Friday, September 30, 2011

A bad, embarrassing, fall, and a Smile!

After I posted on Wednesday nite about fundraising for Breast Cancer and Lyphoma?  I took my dogs on a short walk and Fell. Hard. I skinned my knee, had gravel embedded in one palm and took a good "brunt" of it on my other hand. I Think I tripped over grass growing between the cement,,,,when I looked back and examined the "scene" the next day.......Two days later, yes, I'm a bit less sore,,,,,but still have a "lovely" prize on my right (my Good) Knee!

Anyway,,,,,,,,I took a road trip today and picked up some supplies,,,,,,,I spent the majority of my day in Redmond/Bellvue and the likes. Shew! I'm glad that I spend MOST of my time in a small town now........I hated the traffic!

So,,,,,,,,,I Have to share a stinkin Cute photo.....from my friend/client Emily of "Simply Sweet Cupcakes." They now have TWO shops here in Snohomish, but Emily has also been doin' the "Snohomish Farmer's Market" Gig Every Thursday........All Summer and into Fall, which ended last Evening........Check out these "Customers!"

I share my "wares" aka Birthday Hats that I recently made for "Simply Sweet." But this is a Photo opp I had to Share!  "Where's my Cookie, Mom?"

Hope YOU have a good weekend ahead! Drop me a note or comment,,,,,,I'm starting to feel like maybe I shouldn't have/post a blog anymore.........The only comment's I get are on Facebook! I love you All,,,,,and have caught up a BIT........But should I keep blogging? I wonder...........

Hugs, Love and a Happy Bus nonetheless,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Breast Cancer and Lymphoma Awareness and Donations....

Hard to Believe, but October is JUST around the Corner! Lots of Events going on.....Lots of Fundraisers .....

I'm working on "Bobby Blings" aka, Embellished Bobby pins  (Made of PINK Ribbons! ) for Breast Cancer Awarness Primarily for the Hair Salon I Love, "Tom Walker's" here in Snohomish- But you can contact me if you'd like one....two...........Here's a glimpse of the Breast Cancer Hair clips.......

Various Shades and Textures in Pinks! $7 Bucks- $2 Dollars goes to Breast Cancer research........
You can purchase these at Tom Walker's hair Salon here in Snohomish, OR Contact me here, or via Email IF you'd like to have one or two mailed,. I think I can get by with a  an extra dollar per clip postage......Let me know! It's a Great Cause, as we all know,,,,,I'd be happy to make one or two to your liking!

In the Next day or two, I'll also post several RED "Bobby Blings", for Lymphoma Awarness. As I mentioned a while back, my friend Jodene, Long time Co-owner with her Husband Tom,  also of "Tom Walkers Hair Studio," has recently been diagnosed and treated (sucessfully) for Lymphoma. Again, all hair clips will be $7 Dollars each, with $2 dollars going towards Lymphoma research.  And again, I'll be happy to mail any out to you for an additional $1 postage.

Most of of know several women who have experienced Breast Cancer. I've lived, loved and worked with many of them. (Hi Sandi, Lulu, Peggy, if you're reading this!) I'm glad that are all still a part of my life. However, several years ago I lost a friend, still quite young, to the disease. One in 10 of us will get it in our lifetime. ...

Lymphoma is new to me. But my friend, Jodene from Tom Walker's Hair Studio, is NOT. I've known her, respected and admired her for years,,,,well, truly decades-as I met her when I was just 20 and she well, just a BIT older. She's SO loved and so appreciated in this community,,,,,and it breaks my heart that She, her husband Tom, their familiy and well, our community has felt the impact of this disease. She's doing well. And she does have tremendous support. I think it's important to raise awarness about this Cancer, too.

October is my Favorite month. And it's a GREAT time to appreciate those we love and support their wellness and educate others! Please Contact me, if you'd like to purchase a little Hairclip for yourself, someone you love!

Hugs, Love and a "memorable" Bus on the Cheek!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gorgeous Photos from my Friend Elise!

Tonight?  I logged on after a Busy week at Joyworks and my friend/ photographer Elise had Shared these two images with me, via Facebook. She bought a couple of my Fairy Ring Crowns and "Magic Wands" a while back to use in her photo shoots,,,,,,and I have to share the images! Too Sweet,,,,,and too, too dear!

Click on the link above,  if you're interested in your own Photo sessions! She's awesome....also doing a lot of gorgeous Fashion Shots for us at Joyworks too. Love her! Love her work!

(I'll have a couple of new Fairy Crowns at Ruffles and Rust next month......For kids AND Mom's)

I used to sew Everything..... My clothes- other peoples clothes, Costumes for High School plays. This last year, I've been creating/altering some "corsets" and I think it would be fun to make some other pieces.  gauze "Lawn" blouses," embellished vests, corsets, skirts and the likes. I'm too busy doing other things right now, but I think this MAY be a fun avenue to explore in the months ahead!

Remember the old question-"What do you want to BE when you grow up?"  Frankly, I've decided that is a question that I'll never fully have an answer to. I LOVE to do SO many things! I love to make and think about making SO many things! I love to READ and learn and Grow..... And, again, Frankly? I don't think I ever want to grow up........just evolve, learn, create and always, Always embrace the Changes!

I hope you TOO are growing, changing, learning, challenging and MOST importantly, being TRUE to yourselves! What EVER that entails! And, I hope you are kind, open and receptive.

My day's are TOO, too full. But I'm blessed to be loving what I'm doing, and to be surrounded by SO many talented, loving people! I know I'm not keeping up! I So wish I had time to be everywhere and Do and BE everything.....I feel so Blessed to have So many wonderful people in my life....near AND far! Even if I can't stay in touch,,,,,you are in my heart, on my mind and I SO wish you the BEST!

Hugs, love and a Blessed, Thankful and Busy "Bus" on the Cheek!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Testing one, two three......Busy dayz!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last golden days of Summer......well, it's officially Fall now, but you wouldn't know by the lingering warmth in the Pacific Northwest! Today was HOT,,,,at least for us! I've been SO busy, I no longer know which end is UP! 

The Testing title? I THINK, I HOPE I PRAY when I hit the next button or two, I FINALLY figured out my camera issues......So, Hold your breath for me, would you? I'm gonna see if this whole thingy works!

Golden Slippers! (Ackkk,,,,,it's working!)

Silver Slippers! ( Thank YOU "Window's photo Gallery!")

More on my camera upload/editing issues later,,,,,,if you are at all interested.......But by George, or in this case, Microsoft, "by Bill," I think I've got it!

My pics apparently have been uploading to a couple of Optional editing programs. When I FIRST started blogging, my editing WAS all Microsoft,,,,but my camera was a piece of be frank....or in my case Shell..........So, my newest and improved camera is a Canon which I'd been editing with another program......and well my "Ms. Canon" didn't get "along" with the software I was using,,,,,Microsoft has been "there" and I'm back, after 3 years, 3 cameras to the photo editing software.......I know,,,,blah, blah, blah, BUT, "Thanks Bill!"

So the altered slippers are Vintage Dearforms,,,,,,,,still in their packages, and I added bits of ribbon, and a bit of Vintage Millenery stash.........These all stemmed from covering a pair of my own shoes to wear at an event.........Comfy, cute, Vintage ......Forget your feet and enjoy! I hope some Vendors OR shoppers at "Ruffles and Rust"  will seek a bit of FUN relief in these babies!

New Batch of Hats for one of my Cupcake Shops.........Lovin' the Polka Dots!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! I know I've probably "pulled your ear" enough with Computer/camera problems.......Thanks for your patience! I've started to catch up a BIT, but hope to chat/ email or comment more soon!

Hugs, Love and a relieved "Bus" on the Cheek!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Tease,,,,,,,and an update

I have been SO busy, I cannot even begin to tell you,,,,and well, that, and the old ADD, or "Scattered Brain" for lack of another term, has got me doing,,,,,"THIS, THAT and oh yeah, The other Thing!"

Here's a "Sneek-Peek" at on of my FAV projects as of late....a Teaser or sorts because I want the "Girls"  My Friends Deb and Linda, to get them FIRST before I show  the full photos -I had SO much fun making these! I hope they enjoy them half as much as I do!

They're headed over to Spokane for June Bugs Event, which I am sure will be incredible! I just love all those gals I've met through Farm Chicks,,,,,,,,,and I'm sure the show will be fantastic~ IF you can get away,,,I have NO doubt, it will be Fantastic!

Moi? I'm Getting ready for next month's Ruffles and Rust show at the Monroe Fairgrounds,,,, and Doing a few custom orders (Mostly Ribbon Necklaces) makin' Birthday hats and oh YEAH,,,,,,I've got tons of hair clips/headbands and the likes to finish.......

Today? I worked on painting furniture,,,,,,,while the weather STILL cooperated!

My Camera and computer, are NOT talking once again,,,,,,,I THOUGHT that was all resolved, but apparently I need some some sort of a mediator to get them to communicate once again! One more month,,,,,,,,,,,One more month and I promise,,,,new phones, new puter and we'll all get along just fine!
In the meantime,,,,I listen to Jackie Evanko's CD while I type this and wait for my dear friend Penny to get home from her 3 weeks in Paris,,,,,and a week in Africa! Cannot WAIT to her all about it!

I hope you enjoy these final warm, sunny days,,,,,,,,and (here) Crisp, clear mornings! Prayers, thoughts and well wishes for you all! (I'm catchin' up, a BIT at a time!)

Love you ALL So, Hugs and a "Busy, yet Happy" Bus!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Masks, a "Fascinating" Halloween, an Opinion please and Getting REAL(istic)

Busy couple of days! Working on some furniture, fulfilling a few orders and creating a few new items.......I really had fun making these Masks!

Turquoise, Raspberry, Lime green and Golds.....

Hard to tell from the photos, but I used Textured Creme wallpaper for the "base" papers, Hope to finish a couple more tomorrow.........

Then "Marla," My Mannequin Muse found this Mini Witch hat, simply "Fascinating!"

A bit hard to see in the photo ON her, so I took another,,,,,,,,

Today, I also took my little 91yo friend Helen for a Cupcake-This time at "Simply Sweet" Cupcakes new  2nd location! I've been meaning to stop in and check it out! Located just outside of Historical Snohomish in a brand spankin' new building! We had a "cuppycake" and coffee and Emily requested more Hats for the store!

And, OH? Give me an opinion if you please! I have some rattan chairs that I repainted Black for my "Ruffles and Rust"booth next month.......and  for the cushions, I have a neutral open-weave fabric, similar to Burlap, but a BIT lighter in color and quite a bit softer in texture. I'm trying to decide whether to put a transfer or stencil on the seat cushions, or just leave them plain......thoughts? Opinions? I'd love to hear 'em!

I TRULY tried to log on the last couple of evenings and play "catch up" with some blog friends.
My son Andrew keeps telling me I need to buy a laptop and get rid or my old clunker and go wireless,,,,,the service I pay for a landline phone and internet is becoming extinct. I HATE the thought of just tossing my 'puter.' I hate the thought that I/'we" are outdated! And if you've followed me for a while, you may remember I don't USE a cell phone. Unless I'm on a long road trip and THEN it's only for emergencies and don't ask me the number because I don't KNOW it! HA!  Okay,,,,,Birthday in a month, exactly! Oh my Stars...... One that USED to be that USED to trigger the start of Social Security checks......I am not THAT old!

So, perhaps,  along with the pink highlights I got in my hair this year, I'd best decide whether I'm gonna get OLD and complacent, or upgrade my G-Darn Computer, Internet and Phone!

Love, Hugs and a "Get Real" Bus to you all!
Hope you are having a good week,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Working on New Fall Necklaces .....and Full of Hot Air!

We're moving into my Favorite time of year.......Crisp, clear mornings and gorgeous colors! But where DO the days GO? Hope you all had a good weekend! I got several projects started  today,and a few Finished !Worked on a bit more Halloween, but primarily some Fall Toned or "Autumnal"Necklaces........

"Martha" is a bit too anal for my way of thinking, but I've gotta at least give her credit for "Autumnal." It's a $2 Dollar word, with inflation, and all that...........So, I digress. I made "Autumnal" Necklaces.You can use that word,,,,it really IS free. (Shell, for heaven's sake, stay on task for a change!) SO?


I had two fall toned necklaces commissioned, and thought I'd make a third,,,,,,so they have a choice.

I had fun using different textures AND some awesome Vintage Velvet ribbons that I bought at Farm Chicks a while back in a soft orange and celadon green......How can you NOT love Vintage Velvet ribbons?

Added some Velvet green leaves to this one,,,,,,,It all appears a BIT brighter here than it actually is...

Last one,,,,,again, my color rendition is a bit off......Lovin' the rich Velvets and Satins!

We've had quite a streak of Warm--HOT? weather at least for us,,,,,,but the morning's have been cool and I generally hear the "whooshing" sounds of Hot Air Ballooons about the time I've finished my first cup of coffee. Their flight path generally falls right over my roofline,,,,,,they are LOW and I can see the riders Shadows, if not their faces! I'm sure they're thinking, "Lady, we see you down there your PJ's!"

They move pretty fast, by the time I grabbed my camera, they were over the roof of my little Cottage in back!

(If you look carefully in the lefthand corner, you'll see a Glimpse of my Hop Vines!~ Almost ready for the pickin' and dryin'! They are something this year! I take a better photo before I start cutting them down.)

Happy Monday, I hope your new week started out well, I can't wait to check out what's going on with at least SOME of you! I don't know about all of you, but my NEXT project is to learn how to Juggle....See if you get a Visual on THIS:

Work at a Real Job, Part-time, Maintain Two homes, a "cranky" old detatched garage, which include all  the gardens- HA!, and repairs on "historical homes" aka older than dirt and always needing something, do ALL your Crafty stuff (orders, requests/billing), prep for 3 or 4 shows a year ( and if you DO them, you KNOW how much work that is!) tend to the needs of FOUR animals-daily, if not sometimes HOURLY, and Oh yeah! Keep up with friends in ALL facets of your life, tend to the needs of a 91 years old (daily and weekly), and Maybe touch base with a family member or two every now and then.

I'm blessed. I'm never lonely. I have local friends and members of the community, and then,,,,,"Oh my Stars!" I have Blog friends both near AND far.....some whom I've met, and some that I just FEEL like I've met, or know.

Yes, I live alone-well, other than the fur babies, and have to do "it all." And yes, as you may have guessed by the last paragraph, at times it gets overwhelming. Like right now. I feel like I'm over my head. But this too shall pass!I'm sure we ALL feel like this at times!

Hugs and Love,,,,,,,,and a "Harvesting" Bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank you Mark!,,,,My Editing is BACK! Some pictures,,,,product and Friends!

Yes! My editing program is back up and working! Thank you Mark! It's nice to have a son with Computer geek friends.......So some of these images are from today,,,,and a couple from the last week or so that I HAD to share!

Here's one of my projects from today........A Harlequin Crown......By the way, I'll share IF you want some of this paper,,,it's from Midori,,,,,,a Seattle Based Ribbon and Paper Company.....

Harlequin "Dream" Crown I made today,,,,,,,using the Midori Paper........

I had fun using some German Dresden (Gold embellishments)  and some chunkyVintage Glitter my co-worker Rita Gave me....Not sure if this one will end up at Joyworks,,,,or the "Ruffles and Rust" Event in October........

Here is another crown I made, the first of last week, using Vintage wallpaper that I saw a Joyworks customer carrying around the store......She'd bought it at one of our local shops, "Faded Elegance," and when I mentioned how MUCH I loved it,,,,,and what I make with Wallpapers,,,,she Gave me a good chunk!She said I could HAVE it, but I slipped her some Cash.............Cremes, Aquas,  Warm Pinks and Florals are you kidding me? I love these colors!  I managed to "squeeze out a BIT more for Birthday hats, and I just MAY have enough for a Crown for the R&R Event in October............

And,,,,,,Oh, how I tried to post decent Pictures of my FUN fun day with Debi Burton of Ormolulu  After having camera loading AND editing problems I wanted to show you a couple of lovely images of my Friends........

Here's Debi in our Mutual friend Todd's Garden behind his Store.... "A Bountiful Home."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again,,,,,,,She is a Beautfiul Lady,,,,,,,and I have a Love/hate relationship with her,,,,because, she take the most GORGEOUS Pictures! Had fun spending a Day with you Debi!

Here's our friend Todd,,,,walking us out and posing in front of his "Shingle".....
Okay, he is the most Gorgeous and Sweetest EVER! If you ever get the chance, stop by his ecclectic Store in Edmonds, WA,,,,,full of Gift/Kitchen/Vintage and Antique pieces and a whole NEW Garden area in back!
I met Todd for the first time last year at the Ruffle's and Rust Event at the Fair grounds....He helped me out with a couple of bigger pieces for my booth,,,,and THEN? I saw his booth.....Almost as gorgeous as he is!
I'm so glad I've gotten to know him better this past year!

In closing, I'm sharing ONE last photo,,,,,(I  tried to posted  the day that my camera editing program went awry)......But I simply LOVE this handmade Doll from the 30's! Not sure if I'm going to end up keeping her, or if she'll be for sale at Ruffles and Rust in October...

Enjoy the rest of your week! I'm going to TRY and play Catch-up in the next couple of days! Don't forget to check out my post above if you'd like a pattern for a harlequin Mask and/or participate in a Blog Event on the 24th!

Hugs, Love and a THANKFUL Bus that my Camera is fully operational again!
(Prayers and well-wishes to all of you STILL dealing with Fires/Floods/Hurricanes and the likes!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Okay, "Best of Link" on my sidebar is Finally up and running! Go Vote for Joyworks! and an Event????

I think I finally figured out how to link to the "King 5" Best of the Northwest site to Vote for Joyworks! Just click on the image on my sidebar (Is really working now!) to Cast your vote!

I bought some fun  hand painted,Harlequin paper last week and thought it would be fun to make a "Masque"......Perfect for Halloween or just to mix into your decor........this is the first of several I plan to make/embellish,,,,,,and thought it would be FUN to have a Mask Event!

Mask Event October 25th---------

So,,,If you'd like to participate, and have me send you a template a short "tip" sheet on "How To", Email me at  Use your own materials/trims and let's have a Mask Event Here, on my blog on the 25th of October! )

I'll chose ONE  Creative Mask and sent out a $20 Gift Card to Michael's! Not a HUGE prize, but hey, you get the acknowledgement too! And, I think it'll be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend~! I was busier than a Bee!

Hugs, Love and "Masked" Bus on the Cheek!
Hope you take part! It should be FUN!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet "Princess Billie" ,,,,,,I Love what I get to take part in!

My friend Dani commissioned me a while back to make a custom crown for her grandaughter Billie's, 1st Birthday! It took a while to get a photo of the "Princess" in all her finery, but HOW cute is she????

Little Princess "B"

Can you even Stand it? And, I'm so pleased that I got to be "part of her 'Special Day'!"

Grandma Dani (although I feel weird calling her that, because, TRULY she's got to be the YOUNGEST looking Grandma I'VE ever seen/known) especially, as I have gotten to know her in recent years. She is truly a remarkable woman and juggles more "balls in the air" than anyone I know! Good sized family, cooking, helping manage local businesses,  does custom upholstery  (did I spell that wrong, or does it just look weird tonight) to DIE FOR, I kid you not! And so, much more! She's as quiet as I am outspoken, as organized as I am Not! Truth be told? I probably have a bit of "Dani Envy." I'll never have my life as orderly as she does.   Oh yeah, and I forgot the part about her being petite and gorgeous! (Knowing Dani, she's blushing right now, but it's TRUE!)  And that's part of what I appreciate about her,,,the unassuming-ness, that truly? Makes her all the more admirable.

It's fun to have friends that are entirely different than you! I admire her talents and ablilities so. And yet, I am blessed, because Dani has been a supporter of my creative and artistic endeavors, from darn near the beginning. She's bought "stuff"/creations of mine from Joyworks, or pieces I've done for shows, and the latest, "Princess B's" crown.......I'm truly honored that she supports my artistic endeavors. And, again, I was honored to be a little part of her "Princess B's" event!

I DO love what I do,,,,,have fun creating things, but it's even MORE fun to be a part of a celebration.
The pic from Dani of "B's" crown was affirmation, surely, and today at Joyworks I sold  one of my simple little "Bird Picks" in Vintage thread spools...........

Bird spools...............

The woman that bought one, was giving to her daughter and son-in-law as a little Anniversary present.  Each "bird" I made had a different affirmation on it, and I didn't see which she'd bought, but I just thought, "how fun to be part of their celebration!"

 I'm sure I'm not the only Artisan/crafter that feels this way! We're lucky to make any profits from what we do, BUT feeling like we've altered a celebration, a fashion, an event, keeps us going!

I hope you're having a GREAT long weekend, whatever your up to! I'm going to post a "Voting link" for Joyworks on my sidebar in a couple of minutes for "Best Gift Shop" of Western Washington......Frankly? I don't know IF they limit it to Washingtonian's or NOT! But even if you're NOT Local,,,you could TRY to log in and Vote for the Best G-Darn "GIFT" Store in the whole World-okay they're really asking for stores in Washington state..........LOL,,,,,Joyworks! But I KNOW  LULU would vote for us.........and maybe Lynn, Vickie,  Connie, or Debbie, or Jill,,,,,,,So, IF they let "Out of staters cast a vote,You'd best be giving us YOURS! I hope!

No matter, Love you All, enjoy the rest of your weekend, what YOU do, and
Big old HUGS, LOVE and a "Royal Bus" on the Cheek in recognition of "Princesss B!"