Friday, July 29, 2011

Girls Just wanna go Junkin'! A few Friday finds, but mostly laughs and Sunshine!

Deb Bock and I headed out this morning before I even finished my first cup of coffee! Sometimes you just go where the "Junk" winds take you.....we headed  waaaaay up North.......And, well, the "pickin's weren't quite what we had in mind, but the weather turned lovely and we both fell in love with a couple of little cottages on or near the Sound in Anacortes........The view's were lovely and we took a couple of wrong turns that lead to --

Too funny, quite the downspout! Only in Washington State!

Had to take a quick pick of this Anacortes "Junk" Mural!

We headed back down "south" to Mt Vernon and I scored a few goodies.........

I'm crazy about Antique and Vintage Postcards,,,,,I picked up this one.......

I think this was my FIND of the Day,,,,,

This old turquoise rocker with faded chocolate floral Velvet panels..........
I "stole' this one! No, really I paid for it, but still!

Pretty little old English Plate from an Estate Sale,,,,,,,it has a little faded sticker of $25.00 on it.........
I "stole" this one too!

Some sweet linens, a fun glasses case for my "cheaters" and another Glass Flower Globe,,,,,
$3.oo bucks for the bunch........

Close up of the bird runner,,,,,,50 Cents??? For all that hand work. These don't sell well, and it makes me sad because of all the hours, talent the went into them,,,,,And well, let's see, HOW many hours do I put into MY stuff ??? I guess artist and crafters appreciate other artist and crafters the most!

We didn't hit any "Mother Lode's" today, but had fun laughing, exploring and creating our own Rules-IF we were the Garage/Estate Sale "Police."

1) Those folks that don't take down their OLD signs should be Fined!
(Or, maybe shot, but that may be a BIT extreme! -I'm just sayin')
2) If you're selling your kids old clothes and toys, SAY SO!
3) If you think your Garage sale items are "Antique store worthy", Get a Booth, for heavens sakes! Don't think I'm gonna pay $300 for a dresser in your back yard!
4) Make the Arrows on your signs large enough that I don't have to SLAM on my breaks to see them!

And, In retrospect, we only made a couple of illegal or irratic U-turns and I SWEAR we were on the One-Way street going the wrong direction for What? Mere seconds!

Love my Deb, Love my Junkin'! Fun Day!

Have a GREAT weekend all, whatever you do!
Hugs, Love and a fun-filled Bus on the Cheek!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party on! Latest Hats.....and one of Shell's hair-brained ideas!

When I was growing up, I loved to throw parties!  My dad and brothers would go Hunting (ugh) around my Birthday in October. It was always girl time for Mom and I then,,,when I was little, I'd invite every neighbor and classmate I could think of, well the GIRLS anyway! Then, when I was a BIT older, I had "Theme" Parties,,,dress up, Valentine's day (the Birthday thing worked so well, I could see no reason NOT to have other parties!) & Costume parties. Well, maybe that's where this whole thing started in the first place.......

Some new hats:
Most of these hats are from Sample Pages I got out of a Vintage wallpaper book a few months ago.......Fun Color Pallete.....

Not as "Sparkly" as some of my others, but the pattern "speaks" pretty loudly! As my friend DebBock would say this is a "Mid-Century Modern" paper......Think "The Jettson's", Ric-Rack and the TV Tray-man, am I getting OLD!

Pink Magnolia wallpaper,,,

Also finished this little "Mini Crown" this morning, from the same wallpaper book.....lovin' the  "flecked" Aqua, and well, a girl can never have too many crowns, and a "Shell" or two doesn't hurt! (wink)

So here they are, with a few more .......I truly do love this color way of "Old Lady Pink," cream, aqua and Silver!   Most of these are going to go to the Cuppycake Shops,,,,,,


Never one to color inside the lines,  and I truly DO strive to be a bit unpredictable,,,,,

This ancient wallpaper is as fragile as it gets! I have used it on a couple of other projects and if I'm not careful, it crumbles or breaks. I fell in love with this yummy paper in November when I visited Heirloom Treasures in Iowa,,,,a side trip I took with Lulu and a Van full of new friends from Silver Bella!

I had to dig out the GOLD glitter for this one because the paper has gold running through it. Lately, most pieces I've made have been with silver......

Not sure yet WHAT I'm going to do with this hat,,,,,I try and keep my color schemes on the same page for my Cupcake Clients,,,,,,,,But I LOVE this paper!

I had this Weird Idea today,,,,,,let me know what you think. It wouldn't have to be THIS hat,,,,,I could make up something else for it- even a crown, BUT--I thought it would be kind of fun to have a "Traveling Hat/Crown"-like the Traveling Pants, or the Traveling Gnome.......I send it to someone for their Birthday (it could be a Blog birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Shower,,,,whatever) and then They send it on to someone else....And let the sender know where it was headed......You could add something to the package of your own, if you'd like! I think it would be fun to see where it goes! You'd just have to send it to someone with an Internet Address........

Maybe I've flipped my lid, or proverbial "Crown" but Whaddya Think?

Even if you think Shell's lost it, I'll understand, I get these weird ideas sometimes and well,,,,I'm thankful that "Ya'll" still put up with me anyway!

Happy Thursday!
Hugs, Love and an out in left field at times "Bus" on the Cheek!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mini Crowns,,,,,and the Garden Tour this Sunday!

This morning was grey and a BIT rainy, so I worked in the studio a bit. I'm finally caught up on "Custom" orders and made a few mini-flags,,,,,and a few mini-crowns......

Old lace/wallpaper/tulle and a fun vintage leaf and a mirror embellishment

It always cracks me up when I use these old doll heads for something,,,,my Big ol' Sons think they're creepy!

Added a fun old "earclip" (aka earring if you're under 40) to this one.....

Not so sure about this last one,,,,,,I think I've got too much going on here for the size of the crown, but hey, maybe someone will like it!

I incorporated a frozen Charlotte onto this one,,,,,,,Again, I think it's a bit off scale,,,,but we live and learn, oui?

Sidebar: I have been So bad about posting local events this year! I used to have a running Calendar of Snohomish Events on my Blog Sidebar. I promise to get back to that soon! In the Meantime, please make a note that THIS Sunday, July 31st, is the Snohomish Garden Tour. I runs from Noon -5:00pm. You can by Tickets from us at Joyworks, Annie's on 1st, Mc Daniels, Curly Willow and Mc Aullife's Nursery, to name just a few. 

This is always a fun event, and given our Rain allotment this year, I'm sure a challenge to the Gardeners!
I have a couple of friends on the Tour this year, including Denise Cosgrove, who has a garden to DIE for!
If you are local and have a chance, you'll love visiting these gardens! If my "knee" is up to it, I may get to some of the Venues on Sat nite at the preview and will gladly share praise and a few photos!

Snohomish has the Oldest Garden Club on the West Coast. There are so many Master Gardener's in this town that offer their talents, expertise and submissions, we are truly blessed!

Enjoy your week, stay cool if you are HOT, stay optimistic (us Locals) if it is rainy!

Hugs, Love and a "Flowery" bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the "Pink" again,,,,,,and a Small town Salon

Okay, so -if you've followed my Blog for a while, you know that I live in a cute little Historic town/Community.  And, Oh my stars, if I do the math,,,,I've been here for over 30 years!  Today? I got "Re-Pinked." That is to say, my Favorite Stylist, Ericka, at my all time Favorite hair Salon, "Tom Walker's" got rid of my Grey once again! Score!!!!!

Shell, closeup, san's makeup!

Now, I've gotta say,,,,,,,,,,I'm a former Patron of "Vidal" salons back when I lived in Southern California, and I used to get my "Hair-did" aka "Do" at Gene Juarez Salons back in the days I worked at Nordy's and some other high end Salons in Seattle and Bellevue............
And then? Somehow I stumbled into the this humble little place, "Tom Walker's"- because they once DID a hair show back when I worked at Nordstroms......Because they were in town,,,,,because everyone I knew in town talked about them,/the Salon,,,,,,,,,,

I can't tell you WHEN I started visitng the Salon. I CAN tell you that I'd met the owners back in my 20's---errrrrrrr, the 70's-Jodene and Tom............And Jodene was always "booked solid" and so- I met Ericka......She's current, professional, bold, and I've gotten to know her better than I know many friends!!

Yeah, yeah, Shell,,,,,,,Love the fact that you love your stylist,,,,,,,and the POINT?....
Jodene is dealing with Cancer.
Jodene, Tom and said shop are "Family now."

Sidebar: I've had great stylists in the past, and, I guess I've always been blessed because, regardless, for me, "it was JUST Hair." I've had it Long/Short, Foiled/Permed. I've tired it ALL,,,,,and lately (Just prior to my oldest turning 50),,,,,,with a BIT of Pink

The difference has been, I have grown to love and know Family in this little Salon. Ericka's Family, Marie's, Candie's, Bri's, etc. and of course, first and foremost, Tom and Jodene.

They live and work in a Small town, and yet they've always learned the latest techniques, styles, products.
I COULD go to Bellevue or Seattle, but I get the same service and latest techniques- right here!
And, I love that!

If you aren't local or looking for a Salon, you may be thinking, "Shell, why in the world are you sharing this with all of us?"

It's community. It's family. It's caring and sharing. Jodene has another treatment tomorrow for her Cancer.
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I've got other Community/friend/ family issues......I am still keeping under wraps to a degree........Longtime family friend underwent Brain surgery yesterday for a tumor. I've been holding my looks good. I'll share more when I get info.......and  IF the family feels  comfortable sharing more info........

Hold those you love close,,,,,and in a way, I hate this saying, but "Freek" what you feel! In other words,,,,,,Be yourself, life is TOO Short!

Big Hugs to those near and far, Love to those that have touched my life in SO many ways AND a Bus on the Cheek to the rest of you, that mean the world to ME~
(Sending out special thoughts and Prayers right now,  to Jodene and Sam)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Summer Times! Junkin' with Deb, Parades and Salmon-oh yeah and SUN!

Jayden and Josie
(Parade Watchers and Joyworks Shoppers-Lovin't their new Joyworks Hats!)

Wow, it felt like a BIT of Summer, finally! And let me tell you, if you're not from around here,,,,we cram a LOT into those sunny days we do get!

Friday, I went Junkin' and Laughing with my Friend Deb Bock of  Garden Party.....Too Fun! Saturday, Kla hiya Days here in town--our gigantic Summer Festival right here in Little old Snohomish! And, last night my oldest son and I finished off the Weekend with a Salmon BBQ Dinner ............

Some finds from our fun girl's day!

Fun Vintage crystal lamp and lovin' this shade! "Old Lady Pink" Glove and Hankie boxes.......

A bit of Kitch...........

Whole box full of this "Marie" China-22k gold trim.......$6 Bucks~

Child's Wicker Rocker in Pale Aqua/Blue

A bit of Glass..........

3 French Prints
Chalkware poodles

And I'll leave you with the Dancing Horses from the Parade Saturday!

These guys were awesome!

If you can, take a moment to click on over to my friend Elise's fun new blog, featuring Vintage Vendors and Crafters and her A-Mazing photography~! Just click on the little cutie on the top right corner of my Blog!

Okay,,,,,,,the rain is now falling Have an awesome Day!

Hugs, Love and a Busy Bus!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lovin' "Snohomish's 'Finest' right now! (Thanks Snohomish PD!)

You know, I LOVE living in this little town! Today was the perfect case in point.

My little  friend Helen (91), had the flower basket stolen off her little front porch this week. As mentioned in a prior post, I decided I was going to replace it. I would have done so yesterday, but between my knee and remembering her eating habits (or lack of) I decided to wait till today and bring her some produce  from the local Farmer's Market,too. 

So? My surprise, when I pulled into her driveway and saw a NEW hanging basket by her front door! I thought maybe it was my friend Zoe that I'd mentioned it to, or one of Helen's neighbors whom maybe Helen had mentioned it to. (Trust me, if you would have seen how hurt she was after it was stolen YOU probably would have gone out and bought her a new one too!)

But it wasn't another friend, it wasn't even a neighbor, it was staff and members of the Snohomish Police Department that chipped in and bought it for her! Come on!  Can you even Stand it?

I hung my little Fushia colored Petunia pot on the other side of the door, which incidentally, was small in comparison-but I could have cared less. I was elated to learn our community cared.

And, the local strawberries I left her with from the Market were such a big hit she called me minutes after I walked in the front door and  told me she'd eaten them all.

I Almost missed that call, because I just HAD to stop by the Police Station and thank them too. Although Helen didn't know exactly WHO to thank, she'd already delivered a "Thank You" to the station that morning--not an Email, (although she's sharp and uses the internet) and not a phone or text message, but a good Old Fashioned "Thank You" Card,,,,for whomever was responsible.

The card was posted on the Bulletin board in the Station, for all to see. I reiterate: The card was posted on the Bulletin board for all to see.

Kudos to our Police Department for restoring a little "Spitfire's" faith in Humanity. That gesture meant the world to her, AND to me! Truly the day after her "Mother's Day" Basket was stolen-the basket that brought her so much pleasure watching the Hummingbirds come by her front window, the light in her eyes was a bit dimmer.
Recognition and Respect-important at any age, but especially in latter years.

Thanks Snohomish PD! For putting that Sparkle back in little Helen's Eyes! Only in a small town, and let me tell you, I'm really lovin' MINE right now!

Hugs, Love and an appreciative Bus!

(If you're local and you read this,,,,,feel free to thank one or two of our "finest" next time you see them!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Bit of This, little Bit of That kind of Day...........

I had EVERY intention of hiting the Studio at a full Run this morning,,,,,,What is the Expression? "Make Plans, and God laughs."

I ended up doing a Bit of this, and a Bit of that today....a Bit of Gardening, a Bit of Crafting, reading, cleaning, but, kind of felt like a "whole lot of nothin.'

I did finish a necklace for a friend,,,,,,in Creme's, Coral's and browns. When I think of Linda,,,,I think-"Soft/Whispy/Lovely." I added a BIT more tulle to this one than I normally do, But I distressed it more, also,  to make it soft around the edges. A bit Ethereal and Poetic.

(Pssst, all My Giveaway for bloggers and Facebook are done,,,,but not yet in the mail. I want to add a few goodies to each, so give me a day or two to get them off!) They WILL be in the mail by Friday! Unless I get bad news from the Doc about my knee tomorrow! 

I KNOW I shouldn't complain,,,,,,,,,nor should any of us Washington folks, but we have had virtually, NO Summer! You Midwester's and East Coaster's are dying of heat, I'm sure, But,,,we've got Nuttin' Honey. I feel bad about all or your heat waves,,,,,,but I feel bad here too, that we're molding on the Vines!
There should be a happy medium! Ackk!

Stay cool if you're Hot, stay positive if you're wet and moldy like me............this too, shall pass!

Hugs, Love and a little bit of "This", a little bit of "That" Bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Helen, Jackie's CD........

Today, once again, I took my mom's BFF on her errands. And truth be told, as unstable as she is, at 91,she most certainly could have run circles around Me......My Knee is So swollen right now. But we DID it! Tada!

But I'm totally peeved! Someone stole her hanging basket off her front porch! Ackk! I heard about it initially,when I picked her up,,,,But repeatedly on the stops we made today........Who, may you ask would steal a plant from a 91 year old woman??? Ackkk! Shhhhhhhh- don't tell! I'm going to replace it, hopefully with the help of a neighbor friend..........

(Just got off the phone with Neighbor Friend Gail, who is going to be my accomplice!) If she gets caught, she'll just say she got instructions to deliver said basket.........

Okay,,,,,,,so have to share some Music for the soul. If you got to know Jakie Evancho for America's Got Talent, then you KNOW her abilities. BUT, they released a CD for her last Christmas and although Gorgeous, it only contained a handfull of songs......and well, in my humble opinion, pretty well "Canned."

Her new CD? "Dream with Me" is delightful.............will truly give you goosebumps and maybe like me, some alternating big spritutual Smiles,,,,,and tears! I highly recommend it~ IF I can figure out how to add a Music thread once again, I'll gladly share...........And, for heaven's/Friends sake is you can tell me how I did it before,,,,,,,,Please share!

Thanks, Hugs and love and hope you get to listen to a track or two even if I don't figure out the program!
You will LOVE IT!

Hugs Love and a Melodical Bus!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Catchin' UP~!

Well, after organizing all my stuff for Karen's  "Where Blogger's Create" Event last week  (you can see my Studio below, if you'd like) and working at Joyworks, I played Catch up today! Well,,,,,at least  on Some of the things I needed to get made!

Ribbon and Lace Necklaces........Lots of Neutrals......

(Most of these will be headed out in the Mail! and I have several more to make!)

I/We, had a major "Blow" these last couple of days, emotionally and mentally. Just keep my my friends in your prayers right now, if you will, and I'll share when I can.  I'll leave it at that until I feel more comfortable divulging further info.

Final comment.....Nothing compared to the above situation, but Shell has a "Bum Knee." I pulled a bunch or tendons YEARS ago downhill skiing. It's been about 4 or 5 years since it acted up, but Saturday, when we were closing down Joyworks for the day, I reached/knelt, for a power strip to shut off some lights/ Chandy's and I got that "old spark!" Owww! It's all swollen and keeps reminding me that "Hello, I'm here!" Oh joy!
But compared with some other health issues going on right now, with friends, I feel like a total wuss! Prayers and well wishes going out once again to my friend Suz and her family(Katsui Jewelry), and my Lynn Steven's at Trash to Treasure Art---she's a trooper- but has been through SO much this last year, and as somewhat mystically mentioned, I just don't feel at liberty to say yet, a family member of a young man in my Community  and a dear, dear friend of my sons. Heck with My knee!

Hugs, love , and a thoughtful and prayerfull "Bus" on the Cheek!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Shell Creates,,,,,,,,Where Blogger's Create 3rd Annual Event!

Hi All! If you're new to this event, I hope you have fun viewing all the great workspaces, large and small! If you're an Old,,,well not old, you know what I mean,,,,,  friend-Blogger or otherwise, Welcome too! Here's my little Studio in the Basement of this old house-just shy of celebrating it's 100th Birthday............

Karen always inspires me to Re-Vamp when she has these events.....

That Said?
Welcome to my Creative Chaos!

This is pretty much what hit's you in the Face as you walk in!
I have a BIT of Stuff.......

(You can click on these images to Enlarge)

I do a lot of Paper Craft, among other things, But I just LOVE using Vintage goodies,,especially papers, wallpapers and the it's Everywhere, including in my "New to Me" Cubby/Cab, I scored last week for 3 bucks!

I have an affinity for all things Vintage, re-puposed, or something old that can be used in a new way! I'm a Romantic,,,,,and a bit Glitter obsessed, and well, that's where my Blog name stems from......I live in a little old Bungalow and there is Glitter darn near everywhere.........

My fave new Quote on my Inspiration Wall,,,,,,by a local Artist, Paisley.
I want a one word Name! "Tulle" is a bit "stiff." And "Lacey" may just make me sound like an old Stripper!
"Sparkle" may be appropro,,,,,,but wasn't there a "My little Pony" named"Sparkle?"
A heck, just Call me Shell,,,,,,,it won't ever cut it as one of those One Name things,,,And, I've had more last names than Elizabeth Taylor, so I guess, I'd have to answer to almost anything!
But, I digress.......And this post is looking to be as long as Victor Hugo's "Les Mis".......
(Still thinkin' about that name though)
Did I mention the ADD?
A bit of Inspiration next to my workspace.......Colors, friends, images, events........
(The newly remodeled Mirror frame/turned corkboard isn't full yet.......Barn Sale find a couple weeks ago)

My major work space, old handmade Tool Bench, complete with Scars and Dings-it's Huge and has tons of Cubbies! Love it! Some guy made this for his shop,,,,,and it suits me fine!

Gotta Have Some Whimsey!
Got a Nickel?
(Pink Gumball Machine full of Ballerina's Clowns, and What not!)
There is Always Glitter on my Desk! Some older than most!
(Jana made me this cute little it!)

Back side of my Desk........Told you it was huge,,,,!

I have tons of Paper, Everywhere! Vintage Wallpapers, Scrap, Decals, Dresden, At the moment, it's pretty well under control!

Old Cabinet,,,,,full of Scrapbooking papers and Cardstock,,,and Old artist box on top- full over well, MORE paper Ephemera ..........

This was my Major Redo in my Studio this Year- (okay,) this last week or so......This old Closet had a bunch of my Boys,,,(Ahem, one is Newly 30-which spawned my Pink streaks in my hair, but that is another story) School stuff and even a box of Baby Clothes tucked-okay, okay STUFFED behind a curtain.....My Friend Annie (Of "Annie's on First," fame) motivated me to clean it out,,,,,,So here's step one, I want to wall paper it inside one of these days.....But lemme tell you,,,it looks a WHOLE lot better than it DID!

Full of old suitcases, and trunks, most of which belonged to my family,,,That one padded one back in the left corner I got for $1 though, a couple weeks ago! Score!
(Marla, my Muse, is up on the top Shelf at the moment, and none too happy about it!)
Tons of Old Millenery fill the hat boxes, a few out, with some of my altered Corsets.....I want to make more of these soon, too fun!

Old Wedding Veils, headpieces, Vintage rhinestone jewelry,,,

Here's my South wall,,,a Bulkhead in this old house, full of Lace Trims, Ribbons, Tulle and more Lace, Ribbons and Tulle! ( I may have enough now to go around the World, at least once, but whose gonna waste their time figuring THAT out?)

This sign I found at Farm Chicks,  pretty much sums it up, but really MOST of it is from Garage Sales, Friends cleaning out closets but a Few old Vintage bolts that I just had to have.........

Ahem, ( Some of the Bolts I HAD to HAVE!)

Vintage Velvets,,,,,,Get out of Town!

Lots of fun Metallics,,,,,

There is of course, a whole Stash of other Colors,,,,,,,,But we could be here for DAYS!........

Around the Corner, tucked under the Bulkhead,,,,,is my little "Bling Station." No Glitter here,,,,but crystals, rhinestones, cabichons, and Rare Jewels,,,,,,,Okay and throw in a Doll head and a Bottle or two.........

The "Jewels are locked up tight,,,,,no really, it's just that I took a really lousy picture!


Fun Project from Silver Bella ,,,,,,,Fun on the old Book paged walls......
The "West Wall"
So, now, you'll see that Shell is really "All over the Place" in her Studio,,,,,,,
All this old Vintage stuff, just dying to get put on something,,,,,,,

Suffice it to say, I also have a FEW little Bits N' Bobs
Clowns/Mushrooms, Angels, Bunnies,,,,,You name it, I've got 'em! Boxes, Jars and Cubbies full!

Next to this, is a table with Vintage Birds, Cages anda BIT of Product ready to go out-Sorry Bad Photo......Ahem, Not too much product on hand!

One Vintage paper Hat down,,,,,,,a couple dozen more to go! (Refer back to worktable at the begining of the post-Im' workin' on it!)

Mini Cake Topper..........

Shelf above my Supply Cubby,,,,,,
Next to this Shelf,,,,,,My Mom's Old Typewriter.........

And to bring you around ALMOST Full Circle in my Studio, Here's the North Wall, full of Millenery and Vintage Flowers......
A few  Cigar boxes and  Jewelry cases  full of  Vintage Flowers.......

If you've been following,,,,,Remember that Mirror I re-did a while back with all the Shells? Well, for now, here it sits!

And Lastly, above, my little Wedding Cubby,,,A Wedding Cake Topper Request, encouragement from a friend (Jana) is what got me into this whole creating, Blogging, thing in the First place, and it's grown exponentially in Blog friends, Business, Learning new techniques on my own and a class or two. I was never a "Junker" either, until I started looking for Vintage products to incorporate in either my art or my Studio. I can't imagine life any different now! I love it all! The creating, the "Hunt" and the wonderful people I've met along this path!

It's been an amazing and tranformative, 3 years! The "Topper" request, yes, and a friends support, but, it came shortly after losing my Mother, my bestest friend. And I believe it was the Drug, the Supplement, the "Anti-depressant" if you will, to recharge me......As Jenny Doh stated at Silver Bella back in November, "Art Heals." I highly recommend it if you're hurting, need to regroup or re-focus.

Thanks to the Blog friends and those "looky-loo" friends who have been there the last couple of years! When Karen first did this event, I don't think I even had a handfull of "Followers." But thank you all for being in my life,,then AND now! And Special Hugs to Karen and  my dear friend Lulu, who were there for me at the start....the best Cheerleaders EVER! This isn't the Oscars, or the Emmy's so I'll let it go at that, but I can't begin to say how life changing and wonderful this Blog and Creative adventure has been!

I hope you take some time,,,,,as some time it will take- to visit all the other Bloggers and Crafters taking part in this great Event!Thanks again Karen, for your time and efforts!

"Creative" Hugs, "Appreciative" Love and a "Organizational" Bus on the Cheek!