe parties, and one year, for me, a  "tacky"Bunnie party-because I Love collecting garden rabbit statuary and vintage bunnies, but mine are rather dignified and vintage looking, if not actually vintage.  BUT! The Joyworks girls one year,  all rewarded me with over the top "cutsie" thrift store finds, calico, stick your finger down your throat and gag,,,,,,,Bunnies! Well, anyway, you get my general drift!

At least I didnt get the "Cat Crap" birthday dessert Jill got one year,,,,,,that resembled kitty litter! I am SO sorry I missed that one! Not! But I digress.............

 God forbid you express your interest in a certain type of item or collection, because you MAY get NAILED with them on your birthday,,,,,the cute, the tacky and junky, the wonderful and divine. ( I received a WONDERFUL white  terra cotta rabbit from Clarice the year I got all the "weird and tacky" bunny  stuff from all of my co-workers or should I say, Clarice's co-conspirators! And I cherish it, for SO many reasons!
(and, I have a suitcase full of all my "tacky bunny stuff" because the memory of the event is just too FUN and Dear to part with!)

That said, today we did a "Ren" aka "Wren" party for Luanne today!  I had made her a Wren birthday hat of sorts,,,,Nests on the cupcakes and a darling picture from Jana.
Clarice provided us all with a WONDERFUL lunch, once again!  Delicious! Thanks again Clarice, for ALL that you always do for all of us!

And Jill, the Baker extrodinaire,  made awesome coconut cupcakes (per Luanne's choice from Martha's cupcake cookbook) and  llook at the darling nests! They were to die for! (Lulu, I wish you could have been there,,,,and I thought of you while eating mine,,,does that help?) Thanks Jill, once again!!!

Wonderful gifts from all for Luanne,,,,,potted flowers (Kay's front and center were gorgeous and so "Luanne", a wonderful hand crafted project from Sandi that my camera didn't catch well, that was so creative and darling! And the darling rabbit from Penny, purchased at Common Ground ( I wanted to snitch that! so G-Darn cute!) Hope you enjoyed your special day Luanne!

Oh, what a Fun afternoon! Our beloved former co-worker Cass stopped by shortly before the party began with her Goldendoodle pup. Big hit with Luanne and I both,  as dog lovers extrodinaire!  What a whoot! I should have taken pics! I could have gobbled them both up! I miss Cass and her puppy is so darn cute!!! I'd adopt either! : )

Great afternoon! Great luncheon and the best co-workers ever!

Jana did a fun painting of a Wren for Luanne, complete with her last name "Ren." Really cute Jana, and I'm sure a keepsake!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a BIG  and special corner of my life with my dear co-workers!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Glitter, Glue and Graphics, Oh my! And first"Brag Monday" submissions..

Shoot! I got glitter glued onto my USMC  (Marine) sweatshirt today! Ackk, is nothing sacred? I'm sure there is some former Drill Instructor in the "Heavens" rolling over in his Grave!

 Productive day though!

Hat for Luanne for her B-Day party at Joyworks tomorrow. I know she doesn't read blogs so I'm safe posting!

Luanne really likes to garden and loves the color red, so it was fun to make her something along that motif.

I used this great wrap we have at Joyworks , cut out a larger of the birds and glued it to cardstock so it was doubly thick and added a bit of foam board behind it, to give it a bit more depth. Then I glittered it and glittered some little silver butterflies and added  vintage aqua flowers and of course, crepe paper festooning. This batch was my own this time, turned out pretty cute I think!
Stop by Jana's blog for our store and see what's fun and new! She posts almost every day!

I also painted some terra cotta pots with Chalk paint for Luanne to label as she sees fit. . I'll add some flowers and or herbs to the pots tomorrow before the party,,,,,whatever "looks" right. I'll post those tomorrow with the Joyworks Party pics.  I won't be able to write on them when I give them to her though, ugh, because it's supposed to "cure" for 3 days or so! Oops! Well, she'll get to write/do what she wants!


I also Joined "Brag Monday," Karen's event at the Graphics Fairy blog. Here are two items I created using her graphics.

Well then, I've been drooling over graphics over at the Graphics Fairy  and finally figured out how to print the darn stuff..I know, I know, Computer  AND camera challenged! But, I found this cute Birthday Graphic and embellished it with glitter (hard to see in photo) crepe paper and some great printed ribbon from the Five Dollar French Market. If you have never been to their Etsy site, well then you aren't livin'! Everything they sell is $5,,,,,and if you are a francophile, check it out!!!

I also found this wonderful Image from Karen's site  (Graphics Fairy) and I absolutely LOVE it! How cute are these little feather babies? Again, Still getting used to the new camera, but I just glittered the Chicks a bit in Yellow, double faced it with Green Card Stock on the back, a couple of scrunched rayon ribbons for a hanger and a bit of festooning  and some vintage flowers.

Earlier today, I visited a new site that was mention on the Graphics Fairy site,,,,imagine that!  Jax and Jewels make some really fun stuff! They are making the E-Vite for the Mad Hatter's Event coming up which you will be undoubtably see EVERYWHERE  soon! They make darling papergoods and they had a quick crafting tutorial for paper flowers. Well, I decided to make a few today, Fast and fun!  I added a bit of glitter (does that surprise you?) and a few ribbons to mine.
Stop by their site and say hi!

And I started on a few new Birthday hats for Etsy (ack, I have nothing  to speak of in there right now!)
 Here's one for a little Butterfly princess somewhere!

I should have been outside more, but there were glitter fairies in the Studio, so I decided to take advantage!

Hope you enjoyed your day, whatever you did!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flip-Flops in February

Ask many natives of Western Washington if they have an umbrella and they'll look at you like you have two heads. Ask the same group how many pairs of flip flops or sunglasses they own and they'll uncandidly reply.
Ironic, given that we get more rain per capita than any other state in the Union. We also have the largest sunglass sales in the Country. (Because it generally is SO long between solar showings, that we LOSE or misplace them!)

So today, I was not surprised, given our marvelous weather once again, to see families and shoppers in the Historical Shopping district to be donning either, or BOTH!. I actually observed one couple sitting in the window well of our shop appearing to be sunbathing!

Bikes, motor or otherwise prolifferated the main street and the opening "whoosh" of parachutes could be heard from the nearby airport.

I'd surmise by the early morning chorus of birds courting, starting their nests and raising a chatter that exceeds any "canned" bird songs you can purchase for your CD player that THEY KNOW that there will be no true winter in the PNW.

Damn the slugs, the bugs, the allergies and Thank you Lord for a break from the rain,cold and dark! After last year, we'd all love a break! (Clarice, my boss at Joyworks was perusing the weather reports we keep at the store to track business and we had SNOW last year in March!) No repeat performance please!

If your blessed with good weather, make the MOST OF it, if your snowed in still, or more you are in my thoughts! Put your flip flops on and maybe you too will be transported emotionally or physically to a warmer place,,,,,if only for a while!

I'm off,,,,to dig through my closet for appropriate footwear for tomorrow,,,,,Okay that may be rubber boots in the garden still,,,,,,,,,,but IN the garden in Feb???? Gotta love it!!

Check in Tuesday eve for pics and posts for our Darling Luanne's,,,,,,,,Birthday Celebration (of course!) at Joyworks!

Hugs and love!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wow! 6 prizes,,,I'm honored!

Well, Imagine my surprise when I came home from work tonight and found out that I won yet another prize from the OWOH Giveaway!
Sabine from had sent me a message that I won her giveaway as well!
Very fun Art! Danke, Sabine! "Das is sehr schoen!"

Sabine lives in East Germany, my mother was born in Germany near Weisbaden in the West. 15 years ago, after being suddenly widowed, I went back to college and I took a year or so of German (My mother advised me to take Spanish, even though German was her native tongue),,,"Spanish would be so much easier," she said. But I said that the German language-which I used to hear all of them speaking growing up (and wondering if they were talking about ME, or secrets) was what I truly wanted to learn, as a part of my heritage.

So, I took the German classes, and did fairly well, and THEN when I went to visit my half sister (that is a whole other story if you dont' know me and one I will sometime explore on my other blog) and my sister would wince when I used the wrong pronoun,-informal in conversations with other Germans.....And I thought, "Well, I'm an American and at least I'm trying!!!"

So my German is rough,,,,but it got me through airports and banks and even in Eastern parts of France,,,,,,,where they speak both, but little English. But, if you don't USE it,,,you LOSE it!!  So, sorry Sabine and sorry Sis Patty, I guess I need a visit to brush up!!!

Fun to win a prize from Germany! Sabine is very talented!!! Thank you!

Six wonderful prizes from six very talented and wonderful Ladies!! How fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Packages to be sent and the postal Nazi

I think all of us have had experiences with public employees that got our dander or temper rising. Thinking, "This employees salary is paid by ME and tax payers of this community,,,and how, or why  does this listless, unprofessional, rude,lude individual maintain their job,,,,,,AT MY EXPENSE!

Last time I waited at the DMV,,,,the Department of Motor Vehicles, to get my license renewed I swore,,,,,this must be what purgatory is like. Stuck in limbo- somewhere between heaven and hell and the same relentless chatter and waiting, over and over and over again. And it got me to thinking about some of OUR public service workers.

Fed/County and for the most part, City workers-make a good living. They get great bennies, holidays off and for the most part have secure jobs, so why in the HE- double hockey sticks do some of them treat us so badly or have that "Better than thou attitude?" We pay their salaries! Ackkkkk!

That said, I only have to deal with license renewals ever 4 years, and I've actually teased some DMV photographers who've taken my (horrid) pictures by remarking,,,,,,"OH, I bet you used to work for Yen Lui"- which has been the leading photographer in Seattle and outlying areas for years." You get a smile...and  a grunt, indicating they "get" your humour, even though your photo looks like you robbed the local 7-11 last week.

Hey, I've got family currently working for the State, My brother also worked at the Legislative level writing laws and my Sis in law worked for Dept of Health and Social Services for years. And my mother worked in County administration and of course I have a son that was in the Military (Fed) government.

I've also got to say before I'm totally unleashed that in my small community, we still have mail carriers that deliver our mail on foot-door to door. They are a joy for the most part to talk to and a couple of them have become if not friends, than at least good acquaintences.

That said,,,I break out in a cold sweat and a silent rage when I have to go to the local post office to send anything or have other postal duties. We,,,,,here in my small community, have whom I consider "the Postal Nazi." And, I rarely, if ever deal with the other postal employees in residence,,,,,,I always seeem to get the demon or the darkside of postal hell,

I'll grant you, he is articulate and professional, with NO curtesies aside. "Where are you shipping, how are you paying, did you need stamps, this will arrive in x days and tada! Your done! No,,,,,Hi, now how are you, no nice day, this is great, love my job, like my community, your a person, thank you........

When my son was in the Marines and stationed (for two tours) in Iraq, I'd tearfully stand in line to have his packages shipped,,,,,not knowing if he'd get them,,,if he'd be healthy when he got them and standing in line looking at local soldiers proud and distinguished in their glass case whether serving currently or lost Veterans of the War in the middle east,,,,,,and Then I'd have to deal with this postal drone that made no comments about my package, my son's service or even making EYE contact to acknowledge said recipient,,,well He ticked me off.

He works for US-me and you,,,he's a postal employee. And to me a blight on the wonderful other postal workers that work in my community.

So today,,,I avoided the "Postal Nazi" and drove slightly out of town to be serviced by some dear friends at Post Net. They're the best! They know my name....they tape/rebox/label and smile! They choose the best shipping method,,,,,,and I can even buy cards there, or truffles, or get something notorized. I can grab a sweet- a piece of candy or more often not, a fresh baked cookie!!!

Pergatory is the dept of the DMV.....and although I don't want to judge, I think there is a special Hell for postal workers with no heart and a "better than thow" attitude. Hopefully I'll never have to see either!

Thanks Post Net,,,,,,and Lulu and Beth,,,,,your packages are OFF! Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ironic Symbolism,,,,Or how I knew the day just wasn't going well...

I "Had a Day."

Now, first of all, for those of you that know me at all, I'm a "the glass is half full" kind of a gal. An optimist, a polyanna, a cheerleader (okay I didn't make the squad, but still) anyway,,,,,,you get my drift.

So, I'm heading to Joyworks(the darling shop that I work in on weekends and if you haven't visited the blog Jana does for the store yet, you should because the store is darling ,,but what I have to say is really important so wait until I'm done if you know whats good for you!) today to pick up a few little "ditties" to send to my friend Lulu in Maryland and a "surprise" to put in my little OWOH giveaway for Beth Holcombe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And as any of you that follow the weather as of late may know, spring is truly coming early in Washington State! (Sorry, Beth, Lulu, et. al.) So,,,,,the birdies are in their glory-courting and nest building and stretching their vocal cords. And, apparently some (?) one (?) of them decided to make a HUGE deposit of droppings on my car windshield. Lovely!!

So as I pulled out to head to Joyworks and run some other errands,  I thought to myself, self, I said, " I hope this isn't indicative of how my day is going to go".  Never listen to self- it is rarely pretty!

Well, the Joyworks stop went well, I find a few surprises to tuck in both boxes and a box to boot to ship Lulu's goodies (which are later than the cookbook I checked out at the local library  in Junior High and never returned,,,,but I wasn't FRIENDS with the librarian).  The few little morsels that I purchased there, I paid for in cash. Next stop, our wonderful family owned hardware to pick up a few things for a birthday project I'm working on . And low and behold, my debit card didnt go through..try again,,,,nadda. In a bit of panic,,,,okay a lot because I KNEW how much I had (or relatively so) in that account and flew to my banker.

Apparently, yesterday "I paid $20 bucks to a gymnastic studio on the East Coast"-Only I didn't. I mean come ON~I'm 50something,,,okay 49 and holding so apparently the bank caught it. Only WAIT,,,,,what if I DID want to fly to the East Coast and take gymnastics?  And how come my banker was snickering when she reviewed the purchase? Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking! But I COULD if I wanted to! Only I didn't.

So now,,oh JOY! My card is cancelled and being reissued,,,,and that means no online purchases. No Etsy, No online shopping for 7-10 days!!! And it means that I have to contact folks like my local Utility companies and insurance companies that "do" automatic payments from my account!

And,,,,until I get my card, I have to OMG,,,,write checks or PAY CASH! I don't know about all of you,  but my checkbook is pretty dog-eared these days!

Well, on the bright side, it was sunny and gorgeous and I took my little car through the carwash. Sparing no expense (cash, of course!) and removed the birdie "Do-do" if nothing more that a symbolic gesture that "Do-Do" DOES Happen, and that life goes on!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's antic's about the Postal I didn't get my packages sent today and THAT will be a new adventure,,,,,trust me! And I always, always, always end up in the Postal Nazi's line!

Hugs to all,

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Elizabeth Holcombe of Words & Whimsies Blog fame! You are the winner of my One World One Heart Blog giveaway!!!

Thanks to all 193 folks that responded and I really enjoyed this event! Really fun visiting all the new blogs and thanks for you crafty and crazy women that decided you want to follow me in Blogland!!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

I had an awesome crafting day and the WORST camera day!

Geesh, I don't think my camera is even a year old and it was acting up today! Electronically challenged-I had my son look at it. The computer isn't "talking" to the camera properly. Well, why can't they get along? Tried reinstalling my disc, bought a new memory card today,,and nadda....nix.

Frustrating since I was working on a custom project (see sidebar) and awaiting word on text/sentiments before finishing it up. So,,,,,,if you review the project/photo in the sidebar and have any good ideas for text/sentiments for a birthday relatomg tp Alice in Wonderland,,,,,,,I'd love to hear it!!

And, any advice about a new camera I'd love to hear from you on THAT too!!!